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  1. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Rumour has it scottcr petitioned Nintendo for Pro controller support in Fitness Boxing.
  2. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd prefer a Labo VR 2 over this though.
  3. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Gimmicks have come around every Nintendo generation, it's part of what makes them great and indeed successful in the past with the Wii and the DS. The Switch is full of gimmicks, from HD rumble to it being dockable - it's just the latter is a successful one.
  4. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Folders came to the 3DS in an update. There's such a huge number of titles on the Switch already (with more to come) I can't imagine they're not due.
  5. I wonder...would they dare make all Hero variants from Smash Bros/DQ in amiibo form?
  6. DS just needs an R4 card, Wii needs a softmod as per.
  7. Thor's seen a Pot Noodle in the opposite direction to the battle by the looks.
  8. It sounds like you speak Japanese, you'll know the pacing better than me. I hit a language barrier quickly in Giftpia. Keyboard Koala, there are full translations of Chibi Robo: Clean Sweep on the DS and Captain Rainbow on the Wii available as we speak. I just started the Robo game the other day, it's like having a new release.
  9. I dislike few things more than generic anime faces, but there's a big caveat to that. XC2 really surprised me by how nuanced and expressive the faces were - if XC1 inherits that I'm all for it, which I wouldn't have thought possible. Maybe this would have been the ideal:
  10. I've got After School Boy, it seems heavily inspired. Friday Monsters is well worth your time.
  11. Nah, couldn't be happier for good Millenium Kitchen chat, where else would it happen on this forum? Have you played Bokura no Kazoku, @partious? Edit: Rewrote the 'meat' of my first post that I accidentally deleted earlier by including the trailer in an edit.
  12. You'll also probably get hit by the bus because you're on the Switch, but it's what the universe demands, I'm afraid.
  13. Let's say this unannounced model come out next year. Get a second-hand Switch now, have a good 12 months of great games. Then transfer your stuff to the Pro model and sell it on. That's even assuming you'll feel the need to buy a souped up version on day one for full MSRP, and that's also assuming it's worth buying. The current Switch is excellent enough and the waiting game for minimal gadget upgrades is denying yourself a great library today. All the buttons are there, all the games are there, the screen is wonderful, life is short.
  14. The meat of my post has gone, which mentioned what the Love-de-lic guys went on to make, like Contact on the DS. Tagged you there as I seem to remember you being a fan of it. Dammit, post. @partious, I'd love that too. After '...Friday Night Monsters' I started pining for the Summer games but wandering blindly through them isn't really enough, as excellently realised as the atmosphere is.
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