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  1. Radish

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    I'm quite intrigued by this but there's no way I'm paying £47 for it. I hope it drops in price fairly quickly but the only way I can see that happening is if it flops, which would be a shame.
  2. Yup, it makes so much sense to me (The Night King going past Winterfell to attack the unprepared King’s Landing and raise everyone there). He must be aware of all the preparation they’ve been doing at Winterfell so I could see him bolstering his forces in the South first. Especially since we haven’t seen him at or near Winterfell yet. The battle for Winterfell has been so massively choreographed I feel like there needs to be a twist. The Battle for Winterfell will start, the living will be winning but after 10 or 15 minutes someone says “why isn’t the Night King coming?” And it cuts to him in Kings Landing killing and raising the Golden Company and the citizens inside KL. Of course, I’m probably completely wrong and we’ll just have a huge, fuck off battle at Winterfell next week.
  3. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeah, I haven’t seen much of Mike before but you cannot tell how competitive he is and Dan is great at winding him up (by just the right amount). Im surprised at how tricky RA2 is to play nowadays since it was rereleased ina collection a few years back. Did they not do any work on compatability for that?
  4. Well, I watch a lot of 4k stuff on Netflix/Apple TV/Amazon without any problems so it's not my internet connection (unless it happened to turn to shit just as I was watching GoT). All NowTV stuff is 720p though so I'd be amazed if it looked as good as the 1080p stuff you're used to. Edit: And I used a calibration guide from rtings.com for my TV so I hope it's set up decently
  5. Any word on S8 appearing on itunes? I watched the first episode on NowTV and apart from the generally crap quality it also paused to buffer 4 or 5 times. Quite frustrating and I’d happily pay a bit more to watch it legally in better quality. Sky sent me a letter after I downloaded a Brooklyn Nine Nine episode so I imagine GoT would get me in trouble too. If NowTV is the only solution then I’ll just tether my mobile phone and torrent it with that.
  6. Right, exactly my point on why it's good marketing. It's being made by an entirely new team that we're being told is Respawn. It's not:
  7. It’s a completely new team, isn’t it? Seems like marketing made the right call by saying it’s being made by Respawn.
  8. Radish

    Borderlands 3

    Oh god, even the BL3 trailer is laggy as fuck. Less time spent rehearsing shitty magic tricks, more time checking that the videos actually play.
  9. Radish

    Borderlands 3

    "There's a summary of what's in the game" *Camera stays zoomed in on Randy* "Let's go to the next screen and see what else is new" *Camera stays zoomed in on Randy* Fucking hell.
  10. Radish

    Borderlands 3

    I think this PAX East panel was just an excuse for Randy to do a magic trick.
  11. Radish

    Borderlands 3

    Someone really should tell the camera guy to zoom out and show what the fuck he's talking about.
  12. Radish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Eh, so far the balance just seems totally off. Most of it is pretty easy, with basically all the normal enemies providing little challenge. The only tricky parts are the mini bosses (and boss that I've seen), and the occasional gimmick encounter that is just bad (first time you're jumping through the ravine with the big guy). These are only really tricky because the game really loves one hit kill mechanics and then introducing numerous ways to punish you after you die, so the old strategy of trying to learn a fight is actually hugely punishing. Dragonrot is just cruel, as is the "lose half of your experience points and gold on death unless this low chance thing randomly prevents it from happening". No skill involved, just pure luck. A massive step down from the souls system, but presumably From felt compelled to try and change something for this game. I'm not sure that was the thing to go change though. Of course I'll persevere but so far it's pretty disappointing.
  13. Radish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    This game will unlock in approximately 20 hours Fuck off Steam. If Epic want to compete genuinely with Steam, make all games release at midnight and I'll swap over (I'm only half joking ) Edit: To unlock the game early via VPN: 1) Log out of the Steam mobile app and change (not to be confused with reset) your password via the the desktop client 2) Download and install F-Secure Freedome (no hard limits, but the trial period expires after five days), FlyVPN (20-minute session limit), ProtonVPN (speed-limited), TunnelBear (500MB data limit), VPN Gate (no hard limits) or VyprVPN (no hard limits, but remember to cancel within 72 hours) 3) Connect to a server in Asia (excluding South-east Asia) 4) Restart Steam (if you're logged in) 5) Unlock the game 6, optional) Switch to Offline Mode to preserve the "Play" button as it will revert back to "Pre-load" once you're no longer connected to the VPN (even if you disconnect mid-game, you won't be booted out) Although it seems that doesn't work yet. "The game unlocks as it should, but until From updates the binaries depot with the actual data, nobody can play it."
  14. Radish

    The Division 2

    I just applied to the clan - tag Vasseri. Not sure how much I'll be on though!
  15. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Maybe at end game (I'm only level 21), but they absolutely don't early on and Giant Bomb were levels 3 and 4. It was just Vinny spraying like a mad man and missing everything. Seriously. Look at this clip.

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