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  1. Treble

    A movie watchers blog

    @strider, if she hasn't seen it already, I'd heartily recommend Blockers. It's a teen movie with actual, decent gender politics for once. The plotline of the girl who hasn't quite 'got there' working out she's gay is really well done and funny/sensitive. As long as you don't mind her seeing a film chock-full of swearing and a neutral attitude to casual drug use, though
  2. Treble

    The Emulator Thread

    Such a shame this has coincided with Emuparadise disappearing. I'd love to get ISOs for some of the games I (stupidly) sold in the past, like Cool Cool Toon, as @Qazimod mentioned
  3. Treble

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Very little, I'm pleased to report, but definitely the PAL PS2. I bought and adored the Dreamcast, with its bright colours, 60hz on pretty much everything and relatively good value VMUs. Oh, and the minor thing that was the Internet and online gaming. Despite the hype, the PlayStation successor looked muddy, had weird RGB issues because of bonkers DVD copy protection, the memory cards were crazy expensive and everything ran at molasses-slow PAL framerates with huge borders. And no online games for you, sonny Jim. They retrospectively fixed a lot of these things, especially the 60hz, but at least in the first few months - maybe even a year - it was a bit of a dog.
  4. Treble

    The Emulator Thread

    Yeah, it picked up Xinput (my PC's paired XB1 controller) not only first time, but switched on during a game. Most emulators have a shit-fit if you forget to boot the software without a controller attached.
  5. Treble

    The Emulator Thread

    @robotattack This seems pretty amazing. Went straight in at the $5 tier, tested Border Down, Cannon Spike, Cosmic Smash and Trizeal. All except Trizeal look perfect, with the latter having some glitching/artefacts. Tested with and without the BIOS, no difference, so could be a dodgy rip (it's the only game of the above list that I never bought!) Frame rate seems to fluctuate, but I am running it on very high settings - gonna get an FPS counter up and do some tweaking. So far, though, so fantastic. Incredibly easy to setup. It's like they played NullDC and said, "Yeah, we're making the exact opposite of that garbage" EDIT: ok, so tested this at all rezzes and polygon sort accuracies, and using FRAPS found out that framerate is linked to how it renders the game? I can't explain it in technical terms, but basically the framerate dropping causes slowdown (instead of what some gamers generously call the 'movie effect' e.g. when you see a game at 30fps) , so at 60fps it's perfect, but even miniscule drops to 59 (which it does even on lowest settings) it does judder slightly as it slows down/speeds up. At above 5K on highest settings, I could get around 43fps and it was full-on slowdown; the game only at about 70% speed. In conclusion, aim for 60fps as essential on this emulator, but even then you'll get micro-judder. Hopefully the devs will fix that small annoyance in future
  6. Treble

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    Despite being a gibbering dullard at the Souls games, I'm not finding this too bad! But I think it's because i'm good at platform action games, and this has that one element that turns iit all around so you have the power: the ability to jump over stuff, including baddies
  7. Treble

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    I chose the Assassin, and he seems well-balanced to me. I'm on the third section - can't remember what it's called, but it's after the horse tunnel (!) and is a buy/sell area. Swapping out weapons and sensibly upgrading stats seems very important. I think my character is level 12 or something already? I couldn't beat Owl King without a Longsword (or the two -5% health tomes I found) plus a load of loot (helm and shield particularly) and even then it was 'only just'.
  8. Treble

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    Onto the second section, ran into the: Loving this right now - the difficulty seems pitched just right, with enemies conquerable once you apply a bit of thought and skill. Onward!
  9. Treble


    Emulation becomes more and more important as the years go by. Try playing 90% of arcade games without the ROMs, or any licenced game whose licence with the owner's IP has expired: Outrun 2, Afterburner Climax, Alien vs. Predator, any Capcom X-Men game, the Konami X-Men game, Daytona USA... the list goes on and on. The short termism of licencing will only get more pronounced as the years go by, too.
  10. Treble

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    I've had a quick go. Early impressions: gorgeous artwork and animation, and great enemy designs. The colours are lovely. The framework of combat and levelling is very Souls, but level layout and movement is far fast and much more Castlevania-like. There are the usual nails sub-bosses you'd expect scattered about, blocking certain routes. 60% of enemies or so need at least a little thought to beat, with the remaining 30 or 40% more straightforward one or two hit kill fodder you'd expect from CV. Impressive so far, even though I absolutely suck at this type of game
  11. Treble

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    Cool. Yeah, it does some interesting stuff for sure. Out of interest, what are your thoughts on the comic, and also of Sucker Punch?
  12. Treble

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    Watchmen? Well, yeah. It's not a disaster, but it's full of flaws.
  13. Treble

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    The opening credits of Watchmen. It's the closest Snyder gets to converting a comic about the construction of comics to a film about the construction of film (which is what would need to happen for it to work).
  14. Treble

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    It's nowhere near as good as Deep Blue Sea!
  15. Treble

    Star Trek: Beyond

    We cannae change the laws of physics, captain!

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