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  1. Regarding the Sega rumours, I don't really buy it and I'm pretty sure there are laws preventing any kind of purchase. However, there was mention a week or two back of Microsoft spending a lot of money on something which is not an acquisition. Most people now assume that was related to Bethesda, but what if it wasn't? Maybe they've made a deal with Sega for their back catalog and possibly some future titles going to GamePass. Gain some traction in the Japanese market (which they've always lacked) and with TGS coming up and them doing a "showcase" it will make for interesting viewing!
  2. Well, at least that was only 10 minutes I guess rather than the hour I wasted this morning.
  3. In the queue... again Only 8 minutes this time so will soon see if I can get an XSX on All Access.
  4. Seriously, how long does it take to sort out an issue with both Game and Smyths websites?! Regarding Game, if it was an issue with incorrectly priced item, they could have removed it temporarily and put it back up in an hour max. Did all this happen for the PS5 as well? Surely given the demand you'd think both would have been ready.
  5. I've given up at Game. Ah well, maybe I can pick up All Access XSX when things have calmed down a bit. Microsoft shouldn't be outsourcing this option though and instead do it in-house (shop). There's no reason why you should need to go to Game / Smyths for this. Nevermind then...
  6. Smyths should be banned from being one of the All Access options. It was basically Game or nothing as their website just showed "There is no stock available for delivery" or "There is no stock available from your selected store" even at 8:01am. It's still showing the same thing. They had no queuing option and no way to tell if they even had any.
  7. So, I've got through the Game All Access queue. I thought it was going far too well and clicked on the Xbox Series X option only to get "An error occurred loading the currently available bundles". Won't show me anything else and the retry button just shows the same thing. I've got a supposed 60 minutes to checkout, so I guess I'll just hang around and hope it comes back up before the time runs out.
  8. Trying to get all access and the Smyths links don’t work and Game has me in a queue which will take 45 minutes apparently. Will keep my place in the queue and hope for the best
  9. As has been said, this had best not affect my ability to get an XSX tomorrow
  10. What on earth... seriously?! Wouldn't this get seriously scrutinised by the competition and mergers commission? Thinking about it, I guess not. What does that mean for Playstation though?
  11. So I’m thinking about going for the XSX All Access option. I’m just worried though that by the time it takes signing up (credit checks etc?), all of Game / Smyths stock allocation would have gone. I just hope that firstly they have sufficient stock and secondly they allocate me one and keep it locked while I’m signing up.
  12. Thanks @Pockets Just seen that. That's a great deal then and provides me with a clear choice on purchase
  13. Quick question: If I buy an Xbox, can I play online games with just the GamePass or do I need to pay for Gold? If that it the case, it does seem a bit crazy to me that both consoles still require you to play online I guess £50 in the grand scheme of things for 12 months isn't too bad, but it's still something I'd rather not have to worry about.
  14. It really is a difficult one. Games: PS5 (seriously MS, what are your 20 studios doing?!) Console Prices: This all depends on what you're after. For a full fat experience it's pretty much a draw. For the cheaper variants, each has its trade-offs. The Xbox is cheaper but then is a lot less powerful. It also runs the risk of being treated like a second-class citizen by other games companies. The PS5 Digital on the other hand is a good price, but you're locked into paying PS Store prices which at £70 (€80?!) is insane. This brings us onto the third point which is... Services
  15. What the... €79.99?!? That would be £74.99 for a single game! Screw it... might be gamepass only moving forward with a special game purchase once a year if I've got the money
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