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  1. When young Christopher Biggins brought on I was fully expecting a GRRM cameo with some terrible corny punchline followed by some canned laughter. If only.
  2. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I already started collecting those giant Adamantium sized books which make an iPad Pro look like a postage stamp. So far got X-Men, Wolverine, Avengers and Marvels, with King Size Kirby on the way. Now they really are unbeatable for appreciating every brush stroke, although you do need a desktop lectern to hold them. @Mr. Gerbik I still like to look round comic shops when I’m overseas, mostly because I’m still faintly trying to plug a few holes in my collections from the 80’s. Managed to pick up a Redfox I needed in Wrigleyville Chicago a few years ago. Now that was a surprise. Also I’m on parental leave at the moment and have pushed my son to pretty much all of London’s comic shops in his buggy. That’s how I came across all those Jughead and Vampironica singles.
  3. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Bit sad everyone seems to be going digital. I mean I am mostly digital too, and that’s what’s gotten me back into comics as the entirety of comicdom is at your finger-tips instantly, but I do still get a kick out of single issues. There’s something unbeatable about sitting on the sofa with a bunch of comics to get through, or getting home with a haul of stuff. I find the pulpy nature of the Archie Horrors perfect for the format. But yeah, that’s more nostalgia I guess. Reading comics on a giant iPad is pretty unbeatable.
  4. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    How do you guys store your single issue collections? I have boxes and boxes of bagged and carded stuff in the loft which is pretty impractical and inaccessible. Now I’ve started collecting the Archie Horror stuff I’d like to bind it nicely and give it to my wife as a present. This guy knows his onions, but does anyone have a go to binder they use? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/marvelmasterworksfansite/my-alternative-to-comic-binding-enclosed-binders-t20989.html
  5. womblingfree

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    So does this mark the end of the DC cinematic clusterfuck? Or the beginning of Phase 1.1(beta)?
  6. womblingfree

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I’ve got those and they’re great. The games have to be programmed for 7.1, but even the ones that aren’t sound really good. For the money they’re a decent buy.
  7. If only you could talk to the monsters.
  8. womblingfree

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    The ending of The Sopranos, including the run up to it and how they handle the supporting cast is perfect. The end of The Leftovers is also perfect. TNG All Good Things isn’t quite in the same league, but is still excellent. Everything else? Meh.
  9. womblingfree

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    I still enjoy it. Has it jumped the shark and is now a shadow of it’s former self? Sure.
  10. I hope it’s like Gantz, where they did an anime which ended abruptly (and poorly) while the manga went on for years of more mind bending lunacy. In fact not sure why they had to wrap it up so suddenly? Surely they could just have got some different show runners if they’re just doing their own thing anyway?
  11. GoT is anything but consistent. It went from the mind bending plot developments of GRRM to the ham-fisted, back of a fag packet fan-fic of Benioff and Weiss as soon as they ran out of book. They did a good job at interpreting what had been written by someone else, but haven;t got a clue how to write narrative by themselves. I’m enjoying these last episodes but I’d be amazed if any of this poorly written, rushed, out of character nonsense was anywhere to be seen in the novels, if they ever arrive. Also, it’s hilarious that Disney have chosen these two to write the new Star Wars! That’s like hiring Anthony Worrel Thompson to do a gig at Wembley while Bob Dylan does the catering.
  12. I really hope we don’t see Dany outfoxed by the dim witted Starks, who then go on to turn Westeros into Emmerdale Farm.
  13. womblingfree

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    And videogames.

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