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  1. Valve haven't even finished shipping orders placed on day 1, so I can absolutely believe people ordering today will still be waiting in six months time.
  2. It's a lot of money, but 12k of it was from a single perfecty-timed gold rush, which I triggered just before a wave full of cannon-fodder red skulls.
  3. I've not been paying much attention to my regular sources of board game news this past twelve months. Could anyone point me in the direction of a good UKGE preview?
  4. Finished Golden Wind today. On to Stone Ocean! I remember liking that one quite a bit.
  5. Can you summarise for those of us not on Twitter?
  6. I'll be there, Friday and Saturday for sure, perhaps the whole three days. Haven't been since 2019 so I'm excited to be returning!
  7. Literally impossible to install. The game requires one gigabyte of storage space.
  8. Not according to their Patreon feed.
  9. Naruto out of place! Other than that, a nice collection. Is that Berserk in the bottom left?
  10. I came in here to recommend electric pressure cookers, for their energy, space, and time efficiency. I don't think they are quite as bad as recommending solar, that would be suggesting someone getting a Thermomix. Brand new Instant Pots are on par with cheap microwave ovens, and they frequently pop up on eBay for less.
  11. Oh my lol. That ending. I'm not surprised I couldn't remember much about it. Golden Wind next. All I can remember is that it's about a relative of Dio, it's set in Italy, and there's a guy who can control bullets... I'm sure the rest will come back to me.
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