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  1. Handy for pubg.op.gg fans. Shows how many humans were in your games. https://preview.redd.it/9t52y55y24051.gif?format=mp4&s=f5b389d2421484c34b2989a06f479f07d2df4bc4
  2. It is. Only Erangel and Karakin available for solos on non-weekend peak times in EU, NA dead for months so they implemented forced random map selection in season 6 in all modes.
  3. But I'll address the rest of it. Broker! 1500 hours might just be enough of a game, you know! You wouldn't be mad for it not being fun anymore. Yeah, they've said no to a lot of things but the game that exists still captured the hearts of millions for a time. And yes, that's the idea of ranked (like it's the idea that signifantly fewer bots will be in better players' games). Ranked with no solos or duos, and no 100 man squads on traditional settings (it's 64 man squads on competitive PGC settings). You can see why this is a disappointment for some.
  4. The lobby does fill up with bots (which parachute by floating down without leaning into it like the AFKers do, so you can just shoot them out of the sky), but they also spawn later in the game on players with an amount of loot - as they can't loot, or drive, or lean, use throwables... or kill, really. They also barely prioritise the blue. Also if you shoot them, or near them, they stand stock still for a good 3 seconds. They'll spawn on you if you've not had much action in the last 4 mins, or if you run into them. Also, their deaths don't always impact the player count, so it's all rather wooly and strange.
  5. There's certainly elitism in games, but I don't think the correct response to it is inverse snobbery. When I read @Hasssay the game is ruined by 'sweats' (tryhards) I just think that's people trying, or people messing around while being more highly skilled (closet campers don't win this game, the aggressive ones do, almost always). It's obviously absolutely fine for people to try at stuff, including games. Let's look at forum darling Tetris 99, as it's a battle royale and is an endlessly in-depth game that rewards work. (other games are a joke compared to high-level Tetris). If @Jonsterand @sir stiff_one have bothered to learn a T-spin and you haven't that's fine, but you've got to accept when they beat you with their experience/skill. They've earned their wins. Is anyone accused of trying too hard in Tetris 99, or chess? I've played Tetris 99 about 10 times and been so unbelievably trashed you have to laugh. But it's alright, they only beat me because they're swots. In PUBG, my VSS is level 100 at 200+ kills, woo! I got a 108 metre crossbow kill the other day, yay! I always hit top sub 1% in FPP, zounds! 43 chickens last season, rejoice! But I'm not donning a lab-coat and humourlessly sitting, ready to suck the fun and accessibility out of it by 'trying too hard'. I'm probably a bit too sensitive to the 'sweaty' slur but accusing players of trying, like we're back in school, is being a poor sportsman and I always dislike it when I see it. By the same token, I'm not discrediting your experience that this 3 year old hardcore FPS has got too hard for you, especially after you've taken a break from it (inevitable). You should be able to enjoy the game too. There should be a bot mode for new players. CS: GO has it, I think it's a great idea. PUBG is old enough now that it's incredibly unwelcoming to players, to its detriment. If you hop onto Red Orchestra 2 - or like I say, any FPS - you'll find the same. So add bots, and make it fun for more people. Give new players a chance to catch the bug and become the next top players. But forced bots in solo and duos, or PGC settings squads bot-free, in this new ranked mode, for the higher performing players? The real life player count/queues are such that you'll always have bots in your game, regardless. My pubg.op.gg page shows me caning tons of these drones and the percentage of bots in my game is still huge - because they'll still fill the lobby up if the players don't exist. The idea that you'll see fewer when you score higher is technically true, but the playerbase isn't there to support PUBG Corp's desire/code for that. The PUBG users are pretty much the most whinging playerbase on the planet because it's such a frustratingly janky game at times, and PUBG Corp often slip up. Their version history's abysmal, for example. Bugs that aren't returning every other patch stick around for years. I've never been one of the quick to complain, because I think you risk being entitled and overly critical in the guise of appearing like an expert, and I have no idea why you'd play - I just wouldn't. I've rolled my eyes at the whiners for 3 years. But I believe the bots are something different and I hope you can respect that - especially when fair criticism is coming from the more measured areas of the playerbase for the first time. To boil it down: the bots kill the parts of PUBG that I (and many other players) value the most. When you've got a kilometre of ground with few defilades and trees and gentle ridges to play and you want to pull off a long flank to get into the zone out of sightlines, a bot spawning on you in those 4 minutes because you've had no 'action' fucks it. Ghillie suits and smokes? Don't work with them. The bots being highly unskilled isn't even the core problem with them, it's that they interrupt the flow of your game and your fights with people and give you away at every turn. Most great players stay in a fight with 1hp - these infamous single tap SMG sniping bots that I keep meeting have screwed some clutch fights already, in the first few days, for me or my opponents. There's a crucial difference between being third-partied by players you've not accounted for and bots that you can't account for. I've rolled up on duos making plays because a bot spawned on them and put a big pin on their location. The natural arrangement of where human opponents land and push and think across the land is intrinsic to the game, and is now gone. Bots don't hotdrop. You don't get to choose the pace of your game if you're one of those players who like to land on the outskirts and loot up for 20 minutes getting no combat experience. Suddenly bots turn up on your bridge camp and your spike trap gas-can troll setup's down the pan. Bots interfering stops funny mischief, game sense and madly rewarding plays and hunts. I respect the players that don't go so deep into the game and probably still get roughly the same amount of satisfaction from it, but it'd be nice to keep bots out of those who play the game at the high-level. Also known as the core audience in most old games.
  6. Nope, that's not fair either, @Stanshall. It's written purposefully to be ambigious and when a writer does that (sometimes in good faith, sometimes lazily to add 'depth') most of the top sensical takes are valid; there's no right or wrong. We'll just bicker about which we'd prefer it to be, usually what our brains first decided. Reason does play a part in likelihood of intent but ambiguity opens up the field a lot. Stating absolutes on intentionally ambiguous meanings is a wild goose chase. We should all be too long in the tooth for that by now.
  7. Ellie's choosing denial does feel hammered home. Her sombre mood on the slow trek before she asks is quite well done, too.
  8. You can display your custom designs on the wall in the placement options menu.
  9. Yeah, I really don't like that either. I've talked about the same in the artbook thread: that artbooks often release with the hype of the initial launch and don't include the DLC or planned season pass that follows. I liked that they released the Mario Odyssey book after everything was out for the game, but I suppose you can't even do that with guidebooks; they'd barely sell. A bit of a waste.
  10. Visited @sir stiff_one's today. It's a brilliant island with a load of care and attention but he kept blaming his design mistakes on his children, which soured things a bit.
  11. Yeah, you sure? I wear that bag daily, it didn't bump my storage up from 40. Edit: maybe backpacks upgrade to the max 40 slots if you haven't already done so through the usual way.
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