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  1. Naieve

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Only been buy g it for like 9 months, finally got around to starting Black Badge. It’s really good
  2. Naieve

    The iOS gaming thread

    Castle Wreck has an incredible physics engine for mobile shovelware. Impressive
  3. Naieve

    Nintendo Switch

  4. If nothing else it'll definitely be better than the end of Battlestar Galactica OMG we wuz the white walkers all along!
  5. Naieve

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Ronda Rousey's dialog delivery is bad and she should feel bad
  6. If they do a '10 years later' ending I'll vomit hate and blood. They are never good.
  7. Naieve

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    apparently people who work at the Lego shop get the same problem with smelly shop-stalker weirdos. Fuck that.
  8. Naieve

    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently you can, but the second switch needs to be online and you can't be playing it on the original switch at the same time.
  9. makes sense he would need Bran then, since he fucking SUCKS
  10. Naieve

    Nintendo Switch

    Game, maybe HMV if you have a massive one nearby. Same if you have a big Tesco / Sainsburies etc etc
  11. Naieve

    The Victim (BBC)

    maybe they didn't want to hype it up too much in case Jon Venebles came looking for royalties. Was good though
  12. Naieve

    Pokemon Go

    I’ve got a couple of lucky friends but all randos so unlikely to meet them. Well over 800 rabbits seen since the event started and no shinies. Did get a blue Shuckle though. Yuuus
  13. they certainly bothered to remind the audience that he exists this week. Unless it was just a random dog on the set
  14. I had kinda hoped they were going to show up in Davos' school dinners queue. Rawwr, we're hungry, rawwrr

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