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  1. The One X version is invariably the same as PC version at high settings. Except now 60fps. the website Aspell is quoting doesn’t say what he says it does, anyway.
  2. A large part of it is people trying to run at higher framerates than the console version, and shit optimisation.
  3. Gooner and Aspel, together at last as team Genuine Concerns. I’m actually surprised if Ubisoft manage to get close to a locked 4K/60 running anything. I’m not even really expecting Valhalla to manage it running on a 3080/5950X. (of course it’s the Xbox One X version running at a higher framerate: have you seen the sheer quantity of bespoke assets they put in these things?)
  4. Not convinced, as flight sim just has done. But it’s not a megagame.
  5. Yeah, but there’s always the possibility my mum goes “who are you? I didn’t order that” and sends mariyon on their merry way. I am still having to track every hour to make sure.
  6. We haven’t got them in our hands yet, Uzi. Mine is busy doing a tour of every house in my parents town before getting to them around 5pm.
  7. Half Life 2 can’t be separated from its context. Not only did it push animation, facial capture, environmental story telling, physics way beyond the state of the art for the time, it also launched a digital sales platform. there was nothing, not even slightly, like City 17. Even the riff on the train journey at the start of half life ending up in the train station. everyone else was building flattish shaded polygons or shooting alleys. hard to remember after fifteen years of call of duty.
  8. If AMD manage to sustain year on year gains, or even just hit 20%, bulk up their RT capability, and get their DLSS competitor released, then with DirectStorage hitting the market and RDNA3 they may well kick some sand in Nvidia’s picnic.
  9. Yes - £60 by the time you include delivery, and the game code. Wins all round, except I’m not sure it’ll work well in my case with my beige and brown cooler. That’s tomorrow evenings problem though. today is hoping uzi gets his.
  10. Delivery window set, overclockers order cancelled. It took a couple of hours to register yesterday that since Overclockers had already taken my money, this order wasn’t actually just going to end up with an increased credit card bill but was something I’d effectively already budgeted for.
  11. Ori is getting a 4k/120 mode, so how much use it’ll be to you will be entirely telly dependent.
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