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  1. Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    I gave up on this mid way through season 2 but I watched the season 4 opener as I heard it had Morgan in it. Now I wan't to know what happened to the ftwd characters which is weird as I couldn't be arsed with them before. I still can't be arsed to carry on with season 2 though, was season 3 any good?
  2. The Walking Dead!

  3. The Walking Dead!

    Comic spoilers:
  4. The Walking Dead!

    I didn't follow the plan at all.
  5. The Walking Dead!

    You're kidding me? They are dragging this out for another season? All out war was done in 12 comics.
  6. The Walking Dead!

    Oh for fuck sake.
  7. The Walking Dead!

    They've travelled a fair bit over the years: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?oe=UTF8&msa=0&ie=UTF8&mid=1EIyl56n4fzRrSD1sMMjfTlug_i4&ll=34.798867030767866%2C-79.17955418811556&z=6 That map is based on the comics up to 2011 which puts it behind the TV series so there aren't any spoilers. There's only spoilers for the comic regarding which characters die which is very different from the TV series.
  8. What game brought you back to gaming?

    The last few years I've just been mobile gaming, I didn't buy any of the last gen consoles. Smash Bros on the Switch will be the thing that brings me back. I had Smash 4 on the 3DS and I couldn't justify buying a WiiU to buy it again. Also, my kids are now at an age where they can play games and they are begging me to buy a Switch.
  9. The Walking Dead!

    I didn't understand this one at all. Why were they naming some of the characters throughout the episode with a cut to white text on a black background? I know who Rick is, thanks. (To be fair I wouldn't have remembered Enid's name and I've already forgotten the bin lady's). And speaking of bin lady
  10. The Walking Dead!

    That episode was amazing. I don't care what you lot say.
  11. The Walking Dead!

    Finally, that was the amazing episode I've been waiting for. I haven't been gripped like that since Negan first trapped them in the woods. The only bits that jarred were the close ups of slow motion faces Now, I'll wait 24h and then come back to this thread to discover why I should have hated it.
  12. Muse

    Don't like the new one. But then, I never liked madness either. It's a shame, I used to bloody love them.
  13. Muse

    I've heard that song before. And I don't mean the personal Jesus comparison. They've been playing that in their live performances for years (skip to 5:55): https://youtu.be/A1Ajxkws0Og I think it's quite clever as the first time I heard the new song it immediately took me back to a time when I liked muse (origen of symmetry / absolution era) so I couldn't help but like the sound. BUT. They've taken the original muse sound I like and overlaid it with their new batshit mental guff which ruins it. I feel sorry for them really, if they'd released original sounding stuff all these years of be moaning that their albums all sound the same. They release something different and I moan because it's too different. Edit: better example of psycho riff, Glastonbury 2004
  14. I'M SORRY, I ONLY HAVE THE 3DS VERSION AND I'LL BE IN BED THEN ANYWAY It's an item, the smashball. It floats around the screen and takes a few hits before breaking open. Then you press the special move button without inputting a direction to aviate it.Edit: Joffo beat me to it.
  15. Smashboards is the community for smash.

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