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  1. I see your train track around town and raise you my train track around the whole island that goes on for far too long and is totally daft. It's slightly longer than a minute admittedly...
  2. Half of the reason I didn't like it as much as I almost did was I thought it was too much of a setup for sequels. Which then never happened
  3. I don't know if I should have looked up what else akiva goldsman has got writing credits for and although a beautiful mind is in there, he also wrote screenplays for such classics as transformers dark knight, batman forever and batman and Robin, da Vinci code and insurgent as a few examples. Plus kurtzman is involved... Pleasebegood pleasebegood pleasebegood.
  4. Well exactly. Although perhaps "for the kids" is the argument but then that's where the whole broom boy and anyone can be force powerful/ a jedi works much better than it all being down to having the right parents, which as a message for said kids, is fucking rubbish.
  5. Grant would have been better but I still think you could have channelled his being continually shat on in the first too into being the villain which would have still been less eye rolling than effectively negating Vader's sacrifice in jedi.
  6. Or rather it was perpetuated by the films and TV of the time that were written by men even though feminism had been on the go for a while. It's this that I think is the points being made. Also @Chosty, you may be right that when harry met Sally would have been shorter if they just met and got married (and not as funny) but despite that being written by a woman, the whole 'men and women can't be friends because men just always want to bang' is a very dangerous message that was taken on board by a lot of people as effectively fact and is definitely an underlying part of the attitudes of your pick up artist/ MRA types. It's an interesting mess that we get ourselves in as a species
  7. Also the whole "there's no bad guy" idea is just daft imo. Kylo being completely unhinged sets him up as a far more interesting villain than emperor survived lol. Or even if you must have him redeemed, make Hux get even more traitorous, you know, like that bit when he nearly finished off kylo until he got up again. Apparently my 14 year old nephew enjoyed it so I guess that's more the audience than 40 this year me but I can't help but think that's just because at the cinema so much flashy stuff is happening you don't have time to think about what the fuck is going on and how none of it makes sense.
  8. Lacking urgency sounds like a positive when it comes to star trek.
  9. I was so surprised when I saw him just do his normal voice in I think an episode of columbo as a kid, I thought he happened to genuinely be Indian and exaggerated it or something along those lines, rather than it being completely put on.
  10. One of the things I find most intriguing is that I don't agree with the whole "movies make you want to kill people" or things like that but I do think the surrounding themes or character archetypes can often be assumed to be true or correct as they may be presented as more 'real' than chuck Norris shooting loads of bad guys without ever using cover and so on. It's sort of the representation of people, especially in a more general sense or behaviour that filters in. Also over repetition, for instance face man in A-Team does his "master of disguise" trick in almost every episode but if you watch it now, it pretty much just him chatting up the receptionist or whomever and I'll admit, as a kid, I did grow up thinking that he (and other similar versions of a "handsome man") are almost the only thing a woman would be attracted to, aside from odd rarities. It's embarrassing to admit it but I can't really pretend otherwise. Whereas that's actually complete bollocks. It's the same as the toxic masculinity side of things and men shouldn't show emotion, or even the generic things like jocks and nerds. I genuinely doubt that a lot of high schools are actually like they were depicted in the movies we saw in the 80s, or if they are, it's because they are perhaps unintentionally behaving the way that they think they should do. It brings to mind the thing whoopi goldberg said about star trek, she loved seeing uhuru because it made her think that black people would still be alive in the future and could get to be on a spaceship like that. I find that almost simple hope created from that is amazing, as a white western guy, I'm always in everything and never doubted it could be otherwise. I can barely imagine what it would be like growing up having homosexual feelings in the 80s and 90s with basically everything saying that those feelings are wrong, or a point of comedy etc and even without knowing it I could conceive that you would suppress any inkling towards it from a very young age because of those subtle messages. Another thing I came to realise which is a more generic thing rather than sexism/ homophobia etc but because Hollywood has been the dominant source of movies, it's quite strange how much very specific American things that everyone would know but you don't have a clue about the equivalent in other countries. Things like 911, or even the names of certain places, or companies, I never intended to remember any of these things but I do. I'm also enough of a movie bellend that I watch a lot more foreign films than your average Joe but I don't know anywhere near the same amount about those other countries whose films I've seen. Tl;dr I think movies do have an influence but in a very different way than they're given grief for.
  11. That YouTube channel I posted on the previous page covers it well and also the fact whenever a woman does it, they're portrayed as the bad kind of stalkers and unhinged. It's really quite disturbing and does show where a lot of the entitlement of the pick up artist crowd could get their ideas from. It's a lot to do with how critical thinking and analysis isn't generally something that is taught imo. Spielberg for instance has loads of themes in his movies about fatherhood because of his own issues with his parents but thankfully not in as much of a dangerous way as the homophobia and sexism. It isn't that difficult to imagine that some of these writers of 80s movies had bad luck with women because they were nerdy writers (or whatever, just an example, I'm a nerd too) that had difficulty with getting the lady they fancied so wrote a film/ story where that happens. The problem is of course then people think that this fantasy of theirs is actually what could and does happen in the real world. I find it all very interesting.
  12. He was on Stephen Colbert last night because CBS and they showed just one clip of him saying he left Starfleet because it wasn't Starfleet anymore and then about the fact he has the pitbull as number one.
  13. This is also a very interesting thing about these things coming to light, it's not a case of saying any of these movies from our youth or history in general are now terrible, it's just noticing the things that are in them from a different point of view and seeing that they aren't very healthy in the grand scheme of things. It's a lot like the different readings of fight club and the matrix, some people can read things in different ways and it's good to be aware of that. It's much like what happened with anita sarkeesian bringing to light the fact that there's a lot of strange things in video games. The majority of the audience may not take sub text (or even plain text) in an unhealthy way but it is there.
  14. He did a whole load of shilling for the terminator sequels that came out, presumably to ensure he got all the money he could to develop these. After watching the making of the first one I got the impression there was a certain amount of using it to promote the tech he made and also keeping everything simple so the fact people were watching all cg giant cat people for the majority of it wouldn't clash with much of a plot. At least I hope so anyway, he definitely knows how to tell a story so with any luck, with three of them it can be a bit more involved. He will also have made a load from avatar land at Disney I'm sure and presumably they would want this to help cross promote that and let him do his own thing. My main concern would be that they end up being a bit too safe but with great visuals or he gets really carried away with something like 4DX and the like, which although quite entertaining, are more gimmicky than anything else and obviously don't lend themselves to home viewing etc. I'm still quietly confident though, he's no Michael bay and also isn't quite as hit and miss as the likes of Ridley Scott as another director who is amazing at the visual and actual direction side of things. Then again, we'll probably get an announcement that kurtzman and orci are somehow involved as well as Chris Terrio
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