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  1. Baro's location is MR 8 locked.
  2. The PC clan seems to have researched virtually every blueprint already, unless I've misunderstood something?
  3. revlob

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    @Couk What's the liklihood of a Christmas delivery from them?
  4. revlob

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    When one of your units is detected, the enemy's pod will all become aware of that unit, and if they were not already alert, they will run into cover. It's possible that the AI just happened to choose cover in the direction of your other units?
  5. revlob

    Shadows in the Woods

    I've not played it, but after looking up the name I realised it's been on my wishlist for ages, under its German title of Waldschattenspiel. So it's good to learn there's a new release, in English too. I reckon my family would love this.
  6. revlob

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    This will have gyro aiming for sure, right?
  7. revlob


    New fries are definitely better than the old ones, but that's not saying a lot. If they're going for Five Guys-style fries then they have a long way to go.
  8. It's absolutely ridiculous this is a free game. There is so much to do, and it's all very accessible to a new player. I'm almost certainly going to purchase some platinum at some point, if only for the storage slots. I've got Rhino and Oberon on their way at the foundry, and if I end up enjoying them half as much as I have my starting Mag, I'll be loathe to bin them to make space for more.
  9. revlob


    Seven Deadly Sins is weird. For me, the sexual harassment of Elizabeth is kind of pale compared to something else that pops up a bit later: FMA Brotherhood is thankfully free of most of the overt sexualisation that's rampant in anime, so comes highly recommended to all. It handles themes of war and loss, and is very tragic in parts, so I wouldn't think it particularly suitable for anyone much younger than 13 though. Castlevania has people's faces being torn off and their guts being ripped out, loads of swearing and a few sexual references. It's great, probably not what I'd move on to straight after Dragon Ball Z though. A 13 year-old boy is probably most likely to enjoy the shonen stuff. Bleach is pretty good, Netflix has the first few arcs, before it starts to slouch and bloat. There's a live action film on there too, which isn't too bad. I was a big fan of Trigun when I first saw it, at about 16 or so. It's a sci-fi western with a sense of humour. Kenshin is something of a classic, about a swordsman in 19th Century Japan who's trying to escape his past.
  10. revlob

    Christmas Fixin's 2019

    For sprouts, I saw this on an episode of River Cottage once and have always wanted to give it a go: It's cheating, obviously, as anything served deep fried on black pudding has got to be delicious, but I admire the sheer audacity.
  11. I have everything I need to build my second frame! I was on an insane survival mission that the other players wanted to take to 30 minutes. My pop guns stopped being useful for the last ten, but I hoovered up a couple dozen mods and all the blueprints I needed for Oberon. I've set the foundry to work, in a few days I'll be sporting antlers.
  12. How obtainable are the Prime Warframes to a free player? I've been doing quite a few Rift missions and have ended up with a bunch of blueprints for Prime gear and Warframe components. No complete sets yet though, so I'm wondering if it's like McDonalds Monopoly, where one component in the set is always much much harder to obtain?
  13. What are the costs of sustaining a larger clan? The wiki doesn't make it clear. Wondering how I can help out.
  14. @VN1X Could I get an invite? I'm finding myself playing daily at the moment, would like to explore some of the clan mechanics.

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