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  1. Managed to get to the final boss tonight. Got utterly trounced, so I'll need a new tactic for later today. The shield is definitely my fav weapon so far.
  2. Right another evening spent in Hell. I can now comfortably get to Elysium on each attempt and have just unlocked the bird gun. Will have a play around with that tomorrow. Sorry, later today. Man, this game. This game
  3. Cool. Do you still need to do the other updates as I’ve not done any yet.
  4. I don't have an issue with the ammo running out as a refill always appears before you run out, just a case of dashing through and grabbing it. That first boss is stupid though, particularly compared to the later ones.
  5. Started playing this at 10.30 last night and got really stuck into it, managing to get to the third boss. I looked at my watch and it was 1.40 in the morning. Can't remember the last time I was this enthralled with a game. Probably the best fiver I've ever spent (had multiple £10 vouchers to use on the Epic store).
  6. Fixed it. There was an update to the store I'd missed.
  7. I bought this from the Epic store but when I try and install it is says Install location error c:\Program Files\Epic Games\Hades Error Code: DP-06 Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  8. Viva Pinata is one of my favourite games. I don't have a disk drive on my current system, so can't play my copy, so I was wondering if any online stores still sell it. I'd love to play it again.
  9. I spent about £1800 on N64 games earlier this year. When I looked a few weeks ago the overall collection had jumped in price to just under £3000. Retro collecting prices are crazy. I'm absolutely sure that COVID is a weird outlier here, with people stuck at home and wanting stuff to play.
  10. Absolutely @MikeBeaver you can tell the people who are selling at sensible prices because it's impossible to get to their stalls The way I was selling my stuff was looking at what something sold for on eBay then knocking off the seller and postage fees. I do wonder as well if some people put all the big ticket stuff up just as a way to attract people to their stalls. It was definitely a fun day with a great atmosphere and it feels great knowing you won't be taking hardly anything home (as a private seller).
  11. A running theme of the day was "I wish I'd done a sweep of the place first because your prices are insane". Someone offered to buy my Paper Mario off me for £40 (I had it marked at £60). I told him that if he could find it cheaper than £60 I'd sell it to him for £30 (I knew he wouldn't because everyone else was selling it for £80+. He came back an hour later and handed the cash over. I get that you want to make a profit when you're trading games, but so many traders seem to take the mickey at these events (possible due to having an immediate audience). On the other hand, Andy's prices on
  12. I think that's a very good point. It's not about what you're missing out on by selling it all separately, it's what you're gaining by actually getting rid of it. I've got a fair amount of stuff I want to get rid of at the mo, but the way I'm wired up is that I don't like selling stuff until there's something I specifically want to put it towards, so I've just got a pile on my floor that's slowly growing
  13. I recommend the videogame market if you can manage it. I went to one the year before last I believe and even after the cost of the table and travel I still effortlessly cleared £1000 and made some much-needed space. You then have the added bonus of dumping everything on a dedicated seller at the end of the day to clear it up. Another nice side effect was seeing how angry sellers were getting. One seller came over to my stall before it opened offering me £5 for my Sonic Adventure (which I had at £10). "Go on mate, it's for my daughter he said. I've been
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