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  1. Sheeeeeit, what level were you? You must have caned it to get the bandwidth to get all that going. Very envious. I'm elite and got three stars so far, but don't have the chiral chops to run too many lines. Central Mountains is where they're most needed, but the sightlines so poor you need one every 100 yards
  2. I have it too - I was a backer of the Kickstarter when it had the non-shit name Formula Fusion. I've played a few builds of it and it's average to poor. It's not a Wipeout game in anything but implication and visual style, and handles like a poor man's F-Zero or Fast RMX. Fine for five minutes if you see it for a fiver. Otherwise, avoid.
  3. W E A P O N A R Y
  4. Because, as @RubberJohnny says, it needs a year (or the better part of). Not that November 17 is anything like 6 months away, not sure why people have that misconception There were rumours the demo was from January but, as loads of people earlier in the thread said, I don't think any of us believe this is true. In fact, wasn't it debunked already?
  5. I've seen it, via DF. I just didn't realise MS had updated it post-conference. I personally have no issues with the graphics, but then I own a gaming PC and a One X, will get it on Game Pass, and have no plans to get a Series X. I imagine those hungrily awaiting something beautiful for their new console will have more emotional investment.
  6. Oh right, I thought it was something they'd received as a download. My bad.
  7. I meant 6 months on from delivery date, so May 2021
  8. Yeah, I love the look of Halos 4&5 but they are all arenas with (as DF calls them) 'baked-in' lighting effects. As Richard says in the first vid they did, the non-stream version they got in the press kit version MS released following the conference looks a LOT better. My guess is Slipspace was developed from scratch to work on the original Bone, allowing for lighting effects to be overlaid. Problem is, looks to me like a) lighting effects aren't ready (doesn't even necessarily need to be ray traced, could be anything - none ready) and b) they've fucked-up with LOD and pop-in big time. I'm not sure how big a deal or how long it'll take to fix but there are only two things that can happen here... Either they pull it from release and give themselves at least six months from the proposed release date to fix this -- so well into Q2 2021 -- or they release it anyway with patches forthcoming. They might be able to get away with the latter as it's primarily going to be played on Game Pass, let's be straight here, but it'd be a baaaaad look from a marketing perspective. But if they miss day and date with Series X release, it'll really harm them. The worst thing in all this is, it's hitting all the problems both Destiny and Anthem had, but this is worse as not only should 343i have learned from those lessons, but it's also the flagship release for a new console!
  9. Awesome! Did you socket them, or is there not enough space in a cart for that?
  10. Woah, necrobump! I paid the princely sum of £9.95, according to my eBay history
  11. People are going spend crazy on games, too, as the likelihood they'll kill you is far lower than going to the cinema or the pub, so...
  12. Valve's The Lab! Keith_ will love it.
  13. Looks like it's the fish one I need. Is that what I need to do though, focus on the final stone? The advice is to find the cult leader. Why is this so confusing? Is it just me?
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