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  1. I'll tell you what I do miss though, putting this nostalgia tunnel visioning on AAA games aside for a moment: the studio-made B-tier game that died with standard definition consoles - when companies like Capcom and the like would dabble in lower budget affairs that still needed the weight of a big budget studio team to pull off. Stuff like PN03, Katamari, Chibi Robo, Herdy Gerdy, Gitaroo Man, Gotcha Force, Opoona - that sort of bracket. Fresh, experimental stuff (sometimes side or vanity projects) made by celebrated veterans that most - both less experienced and less funded - indie developers
  2. I too miss the days of crap PS2-era movie tie ins; 3D and online not being a meaningful option; less diversity of developers; game remakes/rereleases/conversions existing since the GBC; and a vast barrier of publishers meaning indie offerings were, compared to today, zero.
  3. Higher FPS decreases input lag across the board, presumably.
  4. How come this isn't a monthly post, @Qazimod? Twitch gets updated mid-month with games so often and it might serve some people to see what's previously been available. And you'd not have to copy/paste the instructions each month, just change the thread title.
  5. Oh, weird. Looked like it had embedded on my end? Next time.
  6. Rob Rule here, just a namechange. I'm about to stream right now, and I suppose I should share it here. A little hesitance my end to do so, because the forum's my internet home and we've shared a lot of our lives here, so do me the favour of not mentioning Rllmuk by name - Twitch is a more distant thing of only 6 months and naturally I know people far less. I'm live for the next few hours and we chat as much as we play.
  7. I'm 4 months into streaming and usually I'm on 20-30, sometimes I'll spike to 40 - any higher and chat becomes incomprehensible. I'm immensely enjoying adding new stuff to OBS each day and start the day off 'socially' but looking to cap it at 30 consistent so I can retain the intimacy of chat interaction.
  8. GameCube C-sticks are pretty weak compared to the main analog stick, it's generally the first point of failure.
  9. The Joycon sticks must be made of filo pastry, then.
  10. Ocarina, Twilight and in particular Wind Waker and Majora's were all hugely fiddled with in their ports.
  11. I'd love to see a non-crap fan texture pack of a classic one day, but as usual, this isn't it. It's just tasteless wood and sand photo textures replacing a strong art style, with little coherence or beauty.
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