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  1. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    This is how I feel about most multi platform games on the Switch. For me playability on another format overides playing on the bus. I used I love playing Rocket league on the sofa but I play much better with a bigger screen, better res and smoother gameplay on the pc.
  2. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    The digital foundry video mentions the stutter. Playing the game from an Ssd improved things but did not eliminate it. Most likely it will get patched.
  3. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Thanks for explaining that. I guess MS did not communicate what Crackdown was supposed to be very well and did you no favours by attaching that cloud destruction demo to Crackdown. I never understand why companies think it's a good idea to show these elaborate demos which cannot be implemented into a game, I thought this industry would learn by now to prevent and meltdown and bring bad will to their game. Halo 2 demo, Deep Down, Star citizen, that ps2 fps shooting game, I'm sure there's more. As I mentioned before I'll play it and enjoy it for what it is.
  4. simms

    Steep (Ubisoft openworld, snow, ski & wingsuit)

    Cool, I was actually going to say if you can give it a proper comparison then sure. I played 1080 on the N64 years ago and loved it, if it was given a Switch update it will no doubt be a strong contender in the genre. Same with Waverace.
  5. simms

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    Just started playing this and it's been a while since I completed Dark Souls 1, but has the kick been removed from 2?
  6. simms

    Steep (Ubisoft openworld, snow, ski & wingsuit)

    Are we sure this isn't rose tints?
  7. Loving the colour palette in this
  8. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    It would be good to hear from the horses mouth why they could not achieve their original aim. We can only speculate on what happened. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as I'm itching to get back into the Crackdown universe. This must run sweet on my PC at full 60fps. I'll have to play the Red Faction GW remaster for my destructive kicks.
  9. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I knew the design argument was going to come for me. I'm sure you can design around it. Core buildings that cannot be collapsed but still can be destructive, even the remains of collapsed buildings are platforms themselves, or have your strength and weapons power restricted by what you can destroy based on building material (a few basic materials types to not over complicate things)? I know I'm asking for the moon and would probably change the fundamentals to the point it would not be Crackdown 3 but I'm sure this game will be possible one day. What annoys me is that they show these proof of concept videos to get anticipation levels up but probably knowing they cannot deliver.
  10. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Thanks for that. You could of said more
  11. simms

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    This is Nintendo, so chances are start from scratch.
  12. simms

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    First of all I fucking love Crackdown and had massive fun with the first game with orb hunting and levelling up my agent, the narrator (skills for kills agent), killing bosses, the graphics and everything about the universe Crackdown carved out for itself. Now, I have not been following the games development closely but what the flying fuck happened to the cloud destruction stuff they once showed it would of been a massive step up for the series. I'm sure I'll enjoy Crackdown 3 when I get round to it but i think I'll have that nagging feeling of what it could of been.
  13. simms


    Flower released on Steam yesterday https://store.steampowered.com/app/966330/Flower/
  14. This. Brillant game and completed it years ago but not something I wanted. Good treat for those that have not played it.
  15. Valve are supposed to be making 3 VR games but when they will release is anybody's guess https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-valve-still-committed-making-three-vr-full-games/ Also Valve have VR 'knuckles' controllers are in development which will track your fingers and play games in an open palm fashion https://www.roadtovr.com/valve-knuckles-dv-dev-kit-promotion/ VR games I recommend: Onward Pavlov Eleven: Table Tennis VR Fallout 4 Vr (need a good system for this) Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Redout (Wipeout clone) Raw Data Budget Cuts Arizona Sunshine Space Pirate Trainer The Brookhaven Experiment Sportsbar VR New Retro Arcade:Neon (relive the co op arcade days) Elite Dangerous

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