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  1. Enjoyed this, but not blown away. However this might be as went at the wrong time as there were lots of very little kids screaming/running around (which is what it is for Toy Story), but also the teenagers dragged along by their friends who were more interested in their phones or talking including some next to me and my kids who I kept telling to be quiet. One girl had clearly never seen a second of any of the films as she was asking her mates what was going on and who everyone was. in between commenting on her bucket of KFC.
  2. In terms of Cardiff Warnock is staying which is good although he has pretty much said this is his last year so I'm assuming sucession planning will start around Christmas depending on how we get on. We've lost 3 of our 4 central midfielders from last year (Camarase and Arter gone back from loan) and Gunnerson retired to Qatar - all big loses and we need a couple of replacements there as we only have Ralls and Bacuna. On the wings, we've got Hoilett, Mendez Laing and Murphy who should all cause some havoc. Defence is all good as long as Manga renews his contract and Bamba recovers from injury. In goal, Etherridge has been linked with Villa and Liverpool - hopefully he will stay. Up front is where we need a big signing - Reid didn't get enough chance last year and I think will do very well back in the Championship as long as Warnock plays him. Ward is alright, but nothing more. Zahore has the occasional good game, but remains a player that sometimes looks like Drogba and other times looks like he has never played football in his life. Hopefully Tomlin and Madine will be got rid of and not get anywhere near the team. That leaves Patterson, once he is back from injury, to terrorise the Championship in whatever position he damn well chooses. I think we are certs for the top ten bar something going very wrong and with a couple of good signings we will be stronger than we were two years ago, but its the Championship so if that translates to another shot at automatic or a horrible scrap for the last play-off place remains to be seen. I hope we finish 1st, 2nd or 7th.
  3. Who decides what bits of VAR to decide on for each competition? Are we going to have different VAR rules for the Prem, the FA Cup, European games, etc and how are spectators going to have any clue what might be up for scrutiny?
  4. Still gutted we went down and now I'm already annoyed by today's fixtures. The home games over the summer holiday's have dropped badly for me, they've now introduced an equal split of games in midweek between Tuesday and Wednesdays so we have Wednesday home games for pretty much the first time ever (which are difficult for me to get to), Swansea away is in October half term so will miss it. I probably can't do Bristol City at home. We are home for Boxing day for the first time in years, but its bloody Milwall and Swansea home is my son's birthday week-end (which might work out nicely for him as I said he couldn't go to a Swansea game yet, but he can play the birthday card, but my wife won't be impressed) and I'm already worrying about play-offs!! Bloody championship ;-)
  5. I’m amazed at what VAR is being used for now. Is the ref asking for any of these reviews or is everything now scrutinised by the VAR officials and they relay what should be disallowed/retaken when the ref was perfectly happy with what happened or didn’t see an infraction? Not sure where this ends nor how it can be sustainable if it’s hard to hold anyone to account nor understand where/why/when VAR might kick in.
  6. Current Orient boss and former Spurs player, Justin Edinburgh has died. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/48568007 What a dreadful season for people active in the game dying.
  7. Couple of spoilery thoughts
  8. Just seen this - it isn’t a disaster, just average. Damning by faint praise - Better than Apocolypse, miles better than Last Stand. Went in with little to no expectation. There are some decent enough set pieces and action scenes, but the dialogue is poor, Sophie Turner tries hard, but isn’t really up to the task and Ty Sheridan looks gormless throughout. A generous 2.5/5
  9. I’m still pissed that Cardiff didn’t get any games at all first time around then lost out to Wembley who already had the semis and finals. I’m guessing the FAW couldn’t afford to bribe UEFA and pay the WRU to host the games.
  10. No-one can get to the Europa League final. Chelsea and Arsenal only sold about 3,000 tickets each. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48403312 Why play it somewhere no-one can get to/infastructure can’t support flights and the clubs can’t be bothered to help fans. I think if I was a season ticket holder of either club I’d be deciding not to bother attending home European games in the future.
  11. History in Westoros might be slightly skewed to show
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