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  1. Ork1927

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Dumbo is out next year as well!
  2. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    More home games on Sky for Cardiff (and none away so far). 5.30 before Christmas against Man U and then New Years Day against Spurs. I can see the Man U game being a bit tetchy as everyone in South Wales will be in the pub at 12. Edit - any our game against wolves is moved to a Friday as well and in TV at end of November.
  3. Ork1927

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I managed to get this on my first go (just) - found a trap, went to. The central Dance floor and started setting up a small structure (with the trap attached) close to dance floor but not right next to it so it didn't get destroyed when the dance floor temporarily disappeared Eventually, after plenty of respawning enemies parachuting into the centre someone triggered it.
  4. Ork1927

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    The disco mode is good fun - going to be very useful for next weeks challenges as it has respawning and kills, damage, etc count. The centre dance floor is mental when both teams are trying to take it.
  5. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    And Liverpool kept wiping the ball down to do much worse throw ins than we did AND Salah played about as well as Zahore did for us AND not only were there 3 goals - there were also saves and shots on target and I'll shut up as our next away trip is Anfield.
  6. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    No idea what he was doing. Sounds like we could have scraped a point today in other circumstances. Hoping for something against Fulham in a fortnight ignoring the fact they gave us our biggest hiding last year at home.
  7. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Pretty gutted after that. Had the chances to win, but our weakenesses were badly exposed - switching off at the back, a complete over reliance on long throws and corners, but then no-one doing anything with them except winning more corners and throw ons and Zahore just isn't good enough and no Prem team should be bringing on Gary Madine. Next 3 are Spurs (a), Fulham (h) then Liverpool (a). Get nothing against Fulham and we are conceivably 1/4 of the way through the season with 2 points!
  8. The amount of Twitter outrage in this is pathetic. Ste Pickford can obviously take issue, but people are frothing at the mouth at what appears to be an honest mistake.
  9. This just turned up at my door and it is a beauty. 475 pages - pages of screenshots of all the main games, tons of interviews. Now I want to play or replay my way through a lot of games.
  10. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Squires latest - https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/sep/25/david-squires-on-no-country-for-proper-football-men?CMP=share_btn_tw (Despite the accurate criticism of our defence).
  11. Loved these on the Spectrum - just looked nd it appears to have been IOS for over a year!?
  12. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not that I expected a win today or anything, but after running Arsenal close and giving Chelsea a game (for most of it) last week - I was hoping we'd at least look competitive for a bit or score or something. Bit nope - utterly outclassed, biggest home defeat for 24 years. I've never seen us take a beating like that especially against a side that barely looked like they were breaking a sweat. But, 24 years ago we lost 7-2 in League One (as it is now) to bloody Cambridge so I'm not too disheartened. Got to win next Saturday against Burnley - no danger of them scoring loads of goals is there :-(
  13. Played through FF last night. I think the noticeable bit to extract coins is half way with the start of the industrial zone and its flaming walkways. That felt like the only really cynical attempt to either get players off the machine or load lots of coins.
  14. Dunno whether to buy this now or wait for sale - but you get infinite continues and Final Fight is probably my favourite arcade game of all time and I don't think I've played most of the others and I love scrolling beat em ups and I've got £17 eshop credit and I'm all done on this season of Fortnite. ...... Purchased.
  15. Ork1927

    Nintendo Switch

    Let kids loose on NES games. Within 2 minutes they are kicking off because the 8 year old stole the stick from the 5 year old in River City Ransom. Takes me back!

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