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  1. Had a good laugh at myself chasing down @SweatyTravolta not realising they hadn't had a pit stop. Took the inside line down the straight to Brooklands and realise there was absolutely no grip for braking and promptly went straight on. 10 seconds later they pulled into the pitlane Must have scrubbed my tyres early on in the first stint as was losing 1 to 2s a lap after about 10 mins, my second stint was much better for tyre wear though. Does anyone else find themselves unable to look at the leaderboard / laptimes without losing concentration? I've even got my steam frie
  2. Yeah out the box the OLED backlight is set to 100, and for darker rooms this is way over what we found was needed. I find 60 is a more comfortable level for viewing movies and playing games. I always take the rtings settings as a kind of baseline and then tweak it to what I'm comfortable with. Anyway 18 days to go
  3. I'm happy with mid-pack, mediocrity FTW!
  4. @scoobysi any chance of a share of your setup for lambo? I really dont know where you make the time up :-D Finding the car going very skittish after a couple of laps, and have tyres all balanced to 27.5 - if it's a bit cheeky, I'd be happy to try it after the race.
  5. Play Gears 5 first. Should give you the wow factor.
  6. Dunno about happy! But it's a change from the Bentley. I've made my bed now though, so fingers crossed.
  7. My livery on the new car for this season.
  8. Damn! Yeah I wasn't that close and saw you spin off, then on the straight it mentioned the lost connection. Game must have freaked out rather than me for a change.
  9. Race 1 was a facepalm for me. Classic late braking which clipped @Meers as I swerved to avoid a full on collision. It's been a wee while since I've raced online. Holding it together on the lambo I was gaining on @Meers and @SweatyTravolta when I lost it in the final chicane doing donuts for a minute or so Started racing @Olivia Neutron Bomb who spun off (or so I thought) only to be met with lost connection to the server. By that point it was race over. Ready for race 2 and 2 mins before the start the plumber phoned wanting to pop in and check I'd stopped the leak comin
  10. +1 for car change, regretting the Bentley as I drove it last season. Lambo or Mclaren to mix it up a bit.
  11. @Meers get on the keyboard or joypad. Do it, do it!
  12. Xbone - Forza 5, and probably finish with some shitty cheevo rinsing game due to the 10k points being offered this month, then it's getting boxed up and sold. PS4 - Resogun possibly, and will be finishing on Judgment or Mile Morales. No real rush to get a ps5 for me until there's a new GT and Everybodys Golf.
  13. Yup, when I'm lapping I keep thinking of that advert "when the fun stops, stop." Should've gone the Audi! Look forward to some battles with you on thursday
  14. They've knocked it on the head a bit, but it's still happening on occasion. The format is fun, but McGuiness and Flintoff are as unlikeable as ever.
  15. I think I might skip tonight folks, I got my flu jab today and feeling a bit rough. Will see how I feel closer to the time but if not have a great race and look forward to the highlights.
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