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  1. I reassigned the clutch to the left pedal, brake to middle because I was doing the same thing when I started!
  2. Is there a resource we could direct new players to? Ot perhaps we could add some starter information to the OP? I’m thinking about things like car setting, button mapping, automatic functions, rolling starts, how to set and select pit strategies etc. All of the question that I had at first in fact
  3. I’ve installed Crew Chief but keep forgetting to try it out. Do I need to turn the in game spotter off?
  4. We could probably do with a new players guide for ACC in the main thread but choose the ‘safe’ setup, make sure the TC and ABS are at a sensible level and just drive. And then drive some more. There’s a racing line aid if you need to use that too. Take some time to learn how the rolling starts and pitstops work as well.
  5. Given how dominant the Lambo was in real life last year, I’d perhaps expect to it have been nerfed a little.
  6. @scoobysi, the tracks haven’t been updated in any physical sense - it’s still the pre-modified version of Zandvoort, for example. It’s just that the 2020 ‘versions’ use the new tyres and BoP.
  7. I think that it will but I can check if you like @jonathanhoey?
  8. For reference, my 5 lap hotstint at Misano, which was ok but hardly stellar, was 8:49.421. That time placed me at 64th out of 72 drivers
  9. I was just watching someone's replay of the race and they had arrows indicating where other cars were in relation to their position - is that a setting I've missed somewhere?
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