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  1. Mr Majestyk

    Coinops Forgotten Worlds Arcade Front End For PC

    There's very little docs out there. Discord group seems to be the place to go - I had same issue with Space Ace etc, but just left them.
  2. Mr Majestyk

    Coinops Forgotten Worlds Arcade Front End For PC

    Likewise I've only ever used the add on packs to expand it. With the Dreamcast it's pushing 300gb now. Any issues I've had with packs usually get resolved by going to the discord group, as sometimes there are unpublished fixes.
  3. Mr Majestyk

    First film seen at the cinema

    For me it was Return Of The Jedi at the Odeon Hamilton. I was 7(ish) and my Dad took me. That was my local cinema for many years and I snuck into a fair few 15 movies while underage. The old battleaxe behind the ticket counter rarely challenged your age unless it was really obvious. Needless to say Star Wars on the big screen blew my tiny mind. After that I was hooked on the cinema
  4. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Protip for redream, copy a genuine bios into the folder. It'll solve a lot of compatibility issues. I grabbed a wiiware pack but I'm damned if I can find how to run it. Doesn't have the usual collections layout. Still, first world problems n all that.
  5. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    I found with lynx it went back to title screen, the problem was a missing core in retro arch. If you look in the settings files you can get a rough idea of what it’s trying to load and troubleshoot from there. Adding Dreamcast now even though I own redress. Coin ops is much better for tv out as it’s got full controller support.
  6. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Antivirus quarantined it?
  7. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    I think if you just drop the rom into the folder it'll pick it up and list it in plain text without artwork, I tried it with a wii rom. Although how you get the art etc onto it, I'm not sure.
  8. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Yeah when I open them they have the folder structure in place, collections, emulators, launcher.windows. So I just copy the same folders to the coinops dir.
  9. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    You just unzip them. They *should* work but if you need the cd32 fix I can supply that - save you going to discord site.
  10. What was the name of the book? I would quite like to read that too.
  11. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    I hear there's some ARCADE PUNKS who can help you out with that
  12. Mr Majestyk

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Bump, incase someone can help me out. I grabbed Coinops 3 FW Packed and everything works as expected. However I then grabbed 2 add on packs, CD32 and Cave. The Cave add on works great, but the CD32 add on boots only to the CD32 intro screen and won't start the game. Looking at the log it's running /emulator/winuae.exe /collections/../path to game.uae file. Running this from cmd line gives same results. Pressing F12 shows the image file is loaded with image type set to auto detect, if I change this to "image" and restart then the game will launch. Has anybody tried this with similar results? EDIT: there's a fix for all the .uae files, which I obtained from the discord site. Shall test tonight.
  13. Mr Majestyk

    Have you ever lost your save file?

    Wings Remastered. Sunk about 6 hours into the campaign, booted it up the next day "no save found". Gutted, and haven't been bothered to replay it since.
  14. Mr Majestyk

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    The controller is great - easily comparible to Xbox pad even though the angled design looks like it would be agony on your hands. I do find the lack of android games etc on it via the included play store a bit disappointing as I'm sure I've a few I've bought that would be compatible. I'll be interested to see what price Geforce Now comes in at when it goes live.
  15. They really need to lighten it up. I measured the length of Spectre by the amount of times the air con in the cinema kicked in, and the whole audience just trundled out at the end with mumblings of "that was shit" being heard. No laughs, no real blockbuster entertainment, just glum old Craig going through the motions as various action scenes are chained together. I fully expect them to do the same again for the next one, and while they should never go full Moore again on the series, there's surely got to be a better balance between gritty and entertaining.

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