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  1. it seems unreasonably difficult to find the demo on the xbox: demo isn't a sufficient search term, and anthem isn't a sufficient search term - you need both :-o
  2. Yes. It's emailed to you.
  3. I see that EA Access subscribers are automatically VIP demo players. Unfortunately I'd preordered. Ho hum.
  4. footle

    Incredibles 2

    I liked it a lot. and I really liked the documentaries with the Blu-ray. Perhaps it’s because it’s more interesting hearing about animation, and people talking about how small changes in animation make big differences to the tone of a scene, than it is watching actor love ins in your usual features.
  5. footle

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    I found the first half of both seasons a bit slow (or weird in the second seasons case). the final episode of the second season seemed astonishingly odd, whereas the two preceding episodes were as good as anything they’ve produced.
  6. Why bother? Infinity war deliberately referenced the events of homecoming. It deliberately didn’t reference the events of this. Why try to fit it in some weird out of order continuity in your head?
  7. footle

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Yeah, it’s not a “wannabe cinematic experience”. It’s an open world game, in which the player has agency. you can make decisions that change the route of the plot! Make decisions that have positive consequences for how the story plays out! Even make decisions about how you go about building your character, or fulfil a mission. That go beyond the length of your beard. but if you really don’t like games... :-p
  8. Too many diversions into irrelevant side-stories simply to try and build up a "universe", and avoid getting to the final scene three or four episodes before the end.
  9. footle

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Ferrari F355 Challenge? Was that even controllable? Clearly, the hardest ever game that I didn't complete was Jet Set Willy. And +1 for "I now have far less time than I have games so if the game doesn't grab me, I don't worry about not playing it". Victims this week include Celeste and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Meanwhile, I'm 37 hours into Into The Breach and have completed 2 and 3 islands on Normal. Once. Presumably I'm doing it wrong
  10. "Star Wars fans aren't able to handle novelty, or reinvention. We must give them more of the same for ever and ever." And, worse, they were proved right by the reaction of the nutters to The Last Jedi.
  11. footle

    Gaming Predictions 2019

    You get to break open the loot boxes by flailing your arms around.
  12. footle

    Gaming Predictions 2019

    Outrun 3. iOS. Microtransactions.
  13. footle

    Now TV

    Red Sparrow is yet more young girl torture porn as "cinema". Now TV is fine, but the quality is quite shite. The fact they're selling boxes in supermarkets with 4K 4K 4K all over them, and then in tiny white text on only one side "Now TV streams in 720p" I find a bit much.

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