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  1. revlob

    What are you playing?

    Our group has scheduled our final game (the second in December) for this Thursday, which marks the two year anniversary of starting Pandemic Legacy. Whatever happens, it'll have been quite a journey. I think I'll need some time to decide if I'm mentally prepared for Season 2.
  2. I was initially a bit hesitant about having to play through the introductory segments of all eight characters, but after witnessing those of Tressa and Cyrus, I'm looking forward to it. Along with Olberic from the first demo, everything I've seen so far has suggested the eight are all very different characters with varied backgrounds and motivations. There's a good dash of personality and humour in the writing; the first chapter of Tressa's story sees you staging a caper against some pirates and it felt like it could have been taken straight out of FF6. In Cyrus' tale, the bookish scholar mistakes the romantic affections of a student for a fervent desire towards her studies, while fancying himself a hardboiled detective trying to crack the case of a missing library book. Try the demo! Pick the starting character that appeals to you most, and see what you think.
  3. revlob


    What a shitshow this is turning out to be. After getting a star away from Rank 2 I'm back down at the bottom of Rank 5. Taunt Druid seems to be well and truly dead, and my Quest Warrior isn't doing so great either. Too much Shudderwock about. Without an invincible combo like this Shaman cancer I can only squeak wins in if I pull off a perfect draw and beat them to the endgame. Naturally, the second I switch to a little Tempo Mage, it's Odd Paladins all the way down. I swear the matchmaking is against me.
  4. I'm watching Enterprise right now. When I'm done I'll let you know if Discovery is the worst Star Trek.
  5. That three hours was over way too quickly. Had you put twelve-year-old me in charge of designing a sequel to Final Fantasy VI, it wouldn't be all too dissimilar from Octopath Traveler, I reckon. I've really enjoyed these demos, I think it's going to be the best RPG I've played in a long time.
  6. I have been watching Enterprise for the first time. I've managed to absorb two entire series so far, without it causing me great pain, but neither has it particularly impressed me. Stand out episodes for me so far have been Dear Doctor, Carbon Creek, Vanishing Point and Shuttlepod One. No shields, humans only, Final Destination. I get it, it's supposed to be chronicling Humanity's first strides into the greater galaxy, a hundred years before Kirk and Spock boldly went. But it doesn't really feel much like it. There's a disconnect between the premise of the show and how it comes across in the actual storylines. I don't have a problem with the visuals and set design, I'm not going to complain that the NX-01 should look less advanced than the NCC-1701, but like with Voyager I don't feel like the show writers are exploiting the situation as well as they should be. It's lazy. Every week it's some new alien race, oops this time there's some kind of sex virus infecting the crew, oh no quick polarise the hull plating, will those gosh-durned Vulcans ever cut us a break?! Coming off of seven seasons of DS9, it would be nice to have a little more of a narrative arc, at least. This Temporal Cold War stuff is rubbish. But then, DS9 didn't really hit its stride until season three so perhaps I should cut Enterprise some slack. Weird to think I'm at the half way point already. Does it really not get any better? Was it cancelled just because it wasn't popular enough, or were there other reasons?
  7. So I know it says that you have access to all the characters and their storylines regardless of whom you choose to start with, but surely you skip the introductory segments for anyone you don't pick? You just meet up with them later in their story? I've picked the scholarly Cyrus as my starting character, and I'm finding the dialogue in his introduction fine. Bit of a mystery going on with a missing library book, but Cyrus is on the case. I like a story that doesn't start with an ancient evil or a prophecy foretold.
  9. Next up, all 802 pokemon assist trophies.
  10. Yeah all this character stuff would have been better suited to a series of separate updates specifically about Smash.
  11. Wow it has all the characters. All of them.

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