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  1. Yeah, I’d aimed to race but it’s been one of those weeks unfortunately - not had time to practice at all.
  2. There’s an element of that that’s crept into recent GB I think and it’s absolutely cringeworthy every time.
  3. CPS-1 should be fine, so no idea there. Last time I checked CPS-2 was still a publicly available beta core and update__all needed some setting changes to pull everything through. This was a couple of months ago now though, not sure if it’s changed since.
  4. Oh, cool. I didn't realise that he had a new Revelation Space book out. I've been fairly lukewarm to his more recent efforts.
  5. Bomb the castle for the flamingos, if that what ‘proc’ means
  6. I really need to reinstall this again but it’s a bit of a daunting task.
  7. Good point about the PS1 vibes. What was that top-down shooter called - Loaded? The backgrounds do look great but the character models have a plasticky, 360 energy.
  8. I thought that the SX raytracing was supposed to be a big deal? I've not been following the game's progress too closely though.
  9. I quite enjoyed it in a nostalgic sort of way. It still runs horribly even on the SX though. The game has that patented XBO fuzzy-o-vision too, which I suppose is a suitable homage to the ‘classic’ N64 games.
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