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  1. Yeah, the gr 3 races usually show a lot more brand variety on race day. I love Interlagos but feared racing there (again) last week could have a negative effect on my perception/appreciation of it. Thankfully the Nurburgring in the hachi-roku's was a lot of fun.
  2. The Spiked Mace is in one of honest Thomas' secret chests around Firelink shrine. Like @Uncle Nasty said, the halberd's R1 attack can put you at a disadvantage as it has a tendency to whiff, especially when facing larger enemies like the Stray Demon, the Sentinels in Anor Londo or the slightly more nimble Darkwraiths from New Londo Ruins. Otherwise it's a very good weapon. Crystal weapon variants degrade quicker then other upgrade paths though so watch out for that.
  3. I'll concentrate on Spa too. Fingers crossed it takes a couple of days before the meta chasers turn it into a one make race.
  4. Firesage does magic damage though but iirc the gold hemmed set has decent magic resist as well. Like with the other variations of the Stray Demon a weapon with bleed effect works very well.
  5. Race A: 5 laps Suzuka East Course in the newly added 2003 BMW M3 Race B: 3 laps Spa - group 4 cars Race C: 13 laps Catalunya - Honda SF19
  6. Whoops ! Thanks for the correction there guys.
  7. Afaik, Miyazaki mentioned in interviews the 6th Archstone was meant to be a library inspired 'level' but at the time he thought it didn't fit the vibe/atmosphere and scrapped it for Demons Souls. The level was reworked and implemented in Dark Souls as the Duke's Archives. If Bluepoint are doing Demons Souls i sincerely hope they don't mess up the matchmaking like they did with Dark Souls Remaster.
  8. Had another few goes at Interlagos but all of my gains were in the tenths/hundreds so think i reached my limit on this one. Your Bathurst time is starting to give me nightmares though.. good thing the races are so much fun, they help alleviate the frustration build up from the TT. Going to spent a lot of time in the hills of Monterey. Will try to watch the final World Tour event live this wekend, should be a good one.
  9. Maybe it's a perspective thing. From Le C's perspective i agree that he doesn't have to let Vettel pass and is allowed to defend. But from a team perspective, 'blocking' or barely leaving room for your teammate who has drs on you with about 5 laps to go just seems detrimental to the team ? Again, I'm not excusing Vettel for veering to the left but i'm having trouble seeing Le Clerc barely moving out of the way as a sound team tactic in that situation. That's something that's always intriguing me about superstars in pro sports. I also follow the NBA (Basketball) and i always found it fascinating that the two absolute superstars of the game were also giant a'holes when it came down to personality. Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were notoriously unpleasant on and off the court. Jordan recently admitted he played/ lived with blinkers on as that was the only way for him to reach and consolidate the top spot. I personally hope that Lewis has a couple more years in him. So far i think he, Max and Charles are (capable of) operating on a different level compared to the rest. Can't gauge Russels performance properly obviously and curious how Norris, Albon et al continue to improve but as far as i'm concerned this already is a 'blessed' timeline with Max, Lewis and Charles.
  10. Thanks for the races last night everyone ! Had a massive brain fart at the start of the first race. Played a bit of WipEout in the afternoon and for some reason my brain figured the best way to start was not pre-rev, just hit throttle the moment the lights go out. Unlike WipEout, GT doesn't give you a boost of the line and when you do it in a forty y/o Ford with extremely long gearing it doesn't exactly make for a great start Fortunately my car appeared quite a bit quicker on the straights compared to the Mustangs so was able to catch up and have some nice battles. That Fugu Z is a fantastic little machine, great fun to drive as well. Wouldn't mind a repeat of this class/ group next week tbh. Get well soon Marsh ! Had another go at Interlagos in the gr1 TT after forum races ended but couldn't get more then 3 tenths of my time. Maybe also set a more respectable time for Bathurst white i'm at it... 2.22
  11. Agreed. Two guys who don't like each other much, reluctantly giving each other barely enough room to manoeuvre. Le C should have given Vettel more room to overtake knowing that despite his nice overtake in turn1, Vettel still had drs coming out of third. But Vettel probably shouldn't have showed his displeasure by veering slightly to the left. I sometimes get the impression that it's not very nice to be Le Clercs teammate though. He has a certain uncompromising ruthlessness about him that makes me wonder if he'll ever be able to stomach, nvm thrive of real in-team competition.
  12. They certainly are, jumped straight into the TT after watching the crazy F1 finish. Did a few laps in the old Porsche and Nissan first but couldn't get them under 1.23,7 / 1,25,x. Debated the 918 but was afraid the massive torque would kill me in sector 2. Took out the Toyota and got within one second with some room for improvement. Cool ! Got to watch the movie, trailers looked great. You recommend it ?
  13. That would make a great Christmas present ! Hope it is released with the new gr4 Supra (survey bonus) in december. Next weeks daily races are up: November 18-24: Race A: N100 @ Yamagiwa II, 3 laps, SH Race B: Gr.4 @ Bathurst, 3 laps, RH Race C: Gr.3 @ Sardegna B, 15 laps, RH, Tires x7, Fuel x5 November 25 - December 1: Race A: N200 @ Tsukuba, 5 laps, SM Race B: Gr.3 @ Red Bull Ring, 5 laps, RH Race C: Gr.1 @ Sarthe, 5 laps, RH, Tires x11, Fuel x5 Looks good but would've loved a longer race at Bathurst, 3 laps in gr4 isn't the most challenging proposition and over before you know it. Still wish they would add a race D and spice things up a bit more. Wouldn't mind seeing a N500 race over 6 laps on Tokyo East loop for a change. Just a little bit more creativity would go a long way.
  14. Good news everyone !! (..thats willing to wait until '22/'23) Just merge the technical stuff/ regulations with Imsa dpi class and let's have some 'mature' global endurance racing pls.
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