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  1. Well that means there was one good thing about wargroove afterall!
  2. I've just completed 0 and am half way through kiwami 1 at the mo but have really been enjoying it. Is there any indication that sega might make a kiwami 3/ 4 or are we just stuck with the remasters of those?
  3. I don't get the negativity either. Would a new AW be better than a remastered 2-pack, absolutely it would but I'm really looking forward to it and maybe it will lead to them making a new one. We have been waiting so long for anything AW so this is pretty good. Also if anyone can point to these mobile ftp games that are just like AW then please do, I've never come across any that are remotely good enough to be compared to AW
  4. Oh, its absolutely great that its back; I just went from super, super excited in the first few seconds to just super excited when it became clear it was a remake. I'll be getting it day 1 and will almost certainly 100% both games (again)
  5. Arrrghhh, they finally announce an Advanced Wars game, I get super excited when it appeared in the presentation but after a few seconds its revealed as just a rework of 2 of the previous games. Still, a million times better than yet another fire emblem but, ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!
  6. Wow there is a massive list of mission progress bugs addressed in that patch. Its over 7 months since release now so that shit should have been fixed a long time ago. I personally had to stop playing for 2 months after hitting 2 progress blocking bugs and getting bored doing nothing but side quests and exploring. I went back to the game after they had fixed them but by that time I wasn't really interested anymore. Not planning on giving ubi any more of my money for a long time
  7. I fear you are correct and I stopped even considering the FE games a long time ago as they seemed to boil down to: Press button to skip past tedious dialog between characters you cant give a crap about Repeat times 100 Do small battle with only a handful of characters on the map Repeat The game was 75% skipping dialog and 25% actual gameplay. Perhaps it's got better since the 3ds iterations but I just gave up on it
  8. If I could have one thing in the Nintendo presentation it would be a new "Advanced Wars" game but I know that is never gonna happen. All the alternatives that people suggest like Wargroove, Into the Breach, Fire Emblem etc aren't a patch on the real thing.
  9. I've swapped back to salads for lunch in the last couple of weeks; I almost always made them to take in with me when I was in the office but with WFH I had fallen back to more bread based lunches plus occasionally cooking a proper hot lunch. Anyway, my main way to make them less boring also tends to make them less healthy! I tend to have a pretty regular base of lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomato etc and then have a number of "additions that vary each day". Favourite ones being things like: Chopped up pork pie Fried cheese - feta, goats or best of all manouri but ba
  10. I love games and spend loads of time playing them but outside the forum and buying Nintendo tat the only other engagement I have is occasionally looking up a game guide/ video and watching the odd E3 conference. I used to read game mags a lot and regularly check a few game news sites but that was a good few years ago now. Couldn't give a flying fuck for eSports, twitch, streamers or any of that stuff and have never been into podcasts for games or other stuff.
  11. If you want a tingly and numbing effect from food then nothing I have ever had has come close to the effect you can get from Sichuan pepper: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sichuan_pepper A friend cooked a dish for me with it in and then observed my reaction In terms of the original question I don't think there is an individual food ingredient that I've come across that I can't stand., all the ones mentioned above I either love or like. I do however have a major dislike for most grain/ milk combos so desserts like rice pudding or tapioca and porridge makes me active
  12. PT would normally be Pacific Time in the US. 3PM PT would be 23:00 in the UK
  13. Does the deluxe version of Assassins Creed come with a special season pass where you get all the patches to fix the game breaking bugs faster?
  14. Thanks, I did wonder if they were more of a 'tasting' glass rather than a 'drinking' one. Can't be doing with the full bottle/ can not fitting in
  15. Not as daft as some of the nonsense in your post Since when does any game sell the same numbers each week over a year, even "long fat tail" stuff like some of the nintendo franchises are heavily front loaded around the launch period. Such titles are massively an exception too. The attach rates of games also differs as the generation progresses. Early on when there is a smaller, more dedicated install base the typical attach rates are a lot higher than late into the generation Ask 4 questions: Is it shit - No Is it poorly reviewed - No Is it
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