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  1. https://www.destructoid.com/the-original-two-advance-wars-games-are-coming-to-switch-rebooted-from-the-ground-up/
  2. Get to the GOOD Zelda stuff, goddamnit.
  3. Yes, 8.24pm in Moscow but 1724 (5.24pm) in the UK.
  4. Amazing to think in just an hour and a half we'll be seeing the first clips of F-Zero X 2, the new Wetrix, BOTW 2 in 4K etc.
  5. Last time Scotland played at a major tournament before this week: 1998 F-Zero X released: 1998 F-Zero X 2 confirmed for E3.
  6. Wherever I’ve worked we’ve never used the word orphan, only widow. I don’t know if orphan is more American.
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