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  1. Completed Project Zero today and it still holds up. Sure the controls are clunky, but the camera mechanic is great and there's a decent story at its core as well. I've already got the second game, but I'm playing Kirby to calm myself down. May play it afterwards.
  2. I know what you mean. It's been thundering and lightning here so I've turned the game off ? Sod that.
  3. I've started getting into survival horror games again recently. By which I mean, I've started buying various survival horror games again recently. Anyway, one of my favourite franchises from back in the day was Fatal Frame and I've decided to go back to it and have started playing the Xbox version. There's so much I love about the series and I feel it's one of the most interesting franchises to certainly come across from Japan. I'm a big fan of ghosts in general and I love the atmosphere created by the games. I love how the spirits are rarely bound by a room like in other games and can follow you around when you try to outrun them. I'm also a big fan of the actual story in the original game. It's very gruesome, is quite poignant in places and the careful distribution of tapes really draws you into the game. There's a fantastic atmosphere throughout and some of the moments are quite chilling. The ghosts themselves are superb. Many of them have quite interesting attack patterns, and trying to capture them with your camera makes for a clever and satisfying mechanic. There's a fantastic risk vs reward to be found at the game's core, pushing you forward to try and take shots at the last possible moment in order to reap the most points, which can be spent on upgrading your camera. The ghosts do feel a little too strong at times which can lead to some frustrating moments, but if you play carefully it's possible to rack up a decent amount of spirit points, which will allow you to get some decent upgrades relatively early in the game. Not all the ghosts are aggressive and some will appear at certain points in the game, giving you precious seconds to get a quick snap of them and earn additional points. It's a neat system that always keeps you on your toes and ensures that you're always investigating every nook and cranny of the huge mansion you're trapped in. I've had Project Zero 1 and 2 on Xbox for a couple of years now and recently ordered Fatal Frame 4 and Project Zero 3. I've had the limited edition of five on Wii U for a while now, so I just need to pick up the enhanced Wii version of 2 and the 3DS game (which I've never played) and I'll have every game in the series (apart from the mobile one). Are there any other fans out there? There must be. From a game point of view I've just spent about two hours on it last night and am coming close to finishing the first chapter. I feel the game is holding up pretty well still, although the clunky controls and constant switching of camera angles can get a little frustrating at times.
  4. He’s got the games loading and displaying correctly but fatal frame is still showing in red when you use the patch. Hopefully he’ll be able to solve it as he’s far more adept at this malarkey than I am.
  5. Hmm I don’t have Nintendont. Does that do Wii as well.
  6. My friend is going to take another look at it tonight. he was able to get the red sorted out on the Gamecube games so hopefully it's the same thing. Really want to play Fatal Frame in English! Out of interested what settings do you use for NTSC wii games?
  7. @dumpsterI know that second screen shows region free wii games disabled but it wasn't working when it was switched on. Kirby still works with it switched off.
  8. Here is another screen I found.
  9. How can I load them as normal? They are ntsc games on a pal console? im not using priiloader. I'm loading them through USB loader. these are the settings showing. when I select prolapsed is says it needs to install and I press home to chicken out. i don't understand how kirby loads fine and the other two don't.
  10. Nooooooo ive just received NASCAR and fatal frame 4 in the post and they won't work via USB loader. If global settings are selected you get a black screen. I get a red screen when ntsc is forced so I know the games work. strangely, kirby collection, which is also ntsc, works fine. Any ideas @dumpster?
  11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    This is clearly going to be amazing. Dinosaurs are my achilles heel.
  12. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Just had Nascar racing and Fatal Frame turn up. I'll be testing that patch tonight then
  13. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Three more stages left so will hopefully have it finished Wednesday night. What will be next in the wii marathon!
  14. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    I've had it for years (picked it up for £2 when Game was first going under). It's nice to be finally playing it.
  15. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    It's like Monolith took every game mechanic in the world and just threw them at a wall to see what stuck.

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