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  1. We had a topic on it recently. It Lists all kinds of data with regards to timings, so it has a median and shortest - longest times across, campaign, campaign +extras. completioninst. Example here is God of Wars entry https://howlongtobeat.com/game?id=38050 Admittedly it's all self report from a number of people but it's the best resource I can find. Conversly to @Majora the three games I've completed on that list (HZD, God of War an Spider-man) I took less time than I've quoted from Time to Beat, and yes they are just the main storyline. EDIT: Just remembered that I've also completed TLOU:Remastered, no idea how long that took me but I did just try and get it over with so probably less time than that again.
  2. So from wikipedia The top 15 are with cross references of time from Time to Beat for the main story. 1) GTA5 - 31 hours 2) Uncharted 4 - 15 hours 3) Marvel's Spider-man - 16 hours 4) The Witcher 3 - 51 hours 5) God of War - 20.5 hours. 6) The Last of Us Remastered - 14.5 hours 7) Horizon Zero Dawn - 22.5 hours 8) Gran Turismo Sport - 11 hours ** 9) Monster Hunter World - 49 hours 10) The Last of Us Part 2 - 22 hours 11) Final Fantasy VII remake 33.5 hours 12) Persona 5 - 97 hours 13) Detroit Become Human - 12 hours 14) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - 14.5 hours 15) Final Fantasy XV - 28 hours So from looking at that the majority are less than 30 hours, with 50+ hours being real outliers. To be fair I'm surprised some of those games are actually that long. Something that's obviously pretty difficult to get hold of is how long the majority of players actually played those games for.
  3. This just seems counter intuative. Surely the bigger/longer you make the game, the more the costs increase, however there is still only a set price range that you can sell within. Additionally I thought the general concensus was that outside of some really big tent pole releases SP games have been getting shorter and shorter over time. The biggest games of this gen have been nowhere near 50 hours long (at least for inital completion). Also all the data that I've seen bandied around suggests that most people don't get anywhere near completing most games they buy and that in reality a developer might as well have only pu 5-8 hours content in.
  4. Great idea, better than just watching bull shot trailers and reading other’s opinions of floor demos.
  5. While the single player may not have been the greatest, Halo 5’s multiplayer is peerless. @Kryptonian and I still play it on a regular basis and it’s incredible . I hope they manage to replicate that with Halo Infinite. While it’d be nice to have a great single player campaign I’ll still only spend a tiny minority of my time with it playing that.
  6. This was my major issue with it as well, I just couldn't be bothered to keep playing as it felt like I was looking at a load screen for the majority of the time.
  7. That's not terrible parenting that is adapting to your specific situation.
  8. Getting slightly off the topic but there is nothing worse for a child than a parent who resents it. Parents also need to have a break now and again from their child(ren) to regroup, and assuming the child(ren) are in a safe situation, ultimately that is going to be better for them in the long run.
  9. All children are different, which is why it's about knowing what works for YOUR child, not your friend's child or some random on the internet's child. Especially as there is so much that is different with how you deal with a 5 yo, and how you would deal with a 15 yo. Which is why blanket statements about what a terrible thing screen time is aren't really helpful to anyone, primarily because most people don't agree about what they mean by screen time.
  10. It's all rumour though at the moment, there is no messaging at all. If (when) the thing is actually announced would probably be a better time to comment on the messaging.
  11. Lots of talk of the way that something like Fortnite can cause frustration, but used properly it can be a good opportunity to sit down with your child and have a discussion about coping mechanisms that will be useful to them in life. We all get frustrated as adults and our ability to deal with that (or not) has been built up through our life. My son used to get really frustrated at points with Fortnite, but he now appreciates that feeling and is able to play a different mode, a different game, or just walk away and do something else entirely. He's then been able to use that when doing school work that he is finding frustrating to either move onto another question and come back to it, or just take a break and come back refreshed. To be honest though I'm a terrible example when it comes to getting frustrated with a game (as @Kryptonian would be able to attest to having to put up with me yelling profanities down the mic while playing Halo on a regular basis).
  12. What Alex W says if you get an adapter it will work undocked but you wouldn’t be able to use the little stand as the adapter is stuck in the bottom of the Switch.
  13. If you are talking about using the Switch docked, and you have either a PS4 controller or a new bluetooth enabled Xbox controller then I'd recommend the 8-bitdo adaptors. Much cheaper than buying a controller. I have one and using the PS4 controller is a revelation (personally it would be even better with an Xbox controller but non of mine are the new Bluetooth ones). https://www.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Wireless-Bluetooth-Raspberry-Retrofreak-3-Receiver/dp/B07HG4WPC2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=8-bitdo+swtich+adaptor&qid=1593447325&sr=8-1
  14. My son is 12 now, he's been playing games since he was about 6 or 7, started off with the Lego games. Until recently, during school time he was only ever allowed to play on weekends and only in the mornings. To be honest that did mean that he would play for hours at a time as he used to get up early, however to be honest it was nice for the wife and I to actually get an opportunity to have a lie in after 7 years of having to get up really early at the weekend! As time has gone on this continued until about half way through this year at school we decided as he was in senior school he would be allowed to play in the week, as long as his music practices and his homework were getting done. Realistically he was only coming home and watching videos of Fortnite on youtube anyway, and I felt that him actually playing the game was a better use of his time. Personally I found it a bit hypocrytical to be telling him he couldn't play games when I am quite happy to play for hours on end given the chance. He's only recently got into Fortnite proper (for a long time it was all about Minecraft, Breath of the Wild and Pokemon games), but it's actually been great over the lockdown period as it means that he gets to spend a decent amount of time actually chatting to his mates, and to be honest I think there is something to be said for the amount of teamwork, cordination, sharing resources etc. that they learn from the game. I think with anything it's about you knowing your child(ren). As long as they have other interests that they are engaged in as well and they are doing what they need to with school work and getting enough exercise then they might as well be playing computer games as opposed to watching children's telly or youtube. Additionally it's only fair that you tell them when there are time limits in place. So for example at the weekends we discuss about what we will do as a family, so if we are going on a long walk or whatever my son knows when he can play and when he has to stop, and what other things he needs to fit in around that. You aren't going to get anywhere if suddenly you walk in and go 'right we're all going for a walk now', that would cause strife if the person was an adult, there is no reason to believe it shouldn't be the same for a child.
  15. I’m wondering the same, I’m slightly put off by the 23 quid price when it’s only supposedly 3 hours long
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