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  1. can you throw your lightsaber at cunts like in Jedi Academy? and then force pull it back Kratos style?
  2. is the twist that he's working for the chinese regime and takes her heart, liver and various other organs?
  3. it's kinda of a running joke in Edinburgh now that everyone pretends that red post boxes are worthy of being stops, they just add a wee bit about what type it is to make it sound more interesting so it gets through review.
  4. Dragontits and Crazy Rich Asian get together in the end?
  5. sweet little pre-order droid bonus!
  6. Everything that isn't written by Hickman = nope Yeah that was ridiculous. Everyone can presumably die again but it's 99% banter between clops and his kids Good banter though, Cable is good fun. Warren Ellis' Batman was a bit weird. It had an obviously traced picture of Ron Howard's brother Clint, 2 very strange shots of Batman's gooch and then just ended in the middle of a conversation. Weeeeird.
  7. Nah it's been simplified a wee bit for the new gen. There's just 3 types now. Parchment, Pebble and Secateurs
  8. Or they just don't want to see any of the new mons before they encounter them in-game.
  9. It just seems to be an accepted part of how publishers do business these days. Gotta make interest on all those pre-order £fivers before people realise your game sucks balls (not this one hopefully) and cancel
  10. they should have called it 'The Doo!'
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