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  1. Jim Tavare On holiday In St Tropez... Wonder what happens to him?
  2. Interesting Twitter thread from Retro Man Cave (This thread keeps pulling me back in...)
  3. With thanks to Charles Martinet, I can share some brilliant audio extracts from the interview. There’s the intro he gave me to test for levels, the section on recording in the early days with limited memory, how his job for Nintendo has been “one marvellous adventure after another” and a longer section on what happens during recording sessions and his inspiration for voices.
  4. That was a brilliant episode. Victoria posted on Twitter about the alternative answer to the Roman numerals question , and I think they were a little lenient on it. Yes, it’s an increase each time but you can clearly see the x10 progression.
  5. I played Yie-Ar on the brilliant Konami Coin-Op compilation (with Green Beret, Mikie, HyperSports and Ping-Pong). That weird flying jump and the sound was really off-putting, and a lot of the time i never felt in control.
  6. Well, look at Picard and Riker arguing over Data’s sentience in Measure of a Man. ”Pinocchio’s strings are cut”. She should have faced a court martial and been given the chance to present her case. As presented over numerous episodes the Federation establishes the Captain/senior officer has the right to take the decision in the field and face the music later.
  7. merman

    PC Engine

    Fancy building your own PC Engine arcade stick? Rob Caporetto goes Behind The Scanlines to build the MonsterJoysticks kit for PC Engine & Mega Drive, with genuine Sanwa parts.
  8. merman

    Retro Reads

    Here’s another new addition to my Retro Shelf, Deus Ex Machina - The Greatest Game You’ve Never Played written by Mel Croucher. The founder of Automata and serial entrepreneur reveals how he made the groundbreaking 1980s game that combined non-violence, Shakespeare and a synchronised audio soundtrack that includes a former Dr Who. And how he turned to Kickstarter to remake it.
  9. Seems very little info on it online, I have always assumed it was Japanese
  10. Tough on Josh Adams that. But exciting to think we could end up with him, Marcus Smith and Williams picking holes in a tired defence.
  11. Northstar by Gremlin (ZX Spectrum) for the Retroleague Infuriating platform game for two reasons. 1. Your main weapon is an extending claw, upgrades take ages to find and are lost on death 2. INERTIA! Too easy to either kill your forward momentum and make a smaller jump than intended, or skid straight into an approaching enemy.
  12. merman

    Retro Reads

    Here’s my YouTube playlist of retro books:
  13. Cool video from Mat Corne looking at the Silverbird BBC titles:
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