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  1. Does PS5 Wreckfest use the trigger feedback?
  2. Genesis Noir will get you 1000G in 4 to 5 hours just for playing it. There's a small bit at the end to mop up 1 cheevo but you probably wont even need a guide.
  3. The main problem with Returnal is it's the next "next gen" PS5 title. And despite knowing that 1. I hate rogue-like 2. I hate horror games 3. I hate games with massive times between save points 4. Am I heck paying £70 for a game. There's still that underlying "ooh, shiny new game to play on new console". Glad I'm busy this weekend or I'd have probably folded.
  4. The Stowaway Slow and predictable. Ended up fast forwarding bits as it felt like it went on forever. 2/5
  5. As someone who didn't get on with Dirt 2.0, I'm having fun with this one. Handling seems alright with Xbox pad, but the game is pretty unforgiving of mistakes. Picked it up for £7 off and had more than my moneys worth out it. The online co-driver is a laugh. For £3.19 it's a no-brainer!
  6. It had an update today for me and will no longer start. Kept crashing out at the loading of the campaign. Restarted the ps5 and it just wont boot. Now trying a delete and reinstall. Shame, as I'm enjoying it. Just wont be enjoying it tonight.
  7. Finished the main story. About 50 hours played. Still plenty to mop up, but this has been one of my favourite open world games in a long time. Visually glorious with great combat and a satisfying level of gore when slicing and dicing. Once the stance system clicks its great shifting it mid combat to efficiently eliminate those damn Mongolians. I'll happily return to Tsushima to find the remaining shrines etc.
  8. Took a month trial and the ipad has wondered what's hit it. Great wee game and the controls work well.
  9. You sure that was me? Sorry if it was, but I don't mind any incidents apart from self inflicted running off the tracks
  10. Had an issue when I went back to this on ps5. "Start New Game" - NOOOO. Then realised I had to manually download my PS4 cloud save from PSPlus (overwriting the new save game). It still looks amazing and no longer have the fan going ballistic on the console when playing. You wouldn't know it was a last gen title.
  11. Played it up until I did a bit of combat. Irritating, almost headache inducing visuals, garbage story. There may be a decent game in there but it sure didnt sell it to me. Uninstalled after about 10 mins or so.
  12. Mr Majestyk

    It Takes Two

    Enjoying this, yeah the story is bobbins, but playing through it couch co-op it's keeping my teenager away from Fortnite for a bit. I do find it a bit soul destroying she's working out all the wee puzzle bits before me. The apprentice has become the master. Getting the odd stutter on series X but it clears up after a few seconds. More noticeable on the
  13. Great first race with some close calls with @SharkyOB. Sorry about the nudge on the hairpin @Meers. Spun at the chicane on on the 2nd race which left me dead last, but clambered back to 4th using all my skills and know-how (a/k/a luck).
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