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  1. Finished this last night, and enjoyed it. We binged episodes 1 to 6 and watched the last 2 yesterday. It's defintely a binge watch show, as the pacing is pretty slow. But I loved the setting and characters.
  2. I think I prefer the 2 x 20 min sprints rather than the 60 min race. Not sure how everyone else feels? 60 min just felt that wee bit too long.
  3. Find budgieloader.exe right click and properties, then select compatibility, change high DPI settings, and tick Override high DPI behaviour, scaling performed by application. You may need the scaling fix to set the res to 3840x2160.
  4. Thanks to the forum I now have Outrun in 4k, fullscreen, correct audio and running smoothly One very happy Mr Majestyk.
  5. Outrun fans, any advice for running it fullscreen (not windowed) on a desktop resolution that is 4k? When I hit full screen it goes to the bottom left and is cut off, if I leave it in windowed mode it works and looks great. Tried a resolution fix I found online but setting it to 1080, 1440, or 4k gives the same results. Shame my version has some gangsta rap audio.
  6. Will leave this until tomorrow as I've not had any joy getting on. Hopefully things calm down a bit and they get it sorted.
  7. I'd be hoping for a good mix of weather, I'm finding the dry sunny conditions pretty stale, as if you're off the pace you only fall further behind. With day to night and mixed weather it forces people to move away from "hot lap" times and focus on not screwing up a pit stop, not overcooking it when tyre drop in pressure etc. There's no protocol, the question was posed and we went with that. Suck it up, it's light rain, the track has plenty of run offs, it's one we've all raced and I'm almost sick of doing in the dry as EVERY game puts you on a dry Laguna Seca (guess what, this isn't real life!), and if you don't like it then there'll be something along next week probably more to your liking. I'd rate Mt Panorama as one of my least favourite tracks, but so what? It's a couple of hours out of a week and it was worth it to see Dave drive straight on
  8. Set a 1.31.xxx in the rain, not sure of that's good, bad, or middle of the road lol.
  9. I'd requested the rain, I figure we all know Laguna Seca, and the rain would be a good leveller as anybody can bin it at any time.
  10. So far Outrun 2 - now runs great, but need to enable vsync or the framerate is too fast Sega Rally 3 - working great Sega Racing - good but controls are a bit twitchy Ford Racing, no luck getting the wheel to be emulated Virtua Tennis 4 - works great
  11. Any protips for getting Outrun to work on AMD GPU? Grabbed the latest tekno which is supposedly fixed the white screen issue, but still seeing it
  12. Probably be half seven by time I've had dinner, I'll jump on discord, if you're in a quali take a note of the server name
  13. I'd be up for some racing tonight.
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