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  1. Ordered and looking forward to it. The book of the game of the film is comprehensive and excellent so go get that as well if you haven’t got it. My kids have really enjoyed looking through it over lockdown especially amused that there were Weetabix and KP Skips games.
  2. Was about to post that Gutted for him. From the minute he made his debut against Bristol City in Warnock’s first game - he was immense for us and always comes across as a nice bloke (my son was mascot at the end of our Prem season and was made up to meet him despite him being out injured). This last minute winner at the end of a terrible, terrible game against 10 man Brighton will always be one of my favourite things I’ve ever seen live in football (and I was sat right in front of it). The overhead kick then the probably offside goal then the celebration top
  3. Really Celtic should be made to forfeit any games that have to be called off due to the exceptional circumstances of the club deciding to go on holiday rather than some player or member of staff picking it up from somewhere and spreading it.
  4. That was a very enjoyable couple of hours watching final score finishing with Blackpool winning the shoot out. In the end - 8 Cardiff players scored plus an own goal and a sending off.
  5. Didn’t watch Cardiff not scoring against Forest earlier, but enjoying watching the 3pm games on Final Score as so far 5 ex Cardiff players have scored, plus an own goal and a sending off from former Bluebirds.
  6. Tile appeared on Xbox Home to say the 10k challenge was up. Clicked on it and got taken to a ‘we can’t find this page’
  7. Man City have got what looks like a very favourable run before they play Liverpool in early Feb. 4 of the bottom 5 - Brighton, West Brom, Burnley and Sheff United as well as Palace and Villa (not saying those two might not be a challenge). If 2 of those are their games in hand then they could be quite clear if they beat Liverpool depending on if Man U can carry on their form.
  8. Really enjoyed series 3 although lost track of what episode I was on and then gutted when I realised that was it.
  9. You've go various London footballers in the shit this week-end for being exposed as going to parties/gathering, but a whole Scottish football club decides to go on 'holiday' after pretty much conceeding the league halfway through the season by losing to their hated rivals is quite a decision.
  10. Doesn't appear to go live until 6th Jan. My kids will be happy as home school Wed/Thur/Fri next week is going to be achivement hunting.
  11. Hopefully this is just one idiot, but booing outside the ground when Swansea and Reading players were taking the knee last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55493844 Must really hate Marxism.
  12. Is this ever going to finish. Assumed it was near the end and 40 minutes left. I reckon it will come out that they re-edited 45 minutes in as some AT&T exec demanded some KPI of “HBO Max subscribers minutes watching” be met.
  13. Thought this was very good which may jump to excellent on a repeat viewing. As much as I want cinema back - everyone getting to watch a first rate Pixar film for the first time on Christmas Day at the end of this terrible year is no bad thing.
  14. Been watching series 1 this week. Alternate history and space travel are right up my alley and found this to be excellent. The last couple of episodes were more gripping than anything I can recall watching for a long, long, while especially the finale.
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