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  1. I just watched infinity war again and the end with Vision and Wanda was just met with a shrug the first time I watched it. This time I was in bits. This show has made me care about 2 characters I had no interest in before. It's amazing.
  2. I'm so invested in this now. What an episode. Actual man tears multiple times. Absolutely wonderful.
  3. I remembered last night how shitty the final line was (I think it was the final line, there was a lot of shit enraging me at the time). They had spent some time in a previous episode discussing Saru's catchphrase when giving an order. They could only come up with terrible ones that sounded odd. Nothing like "engage", or "hit it". Final scene, new Captain gives an order. Dramatic pause... Here comes the catchphrase we've all been waiting for..... "Let's fly" (whispered). Nope. Shit. Fuckoff.
  4. Utter, utter shit from start to finish. But especially the finish I made the mistake of watching season 3 after a shit season 2, but I thought going into the future was an interesting idea. They fucked it up. I have no reason to watch any more.
  5. Fuck sake. I keep pausing it because it's too awful. I'm gesturing wildly at the screen and looking up at the ceiling most of the time because I just can't make eye contact with the thing,. I'm currently half way through and I've come in here to read @Benny blow by blow account so I don't have to watch the last half and his bloody netflix account has expired. 2021 is so much shitter than 2020 now I have to watch the last half. Fuck me it's bad.
  6. Breed every colour of each type of flower. That one kept me busy for months.
  7. I actually enjoyed the mirror universe bit (I still haven't seen season 1 space Hitler so I'm missing a lot of context there). But when it went back to the prime universe.... 3 seconds later come the tears. Just fuck right off with that now, It's just pure trolling at this point. The toast at the end was so cringe I turned it off, I just couldn't sit through it.
  8. I've gone back to watch season 1 from the point I gave up because I want to know where evil Georgio came from and what happened to the giant tardigrade. I'm up to ep10 now, and once you ignore the fact they are jumping around the galaxy with magic mushrooms, it's not too bad! OR. Season 3 is so bad that season 1 now looks like a masterpiece. What happened to the giant tardigrade? It activated its spore drive and vanished. Ok.
  9. I didn't mind this one, barring the dull start. Mirror universe Discovery is far more interesting than Prime. I am missing a lot of context though as I never watched the mirror episode(s?) in S1 as I gave up on it at about episode 4 (the one where they put a giant micro organism in nipple clamps to teleport through a network of mushrooms, I can't understand why I didn't carry on with it...)
  10. It wasn't a bad episode. It wasn't a good episode. It was a meh episode.
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