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  1. Sort of, I think it's an issue with the TV. The first time I play an arcade core it plays fine. If I then choose another arcade core to play, that's when I get the judder every second or so. If I go back to the TV home menu and select the HDMI channel again then the newly selected core will play fine. It's all a bit weird and I can't quite work it out.
  2. That looks like a cool site Dave. You regular public service announcement:
  3. This was the best bit of the evening for me, a great one lap scrap with @SharkyOB, brilliant stuff. I was beset by a stuttering frame rate during both races which I couldn’t iron out. Even playing a bit of hot stint afterwards was problematic. However, a reboot of the game a few minutes later seemed to solve the issue, it was all very strange. Unfortunately I set my pressures too high in race one which resulted in an embarrassing spin in the one place you don't want to have an embarrassing spin. Sitting there like a lemon hoping drivers coming through would see me wasn't much fun,
  4. So the Playseat Challenge arrived and it's actually a decent feeling bit of kit. Despite some online reviews it feels relatively sturdy despite being a slot-together sort of design. The level of adjustment is quite good for what it is and I'm able to find a comfortable position at 6'2". For future reference, 4 M6 bolts are included, as well as a couple of allen keys. Although the pedal set can't be bolted to the frame, the included strap does a good job of keeping the pedals secure enough. However, the strap on its own isn't long enough to wrap around my T3PA pedal set, which is a bit annoying
  5. Have you got a recommendation for a cooling pad @Meers?
  6. Kimi definitely needs to go. There aren't many drivers around with the panache to drive into a team mate on a straight.
  7. Yeah, 4K LCD panel. 1080p output, integer scaling. I’ll try a cold reboot, I’ve just been using the reboot option in the .ini. It’s definitely more of a judder and it’s just the arcade cores.
  8. So I'm trying my MiSTer out on the TV after using it exclusively on a monitor. However, I'm getting an annoying judder / flicker every second or so with the CPS cores. The console cores are all fine, it's just a problem with the arcade stuff. I've tried adjusting the vsync options in the .ini but nothing has made a difference. Can anyone help? It definitely looks like some sort of display issue, everything works perfectly on my monitor.
  9. I've just ordered a Playseat challenge which should be with me to tomorrow. Can anyone tell me whether it's packaged with bolts to affix the wheel base or will I have to buy my own? Also, I have a T3PA pedal set and @Junker mentioned that the packaged straps aren't really up to the job of securing them to the frame. Can anyone recommend what cable ties / straps are good to use with the Playseat?
  10. A one week delay would give me a bit extra time to sort a Playseat out.
  11. Cool. Box have some PS branded ones but I'm not sure I could live with it and its £5 more. Hmmmmm.
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