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  1. Thanks chaps. I must have completely missed it! Idiot.
  2. Couple of Qs, I'm at 1-2 and have been dicking around on 2/3/4/5-1. Where do I get souls arrows? Haven't seen any yet. On 5-1, with the weird magic dudes, I killed 2-3 of them but seem to be stuck in the upstairs section, have opened all of the prison cells. How do i get to the next part of the level?
  3. Is there anyway to re-spec your character? I think I have been foolishly putting souls into strength and read earlier in the thread that it doesn't actually boost your attack power unless your weapon scales with strength whoops
  4. So I've spent all evening basically dicking around the first sections of all the world's, dying, collecting whatever loot I can gather and levelling up. Handling my endurance much better now. I think I'm ready for that big boss in the first world now. Will take him on in the morning after doing a couple of runs to collect some herbs because I am completely out of items.
  5. Happy I got this weapon but now a bit peeved I upgraded my battle axe +3 and used valuable materials already!
  6. Excellent tips. thank you! Already feeling a bit of an improvement.
  7. Got it. So I should also not have two right or left equipment selected for example unless I really need them.
  8. @Goemon- is the fat rolling because of carrying excess items or the because of the items you are carrying?
  9. Thanks for tuning in! Ha. I've just got rid of that metal armour and gone back to my leather. Managed to get that sword but didn't kill the guy guarding it. I think it scales with magic but unsure if it does magic damage or how I can enable that. Going to try a few of the other first sections of the other worlds, level up a bit then go for the tower knight again..
  10. Live baby! Trying to find some weapon that is supposed to be quite powerful..
  11. I think i found that trick but I just did such marginal damage.
  12. Well this guy just absolutely whooped me. I barely did any damage to him. Am i right in thinking that if I am under levelled and not doing damage, I don't necessarily need to continue on that path but can go to one of the other worlds, collect some souls, items, gear up and then go back later? I tried that dragon run again naked to get the loot. negative, that does not work. Scorched! Will try going back with a tonne of arrows..
  13. I think it shows the stats of the weapon but not what I currently have, which is a tad annoying. Maybe I am missing something basic (probably). I have teleported to 4.1 as I heard there's a good sword relatively near the start. Got completely whooped by the first skeleton but i'm holding down the fort now.
  14. Seems I just missed a massive lever at the end of the bridge with the dragon. Lol. Question, i've picked up a decent sword but it says i don't have the required stats for it. However it also doesn't tell me what stats I am falling short of in order to use it. In Bl;oodborne and DS3 it would show you. Any ideas on how to see?
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