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  1. As an aside, how is the latency in PCSX2? I’ve read that it’s pretty dreadful but first hand experiences would be useful to help me decide whether to embark on the endeavour of setting it up.
  2. Really enjoyable race, good stuff.
  3. Interesting grid, looking forward to the race.
  4. Multiple .bin files work fine.
  5. Yeah, it's definitely not connecting with any of the USB ports and the main 'define joystick options' on the homepage no longer sees it. My wired 8bitdo SNES pad works as usual, as does the wireless M30 that I have. The other odd thing is that it works ok with my PC.
  6. Ok, I'll have a search. It's perplexing, it was working earlier today.
  7. There's no mode select on the pad as there is with the wireless version unfortunately.
  8. I bought an 8bitdo wired Pro 2 to use with the Playstation core, which I've been really pleased with. However, I've just gone to use it and the MiSTer is no longer recognising it. It's all very odd - my other controllers (both wired and wireless) work fine, and my PC recognises the controller without issues. Has anyone got an ideas about how to resolve this? LEDs 1 and 2 are flashing, where as it's just the first that is solidly lit when it's connected. However, I can't find that anyone has a similar problem with the wired pad from a quick search, and it's just really odd that it was working but now isn't.
  9. Absolutely! Just thinking of input lag really. I presume that a BT capable controller but using a USB cable will give the same input lag as a hard wired equivalent?
  10. Are you using those controllers wired?
  11. Cool, ta. Does the core have support for analogue sticks yet?
  12. Wow, amazing Ridge Racer still plays as well as it did on release. Instant nostalgia hit from the music too!
  13. Yeah, just got a game working, I think that they might have been bad images or something. Looks promising
  14. Thanks for that. Yeah, I've got PS1 images as .rar files. I've extracted those into folders and imported those to /Games/PSX but the MiSTer can't see the files. For example, I have a folder of a game which contains a .bin and a .cue file. The MiSTer can see the game folder but not the two files in it. It looks like the BIOS files are already there after update_all.
  15. Do I have to do anything with the .rar files before importing them?
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