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  1. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    From what I've heard it's getting one: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has a new engine and plays more like a modern action game (third person camera) with combos etc.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. The first two seasons (and the special episode) were great. Can't believe it's taken three years for Season 3 to come out.
  3. Right, but 1. I see what you mean, but I still have two problems with that: it's a huge cliche that occurs all the time (one character hides the truth from another for iffy reasons just for plot), and they shouldn't have dragged it out over the entire season because it's tedious. 2. Hopper, the incredibly sweet, but hyper aggressive person that threatens violence the child to the point he's too scared to tell the truth to someone he loves? They were sweet and caring in earlier seasons, sure, but demonstrated absolutely none of those traits in Season 3 (bar Joyce in Episode 1). That's my point: some of the personality traits they previously had (bitter, scared, angry, stubborn, volatile) have been exaggerated so far that they are now the only part of that character. Joyce started off pretty well but beyond the first episode or two, any interaction between her and Hopper turned into a shouting match (and they both shout at people many times throughout the season to get what they want). They've both become intensely unlikeable. 3. Coke have released New Coke again, so Lucas looking at the camera for a couple of minutes explaining why it's so good is literally an advert. The Mind Flayer is science fiction/fantasy, the Russians are based on reality. Different rules apply (and the best sci fi/fantasy also follow logic and realism). It didn't bother me though.
  4. Is the gameplay in Shadowbringers significantly better then? Because I'm half way through Stormblood and the quest design (and dungeon design up to this point) is as generic as it comes. The storytelling might be good (it has a lot of padding) but what you're actually doing is fairly boring most of the time.
  5. The romance subplots seem to have been written by a computer. It's the most generic, mundane bullshit you'll ever see: one couple "break up" because one person withholds a secret for some reason, even though it could easily be explained and understood. Another couple treat each other like shit because they secretly love each other, so even though they act like horrible, nasty people to each other it's actually done out of lust and totally not because they're just horrible, nasty people. There's nothing imaginative or well written about this anymore. It's pretty sad how much the characters have regressed over the seasons and any hint of subtlety has gone out of the window. I hadn't heard of the term Flanderization before but it absolutely fits here. It's happened to almost everyone (Steve and Robin are great). Oh, and the Coke product placement is pretty annoying too. There's a bit in Episode 7 I think where they literally spend a couple of minutes holding up a can of Coke to the camera and explaining why New Coke is good.
  6. Yup, BfA is comfortably the worst expansion yet. At least WoD had fun content; it just didn't have enough. BfA has tons to do and all of it's shit. (Edit: Except raiding, but the classes are really dull now so I have little interest in raiding unfortunately).
  7. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Why not just play it with a pad on your PC?
  8. Also, in the grand scheme of things, why does it matter that it's this week and not in a couple of weeks time? A more accurate description would be "8.2 impressions: 11 months after the expansion launches, people are already flying". And that sounds really dumb, doesn't it? The timer has to start when the expansion launched, not when 8.2 released.
  9. Cultist Simulator is also on sale in the App Store (and google play), so this is a handy way to demo it before seeing if it’s something worth playing on a portable device.
  10. Someone in chat earlier claimed that people playing the full version of the game now have priority over those using a trial account. Not sure how true that is though.
  11. That is weird, I didn't really have any trouble with her. From what I recall you can avoid most of her attacks (remember that you're ranged with no cast times, so just keep running around). I'm trying to find a video of it online but I don't seem to be having any luck. I've found a video (starting at 12:00 if it doesn't jump there automatically). This is where I find out we're talking about a different encounter
  12. The first parts of that quest chain introduce you to your big nuke, then it's just a case of hitting 1 and 2 to get procs for your bigger abilities (which light up). Did you equip the dancer gear they gave you? My ilevel was about 255 on my Dancer doing that quest and I didn't have any trouble killing the boss. I dropped to <50% once but I used the two heals to quickly get back up to nearly full health. I saw a great post on Reddit explaining why the Scholar is in the worst place it's ever been (from a design perspective). Having a glance around at a few of the classes on the job page, it does look like they've drastically simplified a lot of the classes - and given I've recently quit WoW because of how brain dead the classes have become, that's really disappointing. Does anyone know what the most complex tank class is now?
  13. How does Paladin feel? Other than better DPS. I've dabbled a bit with the Gunbreaker and my Warrior but neither seem particularly satisfying. They feel like DPS classes that have a few extra defensive CDs. Unless I'm mistaken, both of their resources (powder gauge and beast gauge) are used purely for dps. Nascent Flash does seem like it will heal you based on how much damage you do so that does tie in a little bit, but it's not really much. Gunbreaker seems to be 1-2-3 then a Powder Gauge spender (one for single target and one for aoe), except that every 30 seconds you can do a more powerful single target combo. Great? I hope I've missed something because that literally seems to be the only thing you can do with Powder.
  14. The patch is out on PC at least, about 7.5gb. The servers are still down though. I'm actually quite excited to try the Gunblade now. I've been casually playing this solo over the last year or so (taking frequent breaks) and I've only just hit level 62 on my Warrior, but the thought of a shiny new tank class is pretty irresistible. The Warrior changes look ok but I feel like Square have made the same mistake that Blizzard do: make the class/job defining features/traits a high level, new-expansion level unlock. They seem to have done it with all the new abilities, eg it's great to finally have a combo finisher for our AoE (Overpower) but it doesn't start to generate Beast Gauge until mid-70s, so you still have to single target and tab between enemies until then if you want to generate your resource. There seem to be a fair few little things like that which hold the job back until you're at the max level. Edit: On PC, the latest update now caps framerates at 90 because apparently Yoshida is worried that people will overheat their GPUs without one. Looks like someone's found a way to fix that.
  15. I really struggled with adventure mode initially too (on medium). I scraped first place on the first map on my first try, but it probably took a dozen attempts on each of the next few tracks. Honestly though, all it takes is mastering boosts. Jump just before you off a ramp to get a boost and power up your drift boosts. Don't just go for one boost, chain it up to level 3 (once you get the timing down it's really easy). You'll start to really fly through the tracks and it's so much more fun. It's a bit hard to explain it but I think what you do is: Hit R1 to hop and turn so you start drifting when you land, then after a second or so (when the bar in the bottom right is nearly full) hit L1, wait another second (until the bar is nearly full), hit L1 again, and then do that once more. You'll be going really fast at that point.
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