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  1. The naming thing generated a whole lot of pages of consternation when it was announced, but it ended up being a big nothingburger because in the meantime the pandemic happened, they'd stopped production of all their last-gen consoles, and all game stock sold out at 200% levels and disappeared from store shelves. It's kind of wild to see someone even bring it up as if it was still relevant, half the machines you mention in the OP haven't been manufactured for nearly a year!
  2. Yes, I thought Digital Foundry and everyone had pretty much concluded that it did exactly what it set out to do - the same games, but at a lower resolution so it's not holding anything back. It's super wild to see someone claiming the opposite based of a game hitting 1080p 120fps/1440p 60fps, like huh? Gamers really do seem to hate anything different from the norm for even existing.
  3. Generally the quality is a bit dependent on your connection, but you definitely do see some melty buildings about because that’s how the LIDAR imagery looks.
  4. I dunno, on the line from Moby Dick Productions to Never Be Game Over, this feels closer to that weird ResetERA Silent Hill thread, which is mostly Playstation fanboys convinced there's a secret project, coming up with fake leaks and then immediately backing down when pinned down on it (because you can be banned over there for fake leaks), which has been going on for three years now in it's own weird corner. What's funny is that Death Stranding had basically all the same themes as Metal Gear - the non-violence/avoidance of killing, the anti-nuke message - because they're
  5. Yeah I thought the multiverse and the timeline were different things - there's still multiple dimensions or all that stuff in Endgame wouldn't exist, or all the Dr Strange stuff, but all of it is contained with one timeline - each dimension doing it's own history, but all of which is deterministic and planned and intended. There is only one arrow of time. What? No it doesn't.
  6. Here's your latest patch trailer. EDIT: Next update will be Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Will be launched around Gamescom (late August) and will also have a new plane, the Junkers JU 52 (1930).
  7. The assets match what's in the leaked screenshots (like the big spaceship which has those four VTOL boosters on it's legs) so I think it's probably in-engine, if not in-game. They mentioned they were using Quixel Megascans in their new games, so photogrammetry stuff like the rocks looks legit.
  8. I've been going through Narcos during lockdown and I think that's incredible and up there with the Wire. The stories are just so unbelievable that you think they must be making it up for the show, but then they'll cut to historic footage and nope!
  9. Danganronpa, Life is Strange, Mario Party Superstars, Skyward Sword HD, Zelda Game & Watch, Espgaluda and Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, etc... Remember when people used to look forwards to new stuff at E3?
  10. Was their Direct seriously 90% old games being re-released?
  11. The big problem is games do lots of nice brain stimulation rewards for completing bits of them, and this gets like transposed from an in-game activity to affecting how people consume the form of media itself. Everyone has mind goblins. A good example was in the Game Pass thread, some people said like "well I had Game Pass but I just kept stop playing games the moment I stopped enjoying them" and the response was "that's good though right? You stopped playing a game you weren't enjoying for something you did enjoy" and the response was no, it was bad actually, because you're suppose
  12. Thought this was Retros game and got concerned for a while before realising it's a spinoff by a not-great developer. That's fine. It doesn't look great.
  13. They're going for a Skyward Sword redemption arc, then?
  14. I did notice a lot of games shown/announced last year that you'd have expected updates for that were no-shows this time around.
  15. I will make the one "not asking for nostalgia" post ITT and say I'd like to see more on Pragmata.
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