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  1. Bathurst in the dark/at sunset is spectacular. Bummed i missed it. Should be back next week.
  2. Finish work around 10 p.m. so probably won't make it in time. Have fun !
  3. Sun Tze

    Wipeout HD

    I wish. I think, unlike Mario Kart, WipEout requires some (skill developed over time) investment and probably isn't as satisfying for most to just pick up and play. Hope the franchise returns on PS5, maybe launch it as a bare bones free to play showcase for the platform with regular tournaments or infrastructure that keeps people coming back. Adding an extensive how to play mode could prevent people bouncing off the game after bouncing against the walls for too long. I dunno.
  4. Sun Tze

    Wipeout HD

    Sorry, i don't know. I thought the bump was going to be about this.
  5. Personally hope they will keep GT Sport around and update it for the next generation. If other GT fans want to have another car collecting bonanza that's cool but if it's set up like previous instalments i would much rather stick with the Sport formula. The penalty system is/was fine for me for the most part. I don't realistically expect the game to do it perfectly. Those first turn send offs must be incredibly hard to qualify properly. The person punting you usually did so involuntarily, probably being slammed forward by someone else even further back the order. There's so many variables and most of it happens within a split second. Then there's the fast guys going up through the ranks that will brake later then most around them causing involuntary chaos. The one on one cases where car A pushes car B on the gravel have been done 'properly' before though so don't really get why Poly fiddled with that.
  6. Any news on when the penalty system comes back online ? My 15th to 8th in race B was kinda fun. My 1st to 14th, then 6th to 12th ultimately resulting in 4th was a bit less fun (the revenge punt on the Italian that send me to the gravel on the first corner was pretty sweet though). Wish i had more skill as racing in DR A and DR B seems relatively clean compared to the C/D lobbies.
  7. I'll see how it all pans out in a couple of years. In the meantime, young Bobby is proving a very entertaining host for the Daytona 24 that started a few hours ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lsey8bdVGM
  8. Good fun and great to have you back @McSpeed! The M4 dd well but it looked like you guys in the RX-7 had a lot more fun.
  9. The penalties definitely seem a bit harder after the last update. In my three races at Mount Panorama i've racked up a 4 sec and a 6 sec penalty, simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Others fighting, and touching/nudging me while spinning off. Instigator gets nothing and i get a penalty . Last time i had a penalty higher then 1 sec. was probably months ago Did well with the Viper, Atenza and 86, still seeing some other cars but yeah, most of the competition runs the Megane.
  10. Only had time to do one lobby lap of laguna seca in a gr4 before work but this GTS rendition looks absolutely stunning imo. Can't wait to try out the dusk version. Really hope i can find time for race C this week, i really like Autopolis and it should be good fun with the gr3's.
  11. Download and install are fine, it's the copying of data that seems to take forever. I've also had a lot of 'can't download update, your HD is full, pls create space' messages when there's still 40-60GB of storage left. Apparently having a lot of data saved in game (replays, scape shots, liveries etc) causes this which is slightly annoying whenever there's an update. Really happy with the update, Laguna Seca has always been a favourite and the Ford GT is an awesome addition as well.
  12. Can't confirm, haven't played since last monday when they were still quite strict about track limits. Won't be on tonight unfortunately! Started a new job this month and got an early one tomorrow so hopefully see you guys again next week. Have fun !
  13. Yeah, the gr 3 races usually show a lot more brand variety on race day. I love Interlagos but feared racing there (again) last week could have a negative effect on my perception/appreciation of it. Thankfully the Nurburgring in the hachi-roku's was a lot of fun.
  14. The Spiked Mace is in one of honest Thomas' secret chests around Firelink shrine. Like @Uncle Nasty said, the halberd's R1 attack can put you at a disadvantage as it has a tendency to whiff, especially when facing larger enemies like the Stray Demon, the Sentinels in Anor Londo or the slightly more nimble Darkwraiths from New Londo Ruins. Otherwise it's a very good weapon. Crystal weapon variants degrade quicker then other upgrade paths though so watch out for that.
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