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  1. I'm a massive fan of gyro aiming along with using the track pad on my Steam controller. Nintendo gets it with their Splatoon series. I love that they a championing gyro aiming
  2. I'm sure my point still stands.
  3. Any Pc users confirm how much performance is improved with today’s patch?
  4. This is probably why MS not making a big deal out of it. Less people trying to download today the better
  5. i know just pulling your leg
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/psa-pc-owners-can-still-buy-outrun-2006-coast-to-coast.72617/
  7. PC gaming is not always about cutting edge hardware. The Steam hardware survey regularly shows most users have quite modest hardware. I’ve got fairly new hardware but mostly play Rocket league or FTL because I’m mental. But its nice knowing that I can flex the latest games with bell and whistles. It will play everything I know this is looked down upon but I currently play Zelda BOTW remaster (at 60fps and increased draw distance) before Nintendo releases their official version.
  8. Mind blown. Didn't think of that but this is a huge point in terms of consolelifying the PC experience. Either specific deck profiles by the developers or setup Steam to recommend settings if it detects you are using a deck. As well has official developer graphic settings there can be community settings which get upvotes for how popular they are like they have for the Steam controller configurator. Yes
  9. I'll most likely put a podcast on or have the radio on in the background
  10. You’re not limited to using the Steam deck in-built controls. Any controller will work
  11. I only managed to order a 512gb late last night and been given order availability of Q2 2022
  12. I wonder if this will have enough grunt to play PC VR games wirelessly on my Quest 2 via airplay or virtual desktop? That would be epic
  13. Fantastic, must of missed that. This will be my Christmas present from me, to me
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