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  1. Early VRR impressions. The misleading title is about the lack of a Game Mode OFF switch.
  2. I keep them in the garage for about a year, which reminds me I should get rid of the PS5 and Series X boxes. However, since the LG 55CX is going to be a nightmare to handle in case of moving, I'm keeping the box indefinitely.
  3. There's a "mute when using headset" switch in the xbox sound options.
  4. Not really, this foe can be easily disposed with
  5. I can't believe it took me years to realise they're the same person: Ensign Ro from Star Trek TNG Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica Quite a military career
  6. I can confirm this. The Drivehub worked flawlessly with the PS4, but with the PS5, the DS4 is disconnected every few minutes, and you have to unplug & plug it again, which is not a solution at all. For some reason, the blue version of the Hori minipad was half the price at Amazon, so I bought one for 15€. Everything works fine again, we'll see what happens with GT7.
  7. The final QTEs with Navarro, when you're weaponless? I don't remember anything special about them, got them first time. However, unlike Nintendo's and Microsoft's buttons layout, I have the Sony layout ingrained in my head, thanks to the likes of Parappa the rapper. Perhaps I have my own anti-lag tool built in
  8. I'm playing the first trilogy before diving in the PS5 pack. Today I've finished 2 and started 3. Uncharted 1 plays and controls absolutely fine. I've played it on normal and never felt that enemies are bullet sponges, but then I shoot in short burts and to the head. After prior experiences, someone named Thor should know when to go for the head
  9. I asume you mean Blood Starved Beast, the Bloodletting Beast is a giant MOFO
  10. Ah yes, sorry. I'm skim reading this thread, and all i got from your post before jumping to the next is that pc gamepass is now better.
  11. There's also that UWP nonsense, the sooner they go with their plans to allow full control of the installs, the better
  12. OMG! Proper Crazy Climber controls at last!!!
  13. It wasn't a particularly difficult arcade machine, but I could finish 1942 on one credit. As for epic moments, when I realised how to climb Avion, the 5th colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, on the PS2. I was like "surely not this way", then "OMFG, it worked!!!"
  14. I had this problem when NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered was released on Gamepass in 2021, the password was correct but it didn't work. However, after changing the password in the EA website, it was accepted in the Xbox. Of course, that meant I had to re-login in Origin, but everything works fine now. Also, make sure you've activated 2 Factor Authentication in your EA account. When the original NFS Hot Pursuit was released in 2010, I linked my PSN account to an EA account which doesn't use my main e-mail adress. After that, I never gave much thought to that account, and years later I created a new one tied to my main e-mail adress. Then, in 2020, I bought ... NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered for the PS4, which always tried to connect with the original EA-to-PSN tied account but failed, until I realised that, maybe, it didn't work because that old and forgotten account, unlike the new one, didn't have 2FA activated. After setting 2FA, it logged on inmediately.
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