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  1. Microsoft have announced they are working with various partners to bring Xbox Series X/S monitors to market. So far they mention Philips, Asus and Acer. I'm not sure what any advantages they might have over something like an LG OLED other than smaller screen sizes? https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/06/22/introducing-new-designed-for-xbox-monitors/
  2. I'm new to all this Kpop milarky. But since watching so many Korean dramas during lockdown I have also had Arirang TV on in the background (Korean TV station on SKY) and there are a few shows featuring new Kpop artists, as well as established ones. This tune in particular has me dancing around the kitchen. What blows me away is the choreography the boy bands in particular do. I mean, a whole other level compared to western boy bands. I've recently become aware of BTS as well and their dancing is awesome. Anyway, this one is a new-ish group called Mirae:
  3. I can't believe they have shifted over 30 million copies of this and it still didn't warrant a single mention at E3?
  4. If you are on Windows 10 you are better off opening the Windows store and searching for design lab. Loads up the U.K version and is much snappier than using the website.
  5. This seems to be the only information: This special showcase, hosted by Gamertag Radio's, Parris Lilly, will feature behind the scenes details and up close and personal conversations with developers to dive deeper into their recent announcements. You'll hear from 343 Industries, World’s Edge, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, our talented partners from around the world, and more.
  6. Sorry if it has already been mentioned, but there is an extended showcase tomorrow at 6pm BST. Apparently more information on some of the games shown from 343 etc as well as a feature on Hellblade II
  7. Cheers @MrPogo By the way @Stevo I forgot to mention the other day, that there was really no need to leave me some money for the art you collected you know
  8. I've just opened up for you. In the middle of something so will be AFK. Not sure on what art I'm missing but will check another time Help yourself to anything in Nooks as there isn't anything in there I need. Have left the statue on the floor right outside the airport.
  9. One of my islanders has given me a Real Mystic Statue If anyone needs it for their museum let me know. Otherwise I'll stick it in my outdoor statue relaxation area
  10. Knowing Nintendo, they'd do that and then ruin it by saying it's all based on Wuhu island.
  11. Didn't see it mentioned, but they have said that Series X is 4K 30FPS and Series S is 1080P 30FPS with a 60FPS option for both consoles. Is the Xbox One version holding it back? I'm NOT complaining, just passing on the information
  12. I'd love it if they released a batshit crazy Steel Battalion style controller for the Xbox.
  13. Xbox's own channel on YouTube is running a separate 4K stream
  14. The easiest way is to check your shopping app. Any artwork you have already bought is listed there Though admittedly I'm always forgetting to check first!
  15. Thanks But if you think my island is nice, wait until you see some of the other folks here. They make mine look like a fly tip
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