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  1. Yes, compatibility is much higher. Mainly because hdloader hasnt hasn’t been updated in many years.
  2. I can sort you out with a FreeMCBoot Memory card, preconfigured with both OPL and HDL. Pop me a PM
  3. Xbox One Console Thread

    Oooo, I did like turok back in the day although I suspect it hasn’t aged well at all
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    All of you guys with multiple machines are so lucky! With a baby there’s no chance I’d get away with it! SteveH - it’s about time I grab and Xbox so can I please be second in line? About time I got one
  5. The C64 Mini

    I don’t mind ordering you one and for forwarding it from the UK if you’re desperate?
  6. PS1 Appreciation Thread

    Is your machine modded? Pretty certain any modchip will only force PS2 games to whatever you set it to and screenfix PS1 titles only. However there is a workaround. If you have a modded machine, download Import Light Player V2.1 from here http://consolecopyworld.com/psx/psx_utils_bootcd.shtml Boot that first and that will allow you to force 60HZ on it
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Man that's lovely seeing your family support your hobby. What a suprise!
  8. 3DO Appreciation Thread

    Loving the 3DO love on this thread. Kind of making me wish I hadn't sold most of my collection to Lorfarius now! I do still have a spare FZ1 console that I've owned from new. Fully boxed with baggies and around 9-10 hours use max.
  9. How to win a 20th Anniversary PS4 in the UK

    Nope.....just see if I can work out what number mine is without opening it!
  10. How to win a 20th Anniversary PS4 in the UK

    Asking for a huge favour here but would someone who managed to win one and has opened theirs mind PM'ing me with the last few numbers of the machines serial number and the number anniversary? I know there appears to be no direct link between the two, I'm just trying to work out if for example, serial number ending in 524 has machine 200, then would serial number ending in 525 have machine 201? Only need another 1-2 to work out (preferably pal machines too) and I'd be so grateful! Thanks
  11. Britain's Got Talent

    In my opinion the right person won. George Sampson has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, I first bumped into him in Manchester Town Centre in 2006 and even then he was impressive. (Search Youtube for things like "Manchester Street Dancer Kid etc" and it won't be difficult to find some phone videos. For anyone that thinks it's just "Limb flailing" obviously needs to see him Live, critigue him from his early recordings, or take some Street/Break Dancing classes yourself. Absolutely amazing and unlike the "If I don't win this tonight then it will be like the bullys have won" pathetic sob story everything George said was true. It is tough for young kids around the North-West and George will be a fantastic role model for kids by showing by perserverance and sheer determination it's possible to succeed.
  12. New blood?

    I've been thinking about starting this myself and have noticed there's a 2008 pack due out in the UK next month that has all the expansions. My biggest problem with it back in 2005 was that i work really strange hours along with an irregular work pattern and the linkshell I was in pre-planned everything...which usually meant I couldn't attend. I'm not looking at playing all the time as solo but is it really much more feasible now? Thanks in advance
  13. My latest MAME cab creation

    Thats impressive, I've noticed that Selfridges in the Trafford Centre have a cab similar for sale and quite suprisingly was running Marvel VS Streetfighter.

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