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  1. footle

    Xbox One X

    Sony’s boss has said 2021 for PS5. Say he’s wrong and it’s November 2020. That’s still two and a half years away.
  2. footle

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Shadow of what was lost / an echo of things to come - James livingston Kind of cookie cutter in the first third of the first book, only missing the farmboy, but then deepens. Then deepens again. Then continues to deepen throughout book two with a lot of timelines interacting in interesting ways... Quite looking forward to book three next year.
  3. The PS4's solution of "buy all your games again" is an interesting approach to argue as being a million times better than (for example) the Wii's support for GC titles, or the Xbox 1's support for a huge range of 360 games + better filtering + vsync + (higher resolution, HDR, level of detail optimisations... if you've got the newer and future consoles). It's only something that a Sony fanboy could say. [The other thing that holds Backwards Compatibility back is modifications to controllers - certain PS2 games were far too difficult to play on PS3 (hi Frequency) simply because the controller had changed too much. That's something that doesn't affect the Xbox at all...]
  4. The other thing come 2021 is that there will have been three years worth of freesync (hdmi 2.1?) compatible tellies, dropping in price to something affordable, and the GPUs will be up to actually making use of them at 4k. We might not get 60fps as developers try to push the graphical boundaries, but variable 40-50 might be quite nice on those...
  5. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/05/sony-next-playstation-is-at-least-three-years-off/ FY19, FY20, FY21 - November 2021?
  6. footle

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Dirt rally makes me ill. Project cars doesn’t. using a steering wheel is a must though.
  7. footle

    Xbox One X

    I’ve found all of the consoles (two xbones, one xbox1x, one PS4) to have far too loud a drive for watching quiet movies. Since they’re only otherwise used for the initial authentication check and the original copy of game data, it doesn’t appear to be something Microsoft or Sony have tried to optimise.
  8. How? The parallels were lovely.
  9. footle

    Xbox One X

    Ditto. But not on the home screen. And I can count other occurrences at about one every three hours for ten seconds...
  10. footle

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    You should get them as soon as possible. There were interesting experiences without, but all of the blow me away ones from the last eighteen months require touch.
  11. footle

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Tutorial: ok first real go: lasted ten seconds then a minute and a half of menus again. Seemed really odd.
  12. They sold a ridiculous number of copies, and there isn’t that many of them. So Hello Games. its a good game, mind.
  13. It's three weeks till E3. If they showed actually interesting stuff they'd sabotage that. Though that assumes they have anything to sabotage other than FH4.
  14. footle

    The Division 2

    Same month as Anthem? You have to wonder why these companies all pretend that it'll turn up at the end of their Q4, until you realise their earnings forecasts depend on it.

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