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  1. Doing a list from a sub-genre might be a good idea If we're picking horizontal shooters, that's my jam. I'd recommend any of these, if you've not experienced them: Harmful Park Coryoon PC Denjin Progear R-Type Delta Carrier Air Wing Blazing Star For this crowd, though, my pick would be Gradius V by Treasure, graphics engine courtesy of G.Rev. Again, shout me if you've mislaid your copy down the back of the sofa
  2. I've just tested Saturn Soukyugurentai on Yabause and it works great. Anyone having trouble locating their copy, give me a shout 2Xb76bm
  3. Cheers, that's what I thought. Returning the unit will be a pain (and costly) so I might try and get a cheap, later version CPU like the 3470. Then if that fails it's the mobo, and at least I have an upgraded chip to stick in any replacement I buy.
  4. I'm always grateful to the mod/emulator community for preservation. Publishers see them as pirates, eating into their profits, but that's just capitalist bullshit for the most part. Corporations see their products as disposable; gamers don't. Publishers actively encourage the erasure of older titles from their catalogs - it encourages new spend, and provides wiggle room for remasters & remakes. The emulation scene has embraced preserving DLC and patches alongside the original games. They really are the curators of gaming's history
  5. Cool. You'll need a graphics card if you want to get best results. A while back I got a GTX 750 from Aliexpress, and to my surprise its not a clone unit! It is fully powered by the PCIe slot, but also very overclockable Edit: sorry, my Zotac unit doesn't have extra power requirements, but this one does. Not a lot though. Have a search for GTX 750 on Aliexpress to see the range. The 750 can be clocked to operate around the same level as the 750 TI, but the latter has 2GB of VRAM (which can come in handy!)
  6. I normally assume that, aye, so maybe it's locking to 50fps because it's running at 50hz? It doesn't have a progressive scan option, unfortunately. Cheers for the feedback! There's nothing I've lobbed at it yet that it's struggled with. I'm actually going to play through Skyward Sword now!
  7. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams...
  8. Just pulling some footage together then will record a bit of VO. It'll be my first time, so break me in gently There's a decent BIN on a core i3 Haswell build right now, £59 delivered: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192958934928 This has fewer cores than Godzookie's, but at a faster clock speed. Two cores should be fine for emulation, plus its the newer Haswell range (socket 1150) so you can upgrade to a monster CPU later on, if you like.
  9. Yeah, it was a great deal. The key to this (and I'll add it into a run-down/FAQ) is to fix your price range then explore the results with a fine-tooth comb. This one had better specs than others even the vendor was selling, so why so cheap? Well, the only differentiating factor was that most listings have [brand name] core i5 etc. as the headline grabber to entice people; Godzookie had 'Custom' core i5 etc. People see that and there's an element of both a) uncertainty and B) extra effort involved, and most frequently opt for the easier - even if therefore more expensive - option of sticking with a brand name. It's always worth investigating. A dog shit case can hide a treasure trove of good parts underneath, and vice versa. Always check out listings that are a bit unusual, or poorly described. They're sometimes obscuring the greatest bargains.
  10. @Ninja Doctor, no worries. Rez is via ReDream, and Dolphin is go. I'll try and get a montage of footage together
  11. @Qazimod, not a problem. Just threw them on briefly now (already own Rez twice over, PS2 & PSVR, but Persona is very much Non Grata in the Treb household, so that was a Jack Sparrow job). Both running at a locked 60fps, no bother. Will grab some footage later
  12. I'm in the middle of writing up some hints 'n' tips. In the meantime, any requests? I'll be grabbing footage and putting it up, very soon
  13. Some excellent updates today. First up: PlayStation 3 emulation, using RPCS3. Easy to install, not as easy to get hold of working games :/ I've got a good few on disk still, but no way to rip them yet. So heading to the High seas, I downloaded BLOPS III (lots of seeders, good stress test) and MD Collection (lots of seeders, small, easy to run). BLOPS is a bit of a mess (as it says below, it's not supported past the intro) but the MD collection works perfectly! I've ordered a cheap, 2nd hand BD-ROM drive for better rips/tests, but it's verrrry promising so far. Even better though, check this out... Devil May Cry 5 on Steam! Getting great results, with a stable 30fps or above, with medium settings. God bless the Re Engine! I'm genuinely chuffed at this; eighth gen gaming on an £85 piece of kit. It's really exceeding expectations so far.
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