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  1. RubberJohnny


    It's very dispiriting that even a massive company of 10,000 people, who you'd expect to have all the policies and processes and so on in place to be riddled with this stuff. I'd always assumed it'd have come from smaller, less professional companies with a toxic culture rather than the corporate behemoth. I follow a couple of Youtubers who used to be testers at Ubisoft Montreal and even they had some personal anecdotes from their time there.
  2. MGSV is still probably it, what an opener to the gen. You look at the trailer which is 7(!) years old and it still looks competitive with most games I'd reckon, not sure you could say that about any other gen. Through Time and Space in the Witcher 3 Press L1 to time travel And Mario Odyssey's Honeylune Ridge section is delightful (and very catchy)
  3. Man Epic must be worth a lot for that to only be a 1.4% stake.
  4. https://www.flightsimulator.com/july-9th-2020-development-update/
  5. They're not real, but they're to show scale. If you're actually asking if it's to scale, then yes.
  6. Mario 64 (Native PC Port) - I'd never played this. I did pick up an N64 at the end of its life, but wasn't particularly interested in platformers. While I've played Mario games since, none really rose above "pretty good" for me, and I just wrote it off as having missed the early 90s when platformers were like the default way of getting into games. I think if I'd have played this at the time, I probably would have different feelings. You know you're in for something special from the very first level which acts as a vertical slice for the game, just throwing different concepts at you - moving geometry! (mocked up) physics! shell surfing! full flight! There's a real feeling of going above and beyond here, if they'd just done a bunch of levels and objectives like the first, with movement this fluid, then it would still be one of the best games of the generation, y'know? Instead they layered on really creative and varied worlds, each with their own core concepts and a big hub world full of surprises and secrets, like when I dived after the rabbit and went through the wall, and the result is something that's still incredibly impressive today. How did they manage something so accomplished this early into 3D? Sonic Adventure was a proper 1/10 in comparison. Gone Home - I've missed the conversation by about six years on this, and judging by the game it's moved on quite a bit. There's been genuinely so many indie games tackling the same subject matter since, but in more depth, that going back to the first feels very underwhelming, it's surprisingly low-rent, with poor accessibility options and giant chunky doors and 2ft wide VHS cassettes.
  7. Worth noting they're giving away Watch Dogs 2 on PC on July 12th.
  8. https://www.flightsimulator.com/july-2nd-2020-development-update/
  9. Whedon was already embroiled in scandal when the movie came out, to the point there were neither of the 2 directors on the red carpet. Hard to find a movie that had so many things go wrong as this.
  10. observer_ - Not to be confused with Observation. I didn't like this - narrow FOV, claustrophobic locations, horrible vision modes and endless glitchy effects all make something that's very offputting to play. It's also very "post-PT", zoom in to interact, repeating locations, etc. I can't help but feel every game that does this "mess with your perceptions" stuff needs like five times the restraint in using it, it's like they all feel the need to get their mileage from the tech and run it into the ground.
  11. I've only ever used it when flagging a bit on a game to see if it's worth powering through the last couple of hours or dropping it if there's another couple of dozen. I get that people like ticking things off in games, but I don't think that was also supposed to extend to how they treat the games themselves. You can just enjoy your time with something without it feeling like an obligation if you don't consume it fast enough. No one is ranking you, it's not going on your IRL stats.
  12. I mean, remember when Apex Legends got announced and everyone thought it looked horrid and had a shit name, and then they got to play it and it was really good? I'm not interested in another Battle Royale game at this point, but we've been wrong before.
  13. Observation - Not to be confused with Observer, this is essentially a very stylish point and click game where you play an AI and help an astronaut on a space station by switching between cams and flying around as a little drone. I'll be honest, I'm terrible with this genre, every section probably took me twice as long as it should have, and I did need to use a guide in a few places. But I enjoyed it all the same, it's a really good example of mixing up some pretty light gameplay with variety, and the narrative is similarly well-paced and keeps you invested. Recommended. A Short Hike - I'd heard people say this was lovely without saying why, and just assumed it was a walking simulator based on the name. It's actually a short, handcrafted open world RPG with really good feeling BoTW inspired traversal that rewards exploration. It's got that Animal Crossing wholesomeness and the now requisite lovely indie artstyle and peaceful plinky soundtrack. Also recommended.
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