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  1. I'm a bit of a foodie so I've been missing eating in restaurants more than going to pubs or anything else. My 50th birthday was just before they started restricting things again back in October and we managed to get a table here https://111bymodou.co.uk/ for a late lunch (all socially distant seating, all staff wearing masks etc. Even had your own bottle of hand sanitiser on the table but didn't stop me being nervous for the next few days). The food was incredible and we've decided to get his "at home" menu for my wife's birthday next week Sample menu here and includes a bottle of
  2. Loved Breaking Bad but I didn't bother with BCS as I thought that there was too much hype/buzz. Ended up watching entire series over a few days at the start of Lockdown 1. Yeah still slow burn but different from BB in a good way. Enough that I'm planning on re-watching BB after BCS finishes
  3. You'll need to manually activate Shadowkeep and Forsaken. They are small 10Mb downloads (basically an authentication) and also included in GP
  4. Yeah, that happened to me for the last 10k one, I only had GP on PC but it was Ultimate. Fortunately I didn't burn through too many "quick" achievement games before I realised I was wasting my time as they weren't showing. Ironically, those achievements I got on PC that didn't show then popped when I bought a Series S months later and have stopped me re-using them this time round. Still, only 3K to go and a few easy ones left. Prob won't bother next time but meh almost a free month of GPU or credit towards a game. I've probably done more grinding during Steam sales for less
  5. I got stuck in that mission due to a bug
  6. I treat the games like a movie. I watch/play as the director intended. You wouldn't ask authors of books or directors of movies to change their creation to suit your tastes? If that means that you don't like the game, don't play it. There's hunners of games you'll enjoy more just like there's hunners of books and movies you'll enjoy more. I had gone off gaming for good while. The fact that these were basically git gud and figure out the lore meant that's what you really needed to do and that really appealed to me. Struggling? There's a community out there piecing together the puzz
  7. What? I'm at 30+ hours and haven't got to Act 2 yet
  8. Did you examine the Altar? That triggers the cutscene that squirtle mentions. Then when you approach the door, the game says the password for you.
  9. I haven't played RDR2 and as much as I'm enjoying Cyberpunk, it is broken. I thoroughly enjoyed HZD though so I would recommend that then pick up Cyberpunk when it's more ready to be played.
  10. Oh yeah, it's why I went for as many side quests as I could lol. I already know I'll be playing through multiple times so I'll have fun with this save
  11. I found a Legendary Deck and thanks to various mods/perks I only need 10 RAM to use the hack (my deck has 18 RAM). Anyone in visual range is dead in seconds with no interaction. Hack a camera and anyone the camera sees is also dead with no interaction. None of these were conscious choices with the perks BTW. Randomly found the deck and had enough eddies & cred to afford it. Due to perks I already had, and random cyberware mods that I picked up, the RAM regens in seconds. Quicker than the cooldown for the hack in fact. OK, yes the choice is still there not to use it but why would I use anyt
  12. I've found 2 game breaking items. Every enemy is down in one shot, even on the hardest setting I'm still going to finish the game as I'm enjoying it. Been mostly doing all the side quests/gigs that I find. Level 26 (level 50 Street Cred ) and I haven't started Act 2 yet
  13. I found Skippy! And thanks to some cyberware I got from a side quest, I can now just vaguely aim in a perps direction and pull the trigger...headshot!
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