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  1. Sorry to trouble you and this maybe a dumb question. I've reinstalled MYSYS2 to c:\ and have got a little further now. I managed to get past the git clone part and cd sm64-port. The next step is to: Place a Super Mario 64 ROM called baserom.<VERSION>.z64 into the repository's root directory for asset extraction Do I put the ROM in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\sm64-port ? EDIT: NVM Ive got it up and working now I've added to my library of hacks
  2. I've installed mysys2 to another drive and not the default c:\. I'll try uninstalling and install in on my c:\
  3. I'm struggling to get this setup I also followed the instructions on https://www.msys2.org/ after running pacman -Syu and pacman -Su its not clear what I have to do. I tried typing 'pacman -S --needed base-devel mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain' but then it gives an option of Enter a selection (default=all): but not clear what to do from here I also followed step by step instruction for windows on this page https://github.com/sm64-port/sm64-port I get as far as typing 'git clone https://github.com/sm64-port/sm64-port.git' in the MSYS2 terminal window but it
  4. I’ve installed Teknoparrot. Going to try and get it up and working this weekend with a racing wheel.
  5. I had a quick look into this to get it working as I'm still gutted I missed out on purchasing the Steam version. Have to fiddle about to get it working with my controller There is also around fix called Outrun 2 FXT which gets it working with a force feedback wheel as this PC version was missing a lot of features:
  6. Fan made DLC mod. Looks decent
  7. This is looking great. Been waiting since Fight Night for a decent boxing game
  8. Its not an area I'm aware of but would TV based consoles be subject to same hardware failure and how easy are they to repair? I guess it depends on the console, especially ones with moving parts. There's probably not a single xbox 360 console working in the world right now
  9. oh shit I’ve got a sealed copy of Thousand year door
  10. Bsod does some amazing guides
  11. I just play vanilla but just with 60+fps and increased draw distance
  12. Is that on Cemu, Yuzu or Ryujinx? I run on Cemu and its great.
  13. I've got ps1 metal gear solid limited edition premium package in good condition with unused t-shirt & dogtags but its probably worth dick all
  14. simms

    Oculus Quest

    I'm sure this was a known fault, hence why they were pulled from sale shortly after release. Maybe contact Oculus for a replacement https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/15/22176820/oculus-quest-2-elite-strap-extended-warranty-quality-problems
  15. I guess use Hero’s path to see area’s you’ve not visited ?
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