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  1. I wish I hadn’t watched this. Grim in the extreme.
  2. I assume today’s thanksgiving? Maybe I’ll fire up my Switch and see what the craic is.
  3. Can you imagine the backlash if Amazon were sitting on a sizeable stock of PS5s while demand was significantly outstripping supply, ‘just in case’ ? With scalpers raping the market of what stock there actually is, people are already pissed off. I hear what you’re saying @Down by Law but it’s the lesser of two evils.
  4. Is there no way to create a local profile on this without it being linked to a Microsoft account? My other half wants to play, but is having to go through the process of logging in and creating a gamertag. There’s an option to sign in as a guest but this doesn’t seem to do the job, as it keeps my profile logged in and all my game progress and saves are still there. Switch and PS4 handle this without fuss, I’m not sure if I’m missing something?
  5. I remember having to go into the options to enable it - I think by default when you plug a headset in the sound continues to come out the TV and nothing comes out the headphones, bar chat - but yes it supports that natively without you having to improvise a solution. Any other device in the world switches audio output when you put headphones in, so it's daft the Series X doesn't support it.
  6. Shoutout to @Underwurlde for the advice, but you can disable HDMI audio out from the system settings - you just have to do so before plugging the headphones in, otherwise the option becomes greyed out. It took me ages to find, but there’s a headset audio slider control accessible by pressing the Xbox button on the controller (to open the side menu - not sure what it’s called) and in the left most tab at the bottom you can open the audio controls. Bit of a faff, but useful because the default volume for headphones is really low.
  7. Who said circuitous chat about very niche aspects of the next gen consoles would stop when they were actually released, again?
  8. Absolutely. I’m still waiting for my A-tier MCU movie starring Shuma Gorath, Psylocke and Blackheart.
  9. I wonder if exchange rates influence where Sony and Nintendo prioritise stock. U.K. sales of Switch must bank Nintendo more per unit than at home. (He says, without any understanding of the vagaries of globalised business)
  10. I really hope it’s called The Last of Us: The Show!
  11. As ckny says I don’t think they’re going that far ahead. Which is all the more mystifying as to why they went through events this season at such a hell of a pace. Imelda Straunton has very big shoes to fill having to follow Olivia Coleman, it must be said. I’ll be rooting for her.
  12. My laptop has the companion app preinstalled, but it only supports streaming from the Xbone at the moment. I got the iOS app to work finally, although it complained about being able to see the Series X but not connect to it until I set up the console on wifi - I haven’t tried it again since, but when I mentioned this before another forumite commented that it worked for them over a wire, so it’s clearly just temperamental. I assume there’s no benefit connecting the controller to the iPad if all you want to do is play in your own home, in the same room?
  13. And now they’re beat! Coming here and posting the above really helped me realise what I needed to do, which worked - I did have to cheese it slightly, insofar as it was enough to kill one of them, die, then return with full health and their positions be reset so I could sneak up and cheese one of them again. Not the most gallant of victories, but a win is a win.
  14. I’ve really hit a brick wall with the 3 hunters in the Yahar’gul chapel. They’re very fast and it’s easy to get stun locked as they each take it in turns to lay into you. I think my main issue is I’m not strong enough to quickly take one of them down - I think if I could improve my strength a little and cheese one of them with a back attack (the one under the stairs) I would stand a better chance. Hmm.
  15. Yes, I’ve definitely experienced this - usually when trying do some kind of block or counter or some other time-critical button press.
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