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  1. I think last gen there were MANY MANY MANY open world games but to me only BOTW and GodOfWar really attempted to do (big budget) open world in their own unique way. Games like RDR2 and Spiderman did some interesting stuff but like many others they really followed a template. As much as I hate to say it, for all it's unique ideas I think even MGSV followed the template a bit too closely. I believe that Death Stranding however joins BOTW and GodOfWar here as the only games that really tries to redesign open world and succeeds with a refreshing new take on it.
  2. did you purposely go and do multiple side quests? I'm kind of amazed how huge this game is, I can't believe that before it came out I imagined it being a very streamlined short experience like 5-10 hours with loads of DLC. It's actually going to be the other way around I think. I'm 45 hours in, only doing main missions and at chapter It feels like the story is wrapping up but apparently I'm only about halfway through the amount of chapters I've heard there are. I'm guessing the last few chapters are just stuck together with cut scenes.
  3. Project Update #124: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net Hello everyone! We are hoping you are looking forward to getting the codes. It could start with any letter! Perhaps a C or even a T. You'll be finding out soon Project Update #125: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net We all hope you are very much excited for Shenmue 3. It's been a long journey! In the previous update we mentioned that your code could start with any letter, we just wanted to let you know that it could also be a number. So when you get your codes soon it could start with EITHER a number or a letter. Project Update #126: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net As we get closer and closer to Shenmue 3, here is a photo of Yu Suzuki holding up a copy of the game! Soon you'll be holding the game in YOUR hands just like Yu Suzuki! Project Update #127: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net We forgot to mention last update that if you backed the digital copy then you will NOT be receiving a physical copy to hold in your hands like Yu Suzuki.
  4. Still playing Death Stranding. Think I'll save this to play in two weeks when I'll be at home for a few days recovering from a vasectomy. Somehow it seems quite fitting to use that time to play Shenmue 3.
  5. Think I'm going to go for the Aberlour Abunnadh. What are those japanese whiskys like? My local sells some of this brand;
  6. Yikes, this gives me memories of working on the Terminator Salvation game. I remember banging on about this idea of having a terminator game where there is a grand total of ONE terminator in the entire game. I'd love a single player proper survivor horror game in the world of 80's era Terminator but realistically that scenario just creates a lot of questions that need figuring out, easier to make a game where you just go around shooting things again and again.
  7. Yeah I keep mentioning this but there were a good 10hours where I had no main story cut scenes at all. Think that would blow some people's minds who are reading about this game being so cutscene heavy. 35 hours in now and I'd say the longest cut scene has been like 10-15mins? The 'codec' stuff where you are just listening to a static shot of someone is very minimal compared to a MGS game too, longest probably being around 2-3mins?
  8. I've heard criticisms about the vehicles. I don't quite agree because; 1) even if they were super slick controls and were fast, you'd still struggle just because of the terrain design which favors and promotes the 'star' of the show, walking. 2) if they were amazing you'd be riding everywhere. You could further the distance between areas later on in the game but then that would make you 100% not walk it which again is the 'star' of the show. I would have agreed they were disappointing initially but that's when I was trying to drive everywhere from A-B. I soon stopped looking at vehicles like that. They are more like tools, which require further resources (roads) to take full advantage of them. Otherwise I just use them to more quickly get to the area where my next big trek begins. I'd have been braver as a designer and just left the vehicles entirely and fully embrace the walking terrain traversal
  9. Probably a walking simulator where you deliver packages
  10. Good point, perhaps it could be a discussion of classic playstation adverts. Anyone remember that 'spoof' businessman character?
  11. The latter half of this game is still amazing. I won't mention what but there is a new form of teleportation later on where you can move between each PCC placed. It's so cool seeing one, then thinking where to place another then later discovering that another player has added another nearby, extending the chain. When I finish this game I really want to look for any videos where someone does a deep dive into this system and how exactly it works, the reason for not looking now is that I fear a lot of it will be smoke and mirrors. Where as right now I'm really enjoying the feeling of being part of a living world. That said someone left a big truck between a thin path near a station, clearly on purpose. The swines. Oh question for anyone who is around chapter 5+
  12. Watch through till the end for full emotional effect (unless you have a child screaming for the toilet or chips on the go or something)
  13. Is Pistol Whip out now? need to catch up with Vader too. I can't believe we still don't have a followup to the Rift! I'm quite impressed by that, I worried they would be bringing out a new version every year or two with the fast past velocity of VR technology. Makes sense to experiment with smaller/portable/more affordable versions but would be keen to see what the next RIFT looks like.
  14. Yeah but not in a charming and funny Super Mario Bros way, just a shallow corporate way
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