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  1. I've got a handful of spare recipes lying around again: Bamboo Lunch Box Cardboard Chair Golden Arowana Model Hanging Terrarium Stack of Books Tall Garden Rock Underwater Wall Wooden-block Table
  2. No we haven't visited yet mate. I'm home all day so don't rush anything on my account
  3. I have red and yellow, but white and black would be awesome. I just need some signage really, as at the moment it doesn't look anything like complete. Trying to work on doing some road with white lines on it for parking purposes.
  4. Ahhh thanks so much...I owe you one!
  5. Are you sure? Because if you can only catch them while fishing, it would take you an age to replace them! I need 3 to make a tyre stack for my forecourt Cheers!
  6. Do tyres ever come up for sale, or are they only ever available if you catch one while fishing? Cheers
  7. Nice, I'll do a flying visit right now edit: Cheers for that. But I have to ask, why were you leaving holes everywhere?? Oh and thanks for the recipes. There were a couple I didn't have!
  8. Apologies but I got caught up with something with my daughter yesterday evening.
  9. Ah sorry, I was watching a movie and forgot to check here. I'll open today, or come to you.....I'm easy
  10. @Daley I haven't forgotten I need to swap race car beds with you by the way and @Broker could I get the pink and black one please? I can send cask or swap you something? Cheers I've also now realised I vastly over-estimated how many cars I could fit into that room. So I'm going to make an outdoor car dealers instead.
  11. Thanks so much. What can I send you in return?
  12. Oh god....why have they made it like the fishing? I can't be arsed in that case.
  13. I've just read that they are closing all their stores as well, with only New York, London, Sydney and Redmond remaining open and being re-imagined as "experience centres" and no longer selling products So how long before they close as well. I wish I could waste money like they do.
  14. Ah bugger...forgot we have to meet first before we can send stuff. Will sort you out later
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