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  1. I'm pretty sure we've not got one of these yet, so let's go. I've been binging PS3 games lately as they're slowly starting to go up in price and there's certain ones I want to grab before they start getting to silly money. I've recently completed God Of War 1 & 2 via the excellent HD remake and just finished God Of War III, but it's pretty terrible in comparison. I've also been grabbing games like Rain before they're lost forever on the PSN store and trying to restore my locked US account (but without much success so far). A lot of my purchase decisions have been influenced by John Linneman's recent 1080p series on the system and I'm trying to currently source a cheap copy of Strider as it was only released in Japan. Anyone else have much love for the system and what games do you enjoy?
  2. See, I played the original Castlevania 64 to completion a year back and it's nowhere near as bad as I remember it being (I wrote a quote scathing piece about it in the mag about 16 years ago. I may have to rectify that.
  3. In all fairness it’s just me gushing about the Lynx version
  4. I used to enjoy watching his stuff because he can be insightful and clearly knows his stuff being a published author, but yeah, it's painfully obvious that he's has certain outdated views that I don't agree with. Then of course there's the YouTube algorithm which started sending me even worse examples (which largely seem to be men running youtube channels about super heroes and comics).
  5. We've had more than enough developers apologise for making arcade games purposely difficult so I'm not surprised that some are a lot harder to complete than others. In some cases it was absolutely done on purpose.
  6. It started off weak, but once the awful cgi bear and the benchpress happens it gets soooo much better. Really enjoyed it.
  7. Funnily enough, I've written a Retro Revival this month about being bitter over these ports. Hope you like Myth: History In The Making.
  8. It's a lovely looking game and a great example of how you don't need cutting-edge tech to make a distinctive-looking game. I also like the style of Cing's Another Code games as well.
  9. I have it, but for my sins I've not got very far into it. It's supposed to be a worthy follow-up though. I'd imagine the high cost it now goes for is because I don't believe it got a US release.
  10. Mine's turned up and I'm finding it perfectly playable.
  11. This is my hope. I remember everyone going crazy about the lag on the Mega Drive Mini but it never bothered me at all.
  12. And reported In all fairness I'm amazed the forum has lasted as long as it has.
  13. This is cool. I've been talking about doing a visual evolution of videogames in the mag for about 12 years. The idea was to have an image of a game and then bullet points highlighting what it introduced to the genre in question. I never ran it because I didn't think readers would feel it had any value.
  14. I wonder how easy it is to return stuff to Amazon Japan? Having said that I bought it just as much to review in the mag so I guess I'll keep it. I can't see this being updated at any stage so it's quite disappointing if the games are hard to play, although Yakumo didn't seem to be struggling.
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