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  1. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    Or just put them up on the eshop so we can buy them like before with Virtual console and introduce and sub option down the line when the market is ready. Also who says the market is not ready? I think this start afresh approach to every console generation is backwards.
  2. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    Seems so shit that Nintendo are going drip feed old games when they had a wealth of games on virtual console, why not just put them up there and continue where they left off. Not having a Netflix style Nintendo back catalogue is a massive own goal.
  3. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    Nothing to do with the 360, more to do with the fact if your Switch was lost or stolen which is likely due to its portable nature you'll potentially lose hours of gameplay progress which on a Souls game would be soul destroying...sorry. Also I think clouds saves are probably a standard feature of pretty much every other major gaming device.
  4. simms

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    That look brilliant. I'm trying it at the weekend
  5. Watched the trailer again. This is looking very special. I'm loving the traversal with the grappel hook a la Just Cause. Adds a lovely layer of options in tight spots. Can't wait for this. I don't do many games day1 but this is got to be one of those.
  6. Looks incredible, Doom 2016 is my favourite. I'm going to play it as god intended at 200fps with extra graphix and mouse and keyboard.
  7. simms

    No Man's Sky

    Never played this, I've had it sitting in my Steam library forever. Think I'll download and actually play next week. It sounds like my dream game.
  8. simms

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Loads of players not happy with the implementation. Not as good as Splatoon 2, I’ll give it a try later.
  9. simms

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I was waiting for the gyro option to be patched in before starting on Fortnite. Is it fucked or can you adjust after maybe playing with the settings. Also is there a recentre button?
  10. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    If the PS4 version was shonky I don’t hold much hope for the Switch version
  11. simms

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    For me the Switch is still left out in the cold with some of the big upcoming releases due to lack of power, I hoped devs would just try releasing cutdown versions at least but maybe it's not that straight forward. While the Switch gets a lot of playtime I don't think it will ever be the main console for me and others, which is fine.
  12. simms

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    I'm interested in getting Fallout 4 VR as it £19.99 on cd keys at the moment. I heard there were some disadvantages in Fallout 4vr to do with the scopes but cannot remember specifics. Anyone played the VR version that could comment?
  13. simms

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    Sorry For me I play my Switch in table top mode but using a third party stand with split joycons which makes it the most versatile and portable console. However the games I'm most looking forward to are not coming to the Switch probably due to the lack of power, like Resident Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom 2 , Sekiro, Shemue series, and Hideos game and many more I cannot remember. I'd pay good money for a more powerful Switch.
  14. simms


    Exactly what I do but then tweak to my preferences. Gyro aiming for FPS’s is revolutionary and superior to analog stick aiming. That is using the right touch pad for large sweeping movements and quick mouse like turning then the gyro function for fine tune aiming. Like pc gaming in general if you can’t be bothered with tweaking then it’s probably not for you although you are unlikely to touch most options and in theory it will not take too long to customise to your liking once you get used to what does what.

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