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  1. Part two will be half life: Barney and then half life: Cline. Sorry. As if they will make a third game in a series.
  2. The snyder cut won't ever be the complete idea because it was meant to be two films for one thing. The other thing is snyder being shit.
  3. Fair point but there was some understandable worry given their pedigree and at least there's improvement.
  4. Yeah, alien isolation would have been a better template to use, although making it a bit more like fallout could have worked too in terms of the survival type side of things. I didn't expect it to be a groundbreaking though as it has to appeal to everyone to get as many sales as possible and if you don't play that many games or are young and haven't seen the better versions of it's influences, it's not dreadful. It's definitely better than that Rambo game (based on that giant bomb video).
  5. It's a film series with time travel though, you could easily have chrono trigger style time travel stuff to thwart your one t-800. You could even add in some "who do you trust" type stuff with people on the radio giving you missions but they're doing the voice impersonation stuff, let alone having a t-1000 looking like people too.
  6. It's moderately entertaining but yeah I'm going to play something better soon.
  7. This has daft lower level enemies like spider robots and HK "scouts" (think doom flying skulls) and it's kind of like a shit fallout in that there's a skill tree, lock picking, crafting tables, resources to collect and side quests. One of which had me finding a puppy for a little kid with what is probably the worst bark sound effect I've ever heard in a game. I've also now been somehow carrying said puppy in my coat for about half an hour while being set on fire and attacked by robots. I'm still playing it though but I'm hard pressed to recommend anything other than waiting for it to be on game pass/ ps + etc. There's obviously worse games but it's just so bland given the licence and possible potential.
  8. This isn't very good. It might get better but fuck me if it isn't generic as balls to begin with.
  9. I think it's only the structure of the narrative in VLR that is much better.
  10. I like how the bit at the start was all set in that underground missile base.
  11. Should have been the konami code (or was this the code that allegedly made Lara naked in the original tomb raider or some such?)
  12. I really enjoyed it but there aren't nearly as many kerblammo moments in comparison to VLR. It's presumably due to VLR largely being a visual novel but it is a shame. There were a lot more things that I thought were going to happen in the way his previous games did but this one just doesn't. Still good and fantastically bonkers but I prefer the multiple locks and different paths of the previous games.
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