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  1. Having done 1-3 over the course of the last… 9 months… and getting a ways into ODST, my friend convinced me to jump ahead and play 5 coop and… it’s really great? Playing coop adds a lot, but I like the multiplayer-informed vertical map design, it looks gorgeous and, er, Buck is back? So much more impressed with it than I was expecting. I’ll go back to 4, although I don’t have fond memories of it, but yea, feeling very positive about Infinite now, what with this and the recent DF video.
  2. Excellent! Anything to give more people the chance to play this perfect little slice of a game.
  3. Sorry for the basic bitch question, but if I were to buy this on PlayStation, which is the version for me? Street Fighter V, or Champion Edition? The former is on sale for about £6, the latter for £16, then there are myriad DLCs and seasons passes, which left me feeling slightly bewildered.
  4. Is South Park funny again?
  5. TSS is hardly subtle, but its focus on character is its strength. The plot is relatively perfunctory, serving the visual spectacle and character development, which is as it should be. With both this and GotG, Gunn takes characters you don’t know*, imbues them with a soul and makes you love them. That’s the real strength of TSS. * I’m sure many people who read comic books do know these characters, I’m speaking for the general movie-going public who don’t.
  6. I had a fun coop session online with my friend this evening, recommended! (The game, not my friend, although he’s not bad).
  7. Next Gen Virtual Reality? No Girls Virtual Reality? Neo Gaf Virtual Reality?
  8. You need to be more Hanzo the Raiser (of spirits), and less @Hanzo the Razor.
  9. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it @robdood, however many of the issues you take with it (immobile combat, contrived puzzles) are ones you could lay at the door of any Resident Evil game. What were you hoping for? Also - giant mechanical Salazar. Resident Evil 4 is that rediculous.
  10. You’ve done a quote instead of a spoiler tag, @Distinct muttering
  11. Other characters have come 'back from the dead' already, anything could happen!
  12. How have I missed Atypical all these years? Funny, charming and I’m learning so much about autism. Really brilliant, I can’t recommend it enough.
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