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  1. United have been pretty ‘meh’ all season, they definitely need to improve if they want to maintain this position next year, they definitely won’t get away with falling behind so often or relying upon a moment of individual magic from one of their standout performers. They’ve been a rather underwhelming runners up. Once City got their act together they just strolled it. A drab season altogether. Lack of preseason, scheduling, empty stadiums and VAR seemingly defining and even deciding way too many games just made it all too forgettable.
  2. I’m sure they are trolling with the company name ‘Ready to dispatch’.
  3. My main problem with these in my experience is that they rarely deliver on time, every game I’ve purchased has been delayed a fair few months at least from its initial projection. Ironically some have gone on to get general retail releases later making the whole process pointless. Case in point Cotton Reboot from Strictly Limited was supposed to be released in March, yet still no sign of when that’s coming, and no update either, now I see it’s getting a general physical release in June anyway. Looks like I’d be able to pick up a copy from Amazon before I even hear about what’s happening with m
  4. Got Sturmwind through the post today and have loved it. The best side scrolling shmup I’ve played in years, and looks stunning! Absolutely adore the video capture backgrounds, you can sort of feel it’s Jaguar CD origins as it has that early CD Rom game vibe but working at far more technically proficient level. One of the best looking shmups in the Dreamcast. It’s hard but very fair. Any player at any level can chip away at it and complete it even if you’re pretty useless at shmups like me.
  5. Must win against United now. Win that and in for a good shot at top 4.
  6. Apologies for my ignorance but does that stuff age people then? Would explain why so many professional footballers look like middle aged men by their mid 20s.
  7. I don’t have a CRT set up etc. The Dreamcast however looks great hooked up via HDMI on my 24inch. I really don’t want the hassle of switching over cables or doing it’s games the disservice of playing them through composite. So on the search for a definite list of VGA compatible/non compatible games but seems to be none around, does anyone have a good idea? I hear Bangai-o isn’t VGA compatible
  8. I want to try Gunlord, will probably be more easier to find on the Switch than the Dreamcast. I’ve heard very good things about Sturmwind and want to give that a try so have picked that up. This is out this month. Looking forward to it, preordered mine.
  9. I wonder if there’s any chance Joshprod or someone could strike a deal to do proper releases some of those atomswave conversions that would be awesome. I really like Ghost Blade, it’s incredibly well produced for an issue title title. For someone who likes shmups but is no good at them it’s great as it keeps the fundamentals simple but with a fair challenge. Dux looks gorgeous and has a banging soundtrack but seems to be missing something or might just be too difficult for my ability. I’ve wanted to try the MD Xeno Crisis, see how it runs compared to the DC version. Tough a
  10. Anyone else into the indie/home brew Dreamcast scene? I’ve started off with a fair few. Really enjoying trying out newer releases.
  11. Finally back in the Dreamcast game. My fav console and my main one until I sold it when I picked up a 360 ten yrs ago. There’s some games that I want to play again which don’t really exist out of the Dreamcast library, virtual tennis, cosmic smash, bangai-o, project justice and power stone. Mostly I jumped back in as there’s a load of new indie releases on it in 2020/21 and the novelty of playing new releases on the Dreamcast in 2021 was too tempting to pass. The some clever sods created hdmi cables too for it is the icing. The console which I felt was still pretty modern in
  12. Had this in the switch but got rid after a while. It’s got a lot of charm but is very limited and I felt like it ran out of gas quite early. It’s one of those games that would have been better with a bit more money poured into it. The environments are pretty bland and bare and some things needed more variation especially with by the recipes and the very limited set of customers that visit the cafe. Can be picked up cheaply so worth a bash but it’s a solid 6/10 game for me.
  13. Inflation is always a hugely flawed metric to use as income and cost of living have not kept in line with inflation. £70 is a lot of money for the general consumer for just a single game. Only gamers will feel inclined to buy at that price, the general populace will rightly scoff at it.
  14. That’s a bad start. Why would Namco not want their games on the console version? It’s a bad precedent to set, if publishers can decide to have their games on one variation and not the other then it makes the whole enterprise redundant.
  15. That’s what I find bizarre. The brand had put me off the thing so far, it’s not like Blaze is a valued brand, if I wasn’t part of this forum I wouldn’t know that it’s a different company, I’d have seen ‘Blaze’ and never looked at it again. It’s mostly known for cheap and underwhelming retro devices to the market this it pitched at, it’s pretty much a tainted brand.
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