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  1. You could argue it is centred around the house where the hostage is held, which is basically there constantly (with the split screen).
  2. Karl Hornell’s sprite work was always excellent.
  3. Blame the referee. He could so easily have forced them to play. Not that it helped either side much in the long run.
  4. The outlook for Welsh rugby looks even worse if they go ahead and cut a franchise for financial reasons, reducing the player pool even further.
  5. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Archer misses the summer and the World Cup due to a stress fracture in the back.
  6. Love the music and the concept. Have managed to complete it without cheating once. Software Projects gambled and put this out at a mid-price £6.99 tape and £9.99 disk, hoping it would bring in more sales. But despite great magazine reviews it didn’t sell in huge numbers. Maybe that Roadrunner license would have helped...
  7. QED was “pop science” before the media coined that term, trying to put across scientific concepts and research to the public. But this episode was a rare misstep from a series I loved to watch.
  8. The demo of 1942 on the Amiga... but it looks like the developer has put this on hold over copyright concerns
  9. Deceptor was another painful multiload on tape. While I get what they were trying for, the controls are just so awkward. Deathwish III is ruined by the street navigation, so difficult to find your way around.
  10. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Been a tough run for Aussie cricket heroes lately
  11. I had Zynaps on the 4 Smash Hits compilation from Hewson (with Exolon, Ranarama and Nebulus)... and it seems the loader caused bugs, because the graphics on level 3 were corrupted. It was only playing a cracked version years later that I saw the bubble world properly.
  12. Loved Street Sports Baseball, my favourite of the series. As for Re-Bounder, the key flaw for me is finding a route, you can end up at a dead end because there is nothing to guide you.
  13. It’s working here, but direct link is
  14. merman

    Cricket Thread

    So, thoughts on Brendon McCullum as England test coach?
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