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  1. Looking forward to this. I'm going to be gutted if they run with a X years later at the end.
  2. strider

    Your views on collecting

    I'm a bloody nightmare when it comes to picking stuff up and then never playing it. I've recently had some purges however and I do feel a lot better for it. I'm one of those people that love the idea of owning premium games, even if they're ones I'd never actually play because I don't like the genre, so I've been knocking that on the head recently. I tend to largely focus on my Saturn, Xbox and DS collections, but also enjoy picking up titles for the Wii, SNES and Mega Drive.
  3. strider

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Balls. I loaded up each game and they all displayed the title screensfine. @nakamura isnt going to be happy with me
  4. strider

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I'm not sure if anyone's interested, but the R-Type, Jaleco Brawler's Pack, Data East Classic Collection all run at 60HZ, even though two of them say Pal only on the box. As a result I'm taking a punt on the Joe & Mac collection as it's only £18 on Amazon at the mo and I've never played two of the games on it. Edit - Since found out the third game doesn't work on NTSC machines. You can order it from Amazon.com for £30 which includes customs.
  5. strider

    Cart or box?

    eBay is good for reach but it won’t gain you maximum profit once you take into account it’s fees and PayPal fees. Maximum profit is selling on places like this or Facebook using friends and family (if people will accept it). Will take a lot longer to shift, mind. also pal or ntsc as that will make a huge difference. for example, I’d have no interest in pal stuff, but many will and pal games are often stupidly more expensive than their ntsc counterparts.
  6. strider

    Cart or box?

    I recently got the reissue of Super Majou and the R-Type collection and it's led to me inevitably looking at SNES games again. I'm staggered by the high prices some of the games I'm interested in are now going for and am finding myself drawn to the cartridge only option as a cheaper alternative. There's often as much as five times the difference in price, which is very appealing to my wallet. I've already got cartridges of Super Mario Kart, Turtles In Time and Pilotwings and I'm now thinking of getting a few more when the boxed variants are out of the question. So I'm wondering how many other people here will settle for a cartridge only if it means getting to play a game they really want to play. Or would you rather settle with alternative ways of playing if it means you can't have a fully complete game?
  7. strider

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Agreed. Quite a few are a noticeable upgrade over the blu-ray.
  8. strider

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Yup. That's the sort of stuff I'm interested in trying out.
  9. strider

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    50/60 switch, multi region switch, chip so I can try out fan translations. I think that's everything. Oh and it was completely cleaned as well.
  10. strider

    Retrobit R-Type collection

    Not if the pal version runs in 50HZ
  11. Does anyone know if the pal version of this runs at 60HZ is used on a US SNES? There's conflicting information everywhere.
  12. strider

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I was very honest. The lag and artifacting is a complete no no for me. I also said I think it has potential but isn’t aimed at people like myself.
  13. strider

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Many thanks to @Jei for modding the hell out of my This Is Cool saturn. Finally, after 15 years it’s getting the use it deserves.
  14. strider

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Who is saying this is a threat? Who is saying they don’t want a wider audience playing retro games? No one here. Your post is just very baffling.
  15. strider

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Yeah, that’s my concern.

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