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  1. metallicfrodo

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Wait a minute you can stasis a Lynel?
  2. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    Make sure lighting is decent and not coming towards the camera (so no wall lights behind you) with regards to going out of view are you far enough away from the camera. I’d say you need to be at least 2m away for the camera to be able to get a full view from toe to a little over head height. For Beat Saber I stand 2.5m away from the camera and it is on top of the TV about 1.2m of the ground.
  3. metallicfrodo

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    I think you do need to make another one, I've had to make a different one for each of the three clans I've been in. @sbrandon111 check through your Inbox in game again. I thought I had accepted it and went to look in the forge to make a key but it wasn't there so I was confused. Went back and the invite was still in my inbox and it then worked fine after accepting it again.
  4. metallicfrodo

    Nintendo Switch

    Have you tried the compressed air trick? I had this on my right joycon as well and cleaning it out with compressed air instantly fixed it. Basically the first minute of this video covers it.
  5. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    It is a slow start no doubt but I think it does enough in the 20mins or so of the demo to make it worthwhile at least giving it that length of time.
  6. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    With regards to the quote, yes that was pretty bad I grant you, and I think having watched a trailer the animation in a lot of cases isn't the best. With regards to it being slow, I personally didn't mind that as you are supposed to be hurt and I personally felt it added to the sense of discovery a bit as opposed to legging it through everything. However I can understand how it's not for everyone. I'm also assuming that the constant interruptions are because it's the beginning of the game and it's introducing the controls and game mechanics. If it stays like that for the whole game then it would be an issue.
  7. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    Well worth a try when you get the time. I thought it was really good and am now looking forward to the release. I'd recommend going into settings before you start though and changing the direction of movement from head tracking to controller. I did however leave head tracking for movement on for the AI buddy. I thought it looked very nice (quite reminiscent of Farpoint in places) and the AI buddy is well written and voice acted with some lovely animations.
  8. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    My wife adores it. Since she first tried it we had official Beat Saber time for the family every weekend. This weekend she had a go on a friend of the families who has it on PC with a Rift headset with loads of extra tracks. She was almost convinced that we need to buy a powerful enough PC and a Rift!
  9. metallicfrodo

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    That’s weird, I’d say it’s one of the cleanest games in terms of image quality on PSVR (the art style is really well chosen).
  10. The Edge article on Kingdom Hearts III talks a lot about working closely with Disney and how much control they exert over their IP. I can imagine that is a pain when the world is set in stone as it was for the IPs that are used in KH3, as you say it would be a complete nightmare if the IP itself is in complete flux.
  11. metallicfrodo

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    I was on last night!! (To accept the invite). Thanks, set the key building and then did some defence missions on Hydron to start levelling Trinity Prime and Fang Prime after finishing levelling Mag and Cernos Prime
  12. metallicfrodo

    Borderlands 2 PSVR - Dec 14th

    What control method are you using? The mixed reviews put me off spending 50 quid on it.
  13. metallicfrodo

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Can I get an invite to the clan please?
  14. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    I have and it's really really good fun. I utterly hated it with dual motion controllers as the locomotion is fucked, and it's just weird playing with the dual shock with regards to aiming. At 9 quid in the sale I'd certainly recommend it if you have an aim It's not perfect with the aim (because of the weird disembodied grenade launcher weapon in your left hand) but it's so much better. It took a game I was really disappointed in and made it excellent once I'd got use to where the necessary buttons for everything were on the aim controller. I'd say you do need to have good VR legs though as you are going to be spinning that view around a lot!
  15. metallicfrodo

    The Wind Waker remake for WiiU - not just HD

    To be honest I’d miss having the inventory etc on the second screen if they ported it to switch (I still wish they hadn’t obviously ripped it from BOTW so the WiiU version wasn’t superior to the Switch version)

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