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  1. The new Beyond trailer has just dropped. It looks all kinds of great. It’ll still be a buggy mess but that’s par for the course now. Can’t wait to play this in VR
  2. Looks like Sairento is out on Quest on the 27 June. It seems to be a much cut down version. 5 levels instead of 13 and no co-op. It'll be cheaper as well. you'd bloody hope so. you can also side load a beta of Crisis Vrigade. its a very hard time crisis type game. Fun but too nails for me.
  3. the reviews are really mixed for the VRCovers. I've gone for the material covers. I ordered on the 4th June and still not turned up.
  4. an ok direct. It wasn't Crunchie out of ten more like double decker out of ten. ok but leaves you slightly dissapointed.
  5. woo hoo collection of Mana available today
  6. My body is ready for 45 minutes of disappointment
  7. Yes Pistol Whip was my favourite too. I thought it was a great presentation. And remember some massive VR games on all platforms weren't shown. Good times
  8. Life of Brian - Alms for an Ex Leper comes to mind.
  9. I have just seen the most insane PSVR package at Game.co.uk. PSVR Mega Pack which is Astro Bot, Wipeout, Doom, Skyrim, Playstation VR Worlds plus Super Stardust Ultra VR, Resident Evil 7, 2 months free Now TV PLUS BLOOD & TRUTH for an insane £209!!!!!!! What the actual fuck.
  10. I like Robo Recall. I didn't get on with its at first but once you get used to the teleporting mechanic to aid your combos its a fun game. Vadar isn't great but worth £7.99, I also have Drop Dead Dual Strike which is good for a tenner. Beat Saber with side loaded songs is ace. I'm very tempted to get SuperHot but i have it on the PSVR so maybe wait for a sale. Space Pirate Trainer is close to being purchased as well. I got a refund on Dead & Buried II i thought that was Janky pants but has potential if sorted.
  11. ooh great i didn't know that. I've done the song packs on normal on to hard i go. I'll be propping you all up at the bottom. Oh that 6 minute song can fuck itself in the ass. sorry.
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