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  1. We are just fooling around so we can combine our forces in the third act, against you, our true nemesis mwahaha
  2. Where gaming is diseased; Judge Broker is the cure, Sean Murray now added to the list of perps. His crime - A game that did not match his overhyped vision. His two subsequent years of self imposed silence, rehabilitation and free labour for the community are for naught. For he has been judged - guilty.
  3. Thanks for the solid advice, I’d like to take this opportunity to say I was completely wrong. I fucked up badly. I’m ashamed for my family and you’ve shown me how I should set the bar higher in life. I’ve tarnished the macosx brand. l will be stepping away from the forum to work on me.
  4. There’s a distinction of entertainment and being taken seriously and I would seriously imagine that the large section of the fan base follow him for the former rather than hang on the words of the two two time Blockbuster champion who won his trophies in the nineties in front of the Shamu exhibit at Seaworld playing NBA Jam.
  5. You’re so off base @Broker with your usual angry rant. To think that his fan base take him seriously. Lol. He’s a 35 year old man in a synthetic wig with green screen cut scenes of him in a future city standing outside ‘his arena’ He’s a big cartoon superhero gamer writ large. Who would you suggest as indicative of streamer quality and by what benchmark? sure Shroud is otherworldly in his play but Doc’s schtick and presentation is far beyond anything I’ve seen on the platform blurring the lines between show and game stream. Yaya
  6. The Doc is a brilliant streamer; very funny and the whole schtick is great, the catchphrases, arena , the flip phone calls with the million dollar deals etc. along with a presentation and production value that blurs the line between stream and show and is way ahead of everyone else. However when he goes outside the cocoon of ‘the show’ it doesn’t work. I skimmed through the IRL E3 show and he just comes across as mean-spirited and a bully; where in the confines of the show he’s like a wrestling heel crossed with the ultimate gamer and it’s centred on him. When he projects that out onto others it’s not good. You would think having signed with CAA he’d have some editorial or management advice in terms of what he was creating. I mean you wouldn’t take your phone out in a bathroom so who the hell thinks taking a camera crew in is a good idea. I think in terms of his prior infidelity I reckon his wife made him do that confession on camera to humiliate him.
  7. Well that’s cued up nicely for season three, but I’m fearful that the ball of string is getting so ridiculously knotted now it’s hard to keep track of.
  8. Watched Terminator this week too. The prosthetic head stuff looks woeful now but some of the stop motion still gives a real sense of menace. Surprised how the middle sags a bit as there isn’t a lot of Arnold causing a ruckus.
  9. By episode three of S2 I’m back on board and the story really expands out. I have no idea how the makers of this storyboard out the shots and narrative for this. A separate unit for each family/strand. This tops Primer for me.
  10. Didn’t realise the new series had dropped. Thank the lord for the recap. sic mundus creatus est!
  11. macosx

    Xbox Game Pass

    Interesting read on Gamepass by devs over on Eurogamer
  12. Same as we had. The center of the map is great now for firefights.
  13. Circle certainly chunks on Season 2 . Like playing Wattson and they’ve given a lot of polish to the map and characters.
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