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  1. b00dles

    Worst game names ever

    Boogaboo the flea.
  2. b00dles

    Detective Pikachu movie

    That looks actually quite good. I know that's the point of the trailer but using the detective pikachu for a movie is clever. I'm amazed it's a WB movie.
  3. b00dles

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    This has totally passed me by but my psvr has been neglected so I'm going to get involved on pay day. I trust the 'muk.
  4. Nicolas cage as all of the fantastic four
  5. b00dles

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    The infamous middle "dark " episode of a trilogy was too miserable. Empire was miserable too then?
  6. b00dles

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Yeah I'll definitely watch it when it turns up on Netflix probably around Christmas but I'm not going to the cinema for it, no way. Which is crazy thing to think, teenage me that loved those McFarlane covers and the whole venom storyline would have shat himself to see a venom movie. It's much like with batman v superman and it shows what a mess these weird films that only have the title and characters really are in. I didn't think venom would even be a character that is doing much in the actual comics these days to be appealing to people other than those around my age that remember his first storylines and appearances anyway, so it seems even more confused to bother doing the venom story without spidey. It's just a bit strange.
  7. b00dles

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Only just watched this with some mates last night and... it's alright. It noticeably felt messed around with though, somehow rushed and condensed at the same time. The relationships never seemed to have the weight the movie was telling you they did, or given enough time to get to that point perhaps was more the problem. The fan service felt even more fan service -y than in rogue one to me but i probably should watch that again. Getting his name, gun, meeting Chewie and giving him his name were probably the stupidest. Generally though, it feeling a bit more like a western was a nice change of pace and some of the sequences were done fairly well but probably another one that should have not been a star wars film at all, or let Lord and Miller do what they wanted. Although as Paul Bettany only joined once ron Howard did, i can't imagine they had much at all before Ron took over. Still better than the prequels obvs but i found tlj a much more interesting continuation and update to the series on the whole.
  8. b00dles

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I still think it's more the fact that JJ was too concerned with making it a reminder of "good" star wars and his mystery boxes. There's lots of stuff around finding bb-8 and the map for Skywalker that isn't remotely explained in TFA and although yes I agree they didn't have a grand plan, it would have been so much more boring if it played out with an exact continuation of what JJ set up.
  9. b00dles

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    That's a great first post for the page. 'I'm sure I pressed the solo link, not the one to rllmuk's weird lamp thread'
  10. I bloody love all the Yakuza games and although a different setting would be nice in a way, I can't really begrudge them using the same location and assets considering it's done so well. It's not like it looks like crap and they're reusing it and hopefully the detection/ cop part will make it a bit different. Although I finished kiwami 2 last night and thought to myself "can I just keep playing these games all the time please" so I'm more than happy. I've got spooderman to play and I'd much rather more Yakuza any day of the week.
  11. It's subverting the trope of subverting tropes by having ALL of them.
  12. For the amount of times that Craig seems to go rogue, him turning bad guy and him dying wouldn't be a bad idea as I think I said a few pages back but actually killing off '007' is a silly idea
  13. b00dles

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I didn't get the whole subverting expectations thing as much as they did but I didn't follow all the pre-production as much as they did either. I didn't anticipate it being a soft reboot of empire but that was also probably because I really really hoped they didn't. So if anything I was pleased that it went with something different.

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