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  1. I have to say, I was fearing the worst when it began, but speed garage and Alan Hawkshaw meshes quite well. https://rave.dj/y27zajuvZoCnPg
  2. Day 06 - Classic dance track Cajmere – Percolator There is a fine line between making a row and a work of genius, and that’s never more true than in the world of house music. This is raw like mince and every time I’ve seen it played on a dance floor people will lose their minds. There’s better dance records, but this is as refined as it gets.
  3. Day 5 - classic album 1970 - 1979 Harry Whitaker – Black Renaissance This is probably going to be the most difficult choice, but went for this masterpiece of afrocentric avant-garde jazz. Just two sprawling 20 minute plus tracks of funk, poetry and incredible musicianship. I can't think of any else that sounds like this.
  4. Yeah, it’s not incredible but there’s enough intrigue in each case to make it worth while. I agree with you, the gap seemed eminently jumpable to me. Flip flops are like slippers, if you’re motivated enough then you can get some pace in them.
  5. The new Unsolved Mysteries is a serious vibe for those of us who can’t get enough nicely shot whispery crime. There’s the usual shady doings and a transpirings, then out of nowhere you get a very compelling alien abduction episode. My only criticism is that it doesn’t throw it back to Robert in a bustling control centre or a floodlit airstrip between each story.
  6. Day 04 – The oldest song you love The Jabalaires – Noah The foundations of so much music can been seen here. Still sounds amazing.
  7. Basically any anti-racism hands across the world song from the 70s and 80s would invariably do a quick shopping list of the skin tones they’re not prejudiced against. I think Robert Palmer’s steel drum flecked eternal banger Every Kinda People does this for instance, and he’s beyond reproach. Difficult ones as their hearts are in the right place, but you can’t go around calling people yellow, Bob.
  8. Surely it would have to be a fucking big flutter to make tanking an entire business worth it.
  9. There’s two Floating Points remixes that have just come out that are even better I reckon. Big up the pasty dorks twiddling the knobs. Talking of melancholy... Day 3 - The newest track you love
  10. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but this one actually slaps maybe a bit too hard. The video is a surreal mix of the Playboy mansion and John Parrot chalking his cue. https://rave.dj/sm1CTDUBL88W8Q
  11. I find the ones where people try and reach out to yer man Darren from Rochdale who was last spotted with his brains scrambled in an all night garage somewhere after Helter Skelter '94 to be incredibly poignant.
  12. That's amazing. It's a new one on me too, but it's from the same LP as this thread's favourite Footsteps in the Dark, so I'm almost certain I must own that somewhere. It's so yachty too, had to check if any of the Toto guys featured, but it is pure Isley. There's loads of tracks that would barely register in the UK, then you check on Youtube and every comment is "Ah yeah, remember two stepping to this jam on 98.7 KSAWCE with DJ Oily Shaft in '82. Modern music is crap. Baltimore stand up" and it's got four billion views. I've been after this tune for ages. Like a very lo-fi version of Shuggie Otis. It may sound like it was recorded in a toilet trap on a dictaphone, but what great music doesn't. The strings and harmonies are absolutely heartbreaking.
  13. Blurred Lines is a big one, which is maybe the one you're thinking of. Although even shortly after the time of release I'd seen it described as Robin Thicke's rape anthem. It's truly obnoxious, but I think it was all drowned out by the fuss that it just sounds like a Marvin Gaye rip-off. It sank Thicke but Pharrell seemed to get off scott free.
  14. Art Vandelay


    The Saka deal is brilliant news. I had completely resigned myself to seeing him pitch up somewhere else next year. All is forgiven.
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