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  1. unleashedmaniac

    Do you cheat on games?

    Literally came into the thread to post about the days of GTA cheats! Following on from others in the thread, I don't tend to use cheat codes etc. If I get really stuck, i will generally do a google search so that I don't waste hours on the same boss/puzzle!
  2. Having some serious fun with this kit so far! Have gone for the RetroPie manual approach which seems to have worked well so far. I'm thinking of installing this in the bedroom but will probably mean I'm going to need a wireless controller. I see there are some suggestions on the 1st page, but anyone has any views of either? Cheers
  3. Cheers for the reply. Managed to snag that kit from a different seller to arrive tomorrow, so happy days!
  4. The fiancee is still asking for suggestions for Xmas presents for me... thinking a Raspberry Pi might be a decent shout for some more retro access. Any suggestions from the likes of Amazon that I could grab before Xmas? Cheers
  5. unleashedmaniac

    Too many games... anyone else struggle to get 'into' a game?

    I think I'm either going to try the list of shame, or if I start playing a game and am just not feeling it then delete/sell and move on. Also like the suggestion of the cancellation of Game Pass, or just downloading the games I actually want to play. Think I downloaded about 10 games after a drunken night out, but haven't touched any of them!
  6. I'm sure this has been covered a few times over the years. Does anyone feel swamped by the amount/backlog of games that they have? The problem with the likes of GWG/PSPlus and Game Pass is just the sheer number of games that are available. A few years back (PS1/PS2 days), I would generally have one game to play at a time, play it through to completion and then move on. At the moment I just find it so difficult to get gripped to a game, and find myself going back to the usual titles of Rocket League etc for a 'casual' play. Thinking I'm going to have to create a list of games where I just work through the list one at a time to clear the backlog! Surely I'm not the only one...
  7. unleashedmaniac

    Nintendo Switch

    On the subject of Skyrim. Would people recommend grabbing it on the Switch? Like CovisGod, I've played it a fair amount but tempted to grab it whilst it is on sale!
  8. unleashedmaniac

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah I should be on it soonish: KilledSwine.
  9. unleashedmaniac

    Is "Game" finished?

    Makes perfect sense... for Game!
  10. unleashedmaniac

    What happened to them?

    I've heard of resurrecting a thread, but the best part of 14 years later. Jesus!
  11. unleashedmaniac

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    Still loving this! So much so, quiet day at work so took half a days holiday to come back and play it. Not sure if it was worth it though as ended up getting killed by a cow while trying to rob a ranch, ffs.
  12. unleashedmaniac

    Xbox One Console Thread

    The joys of having a quiet work day!
  13. unleashedmaniac

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They look amazing, but budget is probably around £75-£100 so stealth 600s seem to fit the bill!
  14. unleashedmaniac

    Xbox One Console Thread

    £75 in Currys atm too! Might have to go for them as wireless is a definite plus!
  15. unleashedmaniac

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Does anyone have any recommendations for decent headsets for the Xbox One? Have a set of Turtle Beach 50X at the moment which were brought as a budget option, but fancy an upgrade if there are any suggestions! Cheers

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