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  1. That is heartbreaking. I'd always held onto the hope he would one day return and I could see him perform. His body of work is incredible, but creating something as universally adored as Lovely Day is such a rare thing. Gutted.
  2. Art Vandelay


    Arseblog has gone full seize the means of production over the last few days. It's glorious.
  3. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    Sorry, Spotify doesn't seem to embed anymore. I'll pop back and edit. For acoustic Herbie from that kind of era I'd heartily recommend CoreaHancock.
  4. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    Herbie Hancock – Directstep https://open.spotify.com/album/5DzQ9ZchMr6hZsyN0jn4iK?si=q-3ozo_LTC-ryeVbNx8J3A Sorry I was wrong, it's nearly 16 minutes long. Thanks for the Miles link. That is perfect material for today's tasks.
  5. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    Yeah, if there's one thing Herbie wasn't averse to was plundering his own catalogue. There's loads of stuff he did for Japanese audiences where he reinvents his staples – there's an amazing 14 minute version of I Thought it Was You knocking about for instance. The sound quality on all of his seventies work is mind blowing. Talking of Miles, I picked up the Circle in the Round LP recently. That's a really interesting listen of broadly unreleased stuff if you're feeling like a completist. It goes from mid-fifties to 1970 I think, so is good for plotting the various stages of his sound in that period. I'll add the documentary to the list. Have you seen I Called Him Morgan? My partner really enjoyed it and her interest in jazz is non-existent.
  6. I just read that Air Crash Investigation hasn't been included on the Discovery content. It begs the question as to why this platform was created at all really.
  7. The transition into Wookie at around 2:05 is utterly incredible. Inside! I have a mixer like that but wouldn't be able to do that in a million years. The whole hour after that takes me back to the days of me and about 14 of your mates all chipping in for a single bottle of shit champagne to pass around in the dance.
  8. To my mind one of the best that ever did it and he constantly seems to be turning in colossal efforts for good causes. What a dude. Cheers for the heads up!
  9. Martin Goodman is the father we need in these troubled times.
  10. DJ Kicks well and truly back on form. Mr Scruff being ace as bloody usual. https://open.spotify.com/album/6MhSOygcBv3lWXgJ3xYD1t?si=rovqD_9RS4y6wsLq4A6X1A
  11. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    I'll rudely chip in with my favourite Herbie. Nobu is just so out there. God knows what people thought of it at the time. Herbie Hancock – Dedication https://open.spotify.com/album/11m06yBptbjJUT0QElz3Mu?si=uEC2w518QHqiT6dBAnrS5w
  12. Enjoyed this pretty brisk EP from Jay Worthy. Bit of Jake One, Alchemist, Cardo on there and one for fans of that Cali funk sound or LNDN DRGS in general. https://open.spotify.com/album/5Zn6ddExYPgpqjmB3ux927?si=NDyWqM9CSfWyxV_o_-QkeA
  13. You're a good egg, Timmo. The Irish one is the guy who hit internet stardom when he recounted his tale of taking ketamine and meeting the Irish President. Their review of the England team's song 'Cinnamon Stick' is amazing too.
  14. Can I humbly suggest listening to The Reducer's reviews of them? They were the guys who discovered the books years ago and I'm making it my life's mission to point people in the direction of their superior podcast. https://art19.com/shows/the-reducer-test-series
  15. The search continues. These are mind blowing though.
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