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  1. ilpostino

    Battlefield V

    No Premium Pass or P2W. Nice.
  2. ilpostino

    What sports have you seen live? Which would you like to go to?

    With you mentioning Australia - reminded me that I'd love to go to an Aussie Rules game.
  3. ilpostino

    What sports have you seen live? Which would you like to go to?

    Oh, yeah - I'd love to do College Football as well. Ohio State, Georgia or Michigan are the ones I always keep an eye on.
  4. ilpostino

    What sports have you seen live? Which would you like to go to?

    Football in England (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Conference), Scotland (Scottish Premiership), Germany (Bundesliga) and Canada (MLS) Baseball (Toronto Blue Jays a bunch of times) Ice Hockey (six or seven Maple Leafs games, several Toronto Marlies games) Basketball (four or five Toronto Raptors games) American Football (Before I left the UK I went to Wembley for the NFL games in 2007, 8, 9 and 10) Canadian Football (Toronto Argonauts) Lacrosse (Toronto Rock) Rugby (A few England Internationals, and a London Irish game years ago) Cricket (Few ODIs, and a couple of days of an England test) I'd love to go to an NFL game in the US, do the whole tailgating thing all day. I'd also love to go to the darts, and a proper prize fight in Las Vegas. ETA: And, of course, the F1. British or Canadian GP would be easiest, but I'd love to do Monaco or Spa.
  5. ilpostino

    The Happytime Murders - Puppet Serial Killer Movie

    This got a trailer today. It's...something.
  6. ilpostino

    NHL discussion thread

    Agreed, 100%. Headhunting shithouse. But if it means Ovie gets a Cup, I can live with him winning one too.
  7. ilpostino

    NHL discussion thread

    I wouldn't mind the Caps going all the way now. Either them or Vegas. Ovie deserves a Cup.
  8. ilpostino

    NHL discussion thread

    Also this:
  9. ilpostino

    NHL discussion thread

    NHL on NBC with the slick Earthbound/Smash Bros reference.
  10. ilpostino

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Bayern up after 2 minutes, Kimmich. Game on. https://streamja.com/GZ7y 1-1, Benzema.
  11. ilpostino

    Nintendo Switch

  12. ilpostino

    NFL 2017

    Baker Mayfield goes #1 to Cleveland, Barkley #2 to NYG
  13. ilpostino

    Nintendo Switch

    Just removed the switch from the dock to find that it hadn't charged the Joy-Con while in sleep mode. I'm hoping that after a hard reset and putting it back in the dock it'll sort it. Anyone had similar? Anything I can try other than the reset?
  14. Finally! Last moon was that bloody volleyball one. Turns out that not playing the game for three months was all I needed.
  15. ilpostino

    Nintendo Switch

    It is. Bought it on a whim and it was all I played for maybe two weeks. Cracking game.

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