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  1. I agree with all three of these statements. With the small exception that there are new titles on Game Pass, and most of the back catalogue games on there are now in the PS Plus Sale at £25.
  2. Yeah, it it’s the balance between “there are only five million PS5s out there for initial returnal sales” and “everyone’s bored now of demons souls, and the folks who’ve bought a PS5 at launch have already rinsed the PS Plus Collection years ago”
  3. I think it has more chance, like most games that are a bit out there, if you’re not paying £70 for it. Or £50 as per the sale on PS5 at the moment which is still advertising the June release date.
  4. Not much. Everything is delayed.
  5. Ah, now we get half an hour on how shit Spurs are.
  6. That I wait to see. Whereas a sequel to psychonauts, with a load more budget added by Microsoft as first party, is a day one. I hope returnal is good, but it’s not going to make me laugh.
  7. Finished the main story, and , at least it committed. Final boss could just go splat though.
  8. They’re lucky that Neville only wants to talk about Manchester.
  9. Spurs really aren’t very good
  10. And the next genuinely interesting game from either of them - psychonauts 2 - is out on everything.
  11. Hell, even with source code and the toolchain frozen in time you’ll still need to jump through all sorts of non-trivial hoops to actually get it running. Anyone’s who’s ever tried to write a build procedure for any even reasonably complex piece of software that consistently works over time (ha) and can be handled by a muppet (double ha) with no support the first couple of times (triple ha) as the underlying environment changes will know that. (pretty much any counterexample you’d care to name has someone consistently and continually maintaining it)
  12. It’s much more itself once the weapons and builds get going. The initial few levels you’re probably putting the world tier up too much before you’ve enough options and synergies, and so the guns feel flat. Tearing through mobs of animals with fire, lightning and huge explosions feels much more satisfying.
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