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  1. Tetris Effect and the Falconeer. Then a run through the list of games that I picked up during my brief flirtation with the Xbox One; Ori, Yakuza 0, Shenmue Collection and Kingdom Come Deliverance. Tempted by Cyberpunk but I’ll have enough to see me through until the proper next Next gen edition is out.
  2. If Arsenal had a last minute winner against Spurs ruled off because someone who wasn’t responsible for the goal had a finger nail judged too be in the offside position Gotters position on the subject will be ‘that’s a fine decision, nothing to see here’. Football fandom eh
  3. Season is going to have to be damage limitation at this rate. Has this been confirmed?
  4. It’s all about big businesses wanting to make lots of money not about who is the nicest. Are Sony not nice for having exclusives too?
  5. They have made this crystal clear from day one mega bearded man released an in-depth video explaining this to everyone. Only strange manufacturer tribalism is trying to distort the message on this forum. To the public the message is pretty solid; S for 1080 gaming X for 4K.
  6. Switch. Hands down. Although I’d say it’s next generation and shouldn’t be on this list. I don’t get where the love for PS4 exclusives come from, it’s all just the same pretty but excruciatingly linear and dull adventure games. Which is a shame as Sony’s first party line ups used to be very varied. IMO both the PS4 and Xbone have been hugely disappointing, not a patch on the PS3/360. Here’s hoping that the next lot are a huge improvement.
  7. If Covid means I don’t have to be subjugated to a trailer to another marvel or broody man superhero flick ever again I’d be happy as Larry.
  8. I simply wouldn’t watch most movies if there was no cinema. My attention span is shit at home, I like watching things in small bite sized chunks so series work much more for me. Movies I can only watch in the cinema, and I love watching movies so I’m often at my local, especially midweek when it’s cheap and gives me something to do after a work day, watching the latest flick with a cider and popcorn, or catching a indie or much anticipated movie with friends. There’s something about the cinema that captivates my attention and sucks me into the story. A fancy screen at home just isn’t the same.
  9. I think there’s been a small outbreak and that more are infected around the club than just those players we know of. I felt watching that game that the players heads weren’t in it and I’m wondering how much this outbreak is affecting the mentality of the team, justifiably as there’s much more important things than football.
  10. I presumed that backwards compatibility would be standard for PS4/xbone. Was hugely disappointed when this wasn’t the case. Credit to MS for pushing the boat out since make sure that their consoles stretch as far back as possible. Apple, Steam etc have changed things in this way. Of course it’s important, a great game is a great game despite its age and having it always available to purchase is good for developers and the consumer alike. Already having a library ready to download is the main reason why I’ve gone for a Series S, games suck as Nights, Jet Set Radio, Guawange, Geometr
  11. Could you get away today with making a game in which when the Italian stereotype main character falls asleep he’d be all ‘ahhh... spaghetti.... ahhh... ravioli’ ?
  12. Arguably could end up as one of our most successful captains ever. And is definitely the most successful Liverpool captain of the premier league era. That’s a hell of a lot for just a ‘water carrier’.
  13. Gerrard played his best years under Benitez who much like a Klopp values the system first. People forget that Gerrard worked his arse off and developed his game further excelling on the right and just behind the striker in two separate seasons. Then there was the nearly season with Rodgers in which he excelled as a holding midfielder. Each time for the team and the system. Which speaks volumes of his commitment, attitude, footballing intelligence and all round natural ability. A more savvy manager would have built an England team around his talents rather than having them shackled to accommod
  14. The ironic thing is if England find another Scholes or Gerrard they’ll probably end up following suit and have their international career ruined by being played out of position throughout to accommodate far less talented players.
  15. Even the goal scored was from an offside position, they just got fortunate that the ball came off a defender. Arsenal getting anything from that game would have been a freak result.
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