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  1. Rob Rule

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    Draw distance is a big one. I always dreamt of the day where it'd be what it should be. Now I parachute above 8kmx8km of visible, familiar land in PUBG and almost every single drop across 10'000 games I think back to that wish for a second or two.
  2. Piss off, Greyworm, with your angry little mouth.
  3. Rob Rule

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Direct May 15th

    At the very least as later DLC, yeah. It's an interesting categorisation, though: as an extra game style, 3d World is a different editor format than the base ones from Mario Maker 1.
  4. Rob Rule

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Direct May 15th

    Well, there's your preorder safe.
  5. Rob Rule

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Direct May 15th

    Oh wow, dedicated 3D World levelmaking.
  6. Rob Rule

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Direct May 15th

    Oh no. There are going to be some truly evil courses made with all of these new features.
  7. Yeah, true. And Kit Harrington blowing raspberries into the back of a horse with a load of fake fur tossed over it would still be better than no goodbye.
  8. :O No, time travel was Endgame.
  9. At £10, they're not Hot Toys either.
  10. Totaku have got some great choices. Mitsurugi, Conker, a lemming, Viewtiful Joe, Banjo, Parappa, Master Chief, Ryu... good spread.
  11. Rob Rule

    Lego City Undercover

    This game burns up the Switch like nothing else I've ever played. It's molten hot after half an hour so I haven't dared touch the cart in months!
  12. Again! So many posts about imagined 'weird, proud' enemies being bad human beings, in so many topics. This'll be today's installment, then.
  13. Waitaminute...enhance. You have come of age and it is time to shunt it all into a retro folderinspired guilt-nest garden shed.
  14. This is a very pleasant watch, I could watch a version that went on for hours and hours more. Mike Dailly does a great job of recalling the past, sharing a few undiscovered easter eggs and outlining how a classic was born.

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