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  1. amorenod


    I voted for DLC on then PS4 thread, but I you haven't bothered with Dark Souls's also essential DLC ... not so sure now. It's a mistake, but you'll manage.
  2. amorenod

    Edge #325 - Settle your scores here ;)

    I downloaded it on Zinio yesterday
  3. amorenod

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Just one word (OK, acronym): DLCOAT
  4. amorenod

    Nintendo Switch

    Apologies if it's already posted, but I don't recall any mention of this game. Look what Amazon has recommended to me: https://www.amazon.es/Meridiem-Games-TOK-SWI-Retrocollector-Edition/dp/B07F8NHRMY?pd_rd_wg=pBsfY&pd_rd_r=bd83c1ff-098f-41bd-ad85-cfe8a20ff9b7&pd_rd_w=uX2Yv&ref_=pd_gw_simh&pf_rd_r=FPZGQ4V19YQKNX4FB15H&pf_rd_p=80c68e11-aba4-5a06-82bf-a001ad4b4008
  5. amorenod

    Almost forgotton superheroes of the 70's and 80's

    Not on TV, but certainly worthy of this thread... Supersonic Man. May the great force of the galaxies be with me!
  6. amorenod

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    There's another reference, when Troy and Riker are doing a research about the Son'a, wondering why the Federation has dealings with them, when they use forbidden isolytic weapons and provide the ketracel white drug to the Dominion. There's also a reference in Nemesis, in the observation lounge Riker talks about the Remans fighting the most bloody battles in the Dominion war.
  7. amorenod

    SNES Mini

    Yes, that I knew (and tried), but I wanted to go wireless. I noticed there was no Home button in the SF30, which is why I installed the hack, but it never occurred to me that the option was there with the same exact button combination until I read the manual this morning. Guess I'll try Super Tennis after all.
  8. amorenod

    SNES Mini

    I'm not really interested in emulation (I have loads of unused options) but yesterday night I installed Hakchi on both the Nes and Snes, just for the abilty to reset to the menu holding Select+Down. Works fine. Today, I've received the 8Bitdo SF30 wireless pad, and it has the ability built-in. Oh well, at least, I can confirm that the process is child's play.
  9. amorenod

    MAME pointers / advice / guidance

    It's been a while, but at the time I used RomCenter to rebuild valid Mame roms using the content in my rom folders as the source. IIRC, it creates a list of valid roms extracted from the mame.exe, and uses it as a template for the rebuild process.
  10. amorenod

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    In a world without Bloodborne, Horizon would be the best game on the PS4
  11. amorenod

    Demon's Souls

    I use the Thief's ring for the Maneaters. If I can't kill the first one before the other appears, with some work I can lure each one to opposite ends of the arena, which allows me to fight one, while the other stays far away, unable to detect me.
  12. amorenod

    Demon's Souls

    Once you are in 5-2, you will cherish those joyful moments in 5-1
  13. amorenod

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    It's here, it's here!!! There's a game too!!!
  14. The Frigid Outskirts/Lud&Zallen trauma is enough to cause amnesia.
  15. That place is the only reason why I've broken my "no summoning" vow, but I need some NPC bait to make it palatable.

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