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  1. A Mario 8 style rebirth for F-Zero please.
  2. @ravnaz Does it contain spills from leaking through to the gaming section? I’m loving the Freebird at the moment for sheer thoughtful design, but 0% interest and heavy customisation makes Natural Twenty a serious contender.
  3. Interest free?! Fuck, I might actually get one.
  4. I don’t think I’ve played a game released so far this year that I’d put into a GOTY poll. Gonna be a busy Winter to catch up.
  5. Having been completely uninterested on COD for about a decade I’ve pre-ordered this.
  6. They already do a bargain Hex grid. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/glasholm-table-top-glass-honeycomb-patterned-30353745/ https://www.geeknative.com/66718/dd-players-discover-that-ikea-are-selling-a-hex-crawl-table/
  7. Final Fantasy XII the biggest omission there. Should be top ten at least. And Bioshock ahead of Resi 4 (or on the list at all IMO)
  8. Came in here as I only just heard about this, Out of that lot I’ve only managed to complete 3, got quite far into 4, and haven’t touched 5. If the remasters are cross-save this is a must buy for me.
  9. Some of those Geeknson tables have a starting price getting on for five grand! God knows how much they’d be if you pimped them out with all the fancy lighting and extras they have on show at UKGE. Their cheapest is around £900.
  10. Tempted to take up light carpentry and build my own.
  11. Have you got one? Do you want one? Have you made one? We’re in the market for a new dinner table, and I’d really love to get one that doubles s a hidden gaming table with cup holders. The best known ones are made by Geeknson, http://www.geeknson.co.uk/uk/product-category/furniture/tables/ ...with a new competitor on the horizon by Freebird. These all cost a bloody fortune, starting around £800 and going up to thousands of pounds. Does anyone have anything they’ve configured themselves that does the job?
  12. It’s fascinating seeing what’s stood the test of time compared to what I voted for previously. In 2016 I put Arkham Knight and Until Dawn ahead of Witcher 3 simply because I had more fun with them that year. In 2019 I still play Witcher 3 quite a lot and still not finished. It took well over a year to get really into it, but now it’s certainly up there for my GotD.
  13. WTF?? I’m getting Control based solely on this recommendation.
  14. So this just won first prize at the Venice Film Festival, with Roman Polanski’s new movie coming second. WTF DC’s Logan? God knows they need a decent film. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/film/2019/sep/07/venice-film-festival-shock-and-awe-as-joker-and-roman-polanski-triumph
  15. I’ve had my house completely renovated over the past two years and have completely lost my Switch dock. Can you get these separately to the console? My bloody SNES mini has gone walkies too.
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