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  1. Anyone doing the dkt. I hadn’t played the dkt or fifa in months but had a go yesterday. During the day it was nothing but mega squads and i was getting hammered but last night was far easier and did it first try. Looks like the pool of players being larger means your likely to get easier games at night. I played about 10pm. Also tots pope is truly awful he went in the zaha sbc as he was untradeable. 900 coin begovic is miles better.
  2. I really didn’t like this. It felt stupid rather than ridiculous. Ridiculous i can get behind and have a chuckle with where as stupid i want to turn off. tehstu is right that it got worse as it went on as well. The only real racing but was the start.
  3. I really didn’t like Game Over, man. I just didn’t find much funny about it. I did quite like annihilation, worth a watch and some nice visuals but don’t scratch the surface too much.
  4. tenrou

    Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    I really like this. It’s got some genuine laughs in it from not originally comedy actors.
  5. tenrou

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    And actually play something on it? I think that’s the worse of the 2 options.
  6. tenrou

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Another system update?!?! Feels like every time i switch the machine on i end up switching it off again as i wait 30 mins for yet another system update.
  7. tenrou

    Crappy User Interfaces

    I only got an xbox one about a week ago as i was able to pick one up cheap. I have to agree that the xbox one menu is very hard to navigate however It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of chances to fix it if lots of people have been complaining so maybe some people like it.
  8. He just felt too fragile to me. I like my midfielders to have a bit of fight in them. I am not the most graceful player.
  9. Who is the best cheap prime icon, 500k ish? i have adair few untradeable players including buffon and handanovic to put into an sbc and wondered who was good. i’ve tried larsson, costa and deco. costa and larsson i quite liked. Deco not so much. I really like rijkard (sp?) but i’ve about 500k coins and he’s be most of them which i’m not sure is worth it.
  10. tenrou

    PS4 Pro

    Should i buy a pro if i have a 4k hdr tv? It’s not a cheap upgrade but if there is a decent benefit, more stable, better load times etc. along with 4k native I’d be interested. I usually can’t see a great deal of difference with a resolution change so looking for a bit of justification outside of that. Does boost mode in games offer a worthwhile bonus?
  11. lol, i got absolutely nothing. i had 20 packs from small rare golds to rare mega packs from sbcs. I recon 600-700k worth of packs. I can’t believe how bad the return was. I mean it was terrible... 84 was my highest player. At least if you gamble they have to show you odds. Regulations on things like packs can’t come soon enough.
  12. I’m keeping my packs in the hope they do all players over the weekend like they did last year. Could end up wrong but i doubt i’ll be getting anything good in the packs anyway.
  13. i had that exact same loss issue after extra time on a squad battle. it came up saying i had been disconnected from the server but had recorded the game result. clearly not as i went back in after reconnecting and had 0 points and a 3-0 loss recorded on the game. It’s just such a buggy load of crap. There are a lot of justifiably unhappy people on this game.
  14. I had a few games yesterday post patch and there were some right dodgy refereeing decisions around penalties. one in my favour, two in the opositions. thought the patch was to improve penalty decisions? I think they have given up doing anything and just release patch notes as a social experiment.
  15. I feel a bit like that with fifa recently, i’ve not been enjoying the game but i pushed on with it, trying to get better players, hoping it made me a better player, more fut champs wins etc. Didn’t help, turned out i was still crap and i still didn’t like the game. Had to cold turkey it a few weeks ago as it was really getting to me.

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