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  1. GTA VI would have to be cross gen anyway to make the most of the user base. Rockstar aren’t interested in selling three or four million (or even thirty million) copies.
  2. fifteen years ago there would be queues out the door in December in game. It’s hardly like that now.
  3. Barely ever remember seeing anyone in it (as I walked past).
  4. footle

    Cricket Thread

    They’re too busy praying for rain.
  5. You’ve described my PS4 experience except: - PS4 doesn’t have a download and install updates while “asleep” option, which the Xbox will do if you leave it in the instant on mode. - PS4 doesn’t have gamespass so the want to install lots of subscription AA/AAA games problem doesn’t arise. - I get far poorer download speeds from PSN than anything else. (And the PC doesn’t download patches/updates when “off” either). But really this is mostly disk space. How much disk space did you have in your PC in 2013, or PS4 in 2013?
  6. Has the pc fixed hdr in games and windows yet?
  7. Apple doesn’t take games seriously on Mac: I don’t really see why anyone else should. Graphics device drivers on Linux are also a clusterfuck.
  8. 1 year later, pretty much, platform three (PC, Xbox, Switch), many ascensions in all three characters up to about ascension ten... and @smac inspires me to do an ascension zero heart run with ironclad. two days later i have finally slayed the spire in easy mode! (37! cards; thirteen relics; convenient fairy to resurrect me on the heart and two upgraded limit breaks and a upgraded spot weakness for the strength. First time I’ve ever dared take coffee dripper too)
  9. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Amazing what can happen if your top order actually bats out two sessions rather than throwing their wickets away and bringing your bowlers on to knacker themselves out in the final session of day one.
  10. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    You really should. It did help that it came out the year after I’d spent four days wandering around the federal triangle visiting museums so could properly appreciate the recreation. (I doubt they’re going anywhere near London given Watchdogs Cockney Edition)
  11. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    the main missions are great the first couple of times through: really show the lack of inventiveness in the likes of Destiny 2’s locations.
  12. I kept hoping for an iPad version, but no.
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