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  1. It’s funny that barely any TV or films have been made for months. Cinemas are on their arse, but post Covid will need content and studios will need films to show in them. Warner Bros are instead spending time and money shooting extra footage for what now appears to be a remake of a 3 year old film that bombed. And it bombed because Snyder’s first two stabs at the DCU weren’t that well received so people didn’t go and see what should have been a slam dunk.
  2. See also - and even more so - The League of Nations. Especially when, in two weeks time, European countries are playing THREE mathes in the International window. Lets take players from all around Europe, get them to join up with their countries, then fly them all around Europe for a week so afterwards they are at best, nackered, or at worst, spreading Covid to their doemstic clubs and cripplign the season. Nobody gives a dam about International friendlies and the League of Nations at the start of the season at the best of times - but behind closed doors. Who
  3. West Ham allowed to play despite 2 players and the manager testing postitive just before their game in the week and I assume they will be playing Saturday bar the players that tested positive. The League cup this season already feels like a joke - the smaller clubs have mainly all been battered by reserve Prem teams - I wonder if that is a mix of them having smaller squads/already playing a lot of fixtures and lack of crowds? I feel like cup games/giant killings are one thing that will be really impacted by games being behind closed doors - no home crowd to cheer you on or rattle
  4. Update is out or imminent - not appeared for Xbox yet. HONK and HONK
  5. West Ham manager and players having it feels like 1) nothing is really in place to keep Prem footballers in any sort of bubble and suddenly feels like football could stop. 2) Case numbers are worse than reported.
  6. How the fuck have the EFL allowed the leagues to start back up and not insisted on or funded testing for players and staff. Especially when they were having test events with fans. The players wouldn't, in theory, be anywhere near the fans, but the ground staff (stewards, etc) could have been in contact with players and fans.
  7. League Cup games behind closed doors seem especially 'sad' during all this. Lincoln drawing Liverpool (kids) in the League Cup isn't really of interest to anyone else under normal cirecumstances except for Lincoln fans who would have been packing the ground for the game and looking forward to it. It might be Liverpool reserves, but it would still be a cup game against Liverpool. If those Lincoln fans can't go, then whats the point of it?
  8. Obviously, all the best to him. But, surely their game should be off. If classes and year groups are isolating for a fortnight if a teacher or kid tests positive then how can the team be allowed to play against another team in a stadium with fans. And it states Warnock became unwell while sitting in the Directors box at the game this week so he might have infected some of the support staff, etc then let alone while training with the team and he must have picked it up from someone/somewhere.
  9. We held the record before that away against QPR. Lost to Northampton in the Cup, Lost opening League Game to Sheff Wed, lost 5-1 to the Jacks in an Under 23 game on Monday and now we've lost our worst game ever inthe Championship record ;-( Worst season ever.
  10. I’m nearing the end of series 1 and loving this. William Zabka as Johnny is excellent and flicking through his IMDB it’s nice to see him get a break after what looks like very little work bar a brief run on How I Met Your Mother
  11. We’ve just announced that we’ve terminated Mendez-Laing’s contract and the club won’t comment further. Can only assume he has done something very bad as otherwise they’d sell him, but, without knowing the circumstances, it’s bad news on the pitch for us.
  12. Its a balancing act for clubs - they need income and have a captive audience that can't go anywhere else, but some of that audience may find that now the habit of attending game week in week out is broken they are in two minds about going back and being treated badly by the clubs could be what tips them to stay watching on the telly when things go back to normal.
  13. This is what Cardiff did a few weeks back except we weren't offered any sort of refund for games you can't go to - just a stream. They also had the save you seat option. Currently - as you can stream every home game for £10 as well as mid week away games - its cheaper to do that than buy the cheaper season tickets (where you would get to stream them all for free) based on not being able to see any games. If you have a household with multiple season ticket holders (so only need 1 stream) then you are going to be worse off even if you can go to half the games. They've sor
  14. Just seen this and it’s terrible, horrible news. I was listening to an old interview with him on a podcast this week and watched Civil War with the kids on Wednesday. Peak 2020 - The most high profile black actor this decade who portrayed an iconic black superhero tragically dies in this year of BLM. 42 is really good if you like your sports bio-pics.
  15. It’s interesting that Wheddon left in or added what seemed like 20 minutes of that one random family running away from whatever the bad alien things were in the third act.
  16. Or if you chucked Doomsday in the end of a film called Batman vs Superman that also introduced Lex Luthor as the main villian. Maybe he was restrained in that one and originally Batman was going to fight everyone in Arkham for 5 minutes and Superman was going to have a 10 minute interlude where he poppoed into space to fight Braniac.
  17. Did they film new footage for this (get actors back?) or is it whatever Wheddon chucked in the bin of Snyder’s filming plus some new CG It’s either going to lead to calls of JL2 by Snyder when Darkseid is in it for 10 minutes to set up a sequel or an amazing cluster fuck of mismatched CG and reaction shots of Cavil with different haircuts to try and tell a whole completed story finishing with Darkseid dying on the way back to his home planet. Hopefully it will have footage of both Supe’s dads in dream sequences with Russel Crowe appearing as Maximus and Costner from Wa
  18. As the fixtures are out - thought we better start this season's thread. Previously on the Championhip (from about two weeks ago) Leeds won the league after failing to do a Leeds despite bogey team Cardiff trying to trip them up straight after lockdown. West Brom also went up despite playing like they were on strike post lockdown. Fulham won the play-offs as Brentford's season finished in heartbreak after they should have pipped West Brom to automatic in the last two games of the season then lost to Fulham in the play-off final. The two Welsh teams both re
  19. Impossible to manage properly, but really the best way to try and get people to comply with the rules is to have everyone in the ground nice and sober. But while clubs could not serve alcohol in the ground - I'm not sure how you stop everyone having their pre-match pints from somewhere especially as its a going to be an important part of the match day routine for a lot of fans.
  20. Then why haven’t you watched Planes, Trains!!!!! I’m now concerned it’s built up and you won’t love it. Pro tip for those with kids - the film can be turned from a 15 into a PG by utilising the mute button during one scene.
  21. This is officially the day where 2020 begins to redeem itself. HONK.
  22. It’s quite mind boggling that the Champions League semi final is taking place at the same time as Champions League qualifiers.
  23. EFL/Milk/Coca Cola/Rumbelows Cup has been drawn. Being played on Saturday 5th - is there anything more sad than the first round of the League Cup being played behind closed doors with not only the bigger teams putting out their B teams, but probably everyone treating it as a pre-season friendly and all behind closed doors. I'd always enjoy/endure watching Cardiff play at home on a Tuesday night in front of barely anyone at the start of the season as they lose to a League 2 team with the players not good enough for the first team showing why they weren't good enough and
  24. I'm not entirely against a Will Smith/Kevin Hart comedy - it would probably be somewhere around the 2.5 to 3 star range, probably shit with Hart being annoying, but its not impossible that it could be a reaonably enjoyable comedy. As a remake of my favourite comedy though - NOPE, NO, NADA. Why bother - just make a buddy comedy with them two in it about something else if you have to. The only flaw with the original is Steve Martin's kids look like something out of a Children of the Corn horror movie. Otherwise its perfect. Very sad that John Candy died so you
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