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  1. If its like Fire Emblem then 99% of the "gameplay" will be talking in the hub area
  2. Mine were just in normal gameplay, not even particularly busy scenes with lots of enemy
  3. I think I had 3 crashes to dash in the time it took me to complete the game (OneX), didn't receive any error messages with any of them though, it was just a brief screen freeze and then straight to the dash
  4. I'd agree with that and as a cheap intro they are a good place to start. In the past they had a more varied selection though and they seem to do a lot of simple collaborations these days, I assume as it keeps costs down. The last couple of years I've mostly bought direct from breweries and my local bottle shop, both more expensive though Yeah, no need for fancy glasses, I'd totally ignore that for now. If you buy more boxes you may well get a tasting glass or 2 thrown in anyway. For future reference I do have and use this spiegelau set a lot: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Spiegelau-Craft-Tasting-Different-Glasses/dp/B06WRS4FZ2/ they are pretty thin and delicate though and have smashed a few over the years
  5. Probably already answered but apply the same rules as you normally would for a particular style so colder for lager, pale ales etc and warmer for a bitter or mild. Craft/ not-craft doesn't really alter this. I tend to have a dozen or so beers in the fridge at anyone time and take them out ahead of drinking if needed. I only really keep very traditional english beers in the cupboard. Craft beers will often have some sediment in the cans so be careful when drinking direct from a can and when pouring. As for glassware I like to have a glass that is a bit bigger than the can so that there is suitable space for styles that have a sizable head.
  6. Am guessing a few people here have netflix premium, the 4K + HDR version of the service. Amazon Prime and Disney+ stuff looks really good on my screen when it is 4K/ HDR so I'm trying to find out if its worth paying the extra to get this on Netflix too. Anyone got an opinion on that, in particular: How much content on Netflix is 4K + HDR enabled? Is it decently implemented
  7. Finished this earlier today, just one side mission not completed as its bugged and hasn't yet been patched. Must admit I knocked the difficulty down to easy for the final bit as after dying twice I CBA doing it several more times till I finished it. Was a bit too easy on easy though so probably should have stuck to normal. Overall just about scrapes a 7/10 I think Really great world and environmental art design, decent enough gameplay most of the time but too many things that if polished up just a bit more could have made it a much better game
  8. AB-inBev are like Taco Bell in Demolition Man, in the future all beer will be AB-inBev
  9. Absolutely agree but you would expect that in scenarios where one employee needs protection from another employee that the companies interest would generally be in a happy, productive, low-turnover workplace so aligned with the victims interests rather than the total shit pit that Acti-Bliz established by seemingly always supporting the perpetrators. In any organisation there might be the odd superstar/ exec that wrongly gets a pass but clearly their issues are at all levels throughout the company and is an institutional problem. not an accidental one. Even if the entity of HR is essentially amoral then you shouldn't expect all its outputs to be immoral
  10. To me it seems like the dev team didnt get the game tested by an "independent/ external voice" or if they did then they just ignored the feedback as there are quite a few basic and obvious things that could have been addressed such as: walk speed ui and map fast travel limitations side missions that can't be progressed at the point they are assigned
  11. Oh boy, anyone complaining about how hard the text can be to read on the UI, just wait til you get to the pinnacle level in the arcology and open up the menu
  12. Oh man that left stick also moving between tabs has got me loads of times, it is super annoying. Have just about trained myself to only use the right stick to move the map and use the buttons to go back in the menus but I still knock the stick sometimes I've been pretty on the ball with upgrading etc, the only thing I missed for quite a while was that there is stuff available to buy at the "dna strand" vendor as well as the re-spec option so I could have had better access to mods/ augs earlier than I did Am level 24 atm and about to go up to the pinnacle level. I've not died more than once on any boss; I have died loads of times in the overworld though either when I went into red skull areas or got loads of tough baddies on me all at once. Agree with those Not really had difficulty spikes but agree with all the rest, I'd add: There is sometime some short hiccups after fast travel but I have also had to wait several seconds for the environment to load in several times when just walking, think most have been while leaving Cluster 13 There is nothing to spend uCreds on other than occasionally getting a weapon or other thing slightly before it drops in game. I have over 1 million and nothing to buy other than the occasional weapon etc at ~25k No way to get back weapon upgrade points or buy more so cant experiment with the guns as much as I'd like Agree with those plus: Terrible level signposting on the side missions and several side missions that you can start but not actually progress Had quite a few sound bugs where a gun or other effect keeps playing repeatedly after it should have stopped. Route finding taking me to dead ends and bridges that can't be extended rather than to alternate routes that actually work (I've not had the inconsistent save checkpoints or crashes that were worse than "to dash") Yeah, I'd quite like a more polished Ascent 2 too
  13. The taxi fast travel helps but its annoying that both it and the train only operate on the level you are on currently, you can't use them to more quickly get to upper or lower levels in the arcology
  14. At the moment i'm using the EBR Enforcer burst rifle (with homing shots!) and the Beseiger which is essentially the same as the RPG 23 but has a larger mag (30 rockets ) Earlier on was using the dominator and the RPG 23 and before that was using the Hab Defender SMG. Wish there were more weapon upgrade points available so I could upgrade and experiment a bit more. Need to experiment a bit more with the tacticals and augs though as I don't really use them much, quite like the spider bots one though Getting annoyed with some of the seeming bugs in this, had a couple of side quests where it just leads me to nowhere or where the next step wont pop when you get into the area. A restart doesn't seem to fix it either. At least it doesn't crash as much as a lot of unreal engine games though Agree that the UI could be a lot better!
  15. That is so true, first time I saw one I wondered why it was missing the direction indication! Been playing this quite a bit last night and this morning and have been enjoying it alot. Only stopped last night when it crashed to dash and I couldn' t face the terrible load times in starting it back up (am on XB1X). One thing this game gets right than many get so wrong is that after dying you are straight back in the action almost immediately. Hate games where it reloads everything on dying as it wastes so much time. Definitely worth doing a few side missions and exploring the areas a bit as you'll pick up quite a few weapon upgrade components, mods and augs by doing so and that helps out a lot and makes things more fun. Also the cyberdeck does just upgrade as you pick up the items and I can now hack the vending machines I really do wish there was a 'run' button though, the areas are huge and the movement speed is too slow relative to the size of them
  16. Yeah, I had that too. After I opened up all the side quests I thought I would do the lowest level one but it leads to that door that does nothing and a bunch of much higher level baddies are stationed close by that you can easily trigger. Am enjoying this overall so far but there are a few areas where it could have done with a bit more polish Yeah, its tiny on my TV (65 inch) I also have no idea as to what any of the symbols are on the armor so it's hard to work out what gear to wear and have picked up a couple of cyberdeck items but don't seem to be able to hack any more stuff or find them in the UI. I guess it updates as you pick them up but its very unclear. Could swear the sell duplicate items thing isn't working properly either as some weapons still have numbers against them and it's not the mk level so if it's not the number I hold either then I have no clue what it is!
  17. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel though it does get weaker in the third series when it is less about her doing standup Vikings, thought the final season (6) is mostly just shit Edit, agree with the above, The Looming Tower is really good too
  18. Got this pre-loading at the moment, have been after a diablo-like game for a while and the twin stick style of this really appeals. Tried Torchlight 3 a couple of weeks ago but that was worse than Torchlight 2 which itself was already a disappointing follow up to the original
  19. Don't think I've had it with squid but it actually may have been in a pintxos place in Bilbao now that you mention those, I've been trying to remember for half of today, it's really annoying me now! With creamed spinach I normally do it with a small amount of garlic and have it as an accompaniment to a steak or a nice chop. Not tried it with nutmeg as am not a huge fan but i'll give it a go next time I make it if I remember, thanks for the suggestion.
  20. Am very LTTP but here goes. Still or sparkling water? - Still, similar to others I really don't like sparkling water at all. In reality though the water would remain untouched in favour of the drink POPPADOMS OR BREAD? - Bread, ideally 2 or 3 different types served with really good salted butter or olive oil Starter? - I've had some amazing black pudding starters and tapas but can't remember what they are called. One of them! Main? - A proper suet pastry steak and kidney pudding. The pinnacle of all pie-craft just edging out beef wellington Side? - Trio of creamed vegetables, spinach, carrots and mushrooms ...and to drink? - A strong traditional British bitter, no particular brewery comes to mind though Very good, and for dessert? - Gah, so hard. Sticky toffee pudding, treacle tart or steamed sponge with golden syrup; each served with a really good clotted cream vanilla ice cream. OR a creme brulee with a mixed berry compote in it if I was after a healthier alternative I tried to match my choices into a coherent meal and struggled especially with the starter as deep fried, cheese stuffed, jalapenos would also have been a great option but didn't really go with the rest!!
  21. There being few women around in no way excuses any of the behaviour seen or the inaction taken in response to it. The certain type of culture you describe is, or should be, unacceptable everywhere full-stop.
  22. direct London trains from Lewis
  23. The speakers on the CX actually point downwards and the curved stand bounces the sound 90 degrees out underneath the bottom edge of the screen so they are not limited by the depth of the unit Soundbar, sub, extra remote etc are all too much hassle and get in the way, mine went to the charity shop when I got a CX. Good riddance As for the new Switch I'll certainly be getting one if I am stuck back commuting into the office post covid. Better screen alone is worth it. Hopefully I'll be able to use both old and new with a single account and dock, that way I can have 2 cart games on the go at once without having to swap them in/ out
  24. Well that means there was one good thing about wargroove afterall!
  25. I've just completed 0 and am half way through kiwami 1 at the mo but have really been enjoying it. Is there any indication that sega might make a kiwami 3/ 4 or are we just stuck with the remasters of those?
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