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  1. 2018: The Year I Watch every film I own

    Woah. It's been a while since I've watched some movies... 17th February Men In Black (Channel something) This was on TV last night so I ended up watching it. It's dated quite badly in terms of special effects, but it's still great fun. Will Smith is essentially playing himself and he's clearly nicked his wardrobe from the Fresh Prince set for the first part of the film, but he's on fine form nonetheless. It's Jones who is the revelation though. His delivery throughout it brilliant and he provides many of the best jokes thanks to his desert-dry and sardonic punchlines. While Vincent D’Onofrio makes a weird impression as a giant cockroach stuck in a human suit, Linda Fiorentino is giving very little to do, which is a shame as she’s a fantastic actor (watch The Last Seduction, like now). The physical effects still look great and everything moves along at a tight pace (it’s only 98 minutes) and there’s a fun score by Danny Elfman. It’s not quite as amazing as I remember, but I love Tommy Lee Jones in this, which is why it’s getting a high score.
  2. Retro Gamer 178 - GoldenEye Special

    Also I love how the fake cover has as many likes as the actual one
  3. Retro Gamer 178 - GoldenEye Special

    contact me on monday and I'll sort you out with a PDF
  4. Retro Gamer 178 - GoldenEye Special

    Here's the original sketch of the cover if anyone is interested.
  5. The latest issue has just turned up. Look out for it next week. GoldenEye - 14 page feature with all nine developers discussing every aspect of the game Bob Wakelin tribute MUD: The original Dungeon Delver The History Of Championship/Football Manager Making Of The Need For Speed Courting Controversy (the horror games of CRL) Making Of The Mummy Hardware Heaven: C64 The Unconverted: Charlie Ninja From the archives: Warthog Games Peripheral Vision: GameCube controller Minority report: Wrestling games The Making Of Kingpin: Life of Crime In the Chair: Jane Whittaker Retro Revival: Ranarama and much more
  6. What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    9th February Kirby: Triple Deluxe I have a soft spot for the main line Kirby games and this one is delightful. The big change is you can now eat a super fruit or something that makes you invincible and allows you to suck up trees, rocks and other heavy items. It's used in various puzzles, but it's the only big new mechanic I can think off. There's most likely new copy abilities too, but like Mario suits, they all blend into one. Still it's wonderful to play and there's some very inventive boss fights that kept me entertained. The last one in particular is tough as old boots. Brilliant 3D throughout as well thanks to all the jumping in and out of the screen. 7.5/10 Completed so far
  7. Well of course it will look good if you're adding lots of stuff. It doesn't look good at all otherwise due to the way the machine outputs
  8. Even that doesn't help, sadly.
  9. Yeah to be fair the Xbox isn't actually that great for emulators because it has a weird output. It's fine if you do it via component, but the image has always looked way to soft otherwise.
  10. The Retro Cabling Thread

    I swear by these guys. They might seem a little expensive but all their leads are handmade and the quality is great. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/xbox/xbox-original-rgb-scart-cable-for-sale-with-optional-cysnc-composite-sync There are options for synched versions is you have a PVM etc.
  11. Post Your Gaming Setups

    I'd love to be brave and get rid of everything, but I don't think I'd be able to. I love stroking my mega drive games too much
  12. Post Your Gaming Setups

    I was eaten some birthday cake and didn't want to put the plate on the floor
  13. Post Your Gaming Setups

    @nakamuracame over at the weekend and helped me sort out my room. I got rid of the huge sofa that dominated it, changed some stuff around and am in the process of getting rid of a lot of stuff that was clogging up the floor space. I still need to sort out my board games, but it feels a lot better than it was.
  14. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    I'm impressed with your patience. £10 seems an impossible price to get stuff. Good on you!
  15. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    How's the collection going? I've slowed down a little bit, but I keep on looking at metal slug 7!

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