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  1. The Man Utd Thread

    Lukakuuuuu! Another good goal. We needed it.
  2. The Man Utd Thread

    Twas a good one, nice move and great pass by Herrera.
  3. The Man Utd Thread

    But it's the magical 4-3-3 everyone dreamed of! Surely that solves everything?!
  4. The Man Utd Thread

    Should've had a pen
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    Who seem to make precisely 0 decisions of any kind. What exactly is the point of those officials?
  6. The Man Utd Thread

    Fucking brilliant. Loved every bit of that 2nd half performance. I know it’s easy to say now, but it’s almost tastier that we went 2-0 down!
  7. The Man Utd Thread

    ... not quite!
  8. The Man Utd Thread

    Couldn’t have a game without an amazing DDG save!
  9. The Man Utd Thread

    Finally looks like a proper derby, lads! Loving this.
  10. The Man Utd Thread

    I don’t know how that’s not a penalty
  11. The Man Utd Thread

    Get. The. Fuck. In!!
  12. The Man Utd Thread

    That defense is embarrassing. What can you actually do as a manager when they come out and fall apart like that?! @5R7 thing is they actually have been pressing really well from the beginning. It’s the centrebacks that have thrown it all away.
  13. The Man Utd Thread

    I said about 3 times in 25 mins how utterly shit Smalling looks, and now he proves it with that defending. How I long for the days of Vidic...
  14. The Man Utd Thread

    Great first half, we look half decent for a change! Really happy for Sanchez’s goal as well, his work rate - especially defensively - is second to none.
  15. A Way Out - A Tale of Two Cons

    Me and @donpeartree too I really do wish more local co-op games were made, it seems like they’re becoming fewer and far between and that’s so disappointing when you really enjoy playing games with the person you live with. Hope this is good! But even if not, still glad it’s being made.

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