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  1. There are quite a few teams that are going to start next season back in the league they left in 19/20 with fans missing the actual promotion/relegation run in at the end of 19/20 or the league just being decided on PPG half finished then missing the entire season where they went back down or back up. West Brom and Fulham go back down to the Championship Watford and Norwich return to the Premier League and Bournemouth could join them via the play-offs. Hull come straight back up to the Championship. Wycombe and Rotherham go straight back down to League One. Bolto
  2. I'd just put in the Championship thread that the play off final might be moved as the Champions League is going to Wembley. But Champions League now being reported as going to Portugal as the UK government won't let UEFA VIPs have quarantine waivers to come into the UK from anywhere to attend the game. How many - 2,000!!!! Which, in theory, would be 20% of the allowed crowd based on the rules announced today for fans (which I'm sure would also be magically abandoned for the Champions League while Brentford will then end up playing Swansea at Old Trafford.
  3. Technically the season hasn't finished until the play-off finals have been played so they could hit them with a deduction this season as it relates to a charge from previously rather than something they've just been hit with? BBC also reporting that Championship Play-off final may get moved from Wembley if they get the Champions League.
  4. Rotherham and Sheff W will be even more sick given Wycombe started Saturday bottom.
  5. Rotherham boss is a top man as Sol comes on after beating cancer. Suspect this will be his final appearance for us as a player as he is out on contract, but I hope he gets a testimonial or something when fans are back. I think if the ground had been full yesterday than the cheers for him coming on would have been up there with a last minute winner against Swansea or penalty wins to reach the play=off and League cup finals. Bamba has always come across as one of the most liked players I've ever seen play. Every game he played for Cardiff, he'd be laughing a
  6. Wednesday going ahead twice, but never getting out the relegation zone. Has any team done as little as Derby to stay up. Lost the previous 6 and only got 6 points from the last 14 games!
  7. I'd go Brentford or Bournemouth and they meet each other in the semi. Although as look as the team that goes up begins with B then I don't care Jack Bastards doesn't count.
  8. Yay - Bamba has come on for us.
  9. Mental stuff. Apologies to Timmo, but I'm hoping for another twist.
  10. Reports that Champions League final might be moved from Turkey as they are on the red list and, forgetting fans travelling, it would mean all the players would have to quarantine for ten days when they got back and potentially miss the start of training camps for the Euros. They can't play it at Wembley if they move it here because of the play-offs. Portugal is mentioned as that is allowed for holidays os players can go and all the fans. What a mess.
  11. At least there isn't a major tournament happening in multiple countries next mont......... I guess a lot of players will have been vaccinated now? Or maybe not as technically most of them won't be on the list yet due to their age.
  12. I'll add to the praise - loved it/kids loved it. Lovely animation, good story and laughs throughout. Hope it doesn't get lost on Netflix - potentially it would have done well at the cinema in a non covid reality due to likely excellent word of mouth/
  13. The Greek gods are in the Marvel comics - Hercules is the most recurring hero with Ares the most reoccuring villian, but the rest turn up in various storylines in Avenegers, etc.
  14. Rotherham not converting any of their countless games in hand into points means they look pretty doomed although last day of the season is Derby vs Sheff We’d. If Wed win Saturday and Derby lose and Rotherham win on of their two games before the final day then it’s going to be interesting.
  15. Learn from this suggests they are just cooking up how to make ESL 2.0 slightly more palatable.
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