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  1. New games would be lapped up by a new audience. Remaking stuff is unnecessary at best for that goal.
  2. Not sure what bit of my argument that's supposed to counter.
  3. Yeah, I don't get everyone wanting everything they've ever played to be remade. Too much cynical pandering for miserable old gits in this industry already. Not helped by playing the Remake of 2 at the moment and thinking it's a step back from RE7 in a number of ways. More of that doesn't entice.
  4. I still haven't played Red Dead, and Death Stranding isn't on PC yet. I'm looking forwards to Cyberpunk, Flight Simulator and Doom Eternal, although god knows when I'll get to them.
  5. There was also an update on the presumably next-gen Forza game: Forza Motorsport 8 had the first (studiowide) playtest on the 6th of december 2019 A new tyre model was introduced into the game, including a new tyre pressure model dynamic track temperatures dynamic rubbering of the track (no rubber on track = less grip) new atmospheric pressure system (taking effect on aerodynamics, power and tyre pressure) e.g. air density new suspension model The altitude affecting how hard engines can work is something I've only seen in Dirt Rally, that feels like something designed for the next Horizon, with all that Japanese mountainous terrain.
  6. Er, what are these Kickstarter revivals other than recycled? Nostalgia pandering is not exactly creative.
  7. He did actually say he could wrap it up in one game in an interview before the Kickstarter: https://www.ign.com/articles/2010/11/15/yu-suzuki-hopes-to-make-shenmue-3 With the poor sales it looks like he had his chance, got greedy and blew it.
  8. I thought the trailer was pretty cringey, but complaining that it's dumbing down cinema seems a bit much. Surely The Last Action Hero is a better comparison than The Truman Show? Both worlds that run on dumb action shlock logic, just from different mediums? Don't take themselves too seriously? Both pretty mediocre?
  9. Crysis 3 - I enjoyed the Crysis series as a Predator sim, stealthing up, taking out a bunch of military guys in a sandbox, and on paper, this has the potential to be pretty good - the vehicles and wide open levels are back after being removed from 2, and there's some fun additions to the sandbox, like temporary heavy weapons which suit each playstyle or the ability to supercharge your powers, and it looks incredible for a 2013 game. Unfortunately I found it a uneven but thankfully brief slog, not helped by the game bugging out and permanently losing my bow in the second level, while clearly expecting you to have access to explosives or shock arrows throughout for certain enemies. And the less said about the plot the better. Battle Chasers: Nightwar - This is a JRPG without the J based on some trashy comic book from the 90s I'd never heard of, and it's fantastic. And while turn-based line-dancing games have become synonymous with "throwback" this a thoroughly modern game, with so many quality of life improvements. Like I could talk for paragraphs on the smart design decisions this makes in its battle system - every move you have has some special effect with the "pure damage but more of it" moves being only available at higher levels, so the game gets you actually using tactics and stuff from the start. Status effects, buffs and debuffs scale and are kept useful throughout by being able to stack them, there's actual transparency on how much damage moves'll do, you can tell an enemy is casting a move if you've seen it before and can plan your response, so no need for "attack while the tail's up" prompts, you build temporary mana called Overcharge by using combat moves and get bonus XP for overkilling enemies, so you get to use your most powerful spells regularly, for free, rather than ration them for the boss, and playing this way also allows you to save your finite resources, so the mechanics still support the way people naturally play! It genuinely improves so much, so effortlessly, that I'm basically having to re-evaluate my thoughts to the genre, how is it there is so little improvement over decades in JRPGs when a single small western indie team can fix so much in their first try? How is it even in the genres heydey you were lucky to get a tutorial, let alone other quality of life stuff? Is everyone else genuinely just a bit shit at what they do?
  10. Looks pretty mediocre, although I liked David Harbours shitty suit and past-it hero.
  11. The "series for children, that can't show children the killing of children" dissonance did lead to this hilarious swerve though.
  12. Oh dear, not a great start. The button in the Xbox App isn't working for this, won't load up - had to find it via the Start Menu. And then audio cuts out in the first cutscene, and then it kicks me out to a menu, and every time I continue it just kicks me out again, and if I try to play a different one I get this: That's like four different issues in as many minutes.
  13. This guy did the choreography, he did the Indian movie with the tree catapults from the gifs! As well as stuff people have probably seen.
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