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  1. SteveH

    Xbox Game Pass

    Regarding those window store download speeds. It doesn't work like the Xbox One does it? If you have anything open on the Xbox then downloads are really quite slow until you close everything, at which point you get maximum download speeds. I know it's a bit different with the PC as you are bound to have some programs open. But maybe if there is anything "major" running, it affects the download speeds?
  2. Yes, I'll admit I said 3-4 hours for dramatic effect.
  3. @spanx I haven't finished the game yet, but I've done a hell of a lot of stuff since that point in the game. So quite a bit to go yet.
  4. @Phelan I want to address point no. 7 Batteries are awesome. Get some eneloops and only worry about charging them around every 35-40 hours, instead of the 3-4 hours of the DS4 controller. Brilliant
  5. I never played the original so this is all new to me. Pleased to see the adventure mode in there as well. One thing I'm not keen on, no option to use both triggers (Xbox) for accelerate and brake. Not that you need to brake much, it just feels wrong!
  6. Really enjoyed what I have played of this so far, apart from the tailing sections....quite boring and go on a bit too long. But as the first one is also a tutorial for it, hopefully a lot of them don't take nearly as long. I decided to use the English Vo. Before you lynch me let me say that I was just testing the waters with it to see how it is. And it's......ok. The lead character is fine, but some of the others are a bit Shenmue'y to say the least I was also wary of spending yet more time in Kamurocho to be honest. How many games have been set there now? But there is something grittier about it, the lighting especially feels quite different to me. It looks gorgeous though. I think the combat feels a bit slicker/faster as well. But I'm not keen on the numerous little pop ups that are endless, telling you how much exp/money you earned. They feel too intrusive. Anyway, that's my tuppence worth for now.
  7. I bought The Wizards and I can't say I'm enjoying it that much so far. It uses gestures to do magic and it can be quite terrible at recognising what it is you want to do. There is also a throwing mechanic and I swear that at least half the time it completely gets wrong my intended aim.
  8. Microsoft are going to be running an Insider Program for this (Xbox and PC) You can sign up here: https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/microsoft-flight-simulator?ocid=Evergreen_soc_omc_xbo_fb_Video_buy_6.16.2&fbclid=IwAR0ARJRgwPAQStf6Dir97T_euEM43VTIBrMBgfLh_2hytNPszXHQT3koBFM
  9. I was hesitant to buy Elex myself as I had seen some less than kind remarks about it. But I must admit I didn't really find it janky at all, and the use of a jetpack in it really did give it a different feel to most other RPG's. I did find it quite tough in places, but I really enjoyed it. Oh, and while not obscure as such, if you didn't play Lost Odyssey on the 360, then it's an absolute must now its backwards compatible. Ashen is pretty good as well, even if it does wear its love for Dark Souls on its sleeve.
  10. Apparently it is Saber Interactive who recently made World War Z. According to a Eurogamer piece, it runs at 540p in handheld mode, and 720p in docked mode, with dynamic resolution enabled. And it's appx 32GB in size.
  11. Apparently it uses 2 petabytes of geological data to stitch the earth together! https://www.pcgamer.com/microsoft-wants-to-bring-back-flight-simulator-to-show-it-supports-pc/
  12. Really was hoping for an enhanced Max Payne 3 and GTA IV (enhanced) but Phil Spencer has confirmed that they intend to get everything up and running on Scarlett, and that all peripherals will work as well.
  13. Hmmmmmmmm, I do have a soundbar, but I wonder how much space there is to squeeze the camera on there without it's little stand!
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