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  1. Free game alert https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/switch_owners_can_claim_a_free_game_today_if_they_already_own_one_of_these_titles
  2. Oh I see! Yeah I've been umming and aahing about the 350M only. Let me know what you end up keeping/selling. I imagine you'd break even by selling on here whichever one you get rid of.
  3. I saw it for £105, which I'm guessing is what you paid?
  4. If we're not already friends and you desperately want a fake Academic painting let me know.
  5. Kretania (Ben) is open for friends if you want to visit Redd. There seems to be one fake (Academic) and one genuine (Quaint) available. EDIT: One painting left. Will try to stay open until 1pm.
  6. And if you're not bothered by removable joy-cons.
  7. The Vic 20 was big in the US but so was the C64. And the homebrew scene for 64 over there dwarfs the Vic 20 one.
  8. This just feels like they realised they could put out a Vic 20 without much extra expense and flog enough to dedicated enthusiasts. They'd already done 99.99% of the work for it. I can't imagine the market is very big.
  9. I may be interested as it happens. Let us know when it arrives and I'll see if I'm tempted enough!
  10. My wife has started telling our daughter off for saying 'God' and 'damn' so my daughter (who is learning Spanish) looked up what they'd be in Spanish so she could say it without her mum realising.
  11. How exactly do these codes work for ShopTo and CD Keys? Do they buy them from Nintendo at wholesale prices like they do boxed games and then undercut each other?
  12. Just sell it on here. They’re in demand.
  13. Sega killed the Dreamcast by doing pretty much everything they did from the Mega CD onwards.
  14. Please don't think you're a terrible parent for this sort of thing.
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