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  1. Reviews are out. Eurogamer: Recommended GamesRadar: 5/5 Gamespot: 9/10
  2. Radish

    Xbox One X

    Come on man, you criticised Microsoft. Of course Boozy has to leap to their defence and have a pop at you.
  3. Radish

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Why don't you think anyone here cares about these issues?
  4. Radish

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Moonlighter is out on Nov 4th. Digitally for £22.49, £7 more than on Steam (£11.21 more than it's sale price) and £6.50 more than PSN. Physical copies are £30 (£10 more than PS4). Excited to see what improvements they've made to justify that extra cost.
  5. Radish

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Just in case anyone wonders why "Rockstar make the best open world games":
  6. Radish

    Gaming Podcasts

    I listened to The Computer Game Show's Life is Strange Episode 1 Season 2 spoilercast today and enjoyed it. About the last thing you guys spoke about: (spoilers for Life Is Strange Season 2 Episode 1):
  7. Radish

    Good new horror films

    Does anyone have any info on the UK release date of Hell Fest? I’m not sure it strictly deserves a mention in the “good horror” thread, but it looks like fun.
  8. Radish

    Edge #325 - Settle your scores here ;)

    For literally years, every time Destiny gets any form of criticism the next post is always you defending it. Do you really think that's necessary?
  9. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He’s been fleecing Giant Bomb fans ever since he left, so I don’t know why he’d stop now.
  10. Vampyr might have a negative affect on Dontnod's finances. Shortly after release it had sold nearly 500k copies, which they said they were pleased with - but initially said they needed to sell 1m copies for it to be considered successful. It has time to reach those sales, but it didn't review especially well unfortunately so there might not have been much interest in the game post launch. Despite my original stubbornness I got round to finishing Captain Spirit (using a walkthrough to save time) and actually got quite into it. So much so that I then bought Life is Strange 2 and finished the first episode over a few days. It's brilliant. It doesn't feel especially like Life is Strange due to the different tone and types of relationships, but the quality is certainly there. It's a far better introduction to the series than the first Life is Strange episode was (although I liked it more than most other people seem to).
  11. Radish

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    You know Microsoft are still pushing Avatars, right?
  12. That isn't true for the PC version - it's £25 for the season, so that's cheaper than buying the episodes individually - but still twice as much as Before The Storm and the first Life is Strange.
  13. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

  14. I gave up on Captain Spirit after 46 minutes. I intended to go back but realised I just don't care enough about the boy to do so.
  15. For me, it's a combination of the price (£25 is the cheapest I can find it) and the fact that I'm not really especially interested in two random brothers. I'm sure it will all tie in but at the moment I don't see why it's called Life is Strange, and it costing twice as much as BTS (£13.50 at launch for the deluxe edition) makes me very hesitant to take a punt on it.

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