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  1. All those games you mentioned are there. Just not in the top 10. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/best-n64-games-all-time/
  2. You're right, it's the wrong text. Will get that amended.
  3. I'd have happily done that if that was the commission.
  4. I put together a list of the best N64 games for Games Radar. Pretty happy with the selection... https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/best-n64-games-all-time/2/#comment-jump
  5. I'd imagine that the license may be with whoever did the recent remaster so in addition to licensing the games directly from whoever owns the speedball and chaos engine stuff they then have to take an additional license out with the current Gods owners so it basically becomes too expensive for them to bother with. You're obviously going to know more about this than me, but basically I don't think they're interested in getting multiple games by different publishers licensed for a single cart, that's why they've largely been focusing on carts named after publishers rather than specific systems (
  6. They're not exactly in the same league though. It will be down to licensing as well, it's quite possible that the Amiga license is more than they're prepared to pay.
  7. They won't be though as they'll be a pain to use on a console interface. I can't see them every doing any home computer stuff.
  8. Hmm I think the capacitors are going on my 29inch PVM, I'm occasionally getting a light blue smear on the left side of the screen. It's only really noticeable on white backgrounds.
  9. I keep of thinking I should get some Master System games again as it was my first console. I've kept California Games but I miss the likes of Shinobi R-Type Wonder Boy 1-3 Operation Wolf Alex Kidd In Shinobi World Impossible Mission Gauntlet And quite a few others.
  10. That was a painfully dull way to spend a Saturday night. A perfectly fine cast squandered.
  11. It’s a good couple of seconds out. I just thought you might be able to tweak the settings on pc or that it’s just never been a big deal. Alien does it as well although it is more noticeable in cutscenes.
  12. I'll watch some playthroughs as that video suggests it's the game. I just assumed that atrocious lip synching would be picked up in reviews by bigger websites but there's no mention of it anyway so thought it was my speakers.
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