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  1. SteveH

    Moto GP

    I wonder what's really going through Rossi's head? Finishing off his career wallowing away at the back of the grid.
  2. She is fucking awful. And she seems to laugh more at her own jokes than the audience do. I'm struggling with Jeremy just as much though. If they held auditions and he was the best choice I'd hate to see the others. He just doesn't seem able to utter a single word unless he's reading the autocue. He just lacks any decent adlib skills.
  3. I'm playing on series X and while it's not buttery smooth (had the odd frame jump), it really doesn't need to be to be honest. Not hit any bugs yet (only played for about an hour so far) but it can have a tendency to not always recognise you pressing A to pick up parcels from the back of your truck. I've found it needs 2 or 3 attempts sometimes. But it isn't a problem, it doesn't glitch out and stop you from picking them up at all. I'm really enjoying it so far. Nice chill out vibe to it all. edit: and of course, not long after posting this I hit my first bug. Not a biggie, the game just stopped reacting to any inputs at the start of a new day. A quick reboot of the game fixed it.
  4. Is anyone on Series X/S having issues with World Update V Nordics not updating? It keeps showing as having an update of something silly like 65kb and it refuses to update. I've deleted the whole update but the problem is still there when I reinstall it. Cheers
  5. It's most likely under settings then "unclaimed DLC". None of the pre-order or bonus items appear in the game until you go to that section and claim them
  6. I went for the fancy pants ultimate edition and for some odd reason it gives you both versions (One and Series X/S) yet the save game isn't compatible between the two versions.
  7. Pretty much identical. It must have been a deliberate choice by the devs but i have no idea why. Unreal engine is capable of far more than this game displays.
  8. SteveH


    She's a sponsors dream isn't she? Talented, composed, articulate, beautiful. She will be set for life. Good for her!
  9. Well Microsoft's smart delivery failed miserably as I hadn't noticed it had installed the regular version plus the Series X/S version. I'd started my playthrough with the regular version and only realised this morning after around 3 hours play. I deleted the One version and the fucking save game isn't compatible between the One and Series versions Have to say though, doesn't look in the slightest bit different playing the "enhanced" version. Still the same pop-in sadly.
  10. Why do some games insist on you "signing in" again when you start a game? Surely if there are multiple accounts on one console you know to have selected yours when you go to play a game?
  11. I can't quite believe my eyes on the Series X. NPC's all popping into view about 6 feet in front of you. It looks like shit and completely ruins it.
  12. I really hope they give you the option to turn off the ridiculously bright white constant objective text at the top left of the screen. I mean it's quite a linear game really and I don't need it stuck there reminding me.
  13. @MattyPI think you have given me the slight push I needed. I have had one eye on it but did think it might just pop up on Gamepass. It's cheap though so I'm in
  14. I'd rather they tackle some other cities first before deciding to give London a makeover!
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