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  1. I'm watching this now and it's incredible. Sopranos meets Slapshot with a bit of ECW thrown in. Its an amazing story and just really comprehensive it terms of talking heads and footage.
  2. Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) This has dropped on Now TV today and also at cinemas. Karen Gillan and Lena Heady in a very stylised John Wick clone. Good cast and a couple of decentish set pieces, but there is nothing there otherwise. Its 1hr 45, but drags. If they'd chopped a good 20/25 minutes it would have been better. Maybe fast forward to the action bits, but otherwise don't bother. 2/5
  3. I watched this at the start of the week. Its good fun - a 70's style throwback action/thriller/comedy. Doesn't overstay its welcome - nothing you haven't seen before, but its well executed and worth a watch.
  4. I've just brought it - short is right - only 50 pages on my iphone on medium sized font.
  5. Why would a World Cup every two years mean more and more teams get to qualify anyway. They are already ramping up the numbers for 2026 - look forward to 16 (yes 16) groups of 3 teams each. But the Easter Islands aren’t going to qualify if the World Cup is played every other month not just every two years. Wenger’s proposals are So major tournaments every summer and then a month every year of Internationals to qualify for the yearly tournament. Players burn out would be insane and no-one would give a fuck if EVERY summer England were playing in a tournament. It would become like the Champions League in that everyone would Mai my ignore it until the last couple of knockout stages.
  6. Ork1927

    12 Minutes

    I've finished it today and agree with pretty much all of this. WTF are the Dragon's Lair comparisons in this thread?
  7. I suspect not, but maybe some, a few, one of of the idiots who will be planning to boo their own players on Sunday at Wembley might think twice after those players have been subjected to monkey chants tonight.
  8. It’s going to be fascinating what he does at Man U. The big issue they’ve had under Ole is failing in the big cup games and their game management in them. If Ronaldo is in the pitch and they are one down (or even two down) or drawing in the last ten minutes then he can absolutely turn it around against any opposition on his own. So all Ole has to do is not sub him.
  9. I'm watching this now. Its excellent and the events makes Cantona at Palace look like Gary Lineker giving a very brief, sly smile to the away end after scoring a goal.
  10. I assume Peter's jabbering isn't enough to make Strange mess up a powerful spell as otherwise he wouldn't have him anywhere around while doing so. I reckon he does the spell at the same time the end of Loki is taking place so it appears to be Peter, but its actually events elsewhere. Edit: Didn't notice DeciderVT gave a better explanation.
  11. Dialogue was very ropey and probably falls apart if you think about it for more than ten seconds, but I did enjoy this as the premise was good and it didn't overstay its welcome bar
  12. Really enjoyed this as did my kids. Didn't feel too irresponsible letting my 8 year old see it as the language isn't too bad and, as mentioned earlier, the very few sexual references went over their heads. its good fun and pretty decently paced.
  13. Ork1927

    12 Minutes

    I played a bit last night and more this morning and I'm enjoying it. Maybe I'll get annoyed with it soon, but at the moment its a thumbs up.
  14. Can't say I'm looking forward to Saturday - Milwall at home in August with a 3pm kick off may not be the best idea given numerous other clubs fans having scuffles in the last couple of weeks so if our idiots and there idiots are feeling nostlagic it could be trouble. Plus Rowett taking shit about taking the knee this week as well. And the club has still not sent out season tickets so everyone had to go digital for the first game meaning ridiculous queues to get in despite the ground being half full and same again for this game (and the next one).
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