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  1. Is it not your home Xbox? If it’s not then you need to be online.
  2. I take it no one has actually got an email telling them how to download the flight test yet?
  3. Yes it's certainly not being released at AAA pricing, it's 25 quid on the Xbox store.
  4. I find it tends to disappear if you are doing any of the Discovery Flights (might also be the same with training etc which I haven't looked at), although for me it always returns when I then go and just pick a flight from the map. I believe that you can bring it back by clicking on the cog icon on the right hand side of the icons and clicking one of the sliders in that list.
  5. I'm in, although I away for most of the weekend, so I'm hoping there isn't a staggering of letting people in and I get to play some on Thursday. I wonder if it was stacked towards people who are still playing Halo 5 Multiplayer.
  6. Well this really is something to behold isn't it. As with others I'm finding flying over places I know more interesting that going to all the wonderful sights the world has to offer. Had a lovely time sat with my wife flying over the Lake District and picking out all the walking routes we did in May, and the cottage we stayed in. It has to be said some of the paths are a lot more obvious from a plane than they are on the ground! My mate has a pilots license and has always been into flight sim so he is coming over tonight to check it out as he wants to pick up a seriesX to play it. He's taken me flying before in a Cessna, so my first take off was from East Midlands in said plane to recreate the experience.
  7. So the updated completed and I booted in to get the online servers aren't contactable message, it did try and load up the list of world updates but seemed to give up eventually and move me on to stage 2 of the process setting configuring your preferences. Did that then gave up after 10 minutes of staring at the screen as a blue bar slowly moved across the bottom before getting to the end and nothing happening. Will try later when maybe less people are hammering it.
  8. It probably should but it rarely does. I think it's very unlikely for this as I believe auto update only really looks at games you have played recently, so for a game that no one has yet played that doesn't seem to have happened.
  9. Love the fact that everyone seems to have completely different update sizes. I'm going to guess it's based on how long ago you preloaded it. Not a great start, although to be honest I was only booting it up to start the UK updates downloading.
  10. Hmm, preloaded it yesterday, wait for 4pm today. 18Gb update...
  11. Loving those Squirrel videos, his voice is so relaxing, really blends in well with the lovely scenery. Looking foward to giving it a go at 4pm.
  12. Are you doing an rewards stuff to keep it topped up?
  13. If you have a trial I don't think it will stack once you have GPU through the upgrade offer as at that point you have an active subscription.
  14. I pretty sure it does. I don't think MS actively track how you got credit to exlude credit 'bought' with reward points.
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