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  1. How on earth is that not a red? I’d pull the team off and fuck off home, you’re not getting any change off a prick like Dean when he’s in this mood.
  2. Previous upsetting one for reference.
  3. I'll tell you what, the new Norwich crest is a real beauty.
  4. My new love is The Tournament. Loads of questions and a fun format, but worth watching as they only seem to cast profoundly odd looking people, shoot them from unflattering angles and never give them a dab before so every looks like they're sweating like a pig. Alex Scott is great on it too as she's just a delight.
  5. LDLDN is yer man ZOK. Does a great regular show of assorted niceness but will knock out good theme shows too. Jazz fusion, George Duke, EWF etc. Occasionally has DJ Jeans & Sheux on as well which is always a treat. Also, John Gomez in on breakfast duties as part of a new rotation. Really global selection of tunes and a thoroughly handsome chap he is too. It’s a shame Charlie Bones moved on as he ran what is arguably one of the greatest radio shows in UK broadcasting history. An absolute education every morning.
  6. It’s great! It does some pretty clever things too when you consider how flexible it needs to be. What has annoyed me is that their stats in no way align with Last.fm, which is 100% reliable in my experience. Set my OCD off a treat.
  7. Omar S picking up his brand new whip, getting serenaded by salesman. Start your day right.
  8. It is hugely sad Virgil Abloh has died for numerous reasons, but a big one for this design masterpiece. You could debate forever about the best LP cover, but he hands down did the best CD.
  9. Cassettes have had a big DIY release resurgence recently. I think beyond nostalgia they're a format with a very identifiable audio quality to them, and also are a pain to scrub through which encourages linear listening. They're super nice objects too. As a thing to collect I totally get it.
  10. Absolutely killer album! This is super nice. I think a version that doesn't look like your Dad accidentally filmed it on his week in Torremolinos is coming out proper on Soundway soon.
  11. Art Vandelay


    It’s the senior lads letting us down yet again and Auba and Partey just make me sad. I think Martinelli has played himself into starting up top now though, he was absolutely superb.
  12. Art Vandelay


    It was so obvious a goal was coming there. The game is so ragged and the only person who thought to put a foot on it was Martinelli. Just a complete collective brain collapse. Fuck sake, imagine losing again to this tosh.
  13. Art Vandelay


    Partay is having a dreadful time of it again. He’s just watching that goal happen around him.
  14. Lamela was trying to put it out for a throw, we all know it.
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