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  1. Dark (Netflix)

    Finally finished this. Really enjoyed it and love the fact that it requires your undivided attention to understand what the hell might be going on. Kind of of feels like they weren’t totally sure where to go with this but that’s fine. They absolutely go for it at the end of the of the last episode and will be interesting to see how they’re planning to tie all of this together. Anyway, great performances, great take on a topic often done badly and dripping with atmosphere. Well worth a watch.
  2. Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Sorry bit late to the party. You seem to hate a lot of players! Also not sure what you’re on about. He’s a class player. Hogg was likely the Lions’ first choice full back before injury - I think he’d walk into any of the other 6 nations teams. These guys are playing in a super aggressive sport and do pretty well to keep it relatively civil. Farrell and Hogg (and I’ll even try to defend Brown a little bit much as I don’t like him) are extremely passionate for the game. It’s the way they’re wired and act in the heat of the moment. You shouldn’t read much more into it. Wyn-Jones has earned the right to be called a legend but he was constantly needling in the game on Saturday. It’s how many top players react to pressure and getting a psychological advantage.
  3. Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Just finished ‘The Waking Fire’ by Anthony Ryan. Slightly unusually for fantasy the setting is akin to 19th century Europe in terms of technology and the world being largely controlled by corporations analogous to the East India Company. Dragon Blood is a hugely valuable commodity and facilitates a type of magic which only certain people are able to use. The author himself said he was influenced by Dune and spice in that regard. It’s really quite good. First of a trilogy.
  4. Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    Four in a bed and Come Dine with Me are two I'll happily watch if I have a bit of time to sit on the sofa during the day on the weekend. My wife will watch Real Housewives of Cheshire in the evening when I play footy. When I get back and it's on I'll say, "I can't believe you watch this crap," and then sit down and watch engrossed in their ridiculous squabbling and whatever the female equivalent is of figuratively comparing penis sizes. I also have low tolerance for shit drama but binged on Designated Survivor fully in the knowledge that it was utter garbage. Why? Friday Night Lights was a guilty pleasure; I loved it. So much so that I didn't watch the last episode as didn't want to see it end. (Did the same for The Wire.) I then discovered quite a few people liked it and the high school girls were actually in their 20s which made me feel better.
  5. So complete noob here. Got the Switch for the kids (ahem) for Xmas and I’ve just taken he plunge with BOTW. Don’t stone me but I’ve not played a Zelda game properly probably ever but thought I should give it a whirl. Loving it so far but I need a few tips on how to approach this I think. So learnt how to cook food, and did the first shrines and got the para glider. Since going into the next area though I’m finding I’m getting smashed by the monsters. I think I may have wandered too far in without upgrading my abilities. I went almost directly past the big bridge and to the first Tower. Should I be heading back to where you first glide in from the Tower in the Grand Plateau or am I just being rubbish? I get the feeling im not using the rune abilities anywhere near as much as I should be.
  6. Godless - Netflix Western Series

    This and Handmaids Tale were the best TV series of last year for me. Possibly top 5 ever.
  7. Yeah, I liked Daddy's Home. Kids found it hilarious. You're in for a real treat with both Ozark and Godless. Two of the best series I've seen.
  8. Thought this was pretty great when I saw it in the cinema. I remember thinking Andrew Garfield nailed Spidey but I tried to watch Amazing Spiderman 2 yesterday and it was just awful. Garfield's angsty Spidey was utter cringe. The new Spidey is so much better. The Marvel referencing I think works pretty well. All the Avengers stuff has been happening and it's a pretty huge deal; it feels totally normal that kids would reference it. The movie is still perfectly enjoyable in its own right. The references add another layer for MCU fans and I don't see how anyone who's not followed the MCU would struggle to understand what's going on. It's not the most complicated of movies. It's a lot of fun.
  9. Sci Fi recommendations

    Sorry, been a while since I cane in here but saw this and had to comment. Read Blindsight a while back and it is great and, like you say, some of the hardest sci-fi I've ever read. I may have liked it more because of that!
  10. Here's to Louis Theroux!

    He’s one of the best people-focused documentary makers around because of his unintrusive/non-judgemental style. He leaves it to viewers to form opinions and allows the people in his documentary to breathe and tell their story. Sometimes they’re aresholes, sometimes they’re victims and frequently a mixture but he always brings out the human side. I’ve always felt that he’s able to get even the most difficult person who’s putting on a front to crack a window into their soul. He’s also clearly matured. Weird Weekends often trod a very fine line between taking the piss and a genuine interest. His later, more serious topics I feel have always treated the subject with respect.
  11. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s not just media either as Zok says. Given most people are, ultimately, pretty near the bottom of the pile it’s incredible how much society seems to love a bully. I guess seeing someone else worse off makes people feel better about themselves.
  12. Clash Royale

    Big update is here!
  13. Here's to Louis Theroux!

    Good timing for this. The issue is hitting the mainstream isn’t the US, finally. Thought Louis did his usual very well. His ingenue approach always works best with Americans I find. Incredibly sad to see how ravaged these communities have become.
  14. Thought the first couple of episodes were pretty but dull and Yeoh’s wooden acting was absolutely dreadful. Third epsiode miles better and I’m in. As others have said, would have been much better to have 3rd episode as the pilot with Michael’s story told in flashback.
  15. Hollywood, stop doing this...

    Actually thought that was one of the better uses to be honest and was v well done.

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