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  1. Our crew jumped back on for the new Season and immediately jumped back off, and we loved this game and played it nonstop till about season 4, where I feel the game changed. You spend 10 minutes looting without seeing anyone then die quickly because the TTK is so quick.
  2. Directed by M. Shite Shymalan - the twist is the terrorist and the wife are on the plane. At the end they burst into the cabin just as he’s about to pancake the jet into the ground - surprise it’s your birthday and all the people on the plane are his friends and family . Bit like Fincher’s The Gane but called The Plane.
  3. That see you next game was very funny. Especially the bomb cops skits and the dub game. I enjoyed the fire escape; especially the five minute discussion on if you could kill yourself by shitting argued byMary I found Dan early on in this to be more abrasive and arrogant now rather than the amiable, naive idiot from his tenure at GB though.
  4. Cleared out biome 2 to the boss. Much easier than biome 1 as your weapons are so powerful. I really wish there was a temp save point in this game as the time investment on a good run is so long, you just can’t pick up and play this game you really need to invest a few hours that will probably end in a fail. The moment to moment gameplay and the presentation is sooo good though.
  5. I’ve historically hated musicals - especially that moment when suddenly mid sentence when a character starts to sing, but that changed for me with Greatest Showman which I loved; amazing sing along tunes and fantastically edited, each scene and the narrative just cracks along. Really enjoyed Rocketman and it’s flights of fancy which made the condensed nature of these biopic films more palatable than the forehead-slapping Bohemian Rhapsody. Never been an Elton fan, but enjoyed the tunes; always thought since the 80’s his voice has sounded like a pub singer parody of himself
  6. What a warm, communal hot tub of nostalgia, and mutual appreciation that last Beastcast was. Hope they do something together after this. Meanwhile lonesome Jeff was sorting out dusty Chun Li figures in his garage
  7. thank, perversely I still like the level 1 run as the gameplay feels so good. It’s only the last phase that gets me but he will fall.
  8. 19 hours, 42 deaths and still on biome 1. That third stage got me last night, again no astronaut. The RNG is trolling me hard. All it takes is one one bad room to destroy a run.
  9. Fourth run at Phrike; double health bar, rising something level 4 carbine, with an astronaut....and I still blew it on the third phase . Lol. The most satisfying, fist pumping part of the game was trying to scour for 250 obolites, I had 200, on a cleared run only to finally find a secret room with them scattered on the floor.
  10. Absolutely gutted, end of an era. My weekly podcasts listens. I loved listening to them guys, heck even my wife knew their names over the years of long drives listens. what a bombshell, who knows what was going on behind the scenes after the last buyout.
  11. I’ve spent ten hours and not beaten the first boss. If I’d had a spaceman he’d be toast. Still loving it though. Not a fan of the RNG in this as you can quickly see runs turn out to be worthless slogs.
  12. Spent a few hours on this today and by the end of then I was whizzing through the levels carving tentacles up, whereas at the start I was really tentative. Def, has that Dark Souls feel. Got the boss on biome 1 to last stage and I feel he will fall tomorrow. Loving the way the levels remix.
  13. Never played a Ratchet game and probably never play this one (always found the tone and character’s unappealing), but as a technical showcase for PS5 that was absolutely stunning.
  14. Caved and arriving tomorrow Been watching Fextralife - “it’s like Metroid on steroids - fucking fantastic”.
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