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  1. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    Yep, that annoys me too. He's clearly meant to get his. ADDITIONAL: He was meant to just go nuts https://gremlins.fandom.com/wiki/Gerald_Hopkins
  2. AK Bell

    Amazon Prime Video

    Actually, I've found it to be the other way around. Every time I've rented something I've been disappointed by the quality. But I guess I'm more likely to be looking if I put extra money down. I got Twilight recently, just before it was on Prime, to listen to a comedy commentary over it. It looked like like crap and I discovered after buying it that there was no subtitles (which I wanted to follow the story). What are you renting? I have a feeling they might make a bit more of an effort with new releases? Then everything else gets crushed down for space. On another thing, Not sure if I mentioned it elsewhere, but Cold War is on there for a decent Buy price of £6. But go into the reviews and everyone is complaining that the subtitles don't sync up. Still not fixed after all those bad reviews. Reminded me when watching twilight that it kept going out of sync with the commentary, and then later discovered the thing that tells you who is on screen goes out of sync on everything too. (I reckon it's a frame rate thing they're just not compensating for) I'm not happy putting any extra money towards Amazon's streaming. Even if it looks a bit better, the quality control is piss poor.
  3. Oh no, I'm sure they'll be worried about these scores even when they making a fucking fortune from this movie and these knobs still go out to see it.
  4. AK Bell

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    No, they messed it up and only released it in 4k in the US to begin with. Then fixed it.
  5. AK Bell

    Only Fools and Horses - The Musical

    I saw a bit of this on The One Show. I had to turn it off. Same with 9-5 that they had on last week. Stop making these musicals of not musicals!!!!
  6. AK Bell

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    I'm still carrying around my 3DS very slowly chipping through Dragon Quest 8, whenever I remember it's in my bag.
  7. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    Do they ever say Crackerjack so you can shout it?
  8. They've off to see the people in Tangled.
  9. AK Bell

    The Chase

    Yeah, it's not really the production teams fault that it end's up like SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy.
  10. AK Bell

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Yeah, it bugs me a bit that any criticism can't be done about TLJ without looking like an arsehole. But I'm of the opinion that is was a lot of good ideas poorly realised, rather than the more common opinion that it was bad ideas realised at all. Half the bloody film should have been at the Casino, a new interesting place worth exploring. It's not the bit that should have been chopped off because it had "them" in it.
  11. AK Bell

    Yesterday - Danny Boyle

    "You don't know who Michael Jackson is? Well, that's handy for a few reasons..."
  12. AK Bell

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I think the problem early on is down to the poor acting. It's bad soap (Hollyoaks level) rubbish for the most part except for a few veteran character actors doing a lot of heavy lifting. In the absence of anyone to really latch onto, the story wins out in the end but it takes a while to get it's hooks into you.
  13. AK Bell

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    It's just down to school holidays, I'm assuming? Lego 2 did badly in the US too, right? Has it just been a stupid week to release a family film?
  14. AK Bell

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    But at such an early age, circumstance turns him into the better one in X-Men
  15. Capwn "We're not bothering with the cartoon awards"

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