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  1. how can you do Game of the Year before *INSERT SOME XBOX GAME HERE* comes out?????
  2. how can you do Game of the Year before BUGSNAX comes out?????
  3. yeah true enough, maybe when I've got a buttload of switch points to spend
  4. stolen wholesale from resetera THIRTEEN FRAMES A SECOND Due to that and the fact that I didn't really like fighting the big moblins I'm going to get Berserk Musou for the PS4 instead I think, since I've been re-reading the manga. Maybe pick this up on the cheap down the line.
  5. the core gameplay of keeping baddies under fire while your other squad sneaks around the block to slot them from the side never stops being great.
  6. Full Spectrum Warrior is great. Shame they never made a new one.
  7. I don't particularly like the new graphics (they haven't completely shat the bed like with SoTC but those miner orks look well rubbs) or sounds. Pre-order cancelled
  8. spoilers that pop up when you start going fast are the coolest shit ever. ever
  9. From a developer point of view, if you work on a game for a number of years and then it gets snapped up for PS+ / Gamepass is it a great result (like getting signed up by a major music label back when such things mattered) or a shit one (like going straight into the bargain bin)?
  10. it sounds kinda like a sci-fi Dynasty Warriors with a ship thing instead of a big fuckoff Chinese man. Are you playing with a pad or does it need mouse & keyboard?
  11. according to resetera Crash Bandicoot and COD: BO3-ZCE (ffs) are new and final fantasy fifteen has been upgraded from pleb edition to royal edition.
  12. I wonder if you can still add PS5 games to your account via the PS4
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