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  1. It’s weird Microsoft don’t have VR on Xbox considering the amount of excellent options on PC that could presumably be ported over pretty easily. PSVR was amazing on PS4 and can’t wait for the new one.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever worked anywhere that didn’t have a combination of micro-managing asshole bullying managers or small cliques of bullying staff. The bullshit and often pointless target culture we have in many areas of peoples working lives lends itself to it.
  3. Such a great movie. It has a real classic 80’s/superhero feel. Christmas movie like Gremlins - check Gang of kids like…everything - check Night city flying like Superman - check Ghostbustersy ghoulies - check Running around in caves - check It’s a bit like a family friendly Kick Ass, but better than that makes it sound.
  4. I’ve played all the Halo games and all I remember about any plot is there was a comedy crocodile thing in a cut-scene that had a crown and looked a bit like Gex. Apart from that, shoot baddies, get from A to B.
  5. Shazam! What a great film. Has a real Goonies/old skool superhero movie vibe. 5/5.
  6. I got all the Legendary weapons and hunted all the monsters in this, for years on the PS2 version, albeit upscaled on the PS3 (or anti-aliased or whatever). Probably my most played game ever and so many great memories. Unfortunately the save is now stuck on a disassembled, YLOD PS3. Is the new version significantly different? The idea of committing to this game again is like being at the bottom of Everest wearing khaki-shorts and sandals.
  7. Thankfully Halo has is alive and well and now called Destiny.
  8. Hentai and cartoon kiddy porn is pretty mainstream in Japan. There’s stuff available in convenience stores which would get you locked up in most countries, and your average comic shop is a cathedral to perversion. Took my Japanese friend to Forbidden Planet once and she was surprised and pleased to see that it wasn’t full of hentai-devil-rape-child-porn.
  9. I can’t think of another series where the first movie was garbage, the second was a total flop, but the studio know they have such an iconic character in Robbie’s Harley that they keep throwing hundreds of millions of quids at productions until they get it right.
  10. This is getting some great early reviews. The Snyderverse is dead. Long live the Gunniverse.
  11. I keep it because it has an insane amount of games on the hdd that aren’t available anywhere else.
  12. Just booted up my super-slim for the first time in a while and was surprised to see yet another firmware update. What’s that? 15 years after release? Amazing.
  13. Wait…Jimmy Olsen’s in this? Literally had no fucking clue.
  14. I have to watch anything over an hour in chunks as one kid’s getting up at 5am every morning and the new one’s breast-feeding through the night. There’s only about 90mins a night we have time to ourselves. First two times I tried watching it were on long-haul flights.
  15. I know this is pretty much universally loathed but been watching it over a few nights and am quite enjoying it. Got twenty minutes more to go tomorrow. WW’s just turned up for a fight. I think Affleck and the bloke from Playaway do a better Batman and Alfred than Christian Bale and Michael Cain too. Feels much more Frank Millery. Quite surprised as I’ve tried watching it before and fell asleep during the first ten minutes. I’ll do Snyder’s Justice League over a week next.
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