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  1. What's the deal with visiting islands? If you travel to "online" islands is that folk on your friends lists who have the gate in the airport open? When you buy another Nook Miles ticket do you get to go to a randomly generated computer one? I'm needing the 30 Iron Nuggets but the rocks on mine are mainly spouting Clay and Stone, while the island I went to with the freebie ticket Tom gave me only had about 4 nuggets. Added a few mukkers on here who were on my suggested list in the hope of pilfering acquiring some Iron
  2. Got my fishing rod, net and currently cleaning up the area of weeds. Fighting with the wife for controller time. I knew this would happen when I let her do the tutorial. Sylvia the kangaroo seems pretty cool but Loui the Ape is my main man (ape).
  3. I had to drop it down from hurt me plenty. With a pad and my age I'm just not that good! Still grin inducing fun though, even on n00b setting
  4. Where's the pre-order stuff? Got mine from amazon, but no code in box, no bethesda.net shit popping up with it.
  5. Nah, Chris Cornell's You Know My Name was a fantastic Bond theme, this is just a dirge.
  6. Wow, that song has really hyped me up for 2 hours of rip-roaring action adventure, NOT. Sounds like an intro to a movie about a funeral. And the sooner they bury this sh*t story arc / Craig 007 the better.
  7. Good to know, as I was having similar issues last night. It was even a bit jittery with the intro movie. When I started co-op it went unplayable for about a minute but then seemed to settle down.
  8. It should never have left Criterion. Hot Pursuit is still the best NFS ever made.
  9. It’s no Lebowski but I enjoyed it as a road trip type movie. It seems like they’re all having fun with the characters.
  10. One Cut Of The Dead 5/5. Been told by a guy in work to watch this and sat with Mrs Majestyk for the first 30 odd mins promising her it would get good. By the end we were both crying with laughter. Highly recommend watching without reading any reviews.
  11. Got low expectations for this, won't be anywhere near as good as Lebowski, but Turturro and Cannavale may make it work.
  12. I've just finished this and agree with what's been said on here. Story - load of guff, I didn't care for it, but as I knew the game was short I let it play out without skipping. Meh, even at the end I had zero interest in the characters and it moved along too slow and predictably to draw me in. As for the actual game-play, I enjoyed everything it threw at me, and the "levels" ended just as they were becoming a wee bit tiresome. Unless you're desperate for some retro action linked with a shallow story that can be completely skipped, I'd wait for a sale. Not worth £8 IMO.
  13. Surely she can’t be as bad as Sam Smith? His whiny voice was wrong for a Bond film, mainly due to lack of any vocal power and squeaky.
  14. I came here to post that exact score never really got started and seemed to just trundle along with no clear character progression or hook. Pretty dull Jay & Silent Bob Reboot 2.5/5 Loved the first few Kevin Smith films and I think he's a brilliant stand up, but this just shows why he's having to self finance. Lots of throwbacks to his original films but if you're watching this for anything other than nostalgia it'll be a let down. Still laughed plenty, but that's probably down to familiarity with the source material. Ford vs Ferrari 4/5 Moves along at a good pace throughout and despite knowing the ending held my attention throughout. Bale and Damon are well cast and Bale plays the dickhead persona very well (probably close to real life for him!)
  15. Normal on PC : 173,606,872 Seemed to get a fair whack of achievements during that game too. Doubt I'll get that score easily again.
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