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  1. I just dumped of of those regions BIOS’s into RA then it should just work.
  2. i think it does that automatically, correct me if I’m wrong. I only know this as I happened to try to get Castlvania: SOTN up and working over the weekend once I placed the BIOS files in the system folder of RA.
  3. Completed Metroid 1. Got the retro achievements to prove. Was a bit of a slog at times but glad I got through it. The mother brain boss was infuriating
  4. Hopefully these means we are one step closer to getting VR games that never came over to PC VR - Astrobot, RE7 and Wipeout
  5. I managed to get past Kraid and have also defeated Ridley so I think I'm nearing the end. Super Metroid next then probably Zero Mission. Save states helped as well as using a map. I love seeing the origins of these games series and am willing to put up with punishing gameplay and zero QoL systems to see it through.
  6. simms

    Oculus Quest

    I absolutely love the original Space Pirate Trainer, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Space Pirate Trainer DX with an arena mode. Hmm maybe my back garden would be big enough if not I have a mate with a huge garden
  7. simms

    Oculus Quest

    Id love to get one of these. I'll keep an eye on this as I can see this being the way to VR if you don't have a massive space to move around in VR. Price wise I was expecting it to be more than it was. Also a fun way to exercise
  8. im sure there’ll be lots to talk about one this is released into the wild. Between the flexibility of this thing and the community that is going to push this thing to its limits I cannot wait to see what cool things are done. I can see perhaps Deck specific games being released with a “best played on the deck” sticker or “optimised for Steamdeck”
  9. I've hit a brick wall in terms of progression. Cant get past Kraid on Metroid 1. I ve worked out the gap between his attack pattern and can get some hits in but when I jump to the back to the platform which is the entrance I sometimes accidently go back to the previous screen and am wondering whether Kraids health resets everytime this happens. Dark Souls has nothing on this.
  10. oh yes absolutely. I wanted to go in all hardcore but modern games have spoiled me with their fancy in-game maps and I struggled with directions going to the same dead area multiple times and my lack of direction compounded this. I ended up finding a lovely site that has brilliant maps with graphics seemingly lifted out of the game somehow. I used the one without items shown so as not to hand hold me too much and spoil the experience. Great maps here: https://nesmaps.com/maps/Metroid/MetroidCompleteMapBG.html
  11. I've started Metroid on the NES. Then going to go thought the series. I've never played any of the GBA games or Prime series. I also have AMR2 to play.
  12. So excited for the possibility of portable emulation this will provide. I didn't realise there are so many portable emulation machines on the market and the Steam Deck is a wonderful addition to that market which mush be quite sizeable for all these manufacturers to get in on the action. They must be quietly fearful that Valve decided to enter the race.* * I know emulation is not the primary purpose but I be many will using it for emulation, especially with the power it provides for emulating demanding games
  13. Yeah no way this will do Switch numbers
  14. Quake 2 RTX is currently free on Steam and GOG
  15. For the last 20 odd years I’ve predominantly used an Xbox controller. The training part of Rocky on the Xbox seared the positioning of X, Y, B, A and their colouring into my brain.
  16. I’m set to get my Steam deck Q2, I’d love to get one before Christmas. I’m hoping a glut of people cancel so I get moved up to December. Has anyone here been moved forwards in the queue yet?
  17. Master spy is on sale 69p. Not sure how good it is https://store.steampowered.com/app/331190/Master_Spy/
  18. The emulation scene around the deck will be interesting. Are there emulator for Steam Desks flavour of Linux or would it be less faff to get windows on there are use those emulators? For example retro arch and the like
  19. I'm a massive fan of gyro aiming along with using the track pad on my Steam controller. Nintendo gets it with their Splatoon series. I love that they a championing gyro aiming
  20. I'm sure my point still stands.
  21. Any Pc users confirm how much performance is improved with today’s patch?
  22. This is probably why MS not making a big deal out of it. Less people trying to download today the better
  23. i know just pulling your leg
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