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  1. That’s the most confusing, uninspiring trailer I’ve ever seen. No idea what kind of game it is, much less that when you try to jump and attack an enemy you’ll be able to land a hit. Just... what?
  2. Albeit an ex you go back to every now and again for a bit of fun.
  3. Mind blown that you can kill Ganon with sticks, I mean. I know you can go straight to the castle.
  4. I still haven’t played Knight, even though I bought it years ago in a slight frenzy of picking up cheap games. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. Tonight I managed a second place finish on Bay Bridge. First still eludes me, but I know I can go faster - I put the wheels on the edge of the track on several occasions, spinning and losing speed. Im also getting better at carrying more speed through corners - it’s all about steering in early and gently, hitting the apex and wiggling the sticks to tease the nose of the car inwards (no idea why this works). Missing the apex seems to send you slipping across the road like a greased up eel while hitting it keeps you magnetised all the way around, and the painted lines are a useful marker to aim for. Ive also noticed it’s better to tap the accelerator than fully release, when going round a more demanding corner, as the loss of speed is too great. Need to try and perfect this before the great unwashed masses join the fun later this week.
  6. Are there enough powerful weapons along the way to really do that? Ain’t nobody beating Gannon with a bunch of twigs. I wonder what the most efficient progression between the plateau and the castle is, in terms of weapons.
  7. Popo

    Black Mirror

    I’ve thought they’ve been good, but not top-tier. I judge by how frequently I reach my phone and Striking Vipers was a 5-reacher.
  8. I cried twice and laughed throughout, so needless to say I loved it. 3 was the perfect ending, but this was the end I never knew I needed. A love letter to Woody in particular and all the lost toys; there are no sad endings. But this did feel very final.
  9. Am I missing something? When I try to log into the amazon JP website I’m told my account doesn’t exist - I need to register with a Japanese address - is that BS?
  10. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    I charge mine off an Anker battery and USB-C cable and it delivers enough juice to slowly charge the Switch while in use. Will often charge it off an iPhone plug head overnight since that’s very slow. I am as close to certain as it’s possible to be without having specialist qualifications that you cannot brick your Switch by charging it off a battery/iPhone plug. Issues reported by others in this thread have related to bricking as a result of using a third party dock. It seems likely that using an unofficial power adapter while docked actually causes the problem, as I seem to recall someone using the official adapter with the unofficial dock and being fine, so probably there’s something in the interplay between adapter, dock and the Switch detecting it’s in the dock and changing to TV mode.
  11. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    Tight, focused tracks; joyous handling; bright blue skies and weird collections of polygons that somewhat resemble people doing daft things in the background. Its an an absolute joy to play. 5 minutes of playtime you’ll want to repeat over and over again. Everything you’d hope for in a racing game.
  12. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    I checked with Nintendo’s sales department and they had this update:
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