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  1. How the race was cancelled. It was left to the teams to decide if the race would go ahead. Ferrari had said they wouldn't be racing whatever was decided, Alfa Romeo and Renault voted no with McLaren being taken as a no. Mercedes, Red Bull, AlphaTauri and Racing Point voted to race with Williams and Haas saying they'd go with the majority. As it was a tie Ross Brawn was given the deciding vote and he said to go ahead with the race. Then Wolff got a phone call from his boss at Mercedes who didn't tell him what to do, but discussed his concerns with things getting worse in Europe. After which Wolff told Brawn they would now be voting against racing. As there where fewer than 12 cars now the sporting regulations allowed the FIA to cancel the event. The track promoters wanted to go ahead with the weekend still but then the Victorian government said no spectators would be allowed, so it was called off. So when Chase Carey said "I guess if cash was king, we wouldn't have made the decision we did today" in response to Hamilton, I wonder who the we his, because it looks like he had nothing to do with it.
  2. I've finally done it: I've not done much outside of crafting/gathering recently, partly because I wanted to get them finished, but largely I've been enjoying it, gathering is quite relaxing. All quests are finished which felt like a bit of a chore at times, gear is sorted and just need to get a few master recipe books. Now to get back to killing things.
  3. What the fuck is going on in Australia.
  4. It's not necessarily cancelled yet, looking back at Brawn's comments he left it open to have a non championship race if teams are prevented from entering a country, but if they decide to pull out of the race then that's on them. So will be interesting to see how they respond to this and if they carry on what the other teams will do.
  5. It has been odd seeing various sports taking action whilst F1 seems to keep quiet, despite members of the paddock being isolated. I assume it's seeing who blinks first, tracks want FOM to cancel so they aren't out of pocket, FOM don't want to cancel and lose money whilst they both hope Governments will cancel so insurers pay. The drivers aren't so quiet Hamilton thinks it's shocking they've pressed ahead, Kimi says it probably isn't right and would likely be different if the teams had the final say. Edit: Looks like the teams have decided to have the final say then.
  6. Yesterday Austin was postponed until later in the year and Argentina would be the opener, now that's been postponed until the end of the season. So Jerez May 3rd is the opener, which might be optimistic. At the moment it means the season finishes a week later and with six races in seven weeks.
  7. And now the Thailand Grand Prix has been cancelled.
  8. MotoGP class is cancelled in Qatar due to travel restrictions on people from Italy. Moto 2 and 3 will race as the teams and riders are already in Qatar for testing. Shame as I was starting to get excited about next weekend.
  9. JPR

    Formula E

    The Mexico race is tonight at 10pm and qualifying starts at 5.45pm.
  10. Looks like the Chinese GP will be postponed. Earlier comments did seem to suggest if this happened it would likely end up cancelled, as it's difficult to find a spot to put it back on the calendar.
  11. I'm not sure about that, the launch just keeps going on, more car less dancing.
  12. JPR

    Formula E

    The Santiago race is about to start.
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