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  1. I guess it depends if you got a kid. To have all the Disney films to hand on a varied rotation will be useful (I only own half of them already and putting the disc in is apparently too long a wait time). Might depend on what Now TV are left with as that's what I mostly use it for. And I am really looking forward to sticking on something like Rescue Rangers or Darkwing Duck as general kid noise on the telly. But yeah, as a grown up, bit of Star Wars, bit of Marvel, maybe not even the newest Marvel... Nah. What is the source of us not getting Simpsons? Are we getting any other Fox content? I assume Sky has contracts all wrapped up for Simpsons until the heat death of the universe? I think even with the 2 year old I could ride out the summer without this thanks to the nice weather, get to October for new Mandalorian and be happy.
  2. It's not even on Now TV to stream. Or Channel 4's service. That's just annoying.
  3. He's in charge of the writing of the movies and TV stuff, right? Doubt he wants to go back to Marvel Comics wages.
  4. I was checking for my kid who is 2 in a month. Sounds like Ponyo is going to be worth a watch with him too? I was going to try Kiki next. He was completely transfixed by Totoro for a good 45 mins (which is a new record), and then half watched while playing. I'm thinking he's young enough to not get some of the deeper stuff too, so could stick on Porco Rosso or Spirited Away without him freaking out? As they won't mess him up now as much as say PGs like Ghostbusters 2 messed up a 4-5 year old me.
  5. Efforts were clearly made so you never would.
  6. I'm collecting up all the eighth doctor stuff when it's on sale (my doctor). Quite a lot of the monthly ones have been cheap for the past week. And Dark Eyes. I'm now quite poor. Despite being halfway through the new Lucy Bleeding Millar and having a number of her older adventures still to work though.
  7. The latest Big Finish monthly who was Dark Universe with older Ace too. Same organisation and everything. Nice to see it crossover. I might have to get that book. (Think it was set up in a blu ray collection trailer too?)
  8. You're going to see them pearls hit the ground again, and you're going to like it!
  9. It bugs me because I can see that Toy Story 2 is great. For balance, it's probably the best one of the lot. A bit more complex and assured than 1, yet still feels like the original in ways the follow ups don't. But it's far from my favourite. I just can't stand Jessie. The shouting. Ugh.
  10. I was thinking that generally the shots look more complex than previous efforts. Still clearly a Wes Anderson but starting to play with and against the limitations of that.
  11. It also shows cars eating and drinking real food, while later there is a sewage tank that a car falls into. I want to know more about the mechanics of how they can piss and shit real food.
  12. I actually watched Cars 2 for the first time this week. You just need to ignore it being a Pixar film, or even a sequel to Cars, and there is some fun in there. It's standard stuff for kids that you'd allow any other studio to get away with. Strangely high body count in the opening scenes tho. But I get it. There is no real heart, emotion or message in Cars 2 like other Pixar films. It's easily the worst. Even Good Dinosaur got dust in my eyes in the end (and my kid loved the feral human in it, like for like I guess). Now the Plane films, they're bloody awful with no redeeming features. And this is coming from me who happily sat through Cars 2 fearing the worst.
  13. Oh yeah. I kind of discounted it as an origin film. It's a bit more complicated than that. But yeah it is.
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