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  1. oh fucking my! i watched the first video and i'm going to try and not watch the others but i fear my resolve will be weakened when the Gin starts to take effect. My only complaint to Hello games is......why wait till a freakin Tuesday to release the update. Friday would've been perfect. I have a free weekend to play this beauty again. I doubt i would've washed and just ate sweet and salty popcorn for 48 hours. Heaven.
  2. That planner is brilliant. My current party has light missing.
  3. cheers. i went on the road to Sillsnow with my average 18 lvl party and was promptly wiped out by a big ass polar bear. great game
  4. i'm sorry if i'm being thick but how the hell do i get to Stillsnow for Chapter 2 of Prim's story? i can't find a road that leads there. I'm sure i've missed something. I've done all the chapter 1's now. I wish my main character was a healer though. I've chosen Cyrus (for some reason)
  5. i shall be picking up my cheap Smyths copy today I think my party of four will be the Scholar, the Merchant, the Thief and the Dancer. What's everyones preferred party of 4 ?
  6. boybrown

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    thats all folks!
  7. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

  8. boybrown

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    Cancelling my pre order. A weak single player and bare bones online doesn’t sound good. Hollow Knight here I come
  9. i must be a lone wolf. i like the voice work and the snippets that don't relate to the text bubbles.
  10. Excellent I’ll be rinsing this demo until it comes out then. Currently playing as the thief Smyths have it for £34.99 (£5 taken off at checkout for Instore pickup) can’t grumble at that
  11. same here its a lovely game and with Fire Emblem being pushed back this is my main Switch game of 2018
  12. they said as they signed off that there'll be some surprises over the coming days so hopefully some good game reveals. Has the Konami Track n Field game been shown?
  13. boybrown


    on the treehouse now
  14. boybrown


    that would be good if you could get into the US eShop. It froze my Switch. Had to hard reset sorted.
  15. didn't it flash up on the quick games list before Smashathon

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