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  1. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    I don't know what they are tied behind, but it's definitely not a case of having to do all the zone quests. I barely touched Zuldazar and still had loads of WQs pop up when I was 120.
  2. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    It has the same cost method as respeccing back in the day. It increases each time you do it (globally, not just for that one armour piece) and resets after a few days (I think). The vendor is in the transmog area of your new capital city.
  3. I see Cliff is busy writing his memoir.
  4. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Not all zones are equal, though. Some have a better (faster) distribution of quests. I have no idea about old zones, but apparently in BFA some of the areas are harder than others even with level scaling.
  5. Motion Twin confirmed that they knew the Switch version's frame rate dropped to the 40s before releasing it, but didn't want to delay the Switch release. A patch is coming but it'll be November at the absolute earliest.
  6. Yes! I struggled to get to the first boss a few times and could never beat him. I then found a good combination of items, went full purple and just utterly destroyed everything. I made it to the second boss and on my first ever attempt killed him in <10 seconds. It's ridiculous how OP you can become (which feels like the point when everything you have has perfect syngery). I had a yellow whip which set enemies on fire and both Crossb-o-matic skills did 100% extra damage to enemies on fire (and had a 2.9 sec cd!) Still doesn't feel anything like Bloodborne though
  7. Other than the brief window you get when you take damage to hit back and some lost health, I don't really understand the comparison to Bloodborne. Do people think Rogue Legacy is like Bloodborne too? Dead Cells doesn't remind me of it at all.
  8. Honestly, I don't think well known enough to make any difference to the sales - and by refusing to comment on the composers status within the company, Square have basically killed the story off.
  9. Worth noting that Joe Skrebels is the only person I've heard of that's seen Cyberpunk 2077 and didn't like it, so I'm not too concerned if he didn't think much of Spider-Man either. It was funny listening to him try and tell his co-hosts why Cyberpunk was bad and then at the end of they both just went "you've actually made me even more excited for it". Oops
  10. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Probably best not to play then.
  11. Radish

    Nintendo eShop

    Volgarr you say?
  12. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The cleverly named Mass Alex: Mass Effect show(?) has started. Subscriber only They barely produce any content worth watching for a standard member. It's barely worth visiting the site.
  13. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    They’ve been talking about playing GTA V a lot on the Beastcast recently, are they doing something with that? I let my sub lapse a few months back and haven’t missed it at all. The only thing I had any interest in watching was the Mario Aces play date, but there’s no way I could justify paying to watch it.
  14. Radish

    Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    The first one didn't (at 10 episodes) so this shouldn't either. Loved the first series so really happy to hear there's a second. I really liked all of the first season's cast though so I'm not sure if it will grab me in the same way. I've also only seen Anthony Mackie in Marvel stuff (I think) where he always seems to be cracking a joke so it'll be interesting to see what he's like in this.

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