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  1. You can get very good at high sens but all the experts say low is more accurate. Do you aim with your whole arm or wrist flick? Also good practice, apparently.
  2. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    That does sound awful, MikeBandicoot. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
  3. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Steer well clear of stuff like Octopath when one of the most hearty recent Jrpg's is on the Switch. Xenoblade 2.
  4. This is great for those interested in the depth of audio in BotW - including a very specific musical detail.
  5. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    They're highly praised and the Switch is loved for its primary on/off TV function. No way are they moving on from that just because they're making a cheaper handheld-only version because the 3DS price-point has finally dried up for them.
  6. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    I must say the size comparison NEG posted is quite eye-opening. I'm surprised they didn't go for a smaller size to make it definitively portable. I get Stu's point though. I reckon a Vita sized screen would be adequate UI display wise. I'll wait for a red one. Or spice orange!
  7. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm hoping upcoming games will have a bespoke handheld mode control scheme when needed (or just when better because some thought has gone into it - e.g utilising the touch screen for a Zelda map or inventory like Wind Waker HD), original Switch owners benefiting too.
  8. Broker with his egoistic judgement stiffie; I don't know what it serves. Equating Sean Murray's first transgression on getting wildly carried away with his passion project when speaking to Molyneux's decades-long overpromising or Roberts' long career of mismanagement/Star Citizen debacle is clangingly uninsightful, sorry! Let's see how he deals with the next game, or indeed how he's dealt with delivering No Man's Sky right in the subsequent 2 years. Oh.
  9. The new DLC is great fun and free to play on Steam for a while during its launch window. I've supported iffy titles like Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare and Toy Soldiers because I hanker after the setting in a good game, but oh wow, this is the solid, reliable gameplay of RO (with a higher time to kill, no fall damage and other concessions) given the plastic treatment.
  10. I cringe into my spine whenever I come across Doc's rabbit-in-the-headlights IRL stuff. A fast wit under pressure he is not, he should properly prep a script to save himself. The character goes right down the toilet.
  11. Our eternal reunion dance is almost upon us, @Gizamaluke. It's right there, on the wall calendar. Neither will get out alive.
  12. Stonking duos with @Nathan Windthese past two days, we've really been in the zone. In 7 consecutive games we killed 41 players. Here's a thirsty highlight: And a bonus AWM kill 1 metre off 700. Grr!
  13. MP2 slaps you in the face with NPCs in the opening scene, Cal! I didn't feel lonely for hours.
  14. David Heath remains the scariest rllmuk Marioer.
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