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  1. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    There’s also the possibility that they extend if the game gets engagement: but Dead Rising 4 has been on the service for a year... it’s not like it should be a surprise that licensing agreements will be for that kind of length of time.
  2. Yeah, so you don’t use it. The cpus they’re putting in these things are so much more powerful than the cpus they’ve previously had, or the cpus that were about when GPU phyx was a thing.
  3. Probably, but then you can introduce an S version of the chip later. Whatever else, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  4. It's a much bigger cost saving^ than "remove the disk drive", but I imagine they might do that too. ^ And it's one that they could choose to amortise over the whole set of consoles.
  5. Depends. You suddenly get to use a lot of APUs from the Series X run which you'd otherwise have to throw away - because you only need a quarter of the CUs to be functioning, not all but two of them. That's a huge cost saving overall.
  6. seriously helped by all their competitors getting fucked more by Covid. Disney+, HBO Max: all without those new series that were meant to sustain their first year. dont see the parallels to videogames.
  7. Nintendo will make money charging for each of their many hit games. Your hundreds of indie games developers will make money if and only if they happen to have a hit or they have a Games Pass, Apple Arcade or Epic sugardaddy. Otherwise...
  8. well, it’s higher at 620 or so. The seriesx at 10GB at 560GB/s is much less far off than it used to be though: a 2080 has 8GB at 448...
  9. Only a subset will have HDR and higher resolution or framerate support. Those which they’ve baked it into their planning, or where they didn’t lock anyway. I suppose there’s generally more chance of 4K on recent games just because the 1X exists and that was often the target, whereas the Pro tended to target 1440p, but meh.
  10. all those slimes and birds and things that wrap themselves up in shells: they’re female.
  11. Not as much of those expecting a £230 Series S with the same CPU, less graphics and same SSD.
  12. 8k res is 33 million pixels, so that’ll be more of a limiting factor I suspect.
  13. Two of the console manufacturers have my card details to support impulse purchases. One doesn’t, and I’ll always buy credit on amazon and input codes. Guess which. Guess which console I therefore rarely turn on.
  14. I'm wondering what scope there will be for this. Node shrinks have been the usual way to do this, but much smaller than 7nm seems a very very long way away. SSD prices will drop, but I'm less sure about heat and power consumption - and most of the size of these things is based around that.
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