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  1. Did anyone hear of that Dragon Quest movie that was an adaptation of the most popular old game in the series and the unpopular direction it ended up going in? If you want to know why people are upset without spoiling yourself, look up a synopsis of that.
  2. Er, have people seen the spoilers? Nomuurraaa!
  3. I'm fairly sure the developers would have already been given technical information on the hardware when they were given their devkits,. like six months before the presentation?
  4. As with the SSD loading discussion, the benefits are going to be "the devs don't need to do all the work faking it", rather than something hugely evident to end users.
  5. "There won't be a backlash, but here's the backlash and it's justified" literally sentences apart. VV: See, you're really trying to prove me right here.
  6. You would have the conspiracy theories of "I bet this is a step towards doing away with physical entirely" all re-emerge, as they've been used for fearmongering this whole generation. And yet people keep requesting a system like it for digital, as it's better than the nothing we have now.
  7. The same crazy backlash? It's not like people haven't been using the issue to scaremonger for the whole generation.
  8. Your post literally specified "on physical disks", don't move the goalposts
  9. Bit weird to complain they didn't have "anything specific to offer" when I said it was a proposed system that was rejected. Are you agreeing with me? They couldn't because the game trading relies on the authentication, without it you could trade in a million copies of one game.
  10. That was literally the core concept.
  11. If only someone proposed some way of exchanging digital content with other users secondhand, some new system that enabled new consumer rights for digital content equivalent with retail (like Microsoft literally did at the start of this generation, which gamers rejected wholeheartedly).
  12. I'm not saying that, I know they stage transitions, but they don't have to hamstring things to the extent of the Unreal Engine. Essentially I'm saying a lot of the high-profile examples people use are engine-specific behaviour rather than hard technical limits. Software problems, not hardware ones. Faster storage might not be able to eradicate squeeze through rocks sections, in the same way it can't eradicate those Source engine loading screens, only mitigate them.
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