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  1. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Chadruharazzeb (Cantina Patron)
  2. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I really think we're getting very close to the point where if you're watching these trailers and still insisting this film will be anything other than excellent, you're just out to create mischief: 37 days!
  3. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    That new Falcon smell...
  4. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Wait for Chewie at 00:37: 38 days to go!
  5. De Niro

    You talkin’ to me?
  6. Just a gentle bump for those Film & TV folk who don't often venture into the Retro Gaming folder: I'm down to the last 60-or-so copies of The Book of the Game of the Film, so now's probably as good a time as any to nab a copy before they're all gone! UK customers this way ---> https://jerellis1.wixsite.com/golembooks (PM me for p&p details if you're lucky enough to live outside the UK).
  7. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    That would be amazing! I have no doubt that by the time the first film ends we’ll all be perfectly comfortable with the new (young) Han, so much so that by the time he has two more sequels under his belt (during which he’ll age naturally anyway), it’ll feel like a perfectly smooth transition into the original trilogy. Seriously, three excellent films already and plenty of encouraging signs about this new one, and still people seem to be convinced that Disney don’t know what they’re doing. I honestly don’t get it!
  8. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah but where did Woody Harrelson get it from before he gave it to Han? Tobias Beckett prequel spin-off confirmed!
  9. Here's another review, this time by the Retro Video Gamer team: http://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/the-book-of-the-game-of-the-film-review/ On the issue of the book's physical size (of which the RVG reviewer made mention once or twice), I did look into the possibility of having it printed in A4 landscape format, but the high cost for such a small print run turned out to be prohibitive and would have virtually doubled the price of the book, so I went for A5 instead. Personally I think it works really well in A5; nice and compact, but hefty enough in your hands to know that you're getting plenty of reading matter for your £24.99-plus-p&p! From the feedback I've had (and there's been a lot of it), it looks like the vast majority agree with me, although I can of course appreciate that a few would have preferred something a bit more paving-slabby. Down to the last few copies now (well, the last 70 or so), so if you've been thinking about joining in the fun but haven't yet taken the plunge, now's probably a good time to go for it... maybe a trip to the Golem Books website will help you make up your mind...! https://jerellis1.wixsite.com/golembooks
  10. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Surely... surely... that means they must know it’s good? Right?
  11. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    And then there's Darth Definite Article, a the terrifying English teacher from a the galaxy far, far away.
  12. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I vowed I wasn't going to get involved but then I thought of 'Darth Destructible', which could be the best Star Wars toy ever. And it's nicely alliterative.
  13. Another appreciative video review for ya, this time courtesy of Laird's Lair: Just a couple of notes to add to this; Kung-Fu Master was indeed based on a film (Jackie Chan's Wheels on Meals!), and the third chapter of the book, Bands, Brands and Grandstands, was always intended to cover games based on high-street brands, pop groups, sports personalities, and so on (basically all the licensed titles that didn't quite fit into the film, television or literature categories). Only 78 copies left now!

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