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  1. RubberJohnny

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Sonic Mania - The only classic game I've played was Sonic 1, and I bounced off that pretty hard after Green Hill Zone. But I enjoyed Freedom Planet, and picked this up based on the praise, and uh, I just don't really like it.
  2. RubberJohnny

    Discuss the future of game graphics

    Another GDC one.
  3. RubberJohnny

    Oculus Rift S - Roomscale with no external cameras

    VirtualLink is still a cable though. There's a wireless adapter for Vive, but it really compresses the image because the technical standard is from like, 2003, and the max bandwidth is lower than an HDMI cable. Really it's not something that they're going to be able to do before 5G, or something.
  4. RubberJohnny

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Any idea when we'll get details on the next DLC?
  5. RubberJohnny

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Well 9 pages was good before someone inevitably tried to derail the thread into "popular film you dislike" bullshit
  6. RubberJohnny

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    It's not a Steam controller, so that button doesn't appear. The best solution anyone has come up with is to essentially overwrite the files on your PC with garbage to deliberately corrupt the feature, but like, that's just indicative of how shit and un-intuitive Steam is.
  7. RubberJohnny

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    It's fucking awful, I accidentally set my controller up in Big Picture mode to try and get controller bindings for a game where there was none, and it breaks every other game on my PC. In Forza Horizon 4 the controller worked perfectly, now moving the stick moves the mouse too, causing the game to constantly switch between controller and keyboard, interrupting the input for a split second every time it does so. In Axiom Verge jumping opens the menu, even though the game already has controller support and that's already bound to a more sensible key. I have to exit Steam to play anything else. I'm sure you're saying "well just decouple your controller from Big Picture Mode". There is no way to do that! I'm trapped by an unfinished feature from 2015 from another one of Valves momentary flights of fancy. It sucks.
  8. RubberJohnny

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    Ubisoft are extending their partnership too, expect some Ubisoft back catalogue games as the freebies in future. Also PC userbase for this launcher is now up to 85 million, if you wanted to emphasise how much of a minority the r/pcgaming crowd is.
  9. RubberJohnny

    Oculus Rift S - Roomscale with no external cameras

    Attempts to lower the barrier to entry (price, setup) are eminently sensible though. Did you really need a set of high quality headphones integrated rather than just using the ones people already have? If any attempts to get a wider audience has got the community kicking off then it's never going to be mainstream.
  10. Absolutely not. I'd like to explain why you're wrong, but everything here is already such a misunderstanding of how everything from physics to electronics works that it'd take ages to even lay down the baseline. Proper Dunning Kruger stuff.
  11. They produce exactly the same amount of heat as when they're in your house.
  12. deKay, almost everything you've posted in here is a strawman, or just incredibly uninformed (you didn't even know what latency was!) If you're matchmaking by region currently that's not going to disappear and suddenly you're going to be stuck in instances for Antarctica. If anything they'll be doing narrower regions to minimise total latency. Stop being deranged.
  13. How you manage to get that from a piece saying how renewable they are, I don't know. I'm sure sticking tens of millions consoles on planes and trucks to deliver them to your local Game and then to your home is much worse for the environment.
  14. RubberJohnny

    Oculus Rift S - Roomscale with no external cameras

    Are there actually any upcoming PC VR games at this point? Genuine question.
  15. https://royal.pingdom.com/map-of-all-google-data-center-locations/ I think you'll be fine

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