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  1. Did we all know about this? I was idly browsing the Switch Online section of the eShop and came across it (as a bishop said to a vicar).
  2. This is exactly how I felt watching, and I hadn’t even recommended it to anyone. Hard to believe the same people went on to create one of the most fondly remembered 80s movies of all time. It’s not even that it’s badly made - it hits all the notes it’s aiming for - it’s failings are introduced at the point of conception. I know I’m looking at it through the lens of 2020 and that there were different expectations of what was acceptable at the time, particularly in comedy, and that the 80s were awash with gross-out comedies of this ilk but Stripes goes way beyond its contemporaries and, I’m sure, would have come across as tone-deaf even by the 1990s.
  3. This is excellent news, pos’ all round my fellow thread-repliers, in honour of this wonderful announcement. What’s left from the Wii U carcass to pick over and slap a ‘DX’ badge on?
  4. Stripes - 1/5 This has been on my to do list for some time. Bill Murray? Harold Raimis? Ivan Reitman? Wow, who ya gonna call write, direct and star in a fun 80s comedy? Let’s just get one thing out of the way - the leering, sleazy photography and depiction of all women as either strippers or floozies is discomforting are best and deplorable at worst. I do think the movie is quite boring and unfunny but I can’t honestly say if that’s the case because it alienated me right from the word go and to the point where it was lost to me. Bill Murray’s girlfriend character walks around topless during one of the first scenes for literally no reason other than for the audience to ogle her boobies and this sets the tone for the rest of the movie as it digs deeper into a pit of puerile despair. I imagine this is what watching Caddy Shack or Police Academy would be like? I don’t plan on finding out. The kind of movie you’d feel embarrassed was on if someone walked in on you watching it.
  5. I hope the throw in a bottle of wine with every purchase. That would just about make it the same price as a family visit to the cinema for me.
  6. I loved using my Master System pads with my Megadrive - the C button was just a gimmick that developers ignored anyway.
  7. And finished - enjoyable scares but it didn’t make a lick of sense!
  8. Thanks for posting this - Netflix recommends me all the shit under the sun they host but this one slipped under the radar without a peep. Watched the first 3 episodes tonight with my partner - we both love a good scare and really enjoyed what we saw. Looking forward to finishing it off tomorrow. I had to sleep with the light on for a few days after I saw the original movie, this is a great interpretation of the concept.
  9. Anticipating this will become a trending hashtag once the system RRP is announced.
  10. Hey, sorry about that, I didn’t realise comparisons to Zelda were ‘a thing’ that would aggravate others. I’ve just dropped into the thread at the end here, no offence intended. I do try to refrain from shitposting in general and I definitely don’t think it’s a bad game, just that I found the traversal to be unengaging. I want to like it so much though!
  11. Was the SNES game the same as the Megadrive one? That was good fun, I loved the sprites and general art direction. Could never figure out how to arrest, rather than kill, the perps though.
  12. @Protocol Penguin I’m sorry if you mentioned already and I missed it but are you a subscriber to online? All saved are backed up if you are, albeit your Animal Crossing Island is tied to the system itself and I don’t think can be retrieved on another.
  13. This is now available on Amazon Prime. I watched it a second time and loved every minute of it all over again. It really is perfect. It’s the donut hole to my donut’s hole.
  14. This makes me insanely happy - the fireworks, the sparklers, the fun raffle prizes, the killer music. What a perfect way to while away an otherwise nondescript Sunday evening. Edit - poor Blathers. Doesn’t even appear to know what’s going on outside. Even Isabelle is getting the night off.
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