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  1. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    Go wash your mouth out with soap!
  2. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Salah, better than Suarez?
  3. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection, PS4, Xbone, PC

    I’ve been wanting a Burning Rangers remake since the Dreamcast was announced... I’m no longer holding my breath
  4. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Boring draw. Reminds me of the Rafa day’s when every year we seemed to draw Chelsea, it just ended up getting boring. The first time we failed to qualify for The Champions League I wasn’t too bothered as at least I didn’t have to watch another two legs with Chelsea. Of course if have been more bothered if I knew it was to take a another 9 years to get to this stage again.
  5. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection, PS4, Xbone, PC

    The Dreamcast collection problem was that it was a lazily assembled collection of games already available on xbla. Anyone with an interest would have owned at least one of those games already so no wonder it sold poorly. SEGA did excellent ports of Nights and Jet Set Radio onto xbla. It’s a shame that they never continued with those.
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    Worrying lack of creativity in that England squad. Apart from Lallana there’s no one else there who can be relied upon to create chances from midfield. And Welbeck? If he wasn’t playing for Arsenal he wouldn’t be included.
  7. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I’d be up for Barca, you play in this competition for those games and even though we’d most likely lose the tie I think that the team would make a damn good game out of it.
  8. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection, PS4, Xbone, PC

    Why don’t they pull their thumbs out of their arses and instead of rehashing Megadrive collections over and over again give us a Saturn/ Dreamcast classics.
  9. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I like to think Liverpool contributed slightly to today’s result by running United into the ground on Saturday. But it’s basically a long overdue result for united and Mourinho whose negative tactics has been saved too often this season by moments of individual brilliance and because De Gea is so damn good.
  10. Football Thread 2017/18

    If I could have sex with a football score... Mourinho’s negative tactics biting him on the arse. It’s been long overdue.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Believe me getting your nose smashed in makes you vomit too.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    Come on you know that whatever was said would have not been as cute as a slight ribbing. We like to think we would be holier than thou in these situations but no matter how professional you are everyone has a limit. That’s not to excuse Carra’s behaviour but just to point out that everyone is human.
  13. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I’d agree but then I’d have flashbacks of that dreadful attempt of a headed clearance against Chelsea in the Champions league. I was gutted when Arbeola left on the cheap.
  14. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Love the comment; no one wants the left back’s shirt Continue on his current form I’m sure plenty of fans will be wearing his shirt.
  15. Football Thread 2017/18

    I thought Arsenal were good for getting something today. After their shocker in the final I thought they’d have the bit between their teeth, desperate to make amends and win back some pride. I obviously underestimated how inept they’ve become.

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