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  1. See, it's a bit pants just like I said. I listened to Kermode's full review which was basically 'The previous ones were ghastly, I enjoyed this one more than those.' Sort of like someone saying 'Pacific Rim is better than Transformers'. That doesn't make PR a good film.
  2. See I don't get that either, I wouldn't watch it if you paid me. Well, it would have to be at least 50 quid I think. I recall being invited to go watch Assassins Creed for free at work, I decided to stay behind and work. Much more fun. It's not only 2 hours you're wasting but also the time for waiting around, adverts and travel.
  3. Anyone seen this yet? Has some nice moments but I'm such a follower that I notice a lot of recycled material from interviews/podcasts etc, not that I should blame the show because I've only just watched it and it's a year old. Though there are certainly moments in it that are more than a year old. Anyway, I've been following his passion for defending offense in humor and mostly agree but I do find he oversteps it at times. Which is weird as he talks so much about writing his material to perfection and that it's ok as long as a person isn't the butt of the joke. In it, he spends a bit of time justifying his GoldenGlobe gag about Caitlyn Jenner which I never saw as offensive but in doing so his remarks do actually come off as offensive. At one point he appears to be joking about how he thinks he (Gervais) wants to become a chimp and it kind of comes across as that classic trans phobic trope of 'What next eh? What if someone wanted to be an elephant?". I'm open to the concept that I've missed the intention of the joke, if so would love it if anyone could explain it to me. Anyway, great show other then that awkward (and long) moment.
  4. More reviews coming out, yeah it's obviously pants. 9 reviews in has a RT score of 56%. So at most, it's probably a little bit more entertaining than PrinceOfPersia, Hitman and Max Payne. But yeah ignore me, I gave Black Panther 2/5. https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/14/17114648/tomb-raider-movie-2018-review-alicia-vikander
  5. More curious to see that then the actual one
  6. The Walking Dead!

    Yep, season 9-12 will be a military base. Season 13-16 will be an airport. Maybe season 17-20 could be at NASA. Then season 21-24 could be a space station.
  7. The Walking Dead!

    Oh my word that last episode was horrendous. Me and my sister have had this running banter about how much we hate Gabrielle and just want him to die and he's in the whole episode more or less doing his samey old 'Follow the way!' rambling. Such a bad actor/character. When he got caught with a DUI I was convinced he would die in the first episode a couple of seasons back but nope, still rambling on without any real impact on the plot. What's everyone's top 3 desired deaths? For me it's 1. Gabrielle 2. Enid 3. Either the gay man with curly hair whose name still escapes me who came in 3-4 seasons ago or King Azeeal. I think I'll go for the King. Awful. Actually no it would have to be the gay woman whose name I don't know who came in 5-6 seasons ago. The one who held a gun to melty face? That's mad isn't it? 5-6 seasons now and I still can't put a name to her face.
  8. They forgot to add the watermarks
  9. What’s Bluepoint remaking next?

    I think I'm falling in love with Cena.
  10. What’s Bluepoint remaking next?

    Gex : Enter The Gecko lol On a serious note, there WERE rumblings of a LegacyOfKain SoulReaver remake. Is that legally feasible that it could be bluepoint? Either way, am sure this will pop up during the E3. MGS1/ICO sounds like the most obvious option for getting mainstream attention. Games like SoulReaver/SyphonFilter are a bit toooooo cultish?
  11. The film. Though as Delargey says some people enjoy this kinda thing so don't let me put anyone off. Lets just wait for the Rotten Tomato score (after 1 week) for that.
  12. I'm not predicting a 'future' film will be bad, those trailers made it obvious followed by a poor rotten tomatoes score.
  13. It won't be good, just like I warned people (and got negged for!)...and low and behold it's got a Rotten Tomato score of 50%.
  14. Yeah this is clearly rubbish, just a load of buffoons going to see it who are like 'Haha It's PACMAN playing with Freddy Kruger!!' (I have no idea if pacman or Kruger is in it). They also say 'Just switch your brain off and it's fun'. It will be a good film for the type of people who enjoy stuff like FastFurious and IronMan because they are used to films like FastFurious and IronMan but no way is this going to be a MadMax. Has a Rotten tomatoes score of 75-88% written all over it.
  15. Battle Royale mode then? 999 players play as zombies, 1 as human. edit : realistically it would more likely be 100 players but in a map filled with NPC zombies.

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