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  1. metallicfrodo

    No Man's Sky - Xbox version and NEXT update 24 July

    I think that was just a rumour.
  2. metallicfrodo

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    I don't think he is sandbagging at all, I think he's racing at the maximum he can, he also has the Giro in his legs which G doesn't. I'm also not convinced of this narrative that Sky want Froome to win. Sky don't care who wins as long as it's a Sky rider. However G hasn't made it through a GT without having at least one bad day, so they obviously aren't going to throw everything towards him while a proven GT winner is still in the race, especially as they have the strength in depth teamwise to look after both of them until near the end of stages. With regards to the race it's now looking like a three way fight between Dumoulin, Froome and G. I've been really impressed with Dumoulin as he also has the Giro in his legs but seems to be coping at least as well as Froome. It's a real shame that Porte and Nibali, my two picks before the tour started, are out as that has obviously cut the competition badly. I don't see Bardet as a threat for the title (possibly the podium if G falters) as he is going to get blown away by Dumoulin and Froome in the final ITT, and his team has been decimated. Biggest disappointment for me though has been Yates who just hasn't looked anywhere near being at the races, closely followed by Movistar's complete inability to come up with any sort of coherent plan for anything. Also while these short mountain stages are obviously designed to try to make the GC more interesting they have well and truly made the green a forgone conclusion (not that it wasn't anyway) by eliminating pretty much every sprinter bar Sagan and Demare. Could well see Sagan take the win on the champs elysee which would be amazing. Also how good is Egan Bernal? Future of GT riding there!
  3. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    The review I've just watched suggested that there is a problem with it losing tracking on the controllers at least once every 10 minutes which sometimes could only be fixed by turning the controller off and on and then re-running the calibration. He suggested it was in need of a patch. Was that your experience with the game?
  4. metallicfrodo

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Going into the TdF I think I would have had my favorites as Nibali and Porte, with the likes of Bardet, Quintana, Landa, Yates and Thomas (dependent on how Froome goes) as potential prospects for the podium. Froome and Dumoulin I think will be hampered by having raced the Giro, so while I think either could have won this TdF if they were fresh I think it will probably depend on how hard the first couple of weeks are raced. They have the advantage of an extra week between the races that Quintana and Contador didn't have when they tried the Giro Tour double. The reason I would have ordered then like that was based around the TTT and ITT. Bardet in particular has a fairly week TTT team and is shocking as at ITT and I don't think he is good enough in the mountains to shake the people who have very strong teams for the TTT (Porte, Yates, Froome, Dumoulin, Thomas) and are very good in the ITT (Porte, Froome, Dumoulin and Thomas). I also think the likes of Quintana will suffer more in the first week. Obviously the first day threw things up the air a little with Froome, Porte and Yates getting caught behind the crash, and then obviously the disastrous mechanical that Quintana had (I would imagine that Landa was incredibly happy about that!). However what basically happened is that just nullified TTT loses for the weaker TTT teams, and we have kind of returned to a status quo where all the main contenders are roundabout each other after 3 stages, with the exception of Dumoulin and Thomas, but both those have a question mark over their heads. Will Dumoulin be able to maintain his form for 3 weeks and will Sky back Thomas (and possibly more importantly is he really a three week racer)? With regards to the other Jerseys, unless the commissars throw him out again then Sagan is nailed on for the green, there really is no competition. Poker Dots will be decided on how the GC boys race the mountain stages (i.e. if they go full gas or allow breakaways). Young rider I'm actually not sure about to be honest, it will most likely depend on how deep some of the younger riders have to go in helping out their leaders, otherwise I'd be tempted to go with someone like Egan Bernal but I think he will have to bury himself too often in service to Froome/G. Same for Marc Soler at movistar who otherwise I'd put up there with a chance
  5. Hmm not sure why that is. Have you followed me on live? Maybe I need to follow you back? What is your gamertag?
  6. It’s all about Rhino and Hek for me, ironskin is amazing. I think my fav war frame is Limbo though, just really interesting to play as, but is a bit squishy for me at the moment. Never really got on with Valkyr. Going to finish The Sacrifice quest then finish levelling Titania so I can use her to complete the Rank 11 test. Need to get to 13 for a couple of prime weapons I have to build. @The Eagle Lord I’m on Xbox so drop me a friends request if you want to team up.
  7. On a separate note, if anyone is looking to start this on the Xbox then I’d be happy to team up with you and give you a hand. I’m far from knowing all the ins and outs but have put a few hundred hours into it.
  8. @BubbleFish I think you can replay the quests again by selecting them from the codex. You’d probably need to check the wiki to confirm exactly what the initial gating on them was regarding order. Although I think it’s mostly in the order they appear.
  9. metallicfrodo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I'd be 100% sure the team and management do that, I have no idea what relevance it has to fans or to be honest pundits discussing the game. I give the pundits slack as well, everyone is an ex international who appreciates the gravity of playing in these games, and is probably quite excited too. None of it’s the level of screaming GOooooooaaaaaaallllllllll for 30 seconds. It’s also about entertainment, who really wants to hear them shit on the team. As it is you get people who are annoyed that ITV ask an ex ref about a VAR decision, because seemingly despite being an ex professional ref they know shit because they made mistakes in their career.
  10. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    It’s a tad fiddly to be honest. You need to hold the move button down, make the motion to throw, it’s actually much better if you essentially do a push motion with your arm as opposed to an under/over arm throw, than at the end of the motion release the move button. It’s the move button thing that’s the important bit really. I always wondered why my throws had no momentum but it’s because I was just pressing the button when I wanted to let go.It’s the motion from pressing (and then holding) the button to releasing it that determines direction/force in the throw.
  11. Everything looked amazing in the stream. Switch is cool and all but only if I can share progress with my Xbox account which isn’t going to happen . Also from the trailer it looks quite the graphical downgrade. Might just be an early build though.
  12. metallicfrodo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    To be fair though that’s the point of him being on the field. Great tournament teams always have a great keeper. Belgium are only still in the tournament because of having a great keeper (Japan are out because they didn’t)
  13. metallicfrodo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    They’ve looked utterly shattered for most of this extra time. Modric is the one who’s never looked tired.
  14. metallicfrodo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Because they have first dibs on it. Unsurprisingly it would seem they have decided to take it. From radiotimes https://www.radiotimes.com/news/2018-07-07/when-are-england-playing-in-the-world-cup-2018/ To be honest I have no idea where the idea of the semis being on both channels has come from.
  15. metallicfrodo

    A Lumines Thread

    I flip and flop between Loo-me-nez as Loo-mi-nes (pretty much for the reason MagicalDrop gave). Never Loo-mines though, that is horrible.

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