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  1. The likes of Sea of Thieves have been greatly improved by just running for a year with updates. I suppose the question is really whether this can be sustained by the recurring revenue from Games Pass subs, and the consequent additional hardware and Platform Holder revenue from other game sales.
  2. Just started “Fall or, Dodge In Hell” by Neil Stephenson, after reading “A brightness that came before” by Guy Gaveriel Kay. astonishing contrast - one a story about characters that I finished in a weekend, another an excuse for long winded digressions that’s driving me away every three or four pages and while these digressions are obviously trying to tell me something about the titular Dodge, I’m just not as interested in the relationships between soap bubbles, Kant, Escher self portraits and fake film music as he is.
  3. Kill things faster? Trite, but the silent is a rogue. Rogues aren’t all about the block, unless you’re also poisoning folk every turn. If you’re looking at shiving your way to success, anything that’s stopping you throwing loads of shivs out on every turn is just getting in the way. (My credentials are something like L4 ironclad, L3 silent, L2 defect after more hours than I care to think about (I’d have hit those ascension levels just through luck) , so you can just ignore my advice and you’ll be no worse off).
  4. If you can’t find any joy from the flight model and the initial exploration then I’m really not sure. The problems now are a lack of content in endgame.
  5. footle


    Does any of it have audio? The doubles yesterday didn't - which was a shame because I wanted to skip the BBC commentators, but like the crowd noise.
  6. Its basically “stack gold or games pass for three years” convert to ultimate. or stack your current gold and games pass subs on top of each other.
  7. I'm not sure they're toning it down a hell of a lot (though, Herogasm).
  8. Halfway, and it’s far better than IF1, JJ2, LC2, DD2 or the Super Smashy Hero Team Up. its clearly no JJ1.
  9. footle

    Cricket Thread

    That was an over.
  10. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Yep. Pakistan's poor fielding costing them this game.
  11. ie Quest is 1440x1600 per eye.
  12. footle

    Cricket Thread

    Relaxing, particularly since we’re two top order batters down.
  13. Significant new element can’t include the driver is a bit whiny, because that was clear at the time.
  14. Dont think barricade drops for The Silent.
  15. I find the “perhaps it isn’t a dick and just lighting” comments utterly bizarre. The poster *does not work* as a poster if it isn’t trans. i find the “perhaps it just needs context” comments almost as bizarre. There’s already context - it’s CDPR’s precious struggles on social media with the subject, and their responses when being called on it. This is a static image, released as part of a - so far - very limited marketing campaign, where they will have looked multiple times at the image and considered it as one of many possibilities for promoting the feature. It’s not going to have been signed off by Temp Number Two in a meeting with The Newest Intern. Its a crass joke, that could be made as well by giving the woman literal wings or horns while remaining entirely in cyberpunk context. So they’ve chosen to do *that* context, and with their history you’d have to say that they’re using trans as the butt of a bad joke again, and not balancing it in any other way. Maybe they will in the full game, but at the moment there’s little reason to think there should be a benefit of the doubt.
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