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  1. Capwn

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Reminds me, I never saw/heard that infamous "laughing or crying?" clip that did the rounds just before launch in my play through of the game and nothing anywhere near as bad. The lip sync is pretty poor though. Also, after finishing it, I still can't believe anyone would say this looks better than Uncharted4. In my head at least UC4 has so much better art direction, polish, lighting, animation, character modeling/rendering, hair...just everything.
  2. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Starting the 'should I be getting a 4K tv and PS4Pro for this?' conundrum in my head in the lead up to this -___-
  3. Capwn

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Finished this last night. Seems to suddenly wrap things up super quickly so yeah might be worth taking your time. The best thing about this game is that it has the most tombs of the three. In terms of the main story element of the game it's pretty flat but there are little flashes of emotion here and there. I'm really curious to play the first game of the reboot again. I've convinced myself that was the most fun in terms of challenge and pacing but perhaps it was just that it felt a little bit fresh at the time (for a tombraider game at least). Looking forward to jumping back in and exploring the depths of this game a bit more. Ultimately I'm left with the feeling I presumed that I would have. They HAVE to move on now, I wouldn't even bother with DLC if I was them (and hadn't signed contracts to produce them obviously) and would get straight to work on re imagining the series for 'next gen'. I know exactly what they need to do too to reinvent the series but it will never happen because it wouldn't involve any enemies. So only about 1800 people would actually buy it.
  4. Finished 2nd season last week, it's quite up and down. Still has the merits of the first season but something about it makes it feel a bit rougher than the first. It could just be that I preferred the characters of the first, I miss the dumb jock guy from the first season.
  5. Yeah that latest video test is all I needed, that eyebrow twitch at the end Reminds me of those little similar things Ledger added, it's so vital for giving edge/humanity to such a character. That said it's clear what this film is, it's obviously not going to be a big mainstream hit. It's going to be a small character study that is liked by many critics but gets a lot of negative attention from cinema going public who were expecting something else. I fully expect him not to get into the full paint job until at least a hour into the film. It's going to be 'Arrival' but for the superhero genre.
  6. Capwn

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    I'm going to cheat but I genuinely think the best screen performance of all time is Bryan Cranston as Walter White. From the moment he looks into the camera with his message to his family to the finale episode several seasons later where he finally confronts his wife by being true to himself, he nailed it from start to finish. You can watch the first and last episode and it's a complete extreme transition yet it never suddenly became that, Walter White overstepped the line at multiple different places in the arc for many different people. He is giving it his all in every scene and so many scenes are full of these incredible small nuances in the face/body language. That character went through every emotion imaginable. It's unfair perhaps because with a TV series you have time to really develop an arch. It's just this performance always springs to mind, I just don't see it ever being outdone. It had the perfect blend of great writers and production team. Bryan Cranston will always be mainly seen as Walter White, he can never fully escape that.
  7. Capwn

    Better Call Saul!

    Oh that's a good call, could be interesting and pretty sad if it's before she got into the bad stuff. Without all the 'ugly' makeup etc.
  8. Regarding Blockbusters I was just saying that was the most striking shot of the trailer from the perspective of a non marvel fan. Was like 'Oh, look it's a nice nod at that old video store we once used to visit." I just found it lovely actually, it's like a trailer for Iron Man 5 (or whatever it's on now) and seeing DowneyJr walking through a Tandy. Normally they wouldn't dare do that, so it's nice to see these super hero movies become more grounded in reality.
  9. The Blockbuster video part was the only interesting part, mainly because that would alienate the China audience which would be pure madness for a big budget franchise. Unless they have an edit with a similar Chinese alternative to Blockbuster?
  10. Capwn

    The Circle : Ch4 : Reality Show v2.0

    Two people won a 'date' last night where the table was against the wall and they were at both ends with the apartment wall between them. They had an external camera outside looking into the two apartments and you could see them side by side in each room so it looked like they were at the same table. So if they were in different buildings they wouldn't have been able to create this incredible creative illusion. So far I like; - Guy pretending his dog just died - Mother living in the apartment with her baby but pretending the baby doesn't exist - Bloke with tortoise - Token OLD woman (44) who keeps criticizing social media and making sure the audience know she doesn't like social media.
  11. Capwn

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Is it me or do PS1 (Early 3D era) games not hold up as well as the 8/16bit games? Mainly regards in how they look, they will look a right state now. That might be a bit harsh, nobody is buying this to play fun games, it's mainly just a nostalgia purchase.
  12. Why is nobody talking about this add a question mark followed by an exclamation mark. Sad emoji face. Send.
  13. Capwn

    American Animals

    Really want to see this but nobody is showing it here -___-
  14. Capwn

    Nintendo Switch

    I saw polygon moan about this. I don't understand at all, who the hell would want to use a NES pad to play Zelda BOTW etc? even for indie games like Golf Story etc I wouldn't feel the desire at all to play it on a NES pad. These kind of games were not designed with the NES pad in mind so you would be at a disadvantage.
  15. This is going to be Paddington levels of popular isn't it? Even thrown dick into it to drag out the pensioners into the cinema.

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