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  1. I hope that Michael Wright is in the next Bond. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0942646/
  2. I wonder if any of us will know the director they will choose? Maybe it will be Alan Smithee.
  3. No one is arguing. Talk about Bond FFS or start a who knows Michael Mann and doesn't know Edgar Wright thread.
  4. It was more just a throwaway comment to get back into discussing Bond after disputing who knew what directors. I don't think bond and the MCU are comparable, just a little aside about the amount of movies.
  5. That sounds like memberberries the book. And now film.
  6. I was more making the point how churned out the MCU has been that they're already on 19/ 20 rather than 'better' than Bond. Considering it's probably one of the longest going movie franchises in the pre cinematic universe time of film and yet there are only 24 of them. I still think they really ballsed up the Craig films by not making them tie into each other better, as @K said a few posts back, they all somehow come across as the first in a trilogy. I thought quantum was poop but liked what seemed to be not bad setup/ world building and then we had James Bond does home alone.
  7. I know they would be even less well known but shouldn't they have been mock ups of video game box art? P.s. I have no idea what the book or film is really about, I just assumed given the name and the trailer and general osmosis that it was about games more than films. P.p.s. the matrix one just made me think of "what are ya buyin'?" More than neo.
  8. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    I bloody love driveclub but this looks awesome, @Rushy is it local multiplayer? 2P split screen at least? 3 with one on a vita ? Only messing, will get it even if it's just 1p, look forward to further news. Can some of the local pixel art experts knock up a rllmuk tombstone? Maybe a breakfast bag?
  9. Or just call it 007 and lean in to the fact he's just an agent rather than one bloke all these years. It's crazy to think this is only the 25th bond after all this time but ant man and the wasp will be the 19th MCU movie.
  10. Yes I can spell Schwarzenegger off the top of my head very easily thanks, and the word from Mary Poppins if this is a spelling bee. Hugo is all about film and Scorsese's love of film, the whole thing is a love letter to cinema but then of course you'd know all about that and Lumiere etc if you were a huge movie buff so I don't know why I'm feeding the troll. Anywho, I'm curious as to what they'll do with this Bond and if it will actually follow on in any meaningful way unlike the other ones. I still think casino royale is his best one but I've not seen them all for a while.
  11. Obvious troll is obvious now? Mis-spelling Scorsese as well as saying he didn't watch Hugo because he's interested in film? Not knowing Edgar Wright given the relatively small amount of films I could sort of buy but now it's just getting a bit silly.
  12. As long as the script has a lot more punctuation than necessary.
  13. My Picross game - Picrastination

    I skipped the tutorial as I've played loads of picross but I'll give it a look. The other thing (which could be an option, I've not checked) is the time penalty for getting a square wrong isn't activated. Although that is also a good thing if the 'row lock' you mention isn't on for mouse control.
  14. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    What was the first round of the current game? Or is it the same so I can just add two scores for kanaloa out in the rain? P.s. I'm not sure if I've added the info to the ladder page properly
  15. My Picross game - Picrastination

    Many thanks firstly and well done secondly I really like the 'flipping' and sound feedback, the puns and the pictures behind them are nice and different after Nintendo re using stuff like, I dunno, top hat over and over. I like the non square shapes, the general blocky text and slightly retro feel is good but it's just a little bit weird playing it on a 55" TV with a mouse. I'd have probably finished the whole thing if I had it on 3DS or switch I'll play it some more this weekend but what sort of feedback do you want/ need? I'm assuming mainly check if we find any bugs more than anything?

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