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  1. I'd like to meet the person who saw a tape of Martin Freeman's previous attempts at an American accent and though they'd base a whole series around it.
  2. Dust off your wicker sandals, it's getting to that time of year again.
  3. It's so similar! Love Weeks & Co. though, I posted some bits a few pages back if you'd not heard them. I think they're right up your street. Here's a nice 90s gospel banger from the legendary Clark Sisters. I could post their stuff all day, it's all absolutely amazing.
  4. Looking at the table it’s pretty much all done now isn’t it? There is a very vague possibility Leicester may blow it and there might be a small amount of meaningless shuffling around the middle, but I think we can thank God in heaven that this cursed season may finally be finished. Give the smelly bag of kit to someone’s mum to sort out and we’ll see you again in August.
  5. Playing a cruel trick on the pilot, the terrorists have seated the family on the plane. Only it’s a Friday evening EasyJet charter to Magaluf, and despite signalling for help using the assistance button next to the little blower two attendants are already dealing with a shirtless man who’s been drinking strong cider and has dried sick all down his back, and the other one doesn’t give a shit. Will the lady in seat 14F relinquish the arm rest? Does the microwave heat up the Ginsters breakfast slice before the plane smashes into a block of old flats? What is that black sticky thing I’m sat on?
  6. This dude works across a lot of sports and yeah, cycling is the worst apparently. Football isn't exempt at all though and it happens a lot. It's a bending of the rules really so I wonder if people just don't care. I've no inside information, but I'd say drug use in football is or was probably more prevalent than anyone wants to admit. Some of those Spanish clubs that were running other teams into the ground and jumping over the north stand when celebrating spring to mind. Look at what Barca did to poor Cesc's hairline. He left us a callow youth with a mullet and looked like a bald 60 year old
  7. I think Liverpool were apparently on the old Pro Plus weren't they? Nah, it's just lots of professional sports people have pretty dubious asthma exemptions. Apologies, this is one of those 'well, my mate says' things, but my mate literally does the tests and he says it's abused beyond belief by people we all know and that I probably shouldn't repeat on here. It's pretty naughty I guess but they could be doing worse I suppose.
  8. It's a strange quirk of fate that 100% of professional footballers happen to be asthmatic so they may be closer to the front of the queue.
  9. Art Vandelay


    I remember being genuinely nervous all week leading up to these sort of games in the past and I really miss that. I think the knowledge that we were almost certainly going to go through the motions like we did last night, the contempt the club has for its fans, not being able to go to the ground and the lack of direction we have in general just makes it impossible to get emotionally invested in it. What if we did win it? We'd only waste all the money anyway. Arteta and Edu's recruitment has been dreadful and KSE haven't the first clue about how to run a football club. It's easy to
  10. Art Vandelay


    Absolutely pathetic to the point of being almost funny. Just need to limp through to Christmas before putting Arteta out of his misery now.
  11. Art Vandelay


    Good thing this isn’t a European semi final or it would be really sad.
  12. I wish more bio-pics would take wild dramatic license with the material. It seems like a no-brainer when the artists have spent their whole professional careers creating a larger than life public image to just role with it and make something big and fantastical. Prince did it a couple of times with Purple Rain and Sign o' the Times – admittedly the second is a live show, but kind of strung together with vague narrative. I remember watching Get on Up the James Brown one and thinking it was a missed opportunity. They skirted the line between fact and fiction so it was just a plod through his car
  13. Grease is another great musical I refuse to believe everyone doesn't like. It's quite unsavoury and rough around the edges but like in a good way, and mainly it's just a lot of fun. You're so used to seeing it parodied and hearing it at DJ Dave's mobile disco you forget every single frame is completely iconic. Travolta is absolute box-office too. While we're on the topic, Bohemian Rhapsody on the other hand is crap. It does that thing I hate where they reimagine what must be quite long and complicated moments in history and package them up in such a way that makes everyone look ama
  14. Kylie had a nice redemption story of going from Stock, Aitken & Waterman tosh to universally enjoyed and pretty interesting pop, whereas Madonna went the complete opposite direction. Everything she's made in the last probably 20 years has been dire. I'd always wanted to start a discussion on who was better: Madonna in the 80s, Mariah in the 90s, Beyonce in the 2000s and Robyn in the 2010s, but didn't because the answer was probably Roisin Murphy and we'd all squabble.
  15. I will say Ghost Song by The Doors is pretty good though. Jim Morrison’s ridiculous poetry seems alright when it’s just plonked on top of the noodly disco jazz-funk light whatever was left of the band decided to pair it with.
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