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  1. PlayStation VR

    I got this yesterday and had a good session on it last night. It’s totally mad a great game, easy to pickup difficult to master as they say. The visuals are smooth and bright with very good audio. I was sweating like a bastard after doing the tutorials (which are essential) and a few races. Well worth £13.99
  2. ARMS - Version 5.0 Dr. Coyle

    Cheers I’ll hop on for more badges
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    seems like i'm way behind the pack now. I've taken down Anjarath a few times now. i'm happy messing around with different weapons. I'm loving the switch blade at the moment.
  4. an enthusiastic discussion about Labo with the Nintendo Power couple.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    well i've taken down the Barroth and Jyuratodus. The latter proved tricky but the Barroth went down easy. I'm using Duel blades. tried the long sword but my timing was dreadful. I may give it another shot when i go on some Investigations. My first Monster Hunter and i'm loving it. Just a question to the veterans, is it best to keep on forging new armor when you can or to upgrade what you've got?
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    i knew none of this . I'm enjoying it but fuck i'm stumbling around in the dark. I'm going for vomiting bird next
  7. Monster Hunter: World

  8. Monster Hunter: World

    I've just seen i have the Origins Armor DLC. Whats it like?
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    i've just installed it but i'm going to pop to the Colonel with the happy smiley face get myself some food. Once i decimate the chicken the bare bones on my plate will give me added vigor to go on my first MH quests
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    This. But my resolve didn’t last just pre ordered from ShopTo as I had some points to use. This’ll be my first monster hunter. I enjoyed the demo. That video review was excellent and convinced me to take the plunge. Bow or duel blades for me.
  11. ARMS - Version 5.0 Dr. Coyle

    yes we should. I don't play it enough but its a great game. Doesn't get the love it deserves (except from Edge & Eurogamer). I wish the Party Crash was on every weekend. I love those modes
  12. Nintendo Switch

    what do you get for your hard earned 70 bucks
  13. Nintendo Switch

    one thing, just make sure when its delivered the Yodel driver doesn't throw your package into a big puddle in your back garden cause you'll be well and truly fucked.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    that will be massive.....i think. so much creativity for kids. they'll love it.....i think
  15. PlayStation VR

    Thanks for reminding me about the sale. Today is payday so i've just grabbed Sparc. This is going to help me lose my Christmas timber and should be more fun than the gym. Re - Superhot, i don't know about the expanded version but the normal game is top drawer well with the asking price. Batman is very good too if a bit short but it shows off VR very well.

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