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  1. Anything to suggest you won't be able to pair additional joycons as controllers as you can now? It's software side so I can't see that functionality going, in the same way that pro controllers etc would still be pairable. It'd just have permanent joycons built in too.
  2. How many games wouldn't work with a non-detachable version? Labo for one. Arms? Presumably 1 2 Switch.
  3. Rob Rule

    Dave Perry is back...

    Did she reject you or something?
  4. Rob Rule

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    That cancelled Kid Icarus port to WiiU really should come to the Switch, and therefore a controller, that suits it.
  5. Rob Rule

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    Another Hempuli gem. <3
  6. Apology accepted. If you get stuck on any of the reading I'm always on the other end of the phone.
  7. So up for this, one of the most special games that I've inexplicably never finished. Can't believe you haven't mentioned this, Nate! DX on n3DS for me.
  8. Rob Rule

    Idiot proof rice cooking

  9. Rob Rule

    Bravely Default - The best FF since XII acc. to Edge

    I'm struggling to get behind the notion that Bravely Default's filler, propped up by a flimsy story premise, is particularly brave or in some way more imaginative/breaking the mold/unique in what it does. It's just a game that fizzles out during an unbelievably bloated boss rush for me. In many ways it's the most formulaic JRPG around. Am I misunderstanding what you're saying, therearerules? How would it be worse without it? I have some envy for those that weren't disappointed by the direction of Chapter 5 onwards, because it's so well crafted otherwise, cliched story and character archetypes aside. Great music and graphics.
  10. There were 7 for the DS, and 3 for the 3DS. The series has mostly been developed by Yasuhiro Wada (formerly) of Marvelous, which was formerly Victor Interactive. Published in the West by Natsume but various others in the EU, like Rising Star, Ubisoft on the PS1 and Nintendo (PAL only) on the GC/GBA, which iirc has been their only involvement with the series. Recently Natsume and Marvelous split and XSeed publish the series now under the name Story Of Seasons since some way into the 3DS era, with Natsume keeping the trademark and making games under the Harvest Moon moniker - Nintendo also haven't touched these. HM's on N64, mobile, PS1, 2 and Vita, Wii, allsorts.
  11. A thousand people stampeding to type 'Wargroove!'. Wargroove! Along with Fast RMX it's the big profile one. Golf Story is very Camelot handheld Mario Golf too, what with its RPG elements. Nintendo do a thing where they gave Metroid to the Castlevania devs, and published a physical copy of the earlier RMX game on the WiiU while putting it front and centre of their Directs. I was expecting them to groom the devs for an eventual F-Zero game, to be honest.
  12. Rob Rule

    Bravely Default - The best FF since XII acc. to Edge

    275 hours of BD? I wonder what they were doing...?
  13. On yeah, I agree. £15 only becomes very cheap comparatively due to the crazy prices. Valkyrie Chronicles is another one worth peoples' time! I mention it because the shop is so bloated that gems get easily buried and forgotten.
  14. Okami, Katamari, Starred, Onimusha - all should be recognised for their cheap prices to good quality ratio. They're exceptions though, I agree.
  15. It's a quiet, eccentric little game that is really charming in a one-man-band sort of way. Somehow it's become unfathomably popular - sometimes to its detriment - but it deserves to be taken for what it actually is. Accept that it's just walking and peeking into cabinets and meeting fleetingly joyful characters and you should have a rum old time that is rather unique, too.

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