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  1. I'll echo the nonsense, but entertaining comment. Its giant CGI monsters fighting the Rock and smashing up buildings, it rattles along nicely and there are some good one-liners/funny bits. I was always a fan of the game and parts of the third act does replicate it quiet nicely!!! Fun and stupid.
  2. Except he is about to churn out 4 sequels to the last film he made ages ago so maybe a bit like EA: Maybe he'll name them Avatar 2020, Avatar 2021, Avatar Road to Qatar....Pandora and Avatar 2022.
  3. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Tuesday: Derby vs Cardiff Derby now in free fall and fortunate that most of the play off chasing pack failed to win yesterday, but they can't have become totally useless overnight and ominously for Cardiff - three ex players could come back to haunt us. Tom Lawrence, who was on loan for a bit; Cameron Jerome who always always scores against us and one of our former favourite sons, Joe Ledley who also has scored a couple against us (but never celebrates). Cardiff have not been that great recently since our long winning run finished especially compared to Fulham, but 2 consecutive hard fought wins keeps us in the driving seat. We have a fully fit squad for the first time in many months, which in some ways, is a problem with the team looking a little disjointed as Warnock shuffles the pack. If Cardiff win then they go 4 points clear of Fulham needing 1 win to clinch promotion unless Fulham somehow lose to Sunderland on Friday night then it is all over. A draw for Fulham against relegated Sunderland would leave Cardiff needing just a point. If Cardiff draw or lose then Fulham go 2nd with a win against Sunderland going either 1 or 2 points clear. Cardiff then still need 2 wins from 2 to guarantee promotion given Fulham's superiors goal difference. A draw for Fulham would also put them 2nd on goal difference if Cardiff lose to Derby. Villa's automatic hopes disapear before they play again if Cardiff win against Derby. If Cardiff don't win then a Fulham win against Sunderland would leave Villa only being able to get an automatic spot on goal difference as they'd fall 6 points behind Fulham with 2 to play. Only 2 wins for Cardiff or Fulham failing to beat Sunderland and Cardiff getting 3 (Fulham lose) or 4 (Fulham draw) points from tgeir next two stop the promotion race going to the last day.
  4. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Tonight was torture yet again and I've left the ground with very little voice, fewer nails and even less nerves. 1 win down, 2 wins to go. We need to play a lot better to get at least one win on the road, but everyone is fully fit. Its either going to be the best promotion I've experienced in my 25 years watching City or the worst failing to win promotion (and there have been some horrors).
  5. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Why are we playing at 7.45 tonight? I want the game to start and be over with. Really thought Fulham would slip up last night and we had a great shot at going up at Derby or Hull and was very excited about doing two aways next week. Now they feel like a chore in order to set up a nail biting last day scenario. I think we can win 3 out of 4, but it's going to be very tough. With Fulham's goal difference any draws are unlikely to be any use for us.
  6. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Bloody hell. Fulham are going to finish on 91 points. Nerves back to being shot and anything less than a win tomorrow almost certainly leaves us needing to win all three remaining games.
  7. Football Thread 2017/18

    I like how Warnock is only in the frame if we don't go up!
  8. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I'll expand on Plisskin's analysis with a look at the race for top two. Friday Milwall vs Fulham – 7.45 PM Fulham really need to win here or risk automatic promotion being lost before they get to play again. Unfortunately for them it’s the match of the week-end as unbeaten for ages and ages Milwall take on unbeaten for even longer Fulham. 6th vs 3rd. London derby. Fulham may have been thinking 4 points would be a pretty good and likely return from Brentford and this game, but having drawn with the Bees they must win, but Milwall are equally needing a win or risk falling out of the play-offs with 2 tough games left. If Fulham win they go two points clear of Cardiff who would have 2 games in hand, but a failure for Cardiff to win either of them would leave Fulham in 2nd going into the penultimate week-end (on at least goal difference) A draw would move them to 2nd on goal difference, but only 2 losses for Cardiff would keep them there for the following week-end. A loss could leave them in big trouble. Saturday Ipswich vs Aston Villa 3PM I suspect Villa are preparing for the play-offs, but a loss for Fulham on Friday night could mean a win would put them into 3rd on goal difference and if Cardiff lose as well they would be just a point of 2nd place. Anything less than a win and their slim top two hopes are probably over either officially (if Cardiff win later on) or unofficially with just 2 games left. A draw at Ipswich might keep them just about in the hunt mathematically if the other 2 slip up. Cardiff vs Nottingham Forest 7.45 PM On paper, we should win this and regardless of what happens at Fulham on Friday night, we need to win it or are likely relying on needing back to back away wins to stay in 2nd. If we win and Fulham have then Cardiff will have 1 foot in the Premier League needing 1 more win (from 3) to guarantee promotion. A win and Fulham draw will mean 4 points will do it from the last 3 games. If Fulham and Cardiff’s results match then all eyes turn Derby in midweek to see if the 1 point gap can be opened up for Cardiff. Tuesday Derby vs Cardiff 7.45pm The rearranged snow game where Derby called the game off due to snow with suggestions that it was a handy excuse as they had half their team injured so didn’t try that hard to play the games. At one point Derby looked like they were favourites to finish behind Wolves and now look like they are doing their best to avoid the play-offs in a different way by continuing a lengthy collapse of form. Currently out of the play-offs with a terrible run of games left they can’t be ruled our (having beaten rivals Preston away in the middle of their bad run). Whatever happens at the week-end, this game is likely to be a must win for both teams. If, if, if Fulham lose to Milwall and Cardiff beat Forest then a win for Cardiff would see us promoted with 2 games to spare or a draw at the Den on Friday would mean a win for Cardiff (having beaten Forest)would see them 6 points clear needing just a point from the last 2 games. Friday Fulham vs Sunderland 7.45 pm Sunderland may well be officially down by this game although they play Burton the week-end before so may still be alive. It’s a complete mis-match on paper especially if Sunderland are already relegated. A must win for Fulham if they can still catch Cardiff, if, for no other reason that they probably don’t deserve to go up automatically if they can’t beat a woeful Sunderland team. Best case for Fulham here is they beat Milwall and Sunderland while Cardiff fail to win against Forest and Derby and this would put them 3 to 5 points clear with Cardiff having a game in the hand the following day. Ideally for them they need to move back into 2nd for this game if Cardiff have failed to get a decent return beforehand. Anything less and they are reliant on Cardiff slipping up against… Saturday Hull vs Cardiff 3pm This could be academic for Cardiff dependent on the results beforehand, but this could be the promotion winning game OR the promotion losing game OR just serve up a mad final day over the bank holiday. Hull blow hot and old, but are already safe from relegation so may either already on the beach or looking to spoil someone else’s party after a poor season. Villa vs Derby 3pm Probably all over for Villa at this point. Derby may be close to securing a play-off spot or be in the final stages of their drop from 2nd to 9th. Final Weekend Sunday 12.30pm Birmingham vs Fulham Cardiff vs Forest Milwall vs Villa It may be all over at this point, but there is the possibility of an insane last day with Birmingham and Reading possibly still in relegation danger if they lose their 2 previous games and other teams around them win. Milwall may still need points for the play-offs and if Villa win both previous games and Cardiff and Fulham have been slipping up then it could be a three way fight for that important 2nd spot. Probably best for the teams that don’t finish 2nd to not still be fighting at this point as it will take a lot to recover from last day heartache going into the torture of the play-offs. In theory, Cardiff have the easiest fixture here being at home, but history suggests if we can mess it up spectacularly then it will occur.
  9. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I don't think Fulham could have a worse fixture on Friday, but while Fulham have to lose sometime, so do Milwall. I'm quite nervous about Saturday night - we don't have a brilliant record against Forest at home and its always quite a passionate game for some reason, but its a must win I think even if Fulham do us a favour.
  10. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I wish I could fast forward to the various match days – the tension is driving me crazy now. As a rule, I don’t do away days anymore (kids, cost, etc) and the opening game of the season to Burton was my first for 5/6 years. But I’ve got it into my head that I have to be there for the game we get promoted (or when we mess it up) so Derby and Hull tickets procured. Not quite sure going away on a Tuesday night to Derby then going to see Avengers the following midnight and then going to the other corner of the country and back (5 hours minimum in a car) on the Saturday with no time off for work bar Tuesday afternoon is a good idea for a nackered 40 year old, but fuck it* I never considered our promotion in red as ‘canon’ and effectively skipped that entire season bar the first couple of home games, but I want to be there if/when we do it properly.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Why do you hope they have improved if you don't have one. Seems a bit pointless to emulate the Switch version of a port on your PC
  12. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Holy shit - this has to be the most mental Championship for years and years. And there are are still 3 weeks to go!! Can't believe the advantage is back with us. Congratulations to Wolves - not just for winning promotion, but being able to relax and get off this crazy promotion roller coaster
  13. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I knew this pre-match moan would work.... 2 London derby games for Fulham against play-off contenders before we play again and surely they have to lose sometime.
  14. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I think I've mentioned Gunnerson coming back from long term injury potentially unsettling the side. Today Warnock's dropped both Patterson and Grujic who were both been te heart of our 8 game winning streak while Gunnerson plays his 4th consecutive game (plus half as sub). I like Gunnerson, but he is out of contract at the end of the season and I think Grujic has been a better replacement. In Warnock we trust????
  15. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Right - I'm out of my slump and back to thinking we can still finish 2nd so I've got a Derby away ticket purchased already and goof to buy a Hull away ticket. The permutations are mind boggling now - our game in hand against Derby (between the 2nd and 3rd remaining weekend) could see us go up if we won three in the spin and Fulham failed to win both games (would be too late for Villa even with 2 wins) or Fulham go up if they win both there next two and we fail to get anything. Then it gets really messy if week 3 with Fulham playing Friday night and us and Villa playing on Saturday. Likelyhood is it's going to at least the penultimate Saturday if not final day!!

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