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  1. Pokemon Go

    I'd have considered it but I'm glad the one I got is on a weekday when I'm already in glasgow.
  2. Pokemon Go

  3. Pokemon Go

    Sweet, I only need to catch a hundred Dratinis in 3 hours on saturday to get the Dragon badge. If the spawn rate is as silly as the pikachu event that might not be too hard.
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Unnecessary because they are women and/or chinese?
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    it's a bit harsh, the front page of the BBC has been that lassie lying crying in a heap 3 times now. It's not like she's the only british person doing stuff in Korea.
  6. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    if I had a spare 12 grand american http://www.romitaman.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=14733&ArtistId=1080
  7. Pokemon Go

    Yeah, 84% and 87% from a couple of raids. Not good enough to drop 400 candy in. That said I doubt the evolved form will actually have much use anyway. Could go with a proper shite one just to put it into gyms for the lulz. I've a few shinies (all ghosts) but my lack of a golden magicarp still rankles.
  8. Anime

    6 episodes in and guess where they haven’t got to yet. I am FURIOUS
  9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I'd definitely watch a series where a crack team of dead Sith hunt down and double-kill the spirits of Jedi. Force Ghostbusters. get it booked.
  10. Pokemon Go

    I'm at 327 candy and still don't have a good one *panic*
  11. All things Musou!

    Pretty much, not a lot changed in the 1400 years in between them. Different moustaches and some primative rifles.
  12. Anime

    Shogi Cats, want!
  13. Pokemon Go

    I stand corrected
  14. All things Musou!

    Yeah the consensus on 4chan seems to be that they've fucked this one up royal. Gutted as I was looking forward to it. I can enjoy Zelda / Samurai Warriors etc but the main series is where my heart lies.

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