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  1. I have opinions of this episode however they don't 100% align with those of @PC Master Race so I'll keep them to myself and fuck off until next episode in the hope that I am able to express my thoughts on that one.
  2. It's Soji? I've been hearing Sergei and it's made me think of meerkats every single time!
  3. I'm not usually someone who shouts at the tv. I think only Discovery has made me shout "fuck off" at it before. But there was a scene in ep4... My god it was bad.
  4. Exited for the next episode? Did you see the sneak peek for the next episode? It looked like a load of shit. This isn't what I want to be typing! I want to love this!
  5. Side note on a stupid but not important thing: Those transporter gateways at starfleet command look like a disaster waiting to happen. People teleporting in at almost the same spot as someone else walking up and teleporting out. It looked like they were almost bumping in to each other on arrival, they are millimetres away from appearing inside someone.
  6. I went into episode 1 not expecting much, but I was blown away, I loved it. Episode 2:
  7. New character today! I'm looking forward to being disappointed by it later when I get a chance to play. I'm more interested in the balance changes. The shield in general got buffed, and there's some changes to quite a lot of the existing cast: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/48674/~/super-smash-bros.-ultimate-update-ver.-7.0.0---fighter-adjustments As a Young Link main I am surprised at the buffs, I thought he was a very balanced character. He wasn't the best but he was still good. Having up smash and up air killing earlier could make him very good, although I don''t yet know how much stronger they are. His z-air change sounds interesting, could that now be a combo starter? I'll have to wait until later today to try it out.
  8. Absolutely this. The opening scene was like seeing old friends again after years apart. I made me feel things, I may have even got something in my eye. I was hoping it would be good, but was expecting it to be meh. It turned out to be amazing! I hope it continues this good.
  9. I'll still get the 2nd fighters pass. I think they should have released the characters on fp1 in a different order. Ending with another Fire Emblem after the hype of the other characters was very meh. If they'd ended on Banjo the internet would have broke.
  10. Only a few minutes to go! Over 200k watching live!
  11. Microsoft and Nintendo won for the Banjo in Smash reveal.
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