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  1. To be honest I was quite surprised it was reduced so soon. I would imagine Oculus don't want to piss off early adoptors by cutting the price that quickly.
  2. Well worth it, it’s an excellent game.
  3. Check out beatsaver.com for custom tracks. There are loads, however the quality varies massively. Also they won’t necessarily have all difficulties mapped. Beast Saver has curated lists of the beatsaver tracks which are potentially worth looking at.
  4. @Skykid I think the Penn and Teller experience is out next Thursday. Venturebeat wrote a pretty upbeat review of it suggesting it’s a lot of fun, but yes is just a kind of pranking thing. They finish by saying: In other news this looks like it could be great
  5. Hmm, that's a shame, the reviews of it (on other platforms) have been quite positive. Might hold off in that case.
  6. I’ve got it but have been engaged in other games. Now I’ve completed Shadow Point and Journey of the Gods I really should put some time into it. As long as I can resist buying The Wizards.
  7. @Darhkwing posted this in response to a question on installing custom Beat Saber songs in the Beat Saber thread. However as it’s a good video on SideLoading on Quest in general I thought it would be a good idea to post it here as well.
  8. It's all about the angle, you have to swipe from 90 degrees to at least 60 degrees the other side, and then you get bonus for how central to the block your swipe is. So when swiping a down block you want to come from the saber point directly upwards to almost downwards and through the centre of the block to get max score. I find it really hard to get a decent score when swiping upwards as you have to really bend you wrist and get you elbow over you hand to point the saber directly down. I think the centrality (is that even a word) only accounts for a max of 15 points of the 115.
  9. Nope, real people do it, which is why there is such a huge range in quality (not only in the quality of the maps but also the .ogg rips) You can find them at beatsaver.com.
  10. Had a bit of a play on Beat Saber earlier, some of @jonamok's scores are insane. I stopped though as at least once a song I was getting a miss because it was loosing the tracking on the controller. Not saying I would have been perfect without it but it's so annoying, and I know that I'm conciously trying to work out what postitions it might be in that are causing it to lose tracking, which means I'm then not playing as freely as I'd like. I don't know if it's a lighting issue or a controller battery losing connection issue. I mean obviously the Quest should be able to handle it as I've seen videos of people perfecting expert plus songs, and you guys are getting great scores as well so I'm wondering what's going on. It's annoying me enough to make me not bother going to scores at the moment, which is a shame.
  11. If you are playing custom songs then I'd recommend grabbing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, it's really really well mapped, and flows beautifully. Althought probably the best map IMO (just because it nails the dance moves from the video) is Gangnam Style.
  12. Yes PSVR is 900x1080 per eye whereas Quest is 2880x1600.
  13. Well this really is lovely and such a fantastic concept. But my goodness it’s hard and unforgiving. Keep making stupid mistakes, think I need to pause occasionally rather than always moving.
  14. Has anyone here tried OrbusVR Reborn? Quite tempted to give it a go, although not sure I really have the time for a MMORPG.
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