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  1. Yep, I own all the UBI Trials games on pc or xbox so this was an extra for me. But you're right, it's way down the list of quality trials games. But I've had my 3 quid of entertainment out it.
  2. My handicap level is 12, but I still use novice clubs. From what I've found there's no real level up for power so when I've played ghosts we all tend to drive about the same. It does come down to practice and a bit of luck as to how well you score. Sometimes my putting is right on target and other times the courses have a different green speed which can mess up what I think is the right distance to hit. We played handicaps on this week and I really need to go and read up on how that works as my score was all over the place.
  3. Urban Trials Playground is currently 80% off if you're into Trials games. The deluxe is £3.23 but can't find it on the website. Will look on the switch when I get home.
  4. Yep, this is the 3rd one - and the most playable compared to the ice rink putting of the first 2. Handicaps on this week I see, managed -4 on round 1 and +11 on round 2 - go me!!!
  5. Same for me @dumpster - I go back and play Amiga games via emulation every so often, but it's usually for ten minutes or so, and compared to consoles the Amiga is a bit shit. But back in the day there was nothing to top owning an Amiga (or ST) as a home computer, until the 486 came along, and then the Megadrive and SNES. After that anyone who said the Amiga could hold it's own as a gaming platform was full of it. The most irritating thing about playing emulated games is knowing that even the CD32 versions still use up to jump!
  6. Felt good beating the "real" cars in my Lego Mini though! No complaints about this DLC, exactly what I expected, and that they added a radio station with Everything Is Awesome on continual loop has me humming it this morning, bastards!
  7. Set up a full 4 round tourney for this week. No handicap scoring so it's all down to luck on the day Pending invites accepted.
  8. That was great fun. Liked the 30 minute episode length, and the whole thing was really well done. Didn't seem to drag at any point, even the flashback episode.
  9. Just spotted this on sky and q'd the series. Shall be starting a binge tonight.
  10. Bit the bullet and sorted out a jap account and some credit from play asia. My goodness that's a great port of Virtua Racing!!!!
  11. @Skull Commander added you to the club - just accept the accepted invite accept and should be all good
  12. Watched it this week after a few folks in the work mentioned it and the wife and I loved it. I really should watch Horrible Histories.
  13. My X went noisy a few weeks before it started shutting down due to overheating. After changing the thermal paste it's quiet even with RDR2 / Hitman on. If it's under warranty, send it back.
  14. I've set up "Rllmuk golf" and added a 7 day event. Society is private to keep the riff-raff out, but feel free to send an invite. Set the entry cost to 0.
  15. Seeing as this was given away on GWG, would anybody be interested in an Rllmuk society with weekly events etc? @batistutauk and I have been sinking some time into this and it's decent fun albeit with the added frustration that the more sim like golf games offer. If there's enough interest I'll get something set up
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