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  1. Oh Danny Boy

    Hellboy to be rebooted, new director and lead

    Yeah, I was expecting it to be trash too but found it a surprisingly enjoyable popcorn flick. Some great scenes I thought. Harbour was good and loved the scenes with Baba Yaga.
  2. Oh Danny Boy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    In my opinion the Everton game was the only one OGS got tactically wrong. That line up was very unbalanced. Even the Barca game I think was set up correctly, you go at them on the front foot, and press them high up the pitch, Barca are not used to that and it looked like it was working until the defence had collective brain farts. He’s playing City in the way I’d expect Mourinho to set up in this game with numbers in defence and the centre of midfield. Then again he’s inherited a Mourinho team. This United side are not able to go toe to toe in an attacking game against City in the same way Spurs or Liverpool would. I’ve got a feeling United could nick it but if City find a way through then fair play to them they deserve it. Edit: how wrong was I ?
  3. Oh Danny Boy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I’d have thought that United fans would loathe to want City to start equalling or besting their own triumphs, back to back titles and surely they must have feared City doing the treble until Spurs put an end to that. Anyway true fans would never wish their team to lose. United desperately need to consistently be back in the Champions League if they want to achieve the progress that fans would expect. A loss today and I can’t see them making the top 4, a draw even wouldn’t be good enough.
  4. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Maybe there is no chance of United getting a result against City...
  5. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Torres was on the decline at Liverpool, his injuries were becoming more of a concern and he lost a bit of that explosive pace. What didn’t suit him was Chelsea, they were set up for Drogba, much more slower paced build up with Lampard pulling the strings in midfield. Gerrard always tried exploiting Torres’ pace by hitting quick balls to him on the counter. He was never happy there. The United situation is daft. Woodward is useless. They are now going to have Sanchez doing nothing on £350k for the next four years unless he decides to move on and they won’t buy out the remainder of his contract because it’s financially impossible. Yet their most important player in the last five or so years in De Gea, who is near the end of his contract, Woodward won’t pay parity with because he got burned on Sanchez. So they are in a situation where they’d rather have a player that contributes nothing as their highest paid player and lose their most important player because of it. United should learn lessons from us. It’s because we were run so badly by muppets like Rick Parry that we fell so far behind them for decades.
  6. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Has there ever been a player that transformed from great to shit so quickly? It seemed to happen the instant he started trying to play ‘glory glory’ on the piano.
  7. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I don’t think there is such a thing as a guaranteed three points, maybe Huddersfield, they’ve seemed to have gotten worse since Wagner left. Wolves and Cardiff are the biggest banana skins, I’d expect us to have too much for Cardiff but if we get complacent then they can get a result, Wolves can be difficult too, but they may already be on the beach by then. Newcastle are also very well drilled defensively under Rafa too.
  8. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    It’s s must win game for United Wednesday. Lose that and I can’t see them making the top 4, especially as arsenal have found some form.
  9. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Both teams looked exhausted really. City was just able to land a punch. I expect them to lose at United however. I think it will be one massive game too many for even them.
  10. Oh Danny Boy

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    I like the idea. Some great games in it but some massive misses too. Needs double the amount on there to make it an attractive prospect though.
  11. Better for it. The classic collections were mainly stuck to the first party games to keep it as cheap to make as possible and therefore was just full of dated shovelware like E-swat. I always preferred the MD to the SNES, at first glance this collection is doing the MD justice finally. Although it could have done without Altered Beast and Mean Bean Machine.
  12. We better get those first 8! Already pissing over any MD collection they’ve released so far.
  13. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I had Ajax as my favourites no matter who they played in the semis. Barca! That’s the tie I’ve wanted. I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a game. Coutinho and Suarez back at Anfield, it’s the big one. This is Liverpool FC, no talk about one or the other. This is the side of Alison, the bearded beauty, the slick ball chipping, heart raising mother fucker. VDV, just one cool giant sculpted from ice. Robertson and Trent Alexander like little terriers running down the wings. Firmino, is he a defender? attacker? A defender in their box, fuck the man loves the Champions league, if we could clone a team of him for Europe we’d run riot. Salah, I’m still dreaming of Saturdays strike, that wasn’t human. Hendo is looking great, he’s our own ugly duckling, I always knew that there was a swan in him. Where are those who think he can’t make forward passes? Obviously have kept quiet over the last few games. Love Mané, that big smile, infuriating and magical. And Milner. We are dick deep in the league and champions league, and this is a team that still has Moreno lurking somewhere. Let’s keep going, keep believing, both are possible.
  14. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Origi has obviously been impressing in training. I always liked him and hoped he could fulfil his potential here. Fingers crossed that he repays Klopp’s faith.
  15. Oh Danny Boy

    New SNK console(s): Neo Geo 2 & 3

    Yes please!!!!!

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