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  1. From what I've read, that comment about the cooling solution would tie up with the leaks and their chip having fewer compute units but run at higher clocks. They'd need a better cooling solution since they're pushing it harder from the get-go. I still find it hard to believe that Microsoft have gone for such a massive chip. Everyone is talking about how the BOM for Sony is $450 but with what MS is supposed to be using, it would be crazy expensive.
  2. This is going on the presumption that physical consoles no longer matter. A lot of companies are starting to explore that possibility. Even Sony signed an agreement with Microsoft for Azure services for providing virtualised game services. Whilst I myself use streaming services and can appreciate what they offer, we're not quite at that stage yet where he can dismiss the efforts of both Nintendo and Sony off-hand. I think that's being a bit short...(farsighted?). Who knows, maybe he is talking more in general terms rather than just purely for gaming (AWS, GCP).
  3. Great... obviously equal in portability then? I look forward getting a hernia trying to lug that around with me. That used to be an option for me when I was primarily at home. This offers me the freedom to game at home on my 4k monitor or on the go with my tablet. As I said this option is not perfect as £30/mo is obviously not cheap, but for what it offers me as an alternative to what I was paying periodically along with the flexibility for me can't be beaten.
  4. Where can you buy a gaming PC for £30 a month which gets hardware upgrades included? I paid £30/mo when I signed up for the GTX 1080 equivalent and I'll be paying £30/mo for this new RTX 2080 spec which gets rolled out next month. I used to drop a couple of grand on a gaming PC which would last me 3-4 years, but this achieves the same thing for less (£30 * 12 * 4 = £1440). Not to mention having the freedom to play games on the go wherever I am. I travel quite frequently and being able to game on a tablet by hooking up a controller to play some Gears 5 or RDR 2 is amazing. Heck, I can even stream on my mums connection who lives out in the sticks if I'm so inclined. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's perfect but it suits me perfectly which is why I've stuck with it. If something else comes along that is the equivalent for cheaper (like this GeForce Now if they sort out the games compatibility) then I'll switch, but for the moment I can't see a better alternative.
  5. Ah, ok. I guess the other thread got my hopes up a bit. Well, I'll keep an eye on it at least. Thanks
  6. I was tempted by this as I'm paying nearly £30 for the Shadow Instance currently. However, whereas with Shadow I actually get a PC I can install and run anything I want, this seems a lot more restricted. I typed in a bunch of games and none of them are supported. Instead of providing a search box maybe it would have been easier for them to show me what was supported instead! I must admit, the price is very tempting at £5 especially if you do get 4k with RTX. The massive turnoffs currently though are again lack of supported games and many of your messages above stating that the streaming quality is rubbish. I really find it hard to believe that Shadow has beaten both Google and Nvidia on decent streaming tech. Being able to run Gears 5 on a 5-10mb connection in a coffee shop and not really notice any image degredation or performance impact is a real testament to how good it is. Saying that though, I will keep an eye on this service and if it does expand its game selection then I might be tempted to dip my toe. [EDIT] From reading the other thread... so can you install unsupported games? If so, that would be a big plus point for this.
  7. It's just pre-order at the moment by the looks of it - guess I'm quite fortunate to have had an active account anyway. It seems like they've reached capacity for the RTX 2080 and RTX Titan options. They've still got the current setup which is what I'm currently using and more than good enough for most games. I'm not entirely sure on whether this "upgrade" will make any difference but I guess I'll see in a month (or so).
  8. So I've got my mobile gaming sorted out now. I bought a cheap(ish) Samung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" and an Xbox One wireless controller. Hooked this up to my unlimited 4G Three connection and I'm good to go in most places. I was concerned about the data usage on my mobile hotspot, but after talking with Three they literally said "we don't care, use as much as you want as we have no fair use policy in the UK". Depending on the location (coffee shop or office) I can comfortably stream at 3-10mbps with no impact on gameplay. At the moment I'm playing Gears 5 which is great for the controller. It works really well and the screen is large enough to play comfortably. That said other games aren't as good especially with the controller. I tried to play Starwars Battlefront 2 and got butchered (0 kills, 15 deaths) as trying to play against people with mouse / keyboards didn't go well For single player use though this is excellent. It's really easy on battery life and I've worked out that I can game for a theoretically game for up to 12 hours using the tablet so that's a long time between tablet charges (not including mobile). Looking forward to the spec boost at the end of this month though I imagine it will only really affect things when running games at 4k on a monitor. I'm still tempted to buy a gaming PC at some point, but I think I'd really miss my lunchtime / coffee shop gaming sessions.
  9. Ok, just had a surreal moment. Shadow have released their new apps with a virtual pad. I tried it at home earlier and seemed to work well. I am currently heading down the M23 to Brighton with my wife driving in the front. I thought I'd give it a go and set the quality at 5mbs. Had a quick go on division 2 and it only bloody works and is playable! Sure, you need a proper Bluetooth pad to play decently but it's crazy to think I'm playing a game on my phone whilst travelling at 70mph. Crazy stuff
  10. Another video in the discovery series... sound: Some highlights for me were the subtle announcement of AI aircraft, the fact that they're doing different biome sounds e.g the Savannah sounds different to the Canaries (that's insane!) And differences between night time and day. I literally can't wait for this just to explore the world. When I originally saw the trailer at E3 I was just glad for some improved graphics and flight model, but they are going above and beyond on everything.
  11. One of my favourite 3DFX games. The game was set to the sound of Wagner Gotterdammerung just to add to the mood
  12. Seasons confirmed then? It can't be that hard to shade trees a tinge of brown if they can cover a landscape and buildings in snow. Looks amazing anyway
  13. This is the only game I’ve ever been able to play cooperatively with my wife with her enjoying it too! That’s an achievement in itself.
  14. @footle @Glasgowchivas Still, at the end of the day it was an enjoyable film and best not to overthink things.
  15. I saw it and liked it... but one bit didn't make any sense to me at all (major spoiler!): Please tell me I'm missing something? Was there another scene after the credits which explains that glaring plot hole?
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