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  1. Stick with it - S03 is the best season by a considerable margin, and worth getting to
  2. The top review says getting a VGA->HDMI converter and DC VGA cable separately would be cheaper and also better quality? I'd have to test, but CBA spending the cash ( ) however, the theory is sound: analog to digital conversion's easy to do, but not easy to do well. If you're brave enough to have a punt, this VGA to HDMI converter has good reviews and is only £11.85. Deffo worth a go if you already own a DC VGA cable, and possibly worth it even if you have to buy a third party cable. Edit: soz, just spotted @Rob_Pulsar gave the thumbs up to this setup.
  3. That's more than adequate! Unlock the higher resolutions, then run it in as high a res as possible. That way, you should get some super sampling (and fewer jaggies) if, say, you stick it in 1440p on a 1080p monitor
  4. Here's my rundown of Redream Basically it's tops, but you need to drop 5 dollars to unlock higher resolutions - Well worth it! It basically runs on a toaster. I can show you my Rivatuner stats (steady...) if you want to see how little computing power it consumes. What pc are you using?
  5. Another emulator rundown Sorry for the photos. Screen captures don't seem possible at the minute.
  6. I'm up to episode 5 and it's just a delight. It's got a lot of that stuff the best parts of Orange is the New Black had: showing how much untapped potential there is in having well-written women characters in unusual situations. The one show I've seen in ten years where I've wished there were double the number of episodes
  7. No worries man. I was gripped by your whole 'new PC journey' in general, and the Lego part in particular. Awesome stuff Edit: goes without saying, your new build is frigging amazing; mucho jealousy o_0 Let us know how it copes with Crysis...
  8. Excellent stuff. The next level up in terms of a workout is Dolphin, but if you're getting good PCSX2 performance, I reckon the aquatic one will function great as well The GTX 650 is a great choice for emu builds. It's slightly cheaper new, even, than the GTX 750 I normally recommend (if price is a critical factor). This variant is £24 delivered from Aliexpress, small, low power draw (70w) and probably an easy overclocker as well - the 750 certainly is.
  9. Graphics Card Overclocking: Pre-overclock to Overclock guide When you see Youtube guides saying ‘simple overclocking guide’ this will likely mean they will explain things in basic terms and with lots of easy-to-follow examples. What i’ll do is get you to the point where you’re ready to follow one of these guides, confident your setup is actually ready for the increased power. 1) CPU Cooling PCs operate very much like a car engine, and have to balance-out increased performance with the amount of radiators needed to bring in cool air, and then exhaust the heated air out of the chassis. Your PC most likely comes with the ‘stock’ cooler attached to the CPU - a basic unit with a small heatsink (a radiator assembly, usually comprised of a set of aluminium fans & copper pipes) that disperses the heat generated by your CPU, which is aided by a small fan. Some of the best advice I can give on CPUs is: immediately fit an aftermarket cooler! Even if you are running your CPU at the out-of-the-box settings, cooler is better as it extends the life of the unit. For overclocking (even when the overclock is on the graphics card) it’s essential. Speaking as someone who fried a CPU when OC-ing a GPU, I can confirm that this will also give your CPU a bloody good schvitz at the same time... Air cooling is absolutely fine - I have a water cooler on my retro build, and am happy with it (especially because it looks ace!) but a quality air cooler is equally as effective in most circumstances. £20 new for this one. However, second hand is normally just as good, as coolers are very simple constructions. Consider spending £20 on eBay instead, to get an even better model. Just be aware and check it fits your CPU, and you'll be good to go. Fitting them can be fiddly, so consult some vids to get the best hints/tips, and to understand how to replace thermal paste (nowhere near as scary as it sounds!) 2) Case cooling As long as you have a decent case, cooling from this point is pretty simple: you want to have more output (exhaust) than input, ideally in a 2:1 ratio (although 1.5:1 is also OK) as flow is king: Your PSU will have a fan (if it doesn’t, get rid!!!) and on modern cases tends to be mounted at the bottom, to draw air from ground level. The front of the PC should have a fan mounted, and also a main exhaust fan at the back. The main additions you’re likely to make are to the top of the case - hot air rises, and the heat generated by the PSU/GPU/CPU in sequence is considerable. Therefore adding either one or two fans at the top of the case is a great way to draw out the warm air produced by the fans of those devices. 3) GPU cooling Thankfully, not a lot to consider here. Most GPUs come with huge heatsinks and huge fans. The main things to keep an eye on are: a) That the card isn’t too large for your case. They are often the single largest component in your build, and squeezing a Titan into a mini ATX case will be comically bad. Airflow will be almost non-existent because of its bulk and its cables, so scale your card to your case. b) If you want a bigger graphics card, buy a bigger case! There’s no hard and fast guide to this as there are so many variables, but there should ideally be minimum 12cm between the top of your power supply, and the bottom of the card’s fans Some motherboards are pretty bad at physically supporting these hefty monstrosities, and let me tell you, graphics card erectile dysfunction is real! Cards flopping around will damage the connector, but also damage air flow. Hopefully you won’t need to go as far as @Thor and his Lego solution But hey, don’t leave it off the table. If it works, it works! As in the vid, think about wedging something non-conductive between the card and the case to stop it flexing around. Get your cool on, then move on to the OC: 4) Basic overclocking So this guide is great, start around 2 mins in, or 4 mins to skip him explaining how to download and install MSI Afterburner and Kombuster if you're comfortable with getting those going. One quick tip: saving settings is a bit odd in Afterburner, but easy when you know how: i) Adjust the sliders ii) Click the ‘check’ mark (tick) to apply iii) Click the SAVE icon iv) Click the slot to save the profile (settings) to Points 3 and 4 are reversed from what you’re usually accustomed to, and I can’t tell you how often that catches me out and I lose some settings i’ve meticulously calibrated! Final thought: buy right; buy once. I advise buying a certain level of kit here, but i’m always aware of expense. Bear in mind, most of the stuff you buy can be re-used on other PCs in the future. So get a good case, power supply, set of fans, CPU cooler and hard drives and this could set you up for years to come. Don’t be afraid to buy second hand on anything mechanically or electrically simple such as the case and fans. If you want a dirty great mechanical HDD to store replaceable stuff like ROMs, then second hand 'spinning rust' is a good idea, as it's dirrrrrrrt cheap. 7200rpm Western Digital Blue 500GB, £8.95 delivered Maybe don't store your treasured family pix on it, mind I’m upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 7, 2700X build (circa 18 months old) and am reusing kit that has seen at least four different builds, that in some cases goes back ten years! Re-use and recycle
  10. I thought you might like a quick list of which software I use in the service of emulation - all legit/free. Speccy - Shows a quick overview of temps and usage of your components. Also handy for finding out the manufacturer/part details. MSI Afterburner & Rivatuner Statistics - Afterburner is a simple way to overclock your graphics card. I'll do a basic GPU overclocking guide very soon. You get the option to install Rivatuner at the same time, and it's recommended as it gives you the option of an overlay appearing in games showing FPS, CPU usage etc. The one you see on every Youtube PC performance video, basically. Panda Dome Antivirus - When you're trawling dodgy sites for unusual ROMs, you want some protection. It's arguable that Win10's security (Defender) is good enough these days to not need one, but if you want belt 'n' braces, or are running older operating systems, Panda Dome is a lightweight AV that has fewer popup nags than Avast and the like. It also has two easily accessible switches for gaming mode and 'off', which are handy when mucking about with iffy/unsigned software. Cinebench - This is a piece of benchmarking software that gives your CPU a (community-approved) score, and ranks you next to them. You can run it to tell you single thread or multi-thread performance, and is great for getting some idea of what your PC is capable of. A quick warning: as it almost maxes-out your PC usage, it's also a bit of a stress test (although a milder one than something like Prime95), so make sure your cooling solution is firmly in place, and adequate, before you get going!
  11. I used to have that stick! It's excellent (and very cute) Nice one Do you know which i5 you have?
  12. Guys, guys... I've just sorted out yet another build (this time AMD-based) so my current retro setup of Motherboard, CPU and RAM is up for grabs I thought i'd put it in here before a sale thread. You'll need a case, cooler and PSU, but i'm more than happy to leave several emulators and "home brew" games on there, to get you started! Windows 10 Pro 64GB SSD (mainly OS) 500GB HDD, with lots of software pre-loaded. LGA 2011 Motherboard Intel Core i7-3930K CPU 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 RAM @1600Mhz I was thinking about £80 £70 + delivery. Give me a shout if interested or if you've got questions. Edit: alternatively, I can buy-in the rest of the necessary components, put it all together then ship it out to you at cost. I enjoy doing that, so no additional charge for labour!
  13. I always try to put at least 15% of the game's duration, often 20%, before calling quits. Working out how long that is is much easier now there's https://howlongtobeat.com/ Saying that, I put about 19 hours into Sekiro before realising I just hated the structure too much to enjoy it. Classic Woody Allen, "The food was terrible, and such small portions" thinking, on that occasion.
  14. Ah well, I disagree with Mark here. Especially about Bruce Lee. What QT is doing there seems to be obvious and pretty important to the story: I think a lot of reviewers, even, are missing the point. The clue to the entire thing is spelled-out in the film's title. To move back to the positivity side of things, I lapped-up all the in-jokes I spotted (and I'm sure there's loads I missed), like Also Timothy Olyphant: There were loads of tiny roles that: None of this is particularly well-hidden or especially clever, but it is QT being QT and it's fun (if you like that kind of thing).
  15. Am I the last person to realise Nancy 'Bad Wig' Tench is the dance-y girl from The Office? Please say I'm not.
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