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  1. Gameplay here. Looking at this it looks as if they’ve implemented the dodge mechanism that was tried out in the original 3. Is it just me or is this Jill Valentine looking remarkably like Milla Jovovich? Same haircut at the very least.
  2. In a panic I just looked to see what films are available in 4K. Aliens, Terminator and Commando aren’t yet.
  3. After they finish all this I’d like to see 4 to 7 remakes in the style of Resi 1.
  4. So after this the only Resi game that won’t have had a Resi 4 makeover will be the first one. Resi re-remake incoming for 2021.
  5. Release line up for PS5? Ridge Racer 8 Destiny 3 Cyberpunk 2077: Billy Idol Edition
  6. Marked down for being the end of humanity. Typical.
  7. Modern Warfare’s kids stuff compared to Raid Over Moscow causing fear of an international incident on the Soviet/Finland border. The fallout from this seems to be mostly Russian bots on Metacritic rather than potential radioactive fallout over Helsinki.
  8. The review is a review of the games politics, not of the gameplay. That’s fine, but for anyone interested in why it got a 6 who thinks it’s just another sub-par COD game, it isn’t. Which is why it’s worth reading the review rather than just noting down the score. This year has seen more games released that have either been remakes or gone back to basics than I can ever remember. That’s why this one stood out as it’s one of the better ones.
  9. Of course, that’s why we read it. It’s the reviews own muddled self-justification for the narrative of formerly lauded and always crass shooty-game suddenly being an issue that lets it down.
  10. @K Of course it’s fair, they can say what they want. It is a muddled piece in its logic though, which seems to try and justify the fact that other better scoring games were just as crass or worse in their narrative, but that such criticism is now necessary because we live in different times when terrorism is on our doorstep. Which is absurd when terrorism has been on our doorstep for at least the past fifty years. If only you could talk to the terrorists. Anyway, as people (and Edge) have pointed out, it’s the best COD since MW2 if you can live with the scenarios, which are no better or worse than they ever were. In fact in light of current World affairs relating to the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia and treatment of the Kurds I’d say it actually all seems, whether by chance or design, positively seditious and relevant compared to previous Modern Warfare games.
  11. Have you read the review? I just read it. Three quarters of it is an opinion piece about the insensitivity of the settings (‘Why can’t you lessen the civilian body count?”) and the rest more or less says it is a masterclass in tension and a return to form. They seem to have marked it in line with their distaste for the themes rather than on its gameplay, or at least marked it down because of that.
  12. Untold adventures is £9.99 at TK Maxx right now. 7.4 on Bordgame Geek, rrp £25. https://www.tkmaxx.com/kids+toys/toys/books+learning/untold-adventures-storytelling-game/p/45098888?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrJ_cpYCn5gIVyrTtCh3mOgaaEAQYASABEgKvHvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  13. If you didn’t get this already, DarkStar games seem to consistently have the best deals on X-Wing stuff.
  14. Is he writing this by himself? I picked up Dark Knight 3 and thought it was rubbish. Don’t think Miller had much to do with it.
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