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  1. The Walking Dead!

    Finally, that was the amazing episode I've been waiting for. I haven't been gripped like that since Negan first trapped them in the woods. The only bits that jarred were the close ups of slow motion faces Now, I'll wait 24h and then come back to this thread to discover why I should have hated it.
  2. Muse

    Don't like the new one. But then, I never liked madness either. It's a shame, I used to bloody love them.
  3. Muse

    I've heard that song before. And I don't mean the personal Jesus comparison. They've been playing that in their live performances for years (skip to 5:55): https://youtu.be/A1Ajxkws0Og I think it's quite clever as the first time I heard the new song it immediately took me back to a time when I liked muse (origen of symmetry / absolution era) so I couldn't help but like the sound. BUT. They've taken the original muse sound I like and overlaid it with their new batshit mental guff which ruins it. I feel sorry for them really, if they'd released original sounding stuff all these years of be moaning that their albums all sound the same. They release something different and I moan because it's too different. Edit: better example of psycho riff, Glastonbury 2004
  4. I'M SORRY, I ONLY HAVE THE 3DS VERSION AND I'LL BE IN BED THEN ANYWAY It's an item, the smashball. It floats around the screen and takes a few hits before breaking open. Then you press the special move button without inputting a direction to aviate it.Edit: Joffo beat me to it.
  5. Smashboards is the community for smash.
  6. Is the online horrible and laggy like the 3ds?
  7. Ganoncide is still possible, someone did it to me last night. He warlock punched me to take my first stock, then when I came back he jumped off the stage and activated side B just about level with the edge of the stage. I was standing on the edge, he dragged me off the edge to my doom. I didn't realise you could do it to people standing on the stage! It was beautiful, I wanted to give him a high five.
  8. *comes back from training mode* They've made his dash attack faster and have made it easier to get both hits on his forward smash. So they've nerfed his projectile game but buffed his sword attacks. Time to change the way I play him then.
  9. Aww balls, the latest update has nerfed Link. You can no longer use the bomb throw to cancel landing animation. Weep.
  10. It really is Ganoncide for Spainkiller: http://youtu.be/_nCGMyE11Vg
  11. It's Bowser's side special. Ganoncide better eh? It's about a million times harder to land though. If I was to play for 30 minutes trying to land it I'd end up just throwing myself off the screen repeatedly. Sod it, I'll have a go tonight
  12. Yep, my 136 year ban is definitely on the way after tonight, I've been laughing like a drain every time I land it . Please excuse the awful video quality, stupid YouTube compression: Bowsercide fun!: http://youtu.be/4XfjEiCMC7w
  13. My new favourite thing to do on for glory, Bowsercide! (It's surprising how many people don't know you can pull against it): http://youtu.be/fwwLd0Vd4To
  14. I'm still playing every day and loving it. It is clear that some characters are much better than others. I played a sheik who caught me at the start of the round with f-tilt over and over again, I couldn't really do anything until I was over 70% which was roughly the point it stopped comboing me. Mario's up tilt is similar but I escape that at about 30% ish. I saved the sheik match, I'll upload it later. I don't know why more sheiks don't spam f-tilt, it's very effective. Edit: Link (me) vs Shiek: http://youtu.be/2W30Ym7nV5Y

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