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  1. I like it too It is brutal though. This is hard, but not eye-watering.
  2. Definitely not in Arcade mode. I've got towards the arse end of level two, and it's three lives where you respawn roughly where you died. When the lives are exhausted, you continue automatically from the start of the level. There's no restarting from that level after you quit, though, and no saves: you're restarting from level one each time. Who knows, you might be able to unlock a level select (or a cheat discovered) but for now it's a straight up arcade experience. I like it so far. The levels are good, and each is about the same size as a Super GnG level. It's much more about plotting a route than dealing with billions of baddies. They still spawn regularly, but not underneath you (!) and not as frequently. Because the levels are large, especially vertically (partly because of 16:9 creating more real estate) a fall can be a pain in the arse - you can plummet several screens deep. That's a bit of a ballache. But yeah, so far it's a cracking clone that may end up standing alongside the originals. And it's already better than the merciless, pitiless PSP game
  3. Treble

    Your Retro Grail Items

    For me, basically any cocktail cab. That could be a modern one stuffed with ROMs, or an old one with fag burns and the ghosts of old pint pots ringed into the glass. And the irony is, I don't have any real blockers: I have the money to afford a MAME one, or could save up for an original. Even better, Mrs. Treb loves them. Like, loves them! The only problem is space. I've got absolutely nowhere to put one! They're surprisingly big; not coffee table sized; not quite dinner table sized, but not far off that in reality. Ah well, one day maybe!
  4. Treble


    Bought! Keys going begging - PM me if you want any of these: The Age of Decadence Knights of the Old Republic Knights of the Old Republic II Sim City 4 Metal Slug X
  5. Treble

    A movie watchers blog

    @Goose, I'm really glad you liked The Devil Rides Out! I showed it to my wife about a year ago, and she was unmoved. I've loved it since I was a kid. I think it's a cracking thriller that doesn't easily slot into a particular genre, and is all the better for that
  6. Treble

    Creed 2

    He makes a lot of good points. Not necessarily very well, but he's certainly entitled to his anger.
  7. Treble

    Creed 2

    I listened to the slashfilmcast about this last night. Wow. If you want to hear a director (Joseph Khan, director of Detention) go off on one about the state of American filmmaking in general, how 'shit' Creed 2 is specifically, lambast anyone who likes it and basically call one of the hosts (the only white guy) a massive racist for liking it, well, its the podcast for you! https://www.slashfilm.com/filmcast-ep-495-creed-ii-guest-joseph-kahn-director-of-bodied/
  8. I managed to fit about 30 mins in on this last night. First impressions? Hmm, bit of a slow start. You head right, in typical GnG fashion, flinging weapons, then hit a wall and have to backtrack to a castle where there are loads of hint markers and people asking you to complete tasks you can't access yet. That's thankfully brief (and my tip is: don't bother speaking to any villagers at this point) and the game proper begins. It starts a bit basic - I got one different weapon and no new armour, and fought about 5 different - but fairly generic - enemies. On the positive side, that's Story mode, which I'm gonna bin off immediately and restart in Arcade mode. Hopefully it'll be much more lively! The graphics are gorgeous. Compare it to the last canonical entry from Capcom (Ultimate GnG on PSP) and it's so much better looking its silly. It's not doing anything the PSP couldn't, but it has a level of love and care that matches what Capcom were going in the 90s. The controls/mechanics are really solid, so fingers crossed Arcade mode is where the fun is as there's loads of potential here
  9. Switch release 13th December, around the £15 mark. Cheapest looks to be South Africa, at £12.75. If I like it on Steam, i'll definitely be doing the ol' double dip. https://eshop-prices.com/games/1689-battle-princess-madelyn
  10. I got my Steam key this morning! Who else is jumping in? http://www.causalbitgames.com/our-games/battle-princess-madelyn/
  11. It's an odd trailer, for sure. Seems to want to say Marvel's a badass hero with her own agenda, but then doesn't give her a voice! As mentioned above, you don't get any sense of character yet. Needs more Larson dialogue and more Skrull villainy to get a grip on the tone. At the moment, i'm getting strong Green Lantern vibes O_o
  12. Treble

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    It looked like it had, then it got released in China about a week ago, and has already made almost $250m there. It's now at $843,970,652 worldwide, astonishingly. I mean, it's ok, but it's not Deadpool good. And Deadpool made $60m* less *Although Deadpool was a far bigger hit in the US, which actually counts more in terms of pure profit and franchising.
  13. Treble

    MAME controller help needed

    In the past, I had a Bluetooth keyboard with a nipple which made the PC think it was its own joystick. Caused me no end of grief!
  14. Treble

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 59: Superfrog

    In fairness, I've played the bugger to death over the last 30 years. Plus the auto fire is (whisper it) completely OP and makes the experience quite a bit easier than the original!

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