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  1. I got bored of this very quickly. It's budget Burnout - but despite the extra polish from Danger Zone 1 and 2, after an hour or so I've no real urge to progress any further.
  2. So, had a good mess around with this over the weekend and came to the following conclusions. NES, SNES, GB, MD, GG, SMS work great through retroarch / hyperspin. MAME - works great through retroarch / hyperspin. N64 - works great through retroarch / hyperspin. Gamecube - Pretty good, Dolphin Emu needs a bit of tweaking, but Monkey Ball and Mario Sunshine both playable. Dreamcast - Never got this working right through RA / Hyperspin, either crashes to desktop or controller wont work, but... images work great in RetroX - so I'll keep using that Saturn - Bit of corruption on Sega Rally, but playable. Never really a Saturn fan so won't be visiting many of them. PSP - seems ok - again needed to tweak, Outrun suffered some frame rate drops, but still able to AAA many of the challenges. PPSSPP pretty configurable, so mess around to find something that suits you. TD:DR - not a replacement for a full PC with emulation set up, but for couch retro gaming it's a damn fine collection. And it's still worth forking out the 7 quid for RetroX on the shield if you're that way inclined.
  3. Yeah it extracted to 199gb - same one. I've not quite got the dreamcast controls set up yet, but n64, ppsspp and gamecube are all good. Spent most of last night on Super Monkey Ball, then a chill out with Toejam and Earl
  4. I've just got a spare 1tb usb 2.0 I had lying around, not sure how long it'll last, hopefully until 512gb USB 3.0 drives come down in price
  5. Got mine from Currys too. External hard drive or a 256gb usb stick
  6. Just a heads up that there's a rather excellent Hyperspin 200gb install for the nvidia shield, available from the usual places. Fairly painless, just extract to storage, install the emulators, configure controls and away you go.
  7. Mr Majestyk

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    RIP bawsaq - hello MrMajestykMuk
  8. Mr Majestyk

    Arcade racer chat

    +1 for Horizon Chase Turbo. Closest I've played to Top Gear and Lotus in a long time.
  9. Mr Majestyk

    DRIVECLUB - being put to sleep by Sony in March 2020

    I’d be up for a farewell couple of TTs. Still the best racing game on the PlayStation.
  10. Mr Majestyk

    Forget Sekiro. GODS just received a Remaster!

    It's pretty bad. Play the original Amiga one, which is also pretty bad. Still waiting on the Stunt Car Racer remaster
  11. Mr Majestyk

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They wanted £180 to do a swap out on mine. I ended up using a guide on ifixit and replacing the thermal paste (and also giving the fans / heatsink a clean), cost me around a tenner for the tools + arctic silver m4 paste. The ifixit page is pretty thorough and shouldn't take you much longer than an hour or two if you're careful (removing the clamp was the biggest hassle). It's been almost silent ever since.
  12. Mr Majestyk

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    Dualshock peaked at ps2 and even then it needed triggers. Looks like Sony has been stuck in a rut since then. Touchpad? LOL Big bar of light to drain the already weak battery? MegaLOL! Floppy analog sticks - yup got those too. I'd have a 360 pad over a DS4 any day.
  13. Why is the mario theme off key? Apart from that it's a great show
  14. Mr Majestyk

    Trials Rising

    Mr Majestyk

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