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  1. I’ll be there for the next season, been trying a few different cars, but was just as slow in them, so will stick with the Aston Martin again for this season
  2. Sorry, ended up quitting as was having a nightmare race. Ran into someone, then went to pits and forgot to change tyre selection to wets, so it sent me out in dry tyres, spent a few laps trying to tip-toe around back to the pits, only to spin out again, so gave up. Hopefully a sunny day for next weeks race.
  3. Don't worry about it - my SA actually went up 2 points in that race and it also opened up the competition rating. Was a good race, at the start was with Meers and Valver until I hit the wall spinning out of turn 3 - twice in 3 laps, then pitted and had a bit of a battle with BatistutaUK until I spun at turn 1 on the penultimate lap. Just had a quick go on Laguna Seca - think its going to be carnage on the corkscrew and lots of sausages to hit....
  4. Thanks for the race guys, enjoyed last night, even though I couldn't keep it on the track most of the time. Tried not to get in anyone's way or run in to anyone when I was going off track. Had a couple of near misses Think I need to look at how to change default setups, to try and fix any understeer. Hopefully Silverstone is better.
  5. Just requested to join, got 140hrs in game, but still pretty slow. so hopefully wont be too much of a roadblock to the fast guys in front. Have been comparing my times with the ones posted in here, and am usually towards the bottom of the times. Hopefully playing against some off you will show where I am losing time.
  6. I'm liking the little touches that have been added to the apps. Just noticed that when using the browser, your mii appears on screen and starts messing about. So far he's been a juggler, singing, playing rock,paper,scissors and pulled a dove from a top hat.
  7. http://skate.ea.com/user/gallery?personaId...mp;platform=ps3 I managed to do a Miracle Whip over the shark.
  8. I'll add you and I'll invite you if i see you online.....
  9. Thanks for the answer, but for some reason, it won't let me pick up the box. Edit: Just tried again, still won't let me pick up the cardboard flap, either before putting in the charcoal or after, don't know why.....
  10. Still don't have a clue what to do, it won't let me pick anything else up......
  11. Only at the start of chapter 2 and I'm stuck already
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