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  1. @beenabadbunny, ACC is on sale at £13.99 on Steam, can't remember whether you bought it or not
  2. Bit of a thread hijack, apologies. I’m looking to get a new headset for about £100, must be PC compatible, PS4 would be a good bonus. Not mega fussed about wired / wireless but needs to be a USB C dongle if wireless really.
  3. Is the server up @davejm? It’s not being found when I search for it.
  4. Me too! Pivotal point of the race now with the changing conditions. Edit: currently Audi 1st and 2nd, Ferrari 3rd. #88 Merc’s front left brake exploded, #63 Lambo had a big off at Raidillon.
  5. Thank goodness that they’ve decided to enforce track limits too! Quali was a bit of a joke really.
  6. I’ve tried lowering the pressures and opening up the rear brake ducts. Helps a little but I you’re right about the car sliding. My heavy right foot probably doesn’t help either.
  7. It’s very tricky compared to the nice and stable Aston! I think that anyone who usually drives a mid-engined car will have the early practice advantage. It’s a good circuit for the car though, I like Misano. Is anyone else struggling to keep the rear tyres cool or is it just my driving style? It’s a car that’s suiting @Valver at least
  8. Weirdly, cars stayed inside the lines in the main qualifying session. Baffled. Just had a quick scan and in the warm up session the commentary team were saying that there just aren’t enough marshals / race staff to police the whole circuit. I suppose if it’s a choice between that and no race then it’s the pragmatic solution. Doesn’t stop it looking shit though.
  9. It’s not normally like this, I don’t get it at all. There literally hasn’t been a clean lap. Sounds like they’re keeping an eye on Radillon? Seems arbitrary.
  10. They’re not even trying to stay inside the line, it just looks shit. Youtube chat are saying that COVID is limiting the numbers of marshals allowed but surely the track has pressure sensors on the curbs where running wide is a possibility?
  11. I’m struggling to watch because of the track limit weirdness tbh.
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