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  1. Prices are going up on the handheld as well. The Namco, Technos and Oliver Twins carts are all going off sale as well. 15 carts are planned next year with 9 already being signed off.
  2. Still waiting for my email
  3. Had some awesome games last year and streamed quite a few of them, so I'm in for this again.
  4. I've decided to buy a second Quest with 256GB as my 64GB unit is being punished by Medal Of Honor. If I keep the old one is there a way that I can play games on both systems using my Facebook log-in or will Mark Zuckerberg come around my house and beat me up if my daughter doesn't use her own Facebook account?
  5. Your spoilers is one of the big issues I have with it, particular as modern phones could have instantly revealed the danger the world was potentially in. I just put it do to extremely lazy writing and using "Hey guys, remember this from the first film" as a way of hiding everything that doesn't make sense (which is a lot). Despite my general disappointment with the film, I wouldn't be adverse to a Disney Plus-style TV series that features the further adventures of Phoebe & Podcast.
  6. Yup it's a brilliant game. It really feels like you're building up a little bond with Quill as you go through the game. I think I gave it 9/10 for gamesTM back in the day. I wish we got a sequel for it.
  7. *Shameless plug* For those interested, there's a making of the game in the latest issue of Retro Gamer. The mag also features a calendar with gaming mags like Crash, Super Play, Gamesmaster and many others. https://www.magazinesdirect.com/az-magazines/50174305/retro-gamer-issue-227.thtml?j=BKZ *Shameless plug ends*
  8. Interested to hear thoughts. Really looking forward to that Gaelco compilation.
  9. Still waiting. Don’t they know who I am!
  10. A working keyboard isn’t going to be practical though. Just wait for the inevitable full-size edition in 2023
  11. Yeah, he's been on record saying he turned down the last ghostbusters because he felt it was pointless. I'd Imagine he still feels the same way.
  12. Yeah content is a poor word.
  13. Content generators might be a better title. Again though, it's not all Youtubers. There's plenty of great ones out there who do great, insightful videos and even credit you when they use your work. Influencers just feels underhanded. No wonder they slipped away from it.
  14. I despise the term "Influencer" it just feels really grubby.
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