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  1. Okay, that’s kind of what I had assumed. Fine if it’s just that. Thanks.
  2. Not really as Superliminal and Flynn: Son of Crimson are both really good (and completely different).
  3. What’s the reason for it having a 15 rating? My son is keen to watch it.
  4. How strange, I’ve just completed this in two sittings on Series X and was amazed when I realised it was a unity game as I thought the performance was nigh on perfect. The only slight issue I had was feeling a little queasy after playing yesterday because of how fish eye the perspective is.
  5. I think they were also the ones I went with and I like them.
  6. I have a really weird problem with this game, it sends me to sleep! I really enjoy it but there is something about it that, and I have no idea what, causes me to doze off. I'll be going through a text bit and realise that I fallen asleep and haven't pressed the a button to continue, which is one thing, but I'll also fall asleep while moving through the envirnoment, and I'll suddenly wake up and realise that I'm still actually holding right on the joystick. It's making it very very hard to actually get through it!
  7. Listening to The Metallica Blacklist, so for the next hour it seems I will be listening to Nothing Else Matters....
  8. Really enjoying this as well, it's certainly a journey. If I had any complaints about it I'd say I'd prefer the bits where you have to copy the notes to be a little less simple simon and little more rhythm based.
  9. Is this also coming to PS4?
  10. I’m sure you know, but the best points to return ratio for GPU is to get 3 months of Gold for 15k which converts to 50 days of GPU on a current sub.
  11. Have you done the change the weather one (I just did that one) or the ones for looking at an animal or stared location for three seconds with the drone?
  12. I think he said that women were biologically disposed to be disinterested in programming.
  13. And that's battery BINGO! Thanks for playing, see you all again next week...
  14. Does this for me, I’d assumed it’s because it’s checking all 100+ games on the console to see if they need updates. It might however just be crap.
  15. Everything @fattakinsays is correct. @ScouserInExileit's also worth noting that if the kids wanted to play on both consoles that is also possible. Your account needs to be logged into the non-home console but they can then sign in with their own account as well and use all your content. Basically the rules are - Any accout playing on the home console has access to all the content of the 'owner account' and the owner account does not need to be logged in (plus any content linked to any logged in accounts if it is online). On a non home console, as long as it is online, a user has access to any content of any of the logged in users (even if the user is essentially logged in in the background). There we are, clear as mud hahaha!
  16. Seems a bit weird when 3 months [so 90 days) converts to 50 days. A year only converting to 90 days seems really stingy. Are you sure? Edit: @MattKBsearching around conversion is 1/3 you get 4 months for a year of gold.
  17. You can, but at a reduced rate. For example 3 months of Live will convert to 50 days of GPU if you have a current sub. (Even though it will tell you it is only going to convert to a month).
  18. I think I only realised it was a thing because people pointed it out on here. Actually playing the game I didn't notice it at all. Halo 5 though for me is all about the arena multiplayer which is utterly sublime
  19. I 'think if you really rushed through it it's probably about 11 hours. It took me 16 hours to get to the end credits and I pretty much stuck to the main path with only a bit of collecting things here and there.
  20. Has anyone played Recompile? I had a quick go before Psychonauts 2 pulled me in, and it didn't really grab me. Is it worth going back to?
  21. It really is. I think simply making it so that your attacks staggered the enemies and your dodge had invincibility frames would have made it immeasurably better.
  22. I absolutely loving this now, it's just so full of wonderful ideas and it looks incredible. The one area that does let it down as mentioned above is the combat, there just doesn't seem to be any type of flow to it. I think it doesn't help that prior to this I was playing Hades so it really irritates me that the evade doesn't really seem very useful at all because invariable your dash is actually bloked by an enemy and it doesn't seem to have any invicibilty frames, also you attacks don't stop the enemies doing their attacks. For me it just ends up as running around waiting for the psi blast to refill. Fortunately there isn't that much combat in it, and health is so readily available in the combat areas that there isn't really any chance of dying.
  23. I think it seems to be a lottery how well it works to be honest. I'm sure people have been saying how well the android app was working for them. That's the thing that puts me off bother with it at the moment as you can't be sure of how it's going to work (that and the fact that I have never had it perform in anyway acceptably on my iPad).
  24. I've done a complete 180 on this. The game has opened up a lot more and thankfully the game has stop constantly throwing little cutscenes at you (honestly in the first boss battle I think I spent more time in cut scenes that actually battling the boss). I've also got used to the character design and don't mind it as much now, and some I'm actually liking! As noted above though this doesn't feel like a game that has been starved of funds, everything about it is very very high quality. Graphically it just all feels so solid, which is obvioulsy help by the style. On top of this, at least on the Series X, it looks oh so clean, and the colours just pop, lovely. The music is wonderful as is the voice acting and for me is remaniscent of the characterisation you'd get in something like a Pixar or Dreamworks movie.. The voice acting especially shows up 12 minutes with its 'star cast'. I'm not personally finding it laugh out loud funny, but it is amusing. It's unabashadly old school as well, it certainly reminds me a bit of Rare platformers with all the cards and things to collect all over the map. Anyway another win for Gamepass as this isn't a game I would have ever picked up otherwise. @Mortisyes I'm very keen to play It Takes Two, just waiting for it to turn up on EA Access (ergo GPU)
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