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  1. It might be worth waiting for reviews first. I think it had some pretty unconvincing previews.
  2. Apparently the latest DLC has a hidden 4th level. Pretty cool. I've been meaning to return to V2 for months now, but everytime I go to check it out there seems to be something big coming soon, either a new patch or new DLC. I think now might be a good time to finally try it again?
  3. Radish

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    According to some dodgy websites I've never heard of (and tweets from people I've never heard of), his wife was also arrested (the charges were later dropped), and apparently prior to that clip she kept hitting him and throwing things at him. She's also apparently pregnant.* *All of this could be absolute bollocks, it's hard to know how accurate the reports are.
  4. Radish

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    Private worked fine for me. It was quite insistent that I played with a squad (“Anthem is best played with a squad!”) but it did let me complete the final alpha mission solo. You have to actually press escape to continue playing privately, which seemed a little counter intuitive to me. The second session is a lot better than the first. No server problems at all. I was always going to buy Anthem, but I’m more convinced now that it will be a surprise hit. I think a lot of people are underestimating it (perhaps due to Andromeda).
  5. Radish

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    I haven’t had any luck either. I did hear some dialogue once, but that was over the loading screen
  6. Radish

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Man, it's my first proper attempt at a Smash Bros game and I had to google to find out how to exit the World of Light game mode (hold B). This is going to be a struggle
  7. Radish


    Speaking of begging. Anyone want any of these?
  8. Radish

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Oh good, 3 years after it first aired and has now been cancelled, we finally get the first season.
  9. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Does the game suddenly change how it’s designed after 99 hours of playtime? Also, both Dan and Jan also dislike RDR2. Vinny seems pretty lukewarm on it too. This is best game we’re talking about. There’s a separate category for best story, and I’m sure it will be mentioned there.
  10. Aw, I wonder why my copy didn't arrive. Was it delivered by Royal Mail or somet other courier?
  11. Radish

    Nintendo Switch

    Zeek is usually pretty good. They have up to 7% off at the moment, sometimes the discount is higher. If you combine some and use a discount code, you can get 17% off. Info here
  12. Well, my order from Base has shipped. No idea what delivery service they've used though.
  13. Man, I really hope they officially bring Game Pass to the PC soon. So many of these games I'd like to try but I can't justify the cost of an Xbox just for Game Pass.
  14. Radish


    Patch 1.5 just came out (along with the first bit of DLC, which I don't own) so it's entirely possible that things have been fleshed out a little since launch. I think i saw a patch note about Dinosaurs sleeping now - something you'd probably expect to be there from day one. I do wish there was a little more customisation available in the park itself. When you're chasing a 5 star park (for the final unlock, as research is shared across all islands for the campaign), there's not much to do outside of general park maintenance, nor things to spend your money on. I would love for a few scenic buildings and props to play around with a little, as basically my only options to make a park look prettier are to throw in as many trees and bushes as possible (which only takes a few seconds to do with the terrain tools). In a weird way I'm also glad there isn't much, as I like that it goes for a more realistic tone, whereas Planet Coaster can feel a little cheesy at times with the theming options available.

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