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  1. Smithereens is said by some to a religious allegory , and when you look back at some of it I can see their point
  2. The Youtube channel Todd in Shadows has some excellent videos in his One Hit Wonderland series. US-centric but some that still apply over here like Snow, Falco and House of Pain
  3. You can currently get a one s from game collection for 199 with Sekiro, which CEX will give you 32 quid for and you can get a year of game pass often for about 50 so for 218 you get the drive and over a 100 games, including two of the "free" ones anyway.
  4. I'm not comparing mini consoles to Pis as one is plug and play and one needs fannying about with. A pandora stick is also plug and play just the same as this and has a lot more than 16 games on. You can even swap out the sticks and buttons for Sanwa ones. Yes people can say this has legit licensed games but how many people on here have a Pi loaded with roms, a hacked PSP or an everdrive (there is even a Pi with retropie installed and an everdrive up for sale at the moment. I doubt people will just load them with games they already own if they buy one) so lets not get all holier than though. It looks like Capcom have possibly stolen someone else's code so it's legit roms on a non legit emulator and it seems they may be expecting people to load up with roms anyway. If it had more games on then I would be very tempted just for the novelty value but 16 is pathetic and even the ones on it are not an amazing selection.
  5. for less than 200 you can get a Pandora box twin stick set up with HDMI and a couple of thousand games though and I imagine inside will be just some sort of single board android thing just like the Pandoras (and NES, SNES, NeoGeo and Playstation minis)
  6. Another here who really enjoyed it and liked the soundtrack choices. That era to me was Elastica, Garbage and.TLC... All female led bands I just realised... coincidence? I think the only male bands I heard were REM and Nirvana which I guess they had to include because, 90s
  7. He's too old to be James Bond too but doesn't stop people going on and on about it
  8. Now starting number 7. Liking it a lot
  9. Sounds like Sense8 and that worked out well...
  10. Theory is there are gonna be four films, one kinda for each season. This one is Autumn
  11. Parts of this were filmed here last summer (Great Yarmouth and Gorleston) including the big beach concert. I'll watch it just so I can go "oh that's.... " all the time
  12. Slopes Game Room is great for in depth docs on single games
  13. His pronunciation of epitome tickled me
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