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  1. strider

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Just watched guardians 2 in hdr for the first time. Holy fuck what a difference. And to think I didn’t think I was missing out on much.
  2. strider

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    I clearly missed that. Hope it didn’t ruin the article for you.
  3. strider

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    Have you tried contacting customer service and asking to reset your sub so you can get the offer?
  4. strider

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Bumbling around blight town, falling off bridges and getting constantly poisoned or filled with toxin. I've managed to find the campfire at the base of the swamp but now I'm getting owned by those big fat bastards with the blades. Bloody game!!!
  5. strider

    Star Wars Cassian Andor series

    Ugh. He was the nastiest character in a film filled with unlikeable characters. Thats another Star Wars thing I’ll never be watching.
  6. strider

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I'm desperate to play this but I need to complete Dark Souls and the countless other Switch games I've picked up recently. Great to hear people are enjoying it.
  7. strider

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    You're possibly looking at around 5-6 hours for the main game and there's a bucket load of challenges to master. I think it's well worth the cash. I'd have given it a ten if gamesTM had come out.
  8. strider

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Yup, the bosses are superb and that's one of my personal favs too.
  9. strider

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Just finished this. Game of the year without a shadow of a doubt for me. The last boss had me grinning like a loon.
  10. strider

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I killed the dragon got about 30,000 souls and got lost and cursed by those googly frogs. Then went back to retrieve my souls and got cursed before I got there. Fuck this game, fuck this game in the ass* *I’m off to blight town now. I’ve heard it’s a shit hole.
  11. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    The Shallows (2016, Blu-Ray) I enjoyed my first watch of this, but it doesn't hold up very well in retrospect. It's great if you want to watch a movie focusing on Blake Lively's boobs and bum and the shark attacks offer some good jump scares, but there's very little substance on offer. It feels like I'm a generation too old for The Shallows, as there's a focus on social media updates and numerous Go Pro references, which mean very little to me and add little to the story. There's a focus on survival, which is quite interesting, but the general writing is pretty weak and on the nose. Lively does a good job of holding your interest for the majority of the film and there's an entertaining gull in there, but this isn't going to give Jaws any sleepless nights. 2/5
  12. strider

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I nearly killed the gaping dragon by using the stuff that electrifies your weapon. The guy I bought I from appears to be sold out so I don’t know what to do now. #imshitatdarksoulsbutcantstopplayingit
  13. strider

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    There’s not much to tell really. The magazine was at live publishing, the company was in trouble and it ended up being available for sale. I was the retro editor of gamestm while the magazine was on sale and was headhunted by imagine to run the mag (possibly because the original mag team had no interest in moving to Bournemouth ). Anyway, after Imagine purchased the mag the decision was made to drop the cover disc and we kept some of the old articles like desert island discs etc, but ramped up the design. I’d never agreed with the bigger focus on systems that the original magazine had, as it felt too dry (it’s called retro gamer after all) I’ve always been inspired by magazines like mean machines and c and vg and always wantejd the mag to reflect a bunch of friends talking about games down the pub. I’ve been the editor of the magazine since the takeover in 2005, which is either a good thing or a terrible thing depending on how you look at it I think the story of how retro gamer was first conceived is far more interesting than Imagine taking it over (it was a huge gamble and a massive achievement by Martyn Carroll, the original editor) and you can read about that in issue 50.
  14. strider


    I’m playing it more than hearthstone at the mo. It’s alwaysbeen the superior game and I love that you keep the cards you draft. Feels nice and slick but it’s clearly ripped off heathstones presentation.
  15. strider

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a challenging market out there now, far more than when I first took over the mag 13 years ago. We do our best, though.

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