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  1. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    I have! Loved it but it was nails. I should give it another shot. Also reply to my pm on Facebook about beers over Xmas! Will check that out too. Thanks for the recos all.
  2. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Put a few hours into it but it didn't hook me. I could give it another shot. Great visuals if i recall. I have Stardew Valley downloaded which i'm hoping will scratch my animal crossing itch but again, I wasn't hooked after a few hours of falling asleep in a field.
  3. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Hi. I'm doing some travelling this weekend and fancy a new game. Quite fancy the new pokemon but can't get it in time. Recently i've enjoyed dead cells and enter the gungeon as pick up and play games. Anything similar or along these lines? Tempted my mark of the ninja but did complete it way back. Astral chain also in the running.
  4. Just turn it off in the menu bruh
  5. Just hit level 50 at around 23hours in. I can't wait to get a bottle of wine in tomorrow and play all night again with the chaps. Great game when it flows.
  6. https://www.pcgamer.com/china-cracks-down-on-online-gaming-with-a-curfew-and-time-limits/?utm_content=buffer30d27&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb No gaming after 10pm. 90mins during the week (not sure if daily) and 3hr cap per day on the weekend. Pretty mental. How do we feel about it? Sucks for the kids but it's a smart move.
  7. The first marksman rifle is the most unbalanced? First time I've heard that. Holding down the entrance to the shop and the window I wouldn't call camping. It's tactical. I'm having to switch between a shotgun, claymore and marksman constantly depending where the threat is and move constantly. I'm not sitting in a corner. If you know I'm there, don't come, or use grenades through the window (you can also jump onto the ledge outside) , disable my claymore, use a flash, communicate with a buddy and take me down.
  8. Haven't had a single problem with campers but then I don't play team deathmatch. It's all about the objective games. I absolutely LOVE holding the shop window in Piccadilly, got up to a 17 kill streak yesterday, first time ever. Marksman rifle, claymores, shotgun. Absolute blast. Has anyone played hardcore mode yet? What is it about? edit: not sure if fun or not.. https://gameranx.com/features/id/185744/article/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-how-to-play-hardcore-mode-multiplayer-guide/
  9. We've been playing lots of it. So much fun. I'm 7/8 hours ahead of you so will only be able to join at the weekends but we should organise a little tournament. First to 5wins of 6 progresses or something.
  10. Nice. What are your gaming hours? I'll make a thread in online.
  11. Maxed out the first marksman rifle and I absolutely love it. 4 of us have been playing search and destroy constantly and then switching to 2vs 2 private gun fight, without a doubt the best mode in the game. Any one interested in a private gunfight tournament in teams of two? I can organise it.
  12. Genuinely stuck (again) this time on the 5th Dungeon... Any non spoiler tips? I'm guessing the hookshot is in here somewhere..
  13. We are playing search and destroy almost exclusively as a 3-4 man team and it is absolutely fantastic. I really enjoy the one life rounds. It's unbelievably tactical if you want it to be. Still enjoying the standard marksman rifle (up to level 40) and the last shotgun. Tried the riot shield also last night which is quite fun..
  14. Super pumped for the most electrifying man in sports entertainment to give that belt. Did you see the video with Dana? He has an announcement to make.. It better not be that he's stepping into the ring..
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