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  1. Rob Rule

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 2 out now!

    Are you alright, grindmouse?
  2. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Yes, @The Boatman!
  3. Rob Rule


    The physical Switch release of this (and presumably the other formats) is sublime. Feels like a box of high-quality treats.
  4. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Good stuff, I'll do the same.
  5. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Would you take a snap of your artbook shelves, @moosegrinder? Would love to see what those thread regulars and other artbook fans have and how they house them.
  6. I've been learning the revolver. Thought you guys might get a kick out of these!
  7. Rob Rule

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Does indeed, especially if one assumes the adapter comes inside that big special edition box. i wonder what this means for the WiiU adapter’s compatibility? The new Ultimate smash controllers are identical to the WiiU’s , and presumably the adapter hasn’t been rejigged either, so I wonder whether the WiiU adapters will have the same issue (that people using the WiiU adapter with their Switches haven’t clocked yet).
  8. Rob Rule

    Toy Story 4 - June 2019

    Guaranteed Star Wars figures cameo - Stormtroopers, most likely.
  9. Rob Rule

    Console start up sounds

    I know you're all thinking it, should've been faster!
  10. Rob Rule

    Dave Perry is back...

    This Kirk character clearly spent hours grinding that single level, just as Dave says. Which is why he unceremoniously fell off the second bend.
  11. Rob Rule

    Bulb Boy

    First person to find Bender’s head from Futurama wins. There’s also a corpse in the same area that’s a nod to another animation giant.
  12. Rob Rule

    Dave Perry is back...

    He's probably operating under being able to say he's doing it knowingly should it not be received exactly to his liking, in the same way that people who get mocked on online communities fall back on 'social experiment' and reframing themselves internally as a trolling mastermind, with no option other than to become a 'notorious' figure and fight, where every criticism is entirely what they've orchestrated and wanted all along. Always handy if you don't want to self-reflect much. Here it's not really controversial, or media-savvy Machiavellian: it's just a bit transparently sad. These dudes who are still being edgy after their mid-twenties...oh, it's a waste of a life. Ditch the unconvincing airs and air the games memories instead.
  13. Thanks. Thought I was being dense due to not seeing a collectors edition option on the page on mobile, but I'm guessing they were preorder exclusive/low numbers print, maybe?
  14. Any extra content with the Deluxe or just a nicer cover or whatever?
  15. Rob Rule

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Rabbids DLC pack, with the Mario gang’s Rabbid counterparts as echo characters, or even just skins. Don’t like rabbids particularly but it’s not a move outside the realm of possibility.

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