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  1. A movie watchers blog

    Basil is one of my favourites. Even before I knew more about how it was made. Good characters, tight story, something for everyone. Knowing more, I think it's like that because it was a slog to make it. Basically, they kept cutting the budget and got ignored for Black Cauldron, that it allowed the makers to get on with finding creative ways of getting a great movie out. http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/basil-the-great-mouse-detective/35990/looking-back-at-basil-the-great-mouse-detective ...I'm sure I read a better article on it somewhere but I can't find it :/ I like how it was the first use of CGI. They'd basically 3D animated the cogs in big ben, printed it out, traced it and then used them cels. But not to be clever, but to be cheap and fast. Everything about it feels like it's punching above its weight. Without this film the production team, the B-listers, wouldn't have gone on to what is considered the best run of films Disney Animation ever made. ...but yeah, the burlesque bit ... what were they smoking to think they could put that into a kids film?!?!
  2. A movie watchers blog

    It's an odd one. I own a copy because I remember it being better. It's not bad, but very threadbare and broken up too much. That poor bloody squirrel too :'(
  3. I was more thinking of technical infrastructure for using Hulu. You can quickly sort out the branding by whacking Disney on it, and for other regions they could just stick their own stuff on.
  4. I'd expect it more likely they'll be using the majority chunk of Hulu they now have, and rolling that out world wide. Even with the minority owners not too happy with it, I bet their contracts will mean they'll have to keep their content on there for a fair while too.
  5. The initial run of Captain Marvel was good, building a nice little set up of side characters and a focus on trying to be all she could be ...then fucked it by flying her off into space for ages for otherwise dull character out of water stuff.
  6. Mission: Impossible - Fallout (July 2018)

    Is a mission ever going to go right? I know they're meant to be impossible, but the point was they won anyway.
  7. Murphy Brown revival

    I liked Murphy Brown, but it being political satire that referenced the news and events of the time makes it dates to rewatch (why it's never on telly now) and ... the world is past the point where political satire on actual modern events seems impossible. Seems like an odd one to bring back. Can we just have something new with Candice Bergen in please? Ta.
  8. A movie watchers blog

    I love the Rocketeer. The music is what makes it special.
  9. There are quite a few songs performed.
  10. I randomly watched The Polka King. It's not bad actually. Jack Black really carries along what could have easily been just trash.
  11. Letterboxd

    I think I got 99% of my films. That was the best part. I'd think of one, and then work through the actors of that film, and so on until I run out. Then get hit my more inspiration. What I'm not sure on now is if I should put in the films I've seen on mst3k and similar? Does that count? Because I'm not watching Plan 9 vanilla.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    There was a video leak kicking around that I think was mostly disproven. But it had folders and themes on it. But, it would line up with their firmware updates for other devices where they've added them later.
  13. Letterboxd

    I like to write something about every film, but had to do a big review score dump of over a dozen films because I've just not had time to get through them all and the stress of wanting to write something about all of them was getting to me. Going to try and write a bit for everything, but thinking I'd be better off just focusing on ones I have a useful or contrary opinion on?
  14. Best TV/Movie Podcasts?

    Really? I never really found that. I think sometimes their New York-ness comes across. Just from the general day to day awareness that everyone comes from somewhere else. But their politics are very left leaning and pro diversity and gender. (And pro mafia, of course). I listen to We Hate Movies all the time. Still got loads of the back catalog to go. (I do listen to I Was There Too as well. It's just a nice chat of an interview)

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