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  1. Anecdotal but I think there's been a general resurgence of console owners looking to get a gaming PC or enquire about one. Partly due to AAA games releasing mostly the same time on PC, Japanese devs and publishers releasing current or re-releasing older games onto the PC, Xbox games releasing on PC simultaneously, PC VR and generally wanting more control on performance and options that comes with PC gaming. Recent news of Sony porting exclusives will add to the interest in PC gaming.
  2. isn’t porting to hardware easier to do these days? Console manufacturers are not opting to design complicated hardware like the famous PS3 cell architecture. Also with games using common engines... not saying it can be done at a flick of as switch however
  3. Don't think I said this but sorry if it sounded like that. Anyway I'm glad console manufacturers are starting share exclusives outside of their hardware platforms
  4. Don't know if you are being purposely argumentative but I think I was reasonably clear about what I was getting at in the context of this thread. Having a specifically high cost piece of hardware tied to an exclusive piece of content only seems to happen in gaming. Yes exclusives in streaming services still occur as it does in VR gaming (see oculus). In the streaming tv services you mention I don't have to buy a high cost set top box to watch exclusive content, I can pay a months subscription (£10 or less) watch the content and cancel or even use a free trial.
  5. Id prefer if Sony sold through one of the existing game stores but if the price of getting Sony exclusives on PC is another store then so be it. Initiatives like GOG Galaxy is uniting PC game stores into one client anyway.
  6. Sony have probably looked at the numbers MS have done so far with Halo and want some of that.
  7. Yes this is true but I cannot see this happening in large numbers.
  8. Bloodborn, Wipeout VR and Astrobot would be my picks for the PC port treatment. The VR game in particular would make sense as they would be greatly received by the PC Vr market. VR games inparticular need more market exposure because of the smaller percentage of users.
  9. Not sure what it is you don't understand, If I want to play a particular exclusive I have to pay hundreds of pounds on a piece of equipment to play it even though I potentially have existing adequate hardware. Exclusives tied to expensive hardware needs to go and I think console manufacturers are realising this. R&D, marketing and selling hardware is expensive for them.
  10. You don’t need an expensive piece of hardware to get access to those services. You can just pay one month or use a free trial to watch an exclusive.
  11. Video game industry is old fashioned in some ways compared to other media. The days of exclusivity maybe numbered. Timed exclusives may still continue
  12. Also trend towards software playing off of multiple devices
  13. Benefits of more game sales outweighs the selling of hardware?
  14. never say never. Having to buy a piece of hardware to play exclusives sucks balls
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