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  1. Yeah, about that.
  2. Heh. My dad's Pioneer separates worked a treat, I can tell you
  3. That's Speedlock, not Alkatraz, surely? (Spectrum Loader Pedant AICM£5)
  4. I'd say Katana Zero. It feels more fluid to me, possibly as a result of the more limited moveset. And while there are a few annoying sections towards the end of Zero, the parts at the end of Pedro weren't great. But! I'm rubbish at games, so don't take my word for it
  5. The JD single barrel selections are normally pretty good, especially if you can get them at barrel proof strength. (my tastes in bourbon tend to run to Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Heaven Hill, but in a pinch, JD Single Barrel Select will do ;))
  6. It's giving me a feel of Le Carré's "A Legacy of Spies", which is promising at least.
  7. Odd question, and this seemed to be the best place to ask before I go off and try it myself: are the magazines scanned solely in image format? So you can’t just copy and paste review text or whatever? I dimly remember that I could select some text in an old AP scan a while back, but I’m not sure if my failing mind is playing tricks on me.
  8. Everybody of a certain age should watch this. Quixotically British.
  9. I had Heroes of The Lance on the Speecy! It was shit. It was not helped by me buying it on holiday, spending a week reading the manual, getting very excited…and then actually playing it. (my choices were not great - as exhibit B, I give you the time where I put Terminator 2 on my Christmas list. And got it. Now that was a Christmas afternoon of disappointment)
  10. Nobody has ever confirmed it, but I feel that Frankie Goes To Hollywood (also Denton Designs) was probably the closest to what Bandersnatch would have been on the Speccy. GFTG has the graphics routines, but Frankie has most of what was being hyped about the Megagames. (I'm 99% a real person)
  11. Before 1976, when the US adopted the Berne Convention, US copyright (from 1909) was based around a period of 28 years with a renewal term of a further 28 years if requested. Also, there were a few oddities like actually having to explicitly claim copyright - Charade, an Audrey Hepburn film from 1963, omitted the notice by mistake and immediately entered the public domain.
  12. Bah, Thundercats. You are like a child. 40K BABIES: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/21/21st-may-warhammer-adventures-tales-for-younger-readersgw-homepage-post-1/ "Today, children, we're going to visit the Astronomican! Timmy, are you still hearing those voices?"
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