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  1. PC is probably better, but the iPad version is out now and £7.
  2. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    The bit where the first thirty minutes are unstoppable cutscenes and a grey boring prologue level with an unkillable? boss does make me wonder about the amount of money I’ve paid for this.
  3. The figures people are using for the returns to Sony aren’t even vaguely realistic. There are many other parties - particularly worldwide - taking a cut of that billion, and many other costs other than just the production budget to get added onto that 150 million.
  4. A Sony Exclusive, or The reason why Konami got rid of him?
  5. Can we have a spiderverse game please?
  6. The original rift has a failure over time with the right headphone, and you need very specific usb support for placing all the sensors. If your ipd is in the right range, rift s.
  7. 2nd run on Xbox, and Ironclad Level 1 cleared with a massively overpowered combust/rupture/barricade deck. Never actually run that before...
  8. Nah, it’s a draw. This is just an opportunity to run out four quicks at them for forty overs.
  9. It was renewed a couple of months before airing. Doubt it’s coming out anytime soon though.
  10. Can be hard to discuss without spoilers. I’ve spoilered a more controversial and recent one. Veronica Mars Season 3: screwed over by the whole college storyline. Agents of Shield Season 1: screwed over by the timing of Captain America 2 - it’d have been great if it had been a twelve episode story starting in January, with the reveal in March. The Good Place Season its harder to name series which didn’t do this... Crazy Ex Girlfriend had a very specific four season timeline, but parts of season two, three and four still dragged.
  11. And suddenly we’re in full on result territory.
  12. Theres a relatively long john wick hex article that I’m more interested in because I bought it in the epic games sale?
  13. Yeah but they’re not the main story quest and therefore as a piece of entertainment a waste of my time and why can’t they just set the level scaling to meet my whims.. perhaps we we can agree the worst mistake Ubisoft made with Odyssey was putting a pointless microtransaction in the store in the first place (particularly since the one I would pay for is “scale all unique armour sets up to current level, if current level is greater than 55”: that being the one thing that’s really time/resource intensive to reset)
  14. The level gating purely exists to encourage players to explore, and hopefully hit some of the most interesting content (including most of the quests that people refer to in this thread in spoilers). The cultist missions aren’t simply “go here, kill that”. if it was “simply” pushing players towards microtransactions, then I’d suggest it’s a brutal failure, since said microtransactions aren’t required to progress in the game in the slightest. but sure, perhaps games shouldn’t be designed to push people towards their full content.
  15. One of the trade offs is the IPD support. From what I can tell (having my eyes measured by an optician for one thing, using the original rift as another) my ipd is ever so slightly outside of the optimal range for the rift s because it no longer has a mechanical slider. You might have the same problem.
  16. Before or after you’d managed to play corruption?
  17. Dunno, it’s mechanically probably the most cohesive game of the year. And certainly has the replay value. Perhaps it doesn’t have the greatest story. And the graphics and sound are functional at best. But I’m struggling to think what might pip it to number one on my list in December.
  18. Or perhaps made it marginally more obvious five hours in that the “main plot” and the “cultist plot” (90% of side missions that weren’t white exclamation marks) were two sides of the same coin, so that people didn’t just focus on one rather than both.
  19. It’s utterly in the eye of the beholder though. I’m up to 180 hours or something ridiculous on hard mode, without ever needing paid for level scaling perks, or feeling the need to purchase them. Its like moaning that completing destiny’s quest line doesn’t immediately outfit you with the best top tier armour. The alternative moan would be “why are there all these pointless optional side quests that I don’t need to complete”) Just embrace exploring more, or play something different. (and/or embrace playing missions at a higher level than you are, and start playing steath - two levels isn’t that much: you’ll just need to be very strategic when you take on fort leaders/mercenaries.)
  20. Giant Crab Racing, please.
  21. Um, yeah, I don’t think I’d let my wife get away with that - let alone her let me get away with it. I mean a TV with a window directly behind it and no curtains?
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