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  1. Me I have some Jap consoles, unboxed, boxed, pop me a PM
  2. This issue was actually pretty common back in the day (I feel old) especially with SE Version on older motherboards. Other solutions used to be to inject specific drivers into the process or run setup.exe with specific tags that prevented it from attempting driver installation via PnP and left you to do it all manually once the process was finished. Since ME/XP onwards this became a thing of the past luckily. Pop me the motherboard model and I'll have a look.
  3. Don’t bother pot tweaking just replace the laser. If you’re not comfortable doing it I’ll do it cheap Another thing to try is to turn on diagnostic mode. It ever slightly increases the voltage so if that works, replacement laser time.
  4. Just doing early research . I'm more curious to find out what's the way forward, does the GDEMU for example use wireless to connect the system to the net for games? You mentioned the firmware can't be updated on clones so assuming that's because there's no wireless?


    Do you have prebuilt systems and what sort of prices? Or do you have some sort of site with it all listed on :)

  5. Thanks @Pavey Hit me up over pm @Lorfarius, sure we can sort something out. I have both DC's and GDEMU's in stock. Despite all the scare mongering clones seem to operate perfectly well. They likely won't allow Firmware updates but the firmware is pretty much spot on as it is imo.
  6. If there’s an option in the bios to reset configuration data do that. Also check in the bios for plug and play OS and enable that. Failing that. Bios update.
  7. Some very old boards used to have strange issues when running in ‘turbo’ mode so if it’s something like a dx2 try running it standard. (Overnight lol)
  8. @Qazimod - We can’t have that. Send me your ps2 and I’ll repair it for free
  9. I'm super stoked for this. Interestingly Amazon Japan(themselves not a reseller) actually have a bundle for all 3 region consoles together, including geeky t-shirts. https://www.amazon.co.jp/コナミデジタルエンタテインメント-PCエンジン-mini/dp/B07V8BDZV7/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&keywords=pc%2Bengine&qid=1565362647&s=gateway&sr=8-1&th=1
  10. I'm obviously biased and have other motives.....get a PS2 for an easier life and play it like intended But on another note I haven't had any experience myself but I believe Multiman should allow you to do it. Latest version here > https://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=24
  11. Ooooo interesting thanks for the heads up. Gonna give this a go.
  12. Check that the pins aren’t bent on the cable, same connector on them all. Red access light flashing is normal when there isn’t a disc in. Also check there isn’t a broken pin stuck inside the Saturn’s connector. If there is, new connector time
  13. Yes, 1x wire to a 5v supply, most people take them from the PSU line.
  14. Apparently on all base consoles with PS4 Pro & Xbox One X being 60fps - but not confirmed
  15. As normal there's a lot floating about online about how this being locked to 30FPS makes it unbearable and "I'm returning" etc. So what's the score rllmuk'rs? Is this actually an issue or the usual stat crunching monsters talking rubbish? I'm considering the Switch Version btw
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