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  1. b00dles

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    I'm intrigued by this but it would be all about the games. I've still got my OG brick game boy and they made some amazing games with dot matrix so who knows but I imagine it will end up being all a bit flash in the pan. On another note, some of the responses to the negative reactions sound a lot like chukka and his "you're just staying in the Westminster bubble, this is a new way of doing things". Seems better than the infinium phantom though
  2. Just give all the money to Otomo and let him redo the whole manga as an anime.
  3. I'm surprised two people have put rogue one so highly even though the characters are non existent and it's tonally all over the shop. Not to mention wasting donnie yen and mads. It does have a good bit of xwing porn at the end though. It's obvs better than the prequels though. While I'm here; solo I mainly dislike because it's so pointless and lazy. As "generic space smuggler the movie" it's pretty good but it shouldn't have been solo and all of the tie in bits are painful rather than what presumably would have been jokes in the lord and Miller version.
  4. b00dles

    Just Cause

    It's an easy casting with Rico though, he's clearly modelled after a real person much like the whole Michael Biehn/ snake thing and various other 80s movies and games. Just a shame we've already lost Bob Hoskins.
  5. b00dles

    PlayStation gets its own movie studio

    They should finally let David cage make a movie just to watch it flop hard and then they can tell him to stahp.
  6. Also on high scores, allow me (and my friends) to enter individual initials like in the arcades even if I'm logged in to one profile. Or a "hotseat" option at the very least, loads of games like trials or even driveclub you've got to just remember if a few of you are playing on one console. Also loses that old school thrill of seeing your initials/ three letters on the scoreboard in an arcade. Even though I only ever got on a few actual arcade scoreboard because they reset the machines...
  7. In almost every game that has a map; add the ability to put a custom marker in even if it's just a colour.
  8. b00dles

    Detective Pikachu movie

    It's a pretty low bar but I would never imagine the detective pikachu movie would be the best game to movie conversion. You would have thought that maybe resident evil, doom, silent hill, alone in the dark, numerous others that were never even made into movies would be a better fit. If anything it affirms that they are different mediums and you can't transplant one into the other as easily as is presumed. Although if anything, I imagine the success will lead to further idiotic adaptations. [Insert sonic trailer here]
  9. b00dles

    How it should have ended

    Like how it was great that Indiana Jones rode off in to the sunset with his dad after they both arguably became immortal after drinking from the holy grail. It's good they didn't let Lucas just force the character of Indy into a stupid idea of his like a sort of not really homage to 50s UFO B-movies but also that weird Mayan crystal skull thing no one really knows about. Maybe have a bit where it's set up the skull is delicate, it's crystal but if it's in a cloth sack we can throw it between two speeding vehicles while there's a boring sword fight which also involves some comedy get hit in the balls moments and despite owning ILM just use a background from banjo kazooie or something and get a temp in to composite it. It's not indy doing the sword fight either. He's in the car though. So is marion from the first one, she can drive the vehicle. And John hurt. I don't know who the driver of the other vehicle is though. There's also a bit with swinging on vines with monkeys, like Tarzan. Everyone loves Tarzan, you know like that bit with chewbacca doing the Tarzan thing in jedi, that was great. Rest in peace Peter mayhew. Oh and John hurt has amnesia or something. I'm glad they don't milk everything like that so you're forced to forget so many bad remakes and sequels.
  10. b00dles

    Nintendo Switch

    I got a bit bored of retro city rampage but admittedly part of it was that it was almost too 8-bit if that makes sense. Might give it a go.
  11. b00dles

    Nintendo Switch

    That looks pretty good, anyone played it yet? Reminds me a bit of the ancient new York warriors on amiga for some reason (with the added management / expansion stuff too of course)
  12. b00dles

    How it should have ended

    Ah yes, good point.
  13. b00dles

    How it should have ended

    Nope. I'm assuming I'm repeating some of yours, apologies.
  14. b00dles

    How it should have ended

    Well quite. The fact (and the way) he found his son was fucking idiotic.

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