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  1. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. It’s still more than I’d like to pay and I’d prefer a physical copy but looks like there’s no chance of that. I’ll have a look on the South African store as well for pricing. Does anyone know when the review embargo is up?
  2. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    What the feck is happening with Starlink Battle for Atlas. Can you only get a physical copy with tat and a digital copy with digital tat? I want the game but £65 is taking the piss
  3. 4-2 has brought the rage out in me
  4. Yeah Dumpster that's a great post and as someone who was born in the 60's (jesus) i feel the same. I can't stop laughing playing Astro Bot. It's just pure joy. I've just 100%'ed world 3. Then i tried the challenges for the first time. Wow, how addictive are those. Those gold times are definitely for the platform kings.
  5. yes it fucking is. The level 3 Boss battle is owning me at the moment though.
  6. boybrown

    Borderlands 2 PSVR - Dec 14th

    Only played Borderlands 1 so i'm very happy this is coming to PSVR but yeah bummer no aim support. It looks lovely though. Hopefully Smyths, Shopto etc will do a cheapish physical copy
  7. This is brilliant. I’m really taking my time. I’ve just cleaned up world 1 & 2,. World 3 tonight and possibly some challenges. I’ve never been into the whole trophy thing but I really want to platinum this game
  8. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    you don't need the toys though. it can be played fully with digital attachments. the previews seem very positive for it. This is could be my last Switch purchase of the year unless SSB has a good single player mode.
  9. Lets hope they're now working on Astro Bot Kart VR. One can dream
  10. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    the non tat version?
  11. i've just done 3-3 which was amazing. i want to play it all the time but i don't want it to end so i'm doing a world a day. then onto the challenges.
  12. just done 1-1 & 1-2 in Astro Bot and it's fantastic. Beautiful looking, great sound and great platforming. PSVR is indeed on a roll. I completed ZOE, still go the Persistence, Firewall, Creed and others to delve back into.Plus Evasion is coming on the 8th (i think) and that is looking gorgeous too.
  13. boybrown

    PlayStation VR

    It is a good game a bit bare bones but what there is is very enjoyable. Not sure if you've got the Aim controller but that makes it very immersive. Patch 1.03 has just been rolled out which fixes squad matchmaking. More modes to come apparently
  14. boybrown

    PlayStation VR

    im picking mine up in an hour. I can't wait to jump in
  15. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    He’s also getting Mario Kart.

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